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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome back to our q&a which occur midway.

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Apologies we're a few minutes late, but let's get started in Sharla just quickly share Vikram started in a short course just this Sunday that passed which is his three day course on the science of Hadith called look like them apply them have given us a lot so anyone who's interested, head on to our Facebook, our Instagram, Twitter find out more about the course if you're interested in the scientists of Heidi's or you can wait until the end of this session and Siobhan I'll give you more information without any further ado, let's go inshallah and let's start with our as usual access to student of the day couple sheets of Assam Her question is how would we sort of Lhasa low rally was

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Selim deal with different types of people? We know people have different negative traits Was it not? Was it not too much of a burden for him to behave nicely with everyone in during the negative sides

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in Iraq my Rahim Yeah, I know this question actually is a very important question and

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in order to teach us a lot

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the prophets Allah listen I'm like any professor and they are trained in by nature they are you know, so nice. By still illustrata commands them to be extra nice and patient and not only patient or Arthur first did a slow burn Jamila patients of which actually is beautiful patients, which you're never annoyed you never say something that unlike Yusuf Ali salaam, you know, it all happened his brothers came, but he did not complain did not make ask the thing to arrest them and think like oh, did not tell him the story, the Kings nothing, you know, all nice all the time until the story finishes. Same the prophets Allah Listen, let me know if people come sometime pretty rough, somebody

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pulled the colloquial the professor les alum on it left a mark on his neck, and his body may still, you know, he talked to him nicely. So all the time, he makes effort to be as nice as possible and he knows not only showing it from his heart interactive limited, except if it is for AlFar Allah subhanaw taala he left some somebody commits a sin against Allah, somebody rang someone else. But whenever it is to him, you know, it's always nice to Ayesha law said the prophets Allah never took revenge for himself. It never happened that he did. Somebody harmed him and he wants to take revenge. So this is a great quality and people don't love these days to follow that most people what

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the law really is how to force people to respect them. That is not the way Quran teaches Quranic ways.

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Force yourself how to adjust with all the conditions that easier that is you then you don't complain. People say people don't behave properly, but you should learn how to deal with the people who don't behave properly. Sometimes people somebody that is are not very good people. Still you need to learn how to be nice with them. People say my parents are not good. Yeah, but still you can be nice with them. It is actually you need to learn force yourself Be humble. So that what people need to learn from the life of the party solicitor question really I like this question. Because I want everybody that you know, dare you know, do not make effort to change people around you. Rather

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than make effort to change yourself a character we often learn Allah said you know, change yourself be softer, there's a much much better it makes you

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important and nearer to Allah and it makes every way to learn from you when you are soft, nice. People love to be next to you they will learn from you. So this is business simple, very easy summary of the matter is don't make effort to change the people

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rather than change yourself and change in nicely to nobody can notice that you know, you are forcing yourself you know should be so nice that people love that people love to be with you.

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Okay Does Okay, and says it's pushy, but the question.

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Let's move on to our next question from Waqas.

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Please, can you explain the Hadith in the hurry that if someone eats dates, they won't be affected by magic or poison? How can this protection come?

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You know, on this matter, this or this, I have written a, you know,

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article in English and I think you know what you need to because it's very, I made a very good explanation and many people, you know, they love this explanation, because that, you know, permits them and I could teach you how to understand the body, to best thing to clarify goes on arrival time, already I've written so I look forward to, you know, even to you and then you can give to the people, so they can read it in Shalaka. Already, there is something written

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is definitely inshallah and we also, we've kind of discussed this in a previous q&a, if you go into our YouTube channel we have, if I just have a look, we do have, it's named something like the prophetic foods, and whether they are miracles or not something along those lines if you go onto our recent videos. And let's go on to our next question from Moinuddin. And if someone has lost the will and desire to seek knowledge or study, is this a sign of loss of Eman or a hardened heart? What are some remedies for this?

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Remember finger that, you know, people have different conditions and circumstances why they don't want to learn something that could be possible and their family to look after them.

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So they have to adjust, you know, I don't know what is to say conditioning by somebody has lost the desire for no reason. Yeah. So that really is a problem. And people like that, they should be encouraged. The remedy for that is they know they come into companionship of the good people, you know, the realtor biographies of the people who are before them,

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how keen they have been in knowledge, and they should realize really, the time passes very quickly. One that they will regret it a few years will pass and those who are with them, it they will achieve something, you know, in the sento we should actually encourage people you know, how to

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force them to study and to learn. I have written a few articles on this matter, well,

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maybe if you

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if the articles are organized somewhere nicely, maybe people can read them. So there are some articles to help people you know how to motivate them. I feel it's the article with this title, how to motivate for the study. So you know, you can do that inshallah.

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Definitely on our, our website slm.ac.uk We do have

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most of your articles on there, if you head on to like the maybe the top right of the screen. But yes, and you've also on your Facebook page, you're on Chaka Khan Saligram page, he recently shares his articles and reminders

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so you can have a look there and show other let's move on to our question from Osama. What does the Quran mean when it says that it's that it is a detailed explanation of all things

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you know thingie that when people say that you know I discuss all the things it always means in a context daughter than everything in the world to further verify write a book you know on a medicine and then I say in this I have discussed everything meaning what is related to the medicine what people need to know about if I'm writing a book about driving. So an ISI explain everything it it means everything related to the driving or simply about food any whatever topic is or our topic and that the hotel did not it is the guidance for the people. So for that purpose, it is very clear book. And sometimes this or this work of detail explanation comes after Poron has mentioned

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something in a briefly you know and then a Quran makes it more detailed. The Quran said we have made everything very clear to the reason the Quran does this because when you learn something shorter, so you focus you make effort to know but the some details are missing. Do you want to know more than more details to come to you learn them properly to some time Quran does some you know some like Qurani there's some revelation which are very shorter. Then after a while it comes to more detail one, two people can know more and more but anywhere

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in the Quran, that is not the Quran, everything. The Quran does not have everything the word Quran has everything related to its subject matter.

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If Quran and everything, it will not be good book. Good Book always must be focused. The people know what they're looking for. The Quran will not have a query in a medical science or physics and these are no could not exist for the purpose that people can learn for themselves. Quran is a guide on how to make people to be intuitive to be qualified to intend to paradise

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How did we come close to Allah? subhanaw taala holdover shipping

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How do you become good human being? This the topic the Quran discusses?

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Okay, there's a question.

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We have a question from very her

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she's used quite a few.

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I'm not sure if some of its Urdu Arabic but I myself I'm not sure if some of them but let's let's go ahead and check in so you can see the question on the screen. Is it permissible to recite the Quran and intended the web to be transferred to the modern as part of the Israeli so up? So I'm not sure if that's

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what she mean is that you know, people who have died motorhome means that people have already died. So can you read the Quran and make intention that your reward goes to those people? So, you know, what we know from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that when people die,

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what can you beneficial for them, you know, three things, you know, any knowledge that they have left, so as long as people keep learning, they will get reward for that. Or some people have a left, you know, children who are good, and they make dua for them, that reaches them. Oh, somebody has that or SATA Jharia you know,

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built a madrasa or Masjid maybe mega mega will have some water supply somewhere and the people who drink the water the reward keeps going to around there the Automotive Center that whenever you spend money outside the car charity for someone who died, the river can be transferred to them they can get the reward if you can pay people to do it. Similarly you can do so the candle we have money can we transfer and you can make dua for the people.

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But physically Alibaba like you do prayer fasting, or you read the Quran, so you can't transfer your reward for them. But what you can do is after reading the Quran, you can make dua for them because do after the Quran or after analytic good deeds be more accepted. So simple matter is you know, anything that you can use to pay other people's debt that you also can do to you know, tasks for the reward whether people miss Money, money thing is something that can be transferred but you can't eat on other people's behalf. You know, the physical body thing cannot want people's behalf and that is yours to when you read the Quran, you get the reward. When you pray, you get the reward, but you can

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after that you can withdraw because it can be done for anybody.

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Okay, let's go on to Synovus question. How can we understand the concept of doing our best? Does it mean that he wants you to overburden him or herself to that level of being exhausted?

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Not only not exhausted I know what's the professor Dallas alum came to his house and the woman sitting next to Alisha, Atlanta

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Excuse me. So the professor asked I said Who is this lady?

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So I shot a lot of praise her that she's so pious and she prays all the night and day and you know so much so, the professor said no stop don't do so much. In Aleykum be multiple you should do only what you can do for you no longer you can sustain it. So I shattered the professor love those grades which people can do easily for the lifetime Allah subhanaw taala you know did not become tired you know he was more and more but I think a hidden not like that people do and then they discontinue so his ways

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do little bit but to properly

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you know you have family you have children you have you know other jobs and all those things. You have to combine all that and prayer to if you have a little extra time do some tough prayer, but not too many. Otherwise you cannot do you will do few days where you can't sustain this to Allah Samata does not want to make you tired.

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He want you to best thing either don't commit sins. So that does not make me tiring anyway. not committing sin is the easiest internet effect you anyway. Don't drink. Don't lie. Don't bite by don't hurt anybody. Doesn't make me exhausted. So first thing is don't don't harm anybody. Don't hurt anybody. Don't commit a sin. This thing does not take anything from you. Not committing a sin in that nothing. Then after that Mr. Good deeds do a little bit but do nicely. Don't even try. But most important thing. Don't commit a sin and a mother since the most important thing. Don't hurt anybody. Don't harm anybody. Don't buy don't lie. Yeah.

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Okay inshallah let's take 30 years question

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what is the right understanding of 31 in the verse was the whole for AMI or Mimosa 30 of funds rather the process it was after she followed what was inspired to her and after a while

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her baby caught by the so the the full message isn't showing up her baby was caught by the pellet of around Can we say that a good instinct will follow the DUA into a cold we do to Allah

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people need to trust in Allah subhanaw taala do your best and then what you cannot do leave to Allah subhanaw taala even what you can do really don't trust in your actions.

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Musa Al is not like any other mother and she's attached to her her son in masala Salaam. So

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to to put him in a box and then you know, throw in the in the sea. Not easy, you know, nobody will do this. But Allah subhanaw taala revealed to her that I'm going to return back your

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son to you in Urdu Laker. So that made her heart content. So that when Allah SatoLA Kamasutra Luther Lockwood you know before the record, he also reveals to you that what is going to do and for us we are going to never go to have new revelation. But whatever Musa Mata has got we also got in the Quran. So Quran always permitted it when you listen to Allah obey Him, He will help you, he will do everything for you. So there are no need for people to have direct revelation after the Quran. You know, anything that you need for the Vaquita already there but you need to use it for our property. And the material is everything from Allah even the things even if your son is with you, is still you

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know if he's safe and everything nice Be careful. There could be possible that these women had their children with them and they also some problem and then they regret all the life so you don't know really struggle should be all the time you know that I know I have my son to I'm happy. No even when you have really still something can happen it Allahu Pertex But even you really you can't put yourself

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tobacco does not mean that people don't have the means, you know meet that awkward miss you have means but you don't us in the music. You've just listened Motala so Musar is not a mother she was inspired elaboration game, maybe Angel and she told her she was content to Allah tomato teachers that is same with believers. They always should trust in Alaska mana revelation. This should not be worried too much worried.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take the next question.

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What is the Quran ZWave making the heart Salim as it seems to me that at the end of the day, the hearts which is pure and undamaged, is what ultimately matters. Yeah, that's right. We are created we are created. So when we die, our hearts are pure and clean. How because pure clean.

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Allah will create for you those conditions in which you test you. Is your heart clean or not? To for example, you will find that your friend have something you don't have to allow him to test you are you jealous or not? If you're jealous, then you have to NurseLine sometimes you think if I lie, then you know I'll be successful. Now let's testing are you going to lie or not? If you lie, then you are not your heart. nasally but if you don't like to sleep, all the time, tests keep coming until you become pure and clean. So all the occasions and sometime you fail, then that's what

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provides for you another opportunity, a third opportunity all the time. So people need to die when they're pure from lying, backbiting, hurting me jealousy, hatred, sheer COFRA Nefab hypocrisy our dosing the hardest pure and clean when they are like that, then they should die. So your your concern should be in the life that whenever a new condition come it is test for me and how I'm going to pass the test. When you pass every test you will seal your heart you will constantly on pure but when people react and they don't think and they just become angry they back by the do all those things and they never change themselves to nursery a the right for those who make effort to clean

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Okay, before we move on to the next question, just a quick reminder, if you can just ask you a question once and not send it multiple times early because it then becomes quite hard to see all the other questions and do them in order. Sometimes depending whether you're watching from Facebook or YouTube on our streaming platform, it does come in order so we are trying to get an order

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insha Allah

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Subhanallah we have a lot of questions today. So let's see what we can do to get through them. Okay, let's take brother almost question. How can we strengthen the fitrah in our children so that they can avoid sin themselves better? Besides, we didn't work on data with them. Are there any other approaches?

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You know, the person or somebody else is questioned about being Saleem in a pure form all those things they know harder. Similarly, for Apple, like, you know, when you people, you know, ask question, and then you lose your patience, and keep reminding the sign up that, you know, you're not learning to patience is the most important tool to learn early. There are lots of other lessons that are not only patient, sovereign Jamil. Either you do patients, and then you don't, you're not annoyed, you don't nobody can see that you mind it, too, when you're sovereign, because like that, people even cannot feel that you mind. That didn't surprise me at all. And I've seen really,

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people ask questions in the question not answered either angry or upset to their fill? You know, it could be possible that teacher did not answer for a reason, or maybe not answer is good for maybe just just from Allah, maybe the teacher didn't realize it, it's an important question, I love to test you to always understand every single condition test for you. Okay, now coming to this question that how we can make our feature of the people stronger? That's a very good question really.

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Because when appeal board they have fitrah but if they understand the fetal properly, then it becomes a stronger, you know, a stronger and stronger if they don't, they can actually crush the fitrah and they become in the dark, not on the fitrah but how do is this really

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you don't need to overburden Allah SATA make a mechanism there Fetullah will be stronger themselves. What you need to do is don't do anything which can harm the fitrah you know, that that what you save the children from around influences, they will go to themselves lucky but I understand if Iranian finances are not there, they will be good to know many, many know parents what they do, they're busy and they give to their children mobile phones or their Bhutanese TV program or something like that. And then the children don't cry to they're happy to go support where they live. So this is when the fiddler because they try not to look at the screen to do things the fitrah will make the children to

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play in a proper open outdoor game and sport and you go with them that were the physical gifts that make their mind stronger they look the nature in take them to mountains take them to green things they learn from the nature dead sea divers you know the sea in order a certainty that halfway through because the standard but when I see people all the time lived unnatural things human made things. Human methods are imperfect not only perfectly very often harmful because they have very

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they have you know very short benefits they don't have long benefits so they destroy the people so that what you need to do really don't need to teach them anything but you need to save them for Americans that mentality all the things that harmful in the house you know if people not have TV that will be very very faint you also need it not only children people need to save themselves in the TV one of the most harmful thing mobile phones you know it necessary these days but it's still you know so many paragraphs on it looking

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ruining the people especially children they don't need a mobile phone. So you know be mobile phone is one of the worst thing you can imagine really it will lack a drinking you know and a smoking all the time but then that you know destroy the people the Fetullah will distract people we have built around around desire developing them so you need to similarly you need to develop in them how to control the desire to when they're hungry in short, tell them that you know you need to you were not going to die do you learn how to control the hunger Don't be angry and control the anger these days you need to teach them it's not that whenever they're hungry, the grass give them food it is not

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right to life not teach them how to get there to get similarly you know control the anger too many things are missed the most important thing is to save them from harmful things yourself until both

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she's gonna Kosha let's move on to a question from John. So now I come chef I understand for an act for an act intention is necessary for example for sola that's how does one attain a loss in it will for any other act for surely when we perform Salah it is for Allah subhanaw taala alone. Can you expand on how what and how one attains if philosophies. Philosophy means that you have a

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intention to please Allah Allah. So like you know when you go for the prayer intention should not be that people call me pious and they plan impressed by me. intention should be I do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, similarly, when you obey your mom, your attention should be that unless commanded that I obey my mother, my parrot look after the toilet, I want to make my lord heIp Be nice to the people, even my relatives, they're not very good to me. But my Lord has commanded to I want to be nice with him to obey my Lord. This is a class to not do to satisfy yourself. You do to satisfy to make a happy meal. It's a classic feeling simply means don't want to make effort to

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police people. Don't make effort to police yourself. Only Make effort to please Allah subhanaw taala then if the pillar happy that's fine, it's not your intention. You know, a lot smarter always makes a pious people more popular and more famous. But your intention should be that I do things. Sometimes you have two choices. One makes your parent happy, and one makes Allah happy. Choose the one which makes Allah happy.

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But don't upset your family. So in every single method to choose what makes Allah happy, and do as nice as possible

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okay, let's go on to Mohammed question.

00:26:21--> 00:26:35

My question is about the scholars of Hadith from the Indian subcontinent. How comes the famous book for Zion contains so many weakened fabricated, fabricated narrations when we know the author is such a great scholar of Hadith? Can you please explain?

00:26:36--> 00:27:16

You know, this didn't happen a lot. Really. Sometimes people don't pay attention. Some people think you know, their intention is very good. They want to make people pious, so even if they don't check Hadith, but it can make people pious, so that half people have you know, we have to make dua for them that you know, people who do, but we should not follow people in the mistakes that we find we should make a dua for them Allah may Allah forgive them, but not follow. You know, the people in the past they were very very strict about sound Hadith. So to know, actually, truth of the matter is many of these fungi you don't need them. Already in the Quran. Very sound, all Dharma prayer fasting

00:27:16--> 00:27:30

zakat has the reverse or mission the Quran and sound Hadith you don't need any any vehicle fabricated Hadith. So we will have to understand this thing. So how people do don't worry about that people always done all the preachers since the beginning

00:27:31--> 00:27:52

that preachers always in a popularizer around the circle until now they do the same thing. Listen, you know whenever I listen to a preacher I always find the the refer to the fabricator Hadith, very weak they don't I don't understand why they don't go to the Quran. Oran is more powerful sound and it had much more than that

00:27:53--> 00:28:17

because Quran needs to understand that they want to do things which are not understanding so you know you need to just ask a lot of armies just don't worry about them but worry about yourself that you know avoid those books and avoid those knowledge in the fall the best thing is rather solidly written by mom no we just read that there are a few weak it but not too weak, that you can rely on that inshallah.

00:28:20--> 00:28:21

In sha Allah is okay.

00:28:23--> 00:28:41

Okay, let's have a look. We've got a lot of questions. I'm trying to pick ones that haven't been answered before. Let's have a look in sha Allah. Okay, let's have a question from our ASI students. Sasaram what is the best thing to reside towards performing to us?

00:28:44--> 00:29:04

You know when you're doing you can do all the Acropolis hotel but a focus that you are in, in the presence of Allah Allah is looking at you. So your heart might look at the glory of Allah subhanaw taala to but reminder glory, you can read this test be Subhan Allah with 100 Lola, Allah one Allahu Akbar.

00:29:05--> 00:29:28

Because there, they've got all the greatness of Allah's glory, vacation, you can read them, sometime you can read Salat and the prophets Allah Allah so Allah masala Allah Muhammad, whatever you remember, and also you can ask Allah to forgive you. So do the stuff for Allah. But most time in Tabatha, you know, praise Allah, thanking souhan like this one says Ohana Allah or hamdulillah whether

00:29:30--> 00:29:40

it should be your heart that a no greatness of Allah and Allah has given you a trophy to be there. I make good intention that from now on I'm going to live a very pious life.

00:29:42--> 00:29:48

So but you know, in the heart don't have anything around that time when you think about that main thing. Keep in mind

00:29:52--> 00:29:58

Okay, let's go to our question from Habibullah man. And this links to a question that we had last week actually

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So his question is is there a corridor of salad supermarket for example, they also now have the her or Tucson Fajr should it be prayed later if I missed it before fired, so LASIK we had the question of whether one was sinful they missed it so this is a good follow up Chawla

00:30:15--> 00:30:26

you know, you don't need to go to the sauna but sometimes good to do because if you do the next time you will not be so lazy to miss them. The sooner you can do it before Arthur

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you can't auto fire prayer because the fire prior to sunrise you can't do any prayer. So wait until sunrise and then you can do soon after too

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soon until

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midday, then after midday to know more sooner. So try to do that before that inshallah and fathers also know you can do cada before us or after hours of prayer

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in enough Lake Nakuru you can't do that time you can do other for the father but not for the for the son.

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But it's good really sometime you do that then you can remind yourself is important I should not miss so easily.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take

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another question from Mohammed.

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Our imam leads the prayer very fast. It is even difficult to say that to speak in Morocco and so do two times. Also I cannot recite the result 30 Hi silently completes li in the third and fourth Rocha and then he continues his question saying can I offer the prayer alone rather than in congregation? Just quickly chef apologies for some reason I haven't been looking at the time so this would be our last question. Apologies. I have gone over for a few minutes

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no when the Imam is very faster is still you don't need to differ from the Imam but people should advise the Imam but if you need to be led from the mount done Havili you know if you do Roku and you could not do a complete USB and it's a little later doesn't matter. But that's not important. Anyway interesting insight Dan Roku does be not for the volume. The sooner you even if it is to be once it's fine if this wahala wants to so how to build the most that fine but don't differ from the Imam if people are the committee and must

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they change the Imam have to them or there otherwise the Imam but you don't make any problem because they know we already have so many clumps in the community. We don't want to know this tension between the mom and the followers of word that are just yourself around the mall.

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Okay, we will end it there in sha Allah. And we will we will be back next week Thursday 6pm GMT crochet for your time and everyone else for joining us.

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I was just I was set on getting all the answers question all the questions answered that I had no idea at the time. But inshallah please do keep your question for next week. And if anyone is interested in the course that I mentioned early at the beginning, they were quite about the macadam of evidence, of course, please head on to our website as salon.ac.uk which is on the screen. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I recommend you following us on Instagram it's SLM Institute,

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Al Sal A M into Institute's in sha Allah and you can keep up with any new things that we're doing and we will leave it at that and sha Allah said I wanna come