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head off my Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali he was happy about human affairs why Rahim is me

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he was

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our inside learning algu Wakata Tada.

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Me the Kitab ra Buffy would have been unlucky and maneuverable If it were up to

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my dear brothers and sisters, before teaching something about the orsola of the seer and the history of the Quran, I would like to say a few things inshallah, about the Quran. So that will help us to understand actually why this book is so important for us.

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So no doubt ugly, the Quran is the main guidance, the source of guidance for the believers, though for a long time, it is not actually a source, our source has become something else. Very often people for the source, they go to their school, or they go to their old textbooks, or they go to their own elders, the ironically is not no more a source of source of guidance for believers for a long time and that we're consecutive. So my divided into groups, and a very group one day if we want to make arguments, they make arguments from the sayings of teachings of their own elders and text. So that keep in mind that Iran is the source of guidance that inshallah I'm going to explain in more

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detail. And we need to come back to the Quran. The follow up of the believers, it is very important, they come back to the foreigner, oh sorry for the guidance for the salvation it is important to come to the Quran. People think that you know, the salivated, who are those who belong to certain group that they said are 73 sects are receiving the fire except one. And this which one is this, my one, everybody know, the one actually which follows the Koran. And soon after Professor lism, ml all those people, those who follow the Quran, and obey the professor landesamt they are the salivated, it could be from all these groups or some people, but not as not any group. To try to understand

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properly salvation only depends on the Quran, there is no book of salvation other than the Quran.

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To understand the Quran, there are few things we need to know properly. Our parameter is that in this these verses, is very clear. One of the important thing for the people who benefit or benefit from the Quran is Allah, the minimum level, right? Those who believe in a while they are in the right, they don't see but they believe what it means, why it is so important that we have to understand first,

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you know, think properly, you know, take anything this world, anything that you know, in whatever Falah for any fuel for Apple, you know, if you're in medicine, you know, and people who study the human body I an era and you know, whatever they study, take, you know, take any branch of the knowledge, take actually any any physical thing this new versa, take any phenomenon, take the star, Moon sun, dark, the plant, the tree, the fruit, take anything, whatever you take, you can see very clearly there are something about that object, or that phenomenon that you know, but there are also something that you don't know is there. Anybody but even people who are mostly specialized people,

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without any further ado, you've got two eyes specialist who spent all his life 6070 years just about studying, I go to him, he will certainly tell you there are many things about the age he knows. But there are so many they don't know, the people in this world far enough.

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For anything this world, even at this specialist, there know something. And there are some things we don't know that everybody knows he was secretary stiff, everybody admit that there are something that people know. And there's something we don't know, to hear is that problem in this matter? believers, unbelievers everybody agree that in this university, you know, take anything to we know something about that. And there are something which you don't know. Everybody agree, where they don't agree is the part that you don't know it is controlled by someone.

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It's the understand problem. You know, when used for Apple, I do I know something about AI. But there are many minutes about AI, which I don't know, that even unbelievers know, but the thing that you but they don't know is that what you don't know about the eye, it is controlled by someone. It really affects it, you know, all that, you know, a helper die, it affects actually how the IC does information which don't know, they are controlled by someone. And the effect in this universe, actually, those that we don't know is all weather much, much more than we know. They anything, they all weather much more than we know. And those things which we don't know they are controlled. You

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know, they are not like adjusting left to when you make research then they become effective. Even if you don't make research is still that effective considerably. Sometimes people discover over the course of this cycle is this I did not know. So those calls have been effective. Those causes in the universe have been effective. Even if you do not

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Know, the code that don't become effective when you when you start knowing them, no, they are effective all the time. Whether you know them or not know your ignore most of them don't make a difference.

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This actually very important that in this universe, or were they about anything you take takes that you don't know, they're all worth more than what you know. And those are more what you don't know, they are controlled by someone, you know that they're not like that, you know, that anybody can make research on that, then they started interacting, no, those things are controlled by someone, actually, the truth of the matter is even what you know, that are so controlled by Sim,

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you know, you had very good to know something. And he also had a given a certain power to control but not full power, the truth of the matter really easy, even the what you know, you know, very, very little, even after Dodd what, you know, you're not a very little. So this is, firstly, to understand in this universe in this universe, always, what you don't know, is the much more than what you know, and actually, it is controlled by someone.

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So what the Quran is teaching you that that what people people need to believe, if you don't believe in this one, you really never can get guidance, you have to believe that you're ignorant, you have to believe that what you know, actually very little, most things are unseen, unknown to you, that arrive to I mean, say things which are not which, which you don't have any access to know, right? Human people actually don't have a direct access to those things that arrive, arrive is always much more than the Shahada, then what people know.

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Even though the things which you don't know, they are not, they don't act properly in the way you want it, you can not had proper result.

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In further, you know, don't you see really, if you have a partial knowledge that you know, it never go into, it never got to lead to any any proper conclusion that you want, or whether the problem to people need to understand properly, that whether you know, things or you don't know, they are effective. So that we're Karama to tilaka, to people that are a little thing that you know, that most I think that people don't know that process very clearly, that what people know, is a very, very little alila mattala very little, you know, the Allah, Allah, Allah with a much more to this, the first thing is to have that what we say right, so this arrived, what none not known to us, you

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know, it is much more, it is controlled by Allah telling me to wait for an apple when you work for the health of the I work for the health of die in the light of what you know. But certainly, if the what we don't know the much more than what we know, there are so good to effect. Can you be certain really, that you can cure and I can tell that you can get the cure in mind that is out there that you can cure anybody in your culture, Tony, basically, you want to live with the light of what you know. But those which you don't know there are also affecting, you don't know them? What is the right attitude, then do I the much you can do and about what you don't know, ask them who control to

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help you. There's no other way ask is help. take guidance from him, learn from him take guidance from him, there's no other way. And if you don't not take guidance from him, don't learn from him, then basically this what you know, in order to help you this very tiny, it's very, very small, in order to help you try to fasting actually about this peronism that work for our teachers, please It's a broaden your eye, your mind, it makes it really easy to understand this universe much much better than anybody else, it makes you to understand the how this universe works. It is not working because of the knowledge that you have got. Actually, that knowledge you have got is important. But

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there is much much more things missing. Or together they make things work. Your success in this world does not lie on the knowledge that you know, it actually it needs a much more much more than that, that what actually makes people to become dependent, not independent.

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You see what they teach you in this world that you are independent? truth of the matter is how can you be independent? If you don't know? Tell me if about anything. For example, if I want to go from here to Oxford,

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and you know, and the road that leads to Oxford and the route that it leaves, I have only 1% of the knowledge 99% that I don't know about because that 1% of knowledge. I become arrogant and proud on SABC, I'm independent. What will happen? I'll misguided I cannot read there. What I need to be humble. I should depend on the one who knows.

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In this universe, people are born dependent. They remain dependent and they die dependent. Even if they claim that independent, noble independent truth at Aqua force, it will lie to say that I'm independent. How can you be independent when you don't know about anything this inverse you can see you know people marry you

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Why did they fail? Because the husband does not know the wife. And the wife does not know that actually, even the hustlers don't know themselves and wise, they don't know themselves. Nobody knows anybody. People think they know. People don't know themselves just through the material. I know not to myself, I won't lean over. Actually, I don't know when I become angry.

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And I don't know, when I will commandery How will behave I will not know. I cannot control my anger. I can can cannot control my judgment when I'm angry. Do I know I said, I am dependent. I'm not independent. This one teacher cannot teach you the right. guidance. mystery. Guidance means that you understand what you know. And you are what you don't know. If people know distant properly, they can be guided. But if you don't know or you think you know, tell me I'll guide you are not guided. First in Quran teaches you about this book is alladhina mula by people who know who believe in why they believe it that there is a so many thing that they don't know.

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They are dependent. This is very, very important. When you have this thing really telling me Our RGB after it. If I don't if I'm going to ask for that, and I don't know the path properly. I only know the route works for one person, I'll be scared or with thinking maybe maybe I take a stripper, which can take me somewhere else not works for I cannot read them. I will all the time, I'll be scared. And what are we thinking? I will be all the time asking the one who knows 100% asked him guide me, guide him all the time requesting that what turquoise cover means this fear when you walk on the path, this this fear that you should use to not be misled. This fear that if you don't take the

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knowledge from the right source, you can be misguided. This fear if you don't obey the right source, you can misguided all the time this duck word fear, meaning the life is not for celebration, to become happy for enjoyment at actually all the time to be scared that actually what life is and that what the Quran said that in the Day of Judgment, people who are given their book on the left hand, you know, they will be asked why you will have your book in the left hand for us in a vuca nafi Allah He Masuda because in his family while

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he was happy, don't teach in this in this one this thing that you study, you get a degree and then you get a job, then you get a house, then you get a wife, nice life.

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everything can happen but this that you become happy life recovery. people celebrate people call hype unknowingly.

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One of the reason why couldn't the fire fail is because they celebrate this life. They're happy about the people who go to Paradise karasawa in Hong Kong, in a pool nafi arlena machete, they say that in our family very scared.

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People a paradise in their family. They're scared. People are far afield in their family, they're happy, tell me is it really same thing, or Muslims want to be happy in their family? in this matter, believers and unbelievers, they are no more different. The only difference between believers and believers is that when the believers go outside this Assalamualaikum and unbelievers say good morning, this is only when they come to family. Everybody wants to enjoy the family live happily why bourassa people are far far afield, they are happy in their family and the people of Paradise that is scared

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it makes you scary once you know that in this universe any step you take, that is not guaranteed. Any step you take you take basically on the basis of ignores you only when no one person or maybe less than 1% 99% no meaning it outcome of your every action depends on 100% knowledge

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through in the outcome that we expect from any action it depends on the 100% knowledge and evolved from those 100% knowledge if I've got less than 1% knowledge doesn't make me scary doesn't make you to scale that actually the second quality or the people actually have the after people will benefit from the paralysis

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who doesn't live in Turkey foreign guys dove if you don't attack or if you are not scary hi p celebrating enjoying the life. But I'm not going to guide you consider if you if you're independent and if you are joyful, if you are not good by declaring Quran only can guide you when you believe really that you not know

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ignore it that way somebody actually one of a good pious person in India is the name of the mana Yahuwah Do

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you know very important person in many rural India they used to go and learn from him. He said people are people ask me that how many sciences we need to learn before studying the Quran? You know people say you need to learn so many sciences the sciences. So people ask me how many sciences Do you know you need to learn the first in the Quran? He said nothing you need to be in order before the Quran. You need to be ignorant. before studying the Quran, you should know that you don't know that you come to the karate take from the Quran, not to give to the Quran. So first thing is what you might definitely most Muslims don't understand why Quran is putting into

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first condition for the people who benefit from the revival of a miracle don't know, this the reason, because without that you feel you are indeed you are independent. Without that you feel, you know, you don't know really truth of the matter, people should understand in this universe, very, very little, you know, very, very little, you know, even the little that you know, is not controlled by you is, is controlled by the one who controls other information. You know, he controlled the 100 100% information, and 1% that is given to you, even he controls that one that was controlled by him, he causes it, he creates cause for that, for that. So, to benefit from this book, people need

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to always be scared, or were thinking really, that we don't know, we are not independent, we are dependent, depend on who, you know, who knows everything, who does everything, who controls everything, we don't control everything,

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that what people know, is a career. Second thing to benefit from this, from this book is that no doubt, you never can know 100% You only know a little bit, but the way of the last one, utterly whatever, you know, I act upon that, that dude, I have to find that, that what he he wants to see your effort, he told you some knowledge, I act upon that move in the light of that knowledge, then what he knows what he does, he will help you to do either much, or you can do then ask him to help forest, he will help you. But if you don't do whatever you can do, and you want him to help in order to help you simply know that there what he will do if he has given 1% now he wants you to learn that

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knowledge and act upon that, that what that word means do I the best as you can do the father, let's ask him to help you. That way the karate you're gonna do we're gonna stay in the lie basically is between Alibaba and is Tiana a bother means to learn how to worship Him. And you are washed up properly in the light of what you know. But since in 99% in the life you don't know what you need to do, ask him to help a people have this attitude that we are ignorant, we are dependent, we don't know. And we have learned something from Allah He told us something, we make effort to actually know that and act upon that.

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Then ask you for the rest to help you that why basically life of the believer in between Pamela Taku Amelie means to do either much either, you know, at the coolest for the rest. For the outcome, trusting outcome does not the outcome of any action does not depend on your action. Because your action basically has done very little 99% we're not an enemy to how can we write an outcome your outcome depends on what and that 99% which you have no idea how

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to find an apple in my eyes, not good. I have been given going to annoy for 10 more than 10 years actually one of my I, I probably when the fresh is not there. I went to so many doctors especially sent this and that all the thinking. And they said nothing wrong in that. But I know there is something wrong to see. And they say we can't see we cannot find anything to suggest many, many things which can sometimes make it lead to what happened is they don't know the 99%. Now luckily people don't have so they cannot see what is the right way. At least do what we know. And the rest of the thing what we don't know depend on him and ask him to help with the no other way. If you

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leave it turn away from it say no this what what we know is enough for us. He never go to God He did not need you you need him. Is it clear? To try to understand that what we need amen and tabula means learn whatever you can learn and then act upon that. And the 99% on which the outcome of your action depends. Refer to him.

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That is a very, very important without Tokuda, no success.

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You need to depend on him, you need to show that you depend on him. But the VA could without doing what you can do in natural history. You know what the VA could miss? The VA could miss sitting around and say, No, I can't do anything to hinder but to help you. You need to

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do as much as you can do. And then the far west, you refer to him and depend on him and ask him that you know, what I've done in nothing really, in less than one person? 99% I've done nothing. I don't have any idea. You helped me. My success does not depend on what I know, my success depend actually on 99% of what I don't know, to your full knowledge, is it clear?

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It is very important for the understanding the Quran, from very beginning, make clear that you don't know.

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And understand properly Shahada, what you know is very little underripe is always much more about anything. Live is not only paradise and farfel people think that one of your hobbies is I've actually given this finger. You know, the cinder. How much especially know about this finger is always the less than what's in the release. People's inner knowledge about every reality on the face of the earth is always less than what it is reality is always listening. People never know anything properly or the listener listen to that of the first thing.

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You understand your unless you are and if you don't know you're different or if somebody comes to you in London he does not know anything he will depending he will ask about restaurant about the hotels about the roads about everything depend on the people in this universe. We have been created no nothing a lot smarter said he brought out you from the wombs of your mother. You did not do anything. Lata Allah Masha, aka Komodo, no Maha that Allah Muna say, he took out you from the wombs of your mother, you did not know anything you're born in order to not depend

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you thing will depend on your mother. But she's also you know, she also did not know this news. She actually had an idea for her own body is very little. How was it very, very little, she did not really, you depend on those who are dependent. You don't depend on the independent, that wireless model massively believers to understand the properly light emanuela they know for a very beginner, this one thing is missing from our life. We only believe in what we see, and what we know. Actually, even what we see, we know related. Most even the things which we know, we know very little, what we know is actually you know, much more any way. So the first condition of benefiting from this Quran

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is what a man will arrive to believe in what you don't know, there's so much that you don't know. And the second thing is, once you don't know, then you become a skill that you I don't know, then how can I move his skill, then learn from him, seek knowledge from him, whatever it teaches you, I have to find that and the father must depend on him.

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It is very, very important make effort many people don't make now let's find my partisan guy, he knows how much you need to know and the father. So he is going to help you. He is very clear. But at least what he he is he what he knows that is going to help you that knowledge will be revealed to you. He wants to see you that you want to see that knowledge. He sent the Quran, the Quran can guide you to tell the Quran technically from the Quran for the rest of the thing, he'll help you tell me if he released a book and we are not going to learn it is going to help us.

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This book exists in Islam in the Muslim world. It is so eloquent book, it's a guidance, the professor unguarded, he was so happy.

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Now this book is there for what purpose? We think that immune, if you read Alif Lam Meem too far left, we get 10 reverse farlam 10 reverse and farming 10 reverse or two with a 30 reverse what the book has said for this purpose was the books and that you read every letter you get and reverse book has been sent to guide you to teach you how to leave in the face of that dependent on your Lord, how to get success on the face of the earth. That book has nothing to guide you. How can you get guidance without understanding it? Is it possible that you can get guidance without and if you don't understand how can how can I act upon it, you need to read the book, you need to understand the

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book. And then you need to act upon the book. And then after that you need to seek help from your Lord, that this is best I could do not more than that. If you don't do this, it tobacco and tobacco is not allowed. The VA could miss doing not doing what you can do.

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to rapidly somebody gets married and does not do any work.

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And he and his family on all the suffering is allowed in Islam. No makeup go and get a job. If you cannot do at least make effort, your family should see that you make effort, then Allah will help you but sitting around doing nothing is not allowed. Is it clear? to both? There must be balance meaning in fasting clear, make clear that you don't know anything or you cannot know everything. You only can know something, then what I can know I must. I must make effort to learn it. And then what I don't know I asked Allah to help me for that matter to that a believer where you should be that they must learn the Quran. They must make effort to understand the Quran, they must make effort to

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act upon the Quran is a clear

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forum is coming to the next point is coming that I want to spend then we shall I move on. Next point is when you study the book, read this Quran. raise yourself to the level of your Quran.

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Don't lower the Quran to your level.

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This very, very focus a lot happening. Many people realize that it is very difficult to keep the attention properly when you read the Quran. people consider that Why? You know a secular education actually had developed a different way that they realize when you teach the children in order to keep their attention properly or the weight very difficult. It's difficult for the teachers difficult for the players they consider to what they have done early. They have mixed education teaching serious teaching with entertainment. Entertainment can make the interest so all the time like drawing and pictures and this and that the children can learn through this dose and they think

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they're very successful. Because you you make entertainment entertainment helps them to learn

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Now many people they want to do safety far far poorer and this really is a big mistake it This book is not for that purpose don't copy other people don't copy the people who want to destroy entertainment there's nothing in the way force yourself for the seriousness

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Another way is it that you know no doubt in the life you need to eat, drink you also need some entertainment some enjoyment you need physical exercise you need this and that but then after that a one hour serious one hour Microsoft suggests no entertainment then the book is going to seriousness properly eyes cry tears come from your I think a properly understood no distraction. second condition for this book after human condition is devotion to the consultation and under my said the book learning proper seriousness as a matter

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door to make a drying don't make anything as a door to make entertainment through the Quran. To know people make you know they read the Quran they laugh and enjoy and all those things really. It did not go to make like companions were companion loved this book, the lot without entertainment. The book was so serious to them. Or are certainly when the book whenever Quranic verses revealed. Do the jump and love. Whenever Quranic verses are set to about them, all they do is come from the eye, the bow Insider, they're so humble. Parana makes them too for Insider, the serious, we need to read our set to the level of seriousness and importance that our current deserves.

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If you want to lower the Quran, to your own level of entertainment and our dose and you're thinking through this, you also can learn the Quran. You never tell me statistically, you can make the Quran to come to your level. But you can never tell it to make effort to build to the level of the click even leave this really even the people scientists in this world who are making all the invention hard work, go and see how they work in Oxford or Cambridge University. Do they have entertainments? They don't have to limitedly one of my teacher actually he said to me he made an appointment with one of the scientists in Oxford. So that person said to him that you know I can meet you but for

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three months in my diary there's no date no time empty or whatnot so only for a few in a few few days. I became so angry at him that this was so arrogant he can't I came from India I cannot find any time for him just a few days I know he's so arrogant to say no time diarrheal for three months and listen and then he said later on I found out that he died in his room and people did not know he died until one weekend at the board and then I said okay, I should excuse him that this person is different. He this people are the people who are not studying the Quran, but their own research they don't look through entertainment that is you entertainment can help you but themselves don't have

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heard that the real people in this universe even those who are not Muslim they're serious learning learning needs a seriousness focus consultation properly think of properly nothing else you know mala Hydra for I The reason I like him very much in you know he really by the man qualified, he's in dead time India he did a BA in English and when he got offer for you know, professors in St. Louis, he knew Persian language so much he was put in Persian language Arabic so much every single thing and actually here job and then it started chronic is studying the Quran his family so you are wasting your time who's going to read what 30 years in a small village he devoted Islam just for

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Quran he said no Quran is more than 30 years just for Quran

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then he asked you what actually must be naughty. Now people want to watch the film The Quran without entertainment are not the same. This person whatever he did, it is so high because he really devoted when you devote the second thing I'll advise really easy don't don't lower the Quran to your to your level. Don't do this mistake. If you do this and mystic overthrow the entertainment you also can learn you can learn something but not what muramasa tissue you can know certain story certain meaning, but you know that thing that you read the Quran and Quran and you start thinking about hereafter? Yes, you understand that? It never can happen. What You Will people need, people need to

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raise themselves to the level of the seriousness which Quran deserves even if it was children, find half an hour 10 minutes 20 minutes in a day. Teach them Quran but no entertainment just for nothing else, no entertainment no nothing, nothing else just wish serious and you will see the difference. You will set will change the time it is very very important to stand properly because you know people will teach you all these ideas that when you mix it in with the entertainment you can learn you don't learn Quran you learn something else. A learning of the Quran needs sacrifice it needs really to sacrifice your entertainment for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is it clear to second

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thing actually is that why Koran all the times that when these people who love the Koran do yes comfort from the eyes. They think properly that what people need serious as a matter last thing before I started with these

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No, in this matter understand that karate is not going to give you if you're, if you basically you have got ideas your mind with ideas coming from your guru, from your, from your mother from a school, you cannot learn from the Quran then what you can do if you've got certain idea, you read the Quran to get the arguments which can support those ideas, the book of the Quranic Book of Allah because servant of your ideas

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is not going to help. If you learned the Quran, because you are unlucky or you are Maliki or Shafi you are hungry, or you are actually a martyr really or Salafi, you cannot benefit from the poorer neighbor.

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If you have any, any, any the following, you can refer to what do you need? You need or perhaps the Islamic submission comes to the Quran empty? No, I've surrendered to this book I surrender to the Lord of this book, whatever he teaches, I have nothing no I have no idea meaning it does not come to the Quran. To become Prophet, come to the Quran to become a follower of the Prophet. Sympathy really don't learn the Quran was revealed to make the Prophet think properly. But most Muslims, most people who happen to now think of what thinker means thinker Miss declared claim that because the Quran now their Prophet, Quran I met the Prophet when you come to the Quran, what should be your Well, I

00:31:22--> 00:32:01

learned the Quran so I become a follower of the Prophet poron has not not revealed to Prophet Muhammad to make people who believe the Quran as prophets were able to follow a prophet, they become followers of the Prophet that keep in mind that why you need to learn the Quran and you need to learn how the Prophet understood it. Then you can follow the Prophet there the Quran is likelier to make a Muslim or Muslim is thinker. Muslim is Surendra somebody submission, your salvation basically depends are following the prophet and obey obey Allah and His Messenger your salvation does not depend to intimate ideas. Because in this universe when you ignore it, your idea will be based on

00:32:01--> 00:32:19

ignorance anyway, it never can be good yes, it always be noticed. People need to learn from the Quran or to learn from the prophet of of the Quran in order to follow the Quran or to follow the professor LISTEN and OBEY is a clear summary of the whole matter it before coming the Quran, people need to have a man will have a

00:32:20--> 00:32:29

basic thing is certainty since you have a man with a life and now you believe that 99% or more than that you don't know you become scary

00:32:30--> 00:33:10

all the time fear that you're thinking that I should not make a misstep unless I learn from my dad and I should not act upon anything unless I can learn from my load that along with that. And the thermometer which I tell told you serious when you study the Quran, be serious, raise yourself to the seriousness to that level, serious Mr. zakura same Hadith Mashallah this there properly, no sooner the parser Latham does more than that, tell me when you come in for that person. And thanks for sitting. And then you also take some entertainment or you start playing music and some laughing and is sitting on your he asked you while doing this you said because I cannot focus on your

00:33:10--> 00:33:18

teaching. So I want to have some entertainment who can help you he's going to listen to it in that manner in front of a profit you want to do all entertainment

00:33:19--> 00:33:45

you know possess other professional metal to focus there is a sense of ownership maybe to focus in a clear understand this property this one fitness coming in this world now many people they want to publish the books about the Quran with entertainments and this actually when I realized that this idea was very much escaped our thinking we were happening now Khurana cynically meaning it entertainment is the established way of life and without the narcissist entertainment to mixed entertainment.

00:33:46--> 00:34:21

This is a very very binary life is serious matter. The way should be really porosities you to make other parts of your life also serious life is not a lie when I said they have they have made their life live on one they have made entertainment they have made enjoy Quran did not want this to go on does not want people to be not serious Quran want to make a serious serious a serious life it is not enjoyment entertainment is a clear take out one hour from your life every day, half an hour even 20 minutes, but to seriousness proper says no internet nothing focusing properly and concerted properly inshallah it will help you

00:34:22--> 00:34:28

so keep those few parts inshallah in my mind, and then because there are so many to teach you about the Quran

00:34:29--> 00:34:30

or summarize the whole thing.

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

So there is no doubt the Quran had been revealed to the professor lawless Allah, you know, in pieces, or our neighbor had just sent out to him I the whole book that it says actually makes very clear that the book is different book. It really wants to know people a little bit little bit but understand properly and follow properly. They don't have to say to you that you take a one hour path in life and become serious. We citizen why a corner but not even altogether.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

In our time, you can see there are people who can read the whole point one night are the serious

00:35:07--> 00:35:13

candidate seriousness in the Prophet would have done the same thing by whenever revealed to the Prophet with small pieces

00:35:14--> 00:35:53

because it is not easy to read your set to the level of the Quran, it really needs the few hours that have been revealed then you spend you know a few days to understand them think about them, until you raise yourself to that level that why companies used to say that no, it took us 10 years to study sootel bacara and now each child reads bacara in a few days and while they used to learn you know, you know 10 years try to understand this a properly foreign has been revealed to the professor listener in 23 years for the same purpose the purpose of seriousness, the text is very serious. It needs a devotion, it needs consultation. It needs really that every part of the test

00:35:53--> 00:35:59

should it be understood properly and applied properly in your life that what you need to foster that we know about the Quran is

00:36:01--> 00:36:09

or our had been read lucilla or our mana German newspaper al Karim mana German, Khurana Karim has been renewed in pieces.

00:36:10--> 00:36:17

The first thing that came according to the most people in Islam, the first thing revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Ali Baba. This

00:36:18--> 00:36:21

and that also people don't know in the life of messengers.

00:36:22--> 00:36:38

Let me explain this in in different way that you must have read to what's the what is the NaVi and what is rhassoul what Nabil means in a beam is someone who receives the revelation now beam is someone who gets information directly from Allah

00:36:40--> 00:36:42

10 and we choose to become nubby

00:36:44--> 00:37:24

did the professor doesn't have the power to become a part himself maybe No, no, we cannot be no we cannot appoint him certainly nobody appointed by who by God. If somebody is very very clever like him Messina, Benny Messina they can lobby okay. So, color different, but I try to understand this properly, source of the knowledge that the Prophet had God it is not human, it can divide you it people cannot develop their source themselves. For example, like I what either see the father police somebody had no I bet he developed his in his nose in such a way his taste testing with the with the nose,

00:37:25--> 00:38:06

it could be that you develop your nose so much you can smell more better than anybody else that could pass possible your powers will become much better, but it never can seem impossible. Similarly, you have got here to here, it could be that you do work very hard and do all those things you can hear you know much clearer than anybody else in the world. But can you develop your ear in a way is sassy is tasting the food is it possible for you. Similarly, really, people can be as clever as possible they can develop their mind as much as they can become a restaurateur of their time, they can become a scene of their time, but the carry the profit eye the nose can not see similarly

00:38:06--> 00:38:49

any clever person on the face of that guy and not become profit. Simple thing really, for our pet hood is not something that you can get by your effort. It all was chosen. For our first our chosen appointed make this entirely clear to Eliza Lee or Rosie or Messina or Faraj we are is total and all the clever people on the face of the earth. They can develop their mind they can think much better than us. much sharper than us but the never never can appoint them says they can't get their source it's impossible for them. profits are appointed profits that is profit who's not achieved not attained by your effort. Simple thing I don't know Steiner See, yes cannot taste I cannot smell.

00:38:49--> 00:38:57

Similarly mind cannot get message from heaven directly impossible. Is it clear to Professor appointed?

00:38:58--> 00:39:01

Or the potter when they want or when Allah wants?

00:39:02--> 00:39:08

Allah was okay when they're appointed prophets kind of get the revelation when they want or when Allah was

00:39:09--> 00:39:16

when Allah was can they get the information for which they want to answer or for which allama to send the answer

00:39:18--> 00:39:20

for jacobellis Ron

00:39:21--> 00:39:23

jacobellis have lost his son in use of

00:39:24--> 00:39:45

gibril Islam this revelation to Yahoo and also Hebrew revelation to use of interval he went he kept use him in the world and set him Don't worry. So your brothers will come to you. Same Angelica regression to both of them. Good yaku asked me he is Fred gibreel. You are my friend Tell me where my son you Sophie, so I can go and meet him. Could he ask him?

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

It is not a Yaqoob can make our syrup whatever he wants. He knows this thing that he never asked. He knows it that he had no capacity to find the answer or the question that he wants. For our efforts has chosen the

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

answers that reveal to the prophets they are chosen for first time not to make their own or profits cannot make effort to find the answer or the question that they want it impossible or to die that ordinary means, NaVi Miss direct information from Allah, Allah, when Allah was not when you choose, what assume is Rasool Miss, when people are appointed to convey the message that as soon as soon as messenger Russell not necessarily be perfect like and just they are assumed, but they're not prophets are like we are assuming, you know, this will make everybody assumed messenger, but we are not prophets does not lead us to the Prophet. Similarly, not every profit so there could be people

00:40:38--> 00:41:11

who have received knowledge and knowledge from Allah. But Allah did not appoint them to convey the message to everybody else. Like mother Musa, Isn't she the Prophet she received revelation from heaven, but she messenger, she's not a messenger, Maria Molina, she received the knowledge from Allah, but he messenger, she not messenger and there are many, many prophets. They receive the knowledge but they're not messengers. Similarly, all the prophets who became messenger, they did not become messenger same day. First, let's not train them to make the prophets. Then after a while they become messengers. First they have to understand what revelation means. First, they have to act upon

00:41:11--> 00:41:28

that. When the professor Larson came to cave of Hira, what was he missing? He did not know how to worship the Lord. The first revelation comes to teach him how to worship His Lord, to for three years, he learned through revelation how to worship the Lord. Then after three years, he appointed a messenger.

00:41:30--> 00:41:39

Right when he became a soon after three years, basically, in this world he remained he lived in either profit for 23 years. I the messenger for 20 years only.

00:41:41--> 00:42:05

Though when he was a prophet, also some people believe him. The good revelations people go Whoa, he's pretty like that. I should pray like that. They were to start by not going to teach people he started teaching when the Quran was revealed to him. Now he became more and then he became worn out and all those become so first time when the prophets and received revelation, the revelation came to make him Prophet, not a messenger to don't do this mistake. The prophets Allah only became a prophet, by the surah.

00:42:06--> 00:42:13

Allah He became prophet now and assimilation when unless water was a teaching them about the depth of the fasting revealed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

00:42:14--> 00:42:34

And that is the famous story in Sahih Bukhari from Elijah d'amato the believers are they love the learner and they know how this can be better than that he can Asha the wife of the person, she knows more than words. She said the angel came to the person Dallas alum, when he was in the Pew of Hara, and under said to read to the Prophet did not know what read him is.

00:42:35--> 00:43:07

Because Ron is very clear, but first time receiving the Quran, how can you know the meaning the porosity, karate hitting around it was to him to read, let people who are you know, people who read for the book, Quran wanting to read, he is surprised about I don't know how to read Monogatari then the Angela held him and pressed him and then asked him again, read, but you know, he did not. It's a three times. Then I just said to him, you know, this diversity. Villa de Holla Holla. Inside I mean Allah.

00:43:09--> 00:43:46

Read, in the name of your Lord who created what this reading is, Mr. Read, you know, in the prayer, because you wanted to learn how to worship the Lord. Now you have to do the prayer. Or in the prayer you will learn how to you know what's up with that prayer is the first thing to every messenger every messenger, before they become messenger. They spend some time to be prophet. And in that period, they learn how to worship the Lord, I bought the prayer basically like musala Salah, he became prophet but not messenger messenger you can very late so people become Prophet, they learn how to worship the Lord how to live other than what actually we also need to learn. Before you start

00:43:46--> 00:44:01

making your circles you are all teaching all the people what you need to know. Learn, receive the revelation from the Quran, learn from the Quran, I act upon the Quran, you know do properly then after that kind of wisdom I said to other people that are the messengers come

00:44:03--> 00:44:20

Okay, one thing that you can, you know, keep listening the word is a gentle gentle when it comes in the Quran and also in the Hadith in the Quran, well together, what this journal means, this journal had three stages three meaning that if I try to understand each immune separately, I like to look at a field

00:44:22--> 00:44:36

what the first the first stage of the geminoid to gem or the Khurana done in the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam second stage was the journal was done in the time of Abacus a deep and the third idiom was done in the time of not the latter three Java happened.

00:44:37--> 00:44:46

What was the gem of the Quran in the time of the parcel Ali Salaam, the gem of his time what whenever any real revelation of the Quran come to the Rasul Allah seldom

00:44:48--> 00:44:51

give real Islam to tell him that these verses

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

they are not necessarily all from sin sutra. So some of them they will go in this surah after this was before this verse,

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

This verse says God in this surah, after this was our before this was, he will tell him properly under the prophets of Allah Islam will ask people who write the Quran for him to instruct them properly, where to put these verses, the meaning in the Quran has been put together, either it was revealed to the parcel alesina in the right order from very beginning, right order properly, we should have first then we surah then we should have first or are within the surah which was to go where the gift coming and they are put in the right order all the time, they are put on the right order that has been done in the time of the parcel alesana. Very clearly.

00:45:38--> 00:45:47

At the prophets, Allah, Allah Islam used to teach people the Koran, a guide to that order, which order in the order that he wrote the Perl, not the order that he received the Quran

00:45:49--> 00:46:29

to when people read the Quran, the companions in their prayer, they read the Quran in that order that the hidden structure then to arrive the Koran, to reading of the Quran in the prayer was not a revelation, it was a guide to the order of the book in the writing the products we had to Order, order of revelation, that was for the proper order of the book. The Quran is a reading thing also. And a Quran has the right to him and Ron also has his book in the book he tried in order to win the professor last revelation, he put in the writing in the right order or in the heaven is keep coming until he died and the Quran was complete in the full order. Why the professor Latham did not make a

00:46:29--> 00:46:30

lack of one book

00:46:31--> 00:47:06

Why did not invade like you know we have no moose ha you know bound properly why not do it? Because until he died every time there's possibility, a verse can come which he has to add in total Bukhara after this was a before this was he did not know when this sword is uncovered every time if he makes a mountain out sooner because compared he never knows what sort of occurs complete a completion never happen until the end of his life or the time that possibility any of us can come anywhere. He does not mean to die. When he's going to die. He does not when it's something he does not he only does whatever he reveals to him that so to Bukhara by did not know that supercollider complete, he

00:47:06--> 00:47:48

does not know this surah now complete anything that why the prophets has never been Muslim, try to understand he never made Mousavi only made papers, like skins whatever he brought to his house, there used to be scattered papers, to hear his social Baqarah he has to rally morale. After every revelation, there is testable, he can you know Newton's come they put it to meaning it on a piece he to write that every day necessary revelation comes and goes between to Revelation two in one paper I read in between two that had happened to until he died there nowhere there can be one must physically until the end of his life there's always possibility of a new revelation which can come

00:47:48--> 00:47:56

and put anywhere in any sudra to basically to make massage you need him to die before his death that never can lose.

00:47:57--> 00:48:10

But what he did properly is that every revelation he put in right order where revelation comes in this goes to the bacara after this was before this was this was in early marohn after this was before this was that what he did

00:48:11--> 00:48:50

when the professor's have died now the people have got the whole Quran properly in the right order now they know there's no change to now they can make their own stuff they can make their own copy because now they know nothing has to change. No revelation can come now everybody knows without the hassle to Bukhara surah Imran order and most people by memory they know everything. In the time of Abacus a digital Lateran who was started so many more one or more wasn't well, Mr. Ma, where the army had to fight who Macedo market, the like profit in that battle many many companies have been killed. That was a serious matter that had this has come in Sahih Bukhari very nicely. Let me read

00:48:50--> 00:48:54

that because it will help you to understand what what made up because he did to put the Quran in Musab

00:48:56--> 00:49:39

you might Buhari had narrated from Zed with habit six the most one of the most authentic hobbies and sources said In fact, xenophobic is the person who used to write the Quran for the proselytism. And he is the person who was in he was actually appointed by Casa de to put together and he's also the person who was appointed by with my mouth fun to put the car together for under purple zag inside which has been involved in Revelation or the time in the life of the proselytism in the life of a casa de and also in the time of Marbella, Toronto, he is the most authentic source to tell us how the poorer has been put together to the Hadees coming from Zara Tabby, he said Abu Bakr Siddiq sent

00:49:40--> 00:49:54

me a message calling me to him all the time, when in battle of yamamah many many companies have been killed. Those campaigners who knew the Quran by heart, they have miracle many of them that at the time when he asked me to come

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

when I came there, I found Omar Hata was sitting next to him because the two

00:50:00--> 00:50:13

Now these two greatest companies together Abu Bakar Omar al gore Agha set to a buka set to set with her with that Omar came to me. And he said to me in Al patola, this tahara Yama, Yama, Yama, they

00:50:14--> 00:50:51

are in the Battle of yamamah. Many many people who knew the Quran by heart they have been killed. So many people given number of the pyramid killed. Why knee aksha in his taharah, Petula Pura Bella Martin fire Hello Kathy rumina Quran Omar said to me that my fear is if this killing continues in other biters again, then basically many of you who know the karate have gone we will lose the Quran. So Omar said to me I am requesting you that you command someone to put the karate together in writing. It is not enough that what are in the chest. Now we need a Quran in the writing I they must have

00:50:53--> 00:51:18

Porter Homer aka Sadiq said I said to Omar guy Fatah foreigner follow shayan lumea follow Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam How can we do something with a lead messenger Neville see this this was should have been done. For every believer when you do something always tinkering with the Prophet had done or not. In our time we don't feel like that. What do we think that our group that our do our elders do this directly what we do we never think they see how they do

00:51:19--> 00:51:59

when you met between you and Islam, many many people, you basically allow us you to have direct access to his book. You do it because a lot of you do till tomorrow. What do we do to Why? Because we read in the Quran, till whatever our relation derotation with the Quran, the West the right wisdom we always have been. First we had done the order from Quran then ODU from Bukhari and Muslim Parramatta, then also puri then he would have not only that, what do we learn from Quran what not from and what, what more your understanding of Allah. But our orbit direct access is to someone else other than Allah, the messenger into one other digesting in our teaching for a long time anyway.

00:52:00--> 00:52:09

So abou Casa tomar. How can we do something with others my son had not done. Our Amara will live her mother said this is by law, better for us. But

00:52:10--> 00:52:58

follow me as Omar Yura Gianni, Tasha, Hello So the real italica Omar kept discussing with me arguing with me repeating the same thing again again, until now open my heart to it that Cora should be put together now I've got I've got also become content for I should put together where I toughie, Allah de Rama and I also saw the same good which Omar had seen before me that it is really good for us to put together on a schedule. Our Abu Bakar as I said, I woke I said to me in Dhaka Raj, Shah buena octoroon. Donahoe, can you see the quality that they need for a person who can put together You are a man young, young people, guys, young, young, not lazy, old people, the delay the kids, they don't

00:52:58--> 00:53:35

do that same day, young people, they want to do more and more energy. Pedal you are clever. Now people think nice, and you don't need my thinking. Islam needs to be stupid. There are nothing really, I can see. First thing he said Are your thing. You want to understand reason, because I just wanted, you know, the most noble thing that you will have been in our mind, the most noble thing that human being has revealed the mind. If you don't use it, in your kind of that way, you never can be a believer, unless you think this is terrible. And the second thing, learn at the hamaca but you don't lie. You're pious, meaning you're not going to corrupt anything the Quran, you're God fearing

00:53:35--> 00:53:37

person, you're an interior thinker.

00:53:38--> 00:53:39


00:53:40--> 00:53:52

We lost a lot. And you used to also write revelation for Allah messenger for the top bhojpur on go and find the Quran from just of the people and also in the writing from everywhere and put it together.

00:53:53--> 00:54:11

For the MA who put together to put together from Well, not only from the chest, also from the writing founder because Quran has been really written down by many, many people pieces, not whole Quran, but pieces, somebody who's in Pokhara, dakara somebody so to NASA, somebody told him run together or to build together and put together or if

00:54:13--> 00:54:32

she said in fight against for Allah Hello California natalija Jabari, Mel Jeeva Mata and Allah Allah Jemima amarante v minjee rajpura gentlemen but he said by Allah had the commanded me to move a mountain from one place to another place, it would not have been heavier for me, then put on too

00:54:34--> 00:54:54

poor to pay for the following. Let me follow through last lesson I said to how can you do something which allows my son he did not do on a human level on life? He said no, you better follow him. Yes, Gawker Yura Jani, Natasha la serie de la de Shara. Hello, sir. Kareena O'Meara de la hora de la swatara open my heart for the same thing.

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

For the top, bottom, middle also what Lika

00:55:00--> 00:55:00


00:55:01--> 00:55:44

iPad he knows Cora by heart enemy but they need proper witness they need a writing I'm not going to write from his memory, he knows in memory, we want to have proof for every single thing writing to the getting to to proof in writing for every single verse where to put wet how to put tools he was looking for two proofs at least in the writing and many many proofs in the RC memory This is the best no gem I can imagine really by will ever never has indeed sooner to that what they're doing is he knows by heart aka signal by heart murmur Hakuna by heart, but they are not relying on their memory while they're doing it for every single words they need to write

00:55:46--> 00:55:49

to people's writing and then many many people's memory

00:55:50--> 00:56:04

and the proper written word you know in the you know in the in the Leafs or the trees and also in the skin in the restroom. It is hard to tell whether to sue the tober ma v Jose Mitra sorry, lamb I did have a hard inquiry.

00:56:05--> 00:56:20

In writing everything I found with two people one or two people no doubt, one Li one of us. Last was also to bacara Sousa Toba in writing when Lee I found with a group of seven sorry, la caja Karasu Nana forsaken Aziz and Allah himani

00:56:21--> 00:56:39

in memory I knew you already everybody knows this verse from the Quran by writing whenever person doesn't meet nobody gets hurt no people must have writing but he did not make effort to find with anybody else why sorry, the person about whom the processor your witnesses enough is equal to a witness of two people.

00:56:40--> 00:57:06

It mistake Okay, I found a way before that I'm sorry, I know by heart any way to I don't need for this was to go to somewhere else or to make effort because he did it were two people anyway, try to understand it is not that nobody in Medina had this verse No, he is not bothering he does not making any more effort because this enough he is doing only enough effort. Otherwise, like for every verse of the Quran will be you know, 10 100 writings by every single person to try to understand this the philosophy was

00:57:08--> 00:57:15

one lead found in writing with a boom in memory everybody has. No he knows by heart This is a parent.

00:57:16--> 00:57:18

Everyone knows nobody problem.

00:57:19--> 00:57:59

He did. But this why they were put together. Do they need the hora in writing? No, they do not need because everybody knows it was one leak put together for emergency or for in future if all the people know the Quran by heart the die. At least we have got a master copy, too. We can refer that well. It was not it had no purpose at all, and actually never happened to in the future. It never happened that people died. Two people people did not need a blockbuster copy. This copy never never has been needed. Never Never. People knew the product by heart. People knew the writing. People never get to copy. No, it was very much it is never until he died after his death it It came it came

00:57:59--> 00:58:04

to America towards the latter No, when he died. Then it came to us or the Lackawanna that what happened?

00:58:05--> 00:58:43

Either Moses never needed this. Now of Casa de died, Omar became Khalifa there are no need for any writing copy for any asset, nothing that was among the Khalifa. What was the model? Nothing carefully. For now, Islam. Islam is an activist mood, Islamic not only in our country, it's not only you know, Syria, Iraq, Iraq and Syria and Egypt. They were not our country. But there was a big in our population. So it is still people in Syria and Iraq, the new Muslim when did it become Muslim, it was easy for them to not argue language, Arabic, Arabic, but they're on the front is of all this country. The RFC used to be there. The settlers settled there, to Arabic word not alien to people of

00:58:43--> 00:59:06

Syria, or Iraq or Egypt, the new army in the time of modern Latin Whoa, this was proper in the time of Morocco, in Egypt. mishandle conquer Shah, and when we say Shang we mean Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine all four together but for the Sham, Iraq Mullah Sham Egypt, or they become Muslim and people knew and also be part of Iraq. Already, it was not a problem.

00:59:07--> 00:59:41

In the time of man, Islam is much more critical because you know, he can't carry more countries, you know, in the Central Asia eventually or to border of India. And in these countries, they had no access to liquid, they're completely in Islam. Now, when people become Muslim, there's no foreign Book of Allah, they're so keen to read. And they're not they're not learn alphabet, Arabic alphabet Alibaba, they learn how to connect, join and they start reading telling me is it enough to you need to know that ground you need to know how to read. If somebody writes Quran properly without without

00:59:42--> 00:59:59

reading, you do so many stuff. But they let the karasuma making effort even if they cannot read properly that happened. This actually creates a new problem. There are new Muslims in Islam. They love the Quran. They read the Quran, but they don't read either prophet read the chain that reading and this is

01:00:00--> 01:00:21

Dangerous the now to be done that okay now next next is dealing with Tamara de la Toronto. Hi this again in Bukhari from Annecy in Michel de la Toronto that for the five year mark he the one of the great companion and he's also the one who used to have secret at the parcel Allison, how they fit your model but also we're fighting settlers here fighting unbelievers

01:00:22--> 01:00:33

where he was when he almost died last time Armenian Azerbaijan were conquered by Muslims to other Armenian other vgl became a part of Muslim country very early in that module

01:00:34--> 01:00:46

just about 3030 3030 years 20 years after the death of Prophet Lhasa Muslims are already in Central Asia Armenia be the other way to contract for the man also in that war fighting

01:00:48--> 01:00:51

without for officer whoa they if they laugh

01:00:52--> 01:01:30

What are they found notice now these new people when they become Muslim they read the Quran but they don't read as we read everybody reads as they want no consistency nothing really no become frightened. He didn't know what to do because they'll know he didn't know what to do and the way Quran written it because there's a possibility every single person the Quran, you can if you're not Arab, if you know the reading, the writing can help you can you know how to read it? No. Are in a Europa if not I will say Carlo. Everybody said Tyler but if you give to an Indian I didn't know how to sing. I don't know how he consistently Tada. It can be totally it can be so many errors have no

01:01:30--> 01:02:09

three paragraphs I'm only one possibly every other city Pilar. Nobody's in our loop Akali because it's impossible their language in their language. Nobody exists as Talia kalu is not like a toddler, but those who are not. They can read anyway, that become frightened far away. So they first said I came to Medina and before going to my house, I entitled to the house of tomorrow. I said to him do something before this modified about the Quran as a Jew than Christian Yama. momineen adric Houma published yesterday for Kitab teleferico A Judeo Christian I have so many different versions of the books I don't we don't want this happened to Salaam Pura

01:02:10--> 01:02:14

with madawaska What was the man knew that there is master copy?

01:02:15--> 01:02:24

Did you never read now the nude? He asked hafsa. If she can lend her copy to it came then oh smart, a lot of worried.

01:02:26--> 01:02:26

He appeared

01:02:28--> 01:02:29

in all the time.

01:02:30--> 01:02:51

And creeping from Porsche Zed from Porsche is Tara unser, the professor otherwise from Porsche is the language of Porsche language. Now with a moto Moto, right into hyper in a way that it makes easy for me reading, not any other reading. The people read the way that I'm a potter, three people from Croatia, who are the rapinoe from Porsche Abdullah and Isabel.

01:02:53--> 01:02:54

Sorry, David Ross

01:02:55--> 01:03:02

Adorama, it will hurt in a sham or three people are made them to make copy they make a copy.

01:03:03--> 01:03:44

Omar said to the three karate people. That's the last time and Tomas he was our beneficiary Mila Pura facto herbicide operation, when you're writing, if you differ in anything, right, I had or I should write, to it can make before that was I wrote a book I never said because the purpose was only to collect the Quran in a copy. To save it. That's all it was not to make is to facilitate the easy reading read, it's not a purpose. Now with a moderate purpose, that people write it and and then they make effort to read it to he wants it to be written in a way that people can read and read. He says that fine. The man has a lovely surname because it has been revealed to the language

01:03:44--> 01:04:26

file, they did have a then a softer, softer muscle when they copied all these papers in the muscle, then Oman returned by the swoop the papers was after and then he sent everywhere, this master copy now now you have to write the Quran in this way, that if new Muslims when they write the Quran this way, they will read I erupts read aspiration otherwise, before that there will be confusion and they ask other puppies to be banned. Why? Because they create confusion. They were good father offset, but they're not good for our Nanos, it's not that there was some difference that no difference what do you have not written? I will punish you right? You know, there are only two basically what the

01:04:26--> 01:04:59

history of the demo is to try to this evening here you can see that I always emphasize that, you know, people don't understand the role of the women, even for the Quran will depend on the women was Martha Mousavi not based on anything other than the most of what kept with the officer in most doctors in women? They could said this woman we don't know really. She could have had a Sunday she could have done something nothing. For us. Nothing really. They didn't know a woman. We don't take knowledge from the women. You know, we are men. We are our people. We are different people without the narrow selector. This is so normal. Don't try to say that you know it this way.

01:05:00--> 01:05:33

For a city you know that we are made between men and women it really unnatural does not know how to happen. People have been making some difference that you know people have made in Islam because of the philosophy and all those things and now feminist movement and all that they're making more difference between men and women, you know that you know again it's been a big plug for anyway I don't want to go in that line, it will become such a big thing to have to give another piece of that matter inshallah sometime so this thing now you understand the difference of the gym, to gym of the professor and what to put the Quran in the right order, not a right or not order revelation, but the

01:05:33--> 01:05:36

order is it in the heaven in the book of Allah

01:05:37--> 01:06:15

until the last moment, Gemma focus diquat to make a master copy to preserve the Koran for the future. For the major city, nothing could have missed to basically his concern with Quran in the same order, but nothing is missing. The people not missing the Quran with a margin of profit not to that you know, to make effort not to miss because no one has done anything. Here the purpose is to write the Quran in a way to people to kind of read as per I should read, his purpose is to write to a to make reading easier in the career to try to understand the difference between all the purpose of the prophets are part one not to make a master copy this purple bar to whatever has been revealed

01:06:15--> 01:06:24

to put in the right order. Or because the purpose is to put them in a master copy properly. So Muslims never lose any part of the Quran. Now everything is written down in a Musab

01:06:25--> 01:06:47

Ozma Papa, what is done by Abacus dig, make it to write in the way of price to when people read it. They don't default. They read as burrus used to do two or three things that have been done about the Quran in a gem of the Quran. Now we're going to move on to the Quran in our daughters upon inshallah. But before that, if you have any questions, just

01:06:48--> 01:07:02

try to ask a question this is meant to really because you people are learning and you're going to be working the society and people about the corridor many many questions in the society. You have to learn this thing answer properly, make effort there to answer properly. If you have any question please ask.

01:07:06--> 01:07:12

Please repeat the two orders of Revelation. You have one order of revelation and second one.

01:07:14--> 01:07:19

You know the word corroborate the person Allah subhanaw taala revealed a guide to his need

01:07:20--> 01:07:59

to whenever Community News something about the prayer was confirmed was prayer. Something about the Jihad was coming about that something they need was patience. The worst thing about that lack proper I'm good speaker to IV speech about it Southern to I will take a verse from Bukhara one verse from this surah. Or you know, but not as in the Quran. I added to my speech to the punarnava revealed to the parser I think prior to the need as a community, but then he commanded them to be written down I in the book of Allah. In that order. The suitor Baccarat Susana Moran had to put in the order of revelation, then the first route would have been

01:08:00--> 01:08:41

the first revelation but directly not one, the first, the sole reason is because revelation came in a different order. It can't follow the needs of the community. But bukoba put together I had it in the Haven it has a beginning it's an ending the to order to try to understand the Quran Allah revealed in the white lie revealed a client to the need at the price lesson and that community, but then put together a book into the lesson hautala and until the professor died, and then when the book acidic made Musab he made the Musa a cry to the order of the book, not order the revelation, try to understand because it does not make a book a revelation nor a guide to the author of the

01:08:41--> 01:08:45

book. Is it clear? The only

01:08:46--> 01:08:47


01:08:48--> 01:09:20

in the beginning you mentioned taking from the Quran, without any ideologies or ideas. But when we read any tafsir will we not be taking from the author of that fcsa for if you're reading Fidel hora, and you'll be taken from sales motives, ideas or anyone else, which would not be the case that you would be interpreting according to the author, the author of that. So this is an important question we'll try to understand think really properly when the pallava revealed to the professor lesson by lesson what was the purpose to the people right.

01:09:22--> 01:09:59

The last in his book two people read the book. No, he said the Buddha will understand and act upon that to try to understand that okay, what's your attitude meaning we should actually get a door the tools with companies third Arabic language or the grammar a third time that a mind and then read the Quran. When difficulty comes and you can think real that you know you're not in that helping you properly then you can refer to other proxies for how they do the don't take the idea but the thing how they make it funny because sometimes, you know, the trolls sometimes can see the certain ideologies, and they're taking the power to support that because human

01:10:00--> 01:10:37

interpatient the Quran, it never never kind of be your it always problem people actually obtain knowledge from their own environment and the ID to the Quran always have the purest understanding of the Quran or is always understanding the prophets Allah listen and his companions to dead why what you need to make a follow up to when we read articles after you have done Arabic properly, then see what you can make sense then after the series, what the how prophet understood how to apply it, and how the companies that is the most authentic and if you that when I read that then you can go to other people. If you do that, then Quranic Lee will come deep. That's why we don't like people to

01:10:37--> 01:10:44

read tafsir we like people to read the Koran directly. And then sequel from the tafsir the mystery

01:10:54--> 01:10:54


01:10:56--> 01:11:03

with regards to the dish key like the fat handle man, because or were they introduced during the time of fat man or the alarm.

01:11:04--> 01:11:06

Now what happens, so, if you

01:11:07--> 01:11:47

live with the people, and you start knowing the language, so you start picking up the things that so now if you ride a runway, which will leak and make you to read the reparation read to certain knowledge, Arabic language would help you not technically to they still have not developed the hada macabre, but there are certain writing which can help them in with some knowledge to read properly. That can very little that cannot relate. But that gave me the time hydrogen use when he was gonna fire up to use if he did so many things. But at least something he did to one of them things that too when he realized he was in Iraq and in a very border of Iran and all those he could see what

01:11:47--> 01:11:50

happening. Then he developed these

01:11:51--> 01:12:23

things that are in time came to the market to this to be introduced in his time. So that's one thing it would make much more easier to Yeah, no doubt if the Quranic writing either. We have now it had developed especially the heart attack, but most in how the shape of the word, mostly from vermouth, man that you know most most I've got caffeine for most of the mandala that you can see there's still lucky Brahim. Sometimes Ryan written with Aurora, and then Alif or sometimes without Olive, and sometimes no Yeah, but you really want to consider that how it saves money.

01:12:24--> 01:12:24


01:12:25--> 01:12:28

Rama written with long into some time with around

01:12:29--> 01:12:36

that. Now people are finding that's the reasoning behind that when I try to say the reason is because we copied from someone and also someone has this writing.

01:12:38--> 01:12:39


01:12:44--> 01:13:30

So I just want you to know if the Sahaba de la one ever fought about the kid out of bricks, you know, there's many variations of karate, karate different types of you know, recitation Yeah, did the Sahaba della Han ever think about that when they were compiling? Or you know, making a master copy and teaching the Muslim because we know there's different variations of reading was that ever some you know, one thing I have to remove them Sanderson God thing really they were the wrong knowledge becomes dominant in the society to bring the right knowledge to all of us taken up so much effort really, people have no idea what the what the companies have not run the parcels you know,

01:13:31--> 01:13:31

for example,

01:13:32--> 01:13:37

you know, like, I speak the language, and we have 22, who knows.

01:13:38--> 01:14:16

And all those people who speak the language understand what language I wrote a book or something, they want to read a book with me. You know, tell me what they want to read with me. They are going to read with me to understand what I'm trying to say. They are not going to read with me in my deck for me my reading how I read it, because they also in the same language, they know how to read anyway, they're not going to read, they know how to read. Each one will differ from reading cards, interaction, different outposts. When the punam are revealed to Arabs to proselytism. where people have parashara taken from him, the Quran, the Tiki taking for him the Quran, they are not taking

01:14:16--> 01:14:38

from you how to read it. Everybody reads in regard to how they understand how they read how they speak, Polish people that certainly said same thing. We are not going to take from that how, who knows how long he had the mud, or does the mortar detective I don't think we did anything to that that how they did. Then after that when the taught to the Quran, that teaching the Quran not the reading.

01:14:39--> 01:14:59

There was a teaching that teaches people the Quran, they are not teaching the reading. But later Islam when the schools established There are so Parana Quranic school established around the reading to record Kufa in basara in Makkah, Medina in second century or the, you know, the people who are made religious then people started taking from also reading

01:15:00--> 01:15:40

My teacher used to read this thing reading the mouth Pirata established but still you can see not everybody is serious about this thing like a haason asking us to teach in Kufa and his teaching with people like Hassan Hassan acid everybody said, but it was never taught how to read. It is how half size cultivator people that are sim system there's so many differences, Abu hanifa he has to come up from from us him and you read the books that Abu hanifa you to read this verse this way. And Abu hanifa reading so different from hostility, to do things that I asked him to teach two different ways. No ask him to see the Quran Abu hanifa Baba hanifa how to read it he knows how to read his own

01:15:40--> 01:16:07

if he has his own way that these tariffs have been developed later on you know and especially many of the mud and a molars and many of you know mahari subsea fathered the roof they no doubt Arbuckle him with them they should have been preserved from very early and the professor used to read across thoroughly to don't or certainly they're coming from your desk people should learn but in many of the ciphers which are exaggerated, like you no matter how many Elif will be in the mud and you know when you do a model of diversity

01:16:08--> 01:16:48

a mother never has been language of Porsche Porsche never did the mother Americans from outside to professional never to the mother anyway these long mud never you know things really are drama Susannah the law said that one day I came to the person and his he was doing prayer to I prayed it I started to lay behind him and he said the prophets and started sutra Bukhara to is that after 100 hours he will do Roku but he continued to I say maybe up to 200 verses by continued then I said okay maybe after sutra Bukhara would also ask us about Allah He made some door and this alima then I thought okay maybe after almirante were cuckoo, but no he continues to NASA one then after suitum

01:16:48--> 01:16:57

nessa at Roku one three slot in one wonder tower telling me the price that I'm reading lack of the Basset

01:16:59--> 01:17:22

three three is running one Raka no three possible that why actually people said many of these para darba they never happened Islam they have been made up by people especially when people copying everybody this is aggression. People have a very hard time when you know one of the seven who writes Hamza Hamza yet is very pious person very The reason is correctly spreading because of his party was surprised

01:17:23--> 01:17:25

but people his time used to say the reading of Hamza is

01:17:27--> 01:17:41

now reading one of the karate they used to say be the one on humble you too far but people from reading he said no Hamza reading not not rightly not occurred soon to somebody asked him okay if you mama use handle reading can we pray behind him? He said no no you can pray behind him.

01:17:42--> 01:18:09

But it is a rapira which is not sooner. To try to understand really people took from the Koran, not how to read the when people are reading my reading coming from the person they are wrong and nothing don't nobody has that any center for any reading. People have a noise and are no generation for any reading of the Quran. People have got prerogative but not how to read it left. I have I've learned a horrible hearty from my teacher

01:18:10--> 01:18:48

to an irate to hear it to me. But we do not take from the reading how to read I read I read I know grammar I I cannot sit with desire reading either my teacher used to read No, I don't read and he did but I took it from him that actually what happened people took aura from the teachers not how to read it later on it to be developed around the teachers didn't let it become vulgar to try to understand the parrot properly or on his book of Allah and most authentic thing in the artifice of that nothing mistake in the Quran but reading certainly is not from the professor last Kirby but it's not that we don't have any proof or that there was one doesn't understand so when people say

01:18:48--> 01:19:00

very clearly mouthwash and all those things it all made up people not about what the water bottle means in every generation so many people that they cannot agree on a mistake duty analysis generation for awesome cetera you but remember

01:19:02--> 01:19:03

don't have it even though we don't have to people who

01:19:04--> 01:19:30

live in you know even to people who cannot find who agree with us every single thing that Emma the students have asked him Can you find people who agree with each other? No. hasa does not accuse other people. Even naffy Medina is towards delivery carwash. Both are full of nothing. Do they agree? The difference was an absolute they agree on something that if or another. There's no agreement there no matter what here. It's all individual.

01:19:33--> 01:19:59

Just regarding the compilation of the Quran, the Hadith, internally, where Othman was asked, How can we let the best Mullah offer sort of tober and his reply was something along the lines of stoicism passed away. He wasn't sure whether it was its own soda or whether it was part of the summer that preceded it. So I just wanted to ask is the Hollies Is it correct and is there a problem with that? Yeah.

01:20:00--> 01:20:05

I will come in anyway to I'm trying to say one thing also is in

01:20:06--> 01:20:31

the order the surahs are writing Bismillah AR there is two other companies are all that divine. No doubt the opening that I followed all divine for all satola was Manuel to ask, Why then why didn't you put a Bismillah before Souza Toba? The question is not that why didn't you do the question that why is not the Quran? Sometimes you say, for teaching grammar. And I said he said and

01:20:32--> 01:20:35

you said to me, why do you make as Mr. Su?

01:20:36--> 01:21:14

I do an RS don't do meaning that you asking me as a teacher? why this happened to when Omar did the young American like Audra bostian campaign, he did not know how to run here's another thing. He's asking why why didn't he put a Bismillah there meaning that the Omar does something for himself meaning Why did know this villa Del Toro the modern want to say reason is because on fire and an answer to Bara October both are similar to each other, and the prophets lrsm did not put this Miller reason is because it is an extension of Dallas, they are one and they are different. They are two different solar there are two different put differently, but there seem that there are no Bismillah

01:21:15--> 01:21:49

and also answer but because of tobuy started beratan bharatmala amis Allah no relation and Bismillah is Rama Allah relation to be similar but are both don't go together to that why Allah not put there to it is from Allah from the from the profit profit are like that, and Omar did exactly what he's done, but he want to give you reasoning, who the man is, give me the reason why this will enter the net, why he did not do know why it is not there, to try to understand the question of as good as it seems that Omar did something new with money. Otherwise, he would have been one of the best I guess was one that was much in the Quran.

01:21:51--> 01:22:03

Actually, completely copy that was after the law, but he wants to give reasoning are very good reasoning. Otherwise, the way the Quran bigger surah then is more Surah Tauba should be brought before our file

01:22:04--> 01:22:17

and file is small and tobuy double our size up or make more than double up and fall to this reason you can tell by the extension of unfold exactly the same once to one away both are one on one with the two different students that had their movies.

01:22:18--> 01:22:47

And at the end up we have got now 114 Disneyland upon any way to simulate double their wisdom and also this very good reason that a Bismillah is no Bismillah because Bara not Bismillah the berada not broadly you know Allah that reduces they actually have power. If you make a follow up if I lead angry and he said like Rama it does not make sense. Then you have to sell this car like this, you know well what else water is versus he his daughter with both those attributes which are which are there

01:22:48--> 01:22:52

in the place where Allah says I live in Abu Dhabi

01:22:53--> 01:22:56

our last punishment is very painful and he put there Rama

01:22:57--> 01:23:09

is to make sense or lead Rama rain but they're either not fitted to Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in a good in the beginning are very similar. But before Bara did not fit there kabara Bismillah don't go together.

01:23:11--> 01:23:22

We're gonna have we're gonna there's only time for one more question. So we're going to move to the online questions. If anyone has answered questions, please write them down and save them for the next q&a session.

01:23:23--> 01:23:26

So the share code the first online question is,

01:23:27--> 01:23:43

is bringing the Quran down to the level of the problems that the oma is currently facing as a means of guidance? Isn't that isn't there a limit where the intellect is purely used to understand reality before going to the tax problems such as widespread?

01:23:45--> 01:23:50

Mal distribution of wealth, foreign occupation of our loans, or corrupt rulers?

01:23:51--> 01:24:28

No, try to understand nothing really, that people don't understand that people similarly if we don't take the Quran to our our level, how can we get it there two different things. The first thing is raise yourself to the level of the Quran. Seriously, think what karate teaches you? And how the Prophet understood it. Then second step will be how you apply the same Quran to our issue our our question the second level, the first to try to understand it, then how does the knowledge don't mix between both? If your effort from very beginning only to apply the color to your level and don't understand what karate is teaching you you never understand the first thing raise yourself to the

01:24:28--> 01:25:00

level of the Quran and try to understand how the Prophet applied it. Then next level is now this is the Quran authentic understanding how we apply the Quran with this authentic understanding to our own question there should be but we will not do this. What we will do actually is people live in lower in the Quran to their own level. Actually, if you read the books are tested, you can see every generation it just happened. If you read the set of raazi you will take around the book of philosophy. In our garage he has lowered the corner to the labor philosophers are on it. They can just feel

01:25:00--> 01:25:03

If you answered the question, which was not common people

01:25:05--> 01:25:24

can see instead of the Quran in that respect for the disrespect of the book, if Razi had made effort to raise himself to the level of the Quran, and then found out what how can I solve the problem of the society then fine, but he lowers curar to his own car, he think the most important argument is a vessel that is

01:25:25--> 01:26:01

currently not available honey, to now you make effort to prove that Pura deliver honey to basically lowering the bar to your own level, every time you keep making the effort, simple things should be raised, you're set to live with a part time worker on what to say and how the proper understood, then you have a certain promise to society, how can you get solution for the Quran, but if you don't understand how esperan is, and you will make poorer to come to your level, then you're not going to get it right. The first thing raise yourself to the level of the Quran, try to understand the goddess properly and try to understand how the professor's understood it and apply it then after the

01:26:01--> 01:26:07

necessary will be how I can apply with this understanding to my own problem, then it will be guided

01:26:09--> 01:26:24

you know it's not easy, but you have to make a thinker properly really, I bought I still really corruption really so much corruption in teaching at the Quran. That happening all at all level. Quran has become really like any ordinary book. People don't understand it is really a book different from every book on the face of the earth is not like any book