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No humbly Lowell Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Sheikh Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT. Without further ado, we'll begin. Chef we have a few private questions that we'll begin with. The first question is, who is Moby at poverty? And is there a Tirmidhi? Who is who was a scholar of another discipline in the past? Other than the famous famous Imam Ted moody, who authored the Jama Sunon work can look so good who is what probably watches Hmoob movie but a very old perhaps it's a typo and it might be more hip at poverty.

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If and is there another Tirmidhi Is there a tear MIDI or a scholar who was known as a Tirmidhi, who was a scholar of another discipline in the past, other than the famous Imam Ted Mitty,

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you know, there is a claim of poverty. He was from, from well known family of luck. But he's very, very late. I think he was in the air since Yeah.

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Nearly four or five years after the major amount of poverty. So he's a he's a little bit later after

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poverty, and he lived in karma. And he has many books, but also just there. So I think he's talking about this different framework ww arbery imager, he's the one who wrote Tari shields, this person different this person, it wrote atari from Makkah and Karim and Timothy, they're easier if not printed their body. Certainly, he will also not in the Shemitah to his student loan Buhari and major scholar, but also Hakeem Timothy, who has been awarded a lawsuit on books like that, who also was in a hurry, but not great scholar like him in more in the Cebu fund,

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something and that he's literally after he

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does Arklow Herencia. The second private question we have have is, Chef, you have previously pointed out that the orientalist knowledge tended to be little slash limited, and yet their general generalizations about Islam would be overstated. I was wondering if you could please explain the main perspective of the late Orientalist Gould Zia. How did his views differ from Shah? And what is our reply to for our Muslim brethren who wish to hear a response to their criticism of Hadith sciences?

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You know, I don't have any time to spend all this time. So clearly, I have returned to a few articles on this thing, Orientalism and Islam or Hadith, you can conclude that the main thing really is the Padishah, the men wouldn't tell that to them, you know, all Hadith or just live the best life, they don't really, none of them are true. And then the thicker Muslims want to present them and more as per linguist in separation, and this and that, to get the basic basic position. And in that basic position, most people have differences in the degrees, how they presented their work.

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They just want to show that they are more objective, and they want to understand the sun revision. But that's not the truth. The truth really is that they believe that this is all lies. And Muslims are the inventor of the country, or ability to think that you know, these are the schools and mothers, they came into existence. And then the Hadees were enacted to support them to make arguments. So that's about general either really, but if you want to know a little bit more detail, try written like one or two articles about the

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article or picture. The next question is, have you heard of the isnaad come mutton analysis conference recently held in Turkey? What are your thoughts on discussion surrounding technological developments to study is not in modern era.

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I do not believe this Converse. But I know there are other people who because the thing is the rest of the list does not anything out. So you know, how they

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verify and materna you know, they want to apply the same to Islamism. But Muslims have gotten is not the most important thing, the source of

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the content, either didn't you look in the content itself?

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The content does not make sense. So they want to apply their own measure metric to is Islamic sciences and

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Emotions are influenced by data. We have to be careful in that Islamist groups have gotten or something much better than them. They don't have anything like there is narcissism dramatic existed, even found all the books with the document, it's not the nobody knows really, who wrote most of these books. So, I think really that you know, in this portion answer time, it is not really very fair to go deep and discuss the metaphor, because most people will try it if I bring the examples and all those

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more like, it's better we discussed that in the class. When I teach the hottie, if you ask questions, then I can give example of expanding or buying right already that what is not why we are not so keen about the material in a criticism, cut, what the problem with that, you know, I can mention, but in another class, not in this portion of the far more general audience.

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No problem shift has occurred. Okay. We'll move on to the questions being asked in the chat box now. So the first question is, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam commanded something was that always from Allah? How do we differentiate between his sunnah and Allah's commands? Can you give examples?

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We know a lot of Hatha Allah gave the personal data revealed to the Quran and the prophets is understood properly. And then whenever any new question theme, the prophets Allah for us to answer those questions in the light of what he knew from the Quran, and sometimes his own understanding of

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the region in general, or maybe his own understanding of the Jews and early scriptures, tradition, to he will follow that if there's no new revelation to me, we disagree. We used to follow the Quran, derive the knowledge from day and sometimes he used to follow Jewish way if he authentic and sometimes his own understanding of the general understanding of the letter to answer the question, if whatever his answers is right then Allah lot of other people but sometimes the professor could do mistake in answering the question didn't really sound will come and Porsche hit answer and so it will change.

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If unless not or do not correct it. It means it to the proven by law need to become the source of the knowledge to any Hadith at the parser any semantic parser analysis which he answer for the question of God, God the people if it had not been corrected by law, then it often does sunnah to obligatory on the Muslims to follow it when we send last command that's gonna read the Quran. You know, the Hadith are indirect amount of Allah, if it's going to be like the prophets understanding, you know, according to some time that Allah revealed to him directly, but now there was the meaning but we don't know this thing. So that the writer is better at that whenever Hadith come Don't say

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unless it rather than say the professor enough to be just make a distinction. So in the Quran, we say Allah says in the Quran, but for the Sunnah, we said this is what the purpose of the dough in the sooner that it also

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approved by the sun, the taller if you could, if you had done a mistake, allow the corrected

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particle level picture. The next question is what are the specific differences in women's style of prayer and frustration as prescribed in authentic sunnah.

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The thing really, there is no direct this from the prophets, Allah Salam, which makes a difference between a Mensa prayer we don't have any anything like that.

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There are nothing like that, okay, the prophets Allah has a set of great ideas see me playing and that is common for men or women both. So if you want to know from the professionalism, then we don't have any evidence any proof that she told the women differently from the men, but in the life of the companions like King Abdullah and Omar and some other complaints, and later on Tarbell, even the company that these people used to teach few difference and not actually the emphasize like you know, when you sell well, but even the minute raise their hand up to their ear, you know, the day used to say we must persevere the hand up to the shoulders and very close to the body. Similarly, where to

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put the hand plus the height up, that they differ inside that they used to make that women sit,

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do woman First sit faster, and they do Sunday, the way we get a belly easy in our tight with the ties and the noise space is there. So that what they used to say but if not more frequently, you know people don't do that. It's the plate value.

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Then you have the summary of the matter you

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is that we don't have any clue from the partial answer about the difference between the prayer of men and women. But we have gotten some

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teachings from the companions and let our people about three matters.

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How the women differ fundamental one is reading.

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Second is where to place the hand on the chest for the woman. And the third one is going to be men goes to the maybe fourth one how the women seek to retrieve in order for things in other matambi Retreat, there will be a group of women differ but that is based on the teachings of the complainers

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to Sokolow, hater and check the next question is by Anwar, who asks a Salam Alikum Shia, is it better or sin to make the air with raised hands after prayer? Some scholars say it's prohibited and how do we make two of the partners

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no raising the hand enjoy not

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richer that's not really true. There are so many Hadith the Prophet says not raising the hand and he said people raise their hand and the food is haram How can we accept it to do already notice our problem the problem is after a masa salam ala you

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shouldn't be naked work together with the man that has no proof after the salam everybody does on their own somebody will do because somebody gets to know somebody leads to bought a house there is no Jama Imam does whatever he likes more like to the the Sunnah is emotional give the place so after the Jamaat Salam there should be no congregation

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nothing together. So that what we emphasize if somebody wants to move to LA they do on their own somebody wants to do because they can do somebody want to talk to each other they can do say but somebody wants to leave for the house, whatever they do in their own individual and personal matter should not be done collectively collectively that's not right really. The Salon door that comes about a prayer is the more likely door that we people people make before salaam to when you sit in the final part of the final setting. You set up a yard in the new sets a lot and the personnel they send them along on Sunday. And then after that you may draw some people do

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some people share love money love love see some people make at the door that is the door that has come to her the people should do after the salon they know door. But people do who don't mind either and I couldn't have done it collectively.

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As an online anchor share the next question by Fatiha who asks salam ala chef in Surah Yusuf verse 37, when Yusuf alayhi, Salam was asked about the meanings of the dreams by his fellow prisoners, he didn't directly answer but he basically told them about the teaching of his faith, should we always do this in our life when dealing with people from other faiths or is there any other lesson we can learn from this approach is Appollo Hydra, you know, what we used to call somebody a messenger. And, you know, he knows his duty is to teach people. So these people that came to him to ask the meaning of the dream, to he knows really that they are needing,

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but in the present, there is a fixed time for the food. So if a show is wrong, we start talking something else to their mind will be that you know, when he's going to answer the dream, and then we will miss the food. So, first thing he mentioned to them, that you know, my talk is not going to be very long, you know, before the food is coming to the printers, you I leave you till you can go have food. So they know really that whatever is going to say it will not take much long time to make them happy and calm. And then the mind is

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properly at the full attention to each device around. And then after that in the teacher the topic. And after that, it means that a dream before the food can come to the girl go and eat. So similarly, you know, in many, many cases really, Muslims had to understand how to use the time to teach people about Allah and Alibaba these are one example but there could be many many things. Sometimes people come for a helper, you do something you go to the prison, the prison, you can't go anywhere, but sometimes you go to the people or sometimes you make no good that invites people for food and then we can say something. So there are so many ways, how to call people to Delhi bother to think but

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this is one example that how a surprise you know, amid this dialogue go to Allah is his priority.

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Deserve Hello Claire and share. The next question is by Mohammed who asks, share what is the meaning of your pin in the IRA? What about the robber?

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Okay I have yet to get any opinion

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you know in this world really people are busy with so many things that I want to study and I want to get a degree I want to get married I want to build a house I want to continue there's so many things but nothing is certain it couldn't be that you

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grew up that way

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maybe you don't

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but what is certain this life is the

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people certainly will die that was this is actually a bit this started Yeah, Pete is another name for the meaning is key for shipping your load until you die. Until the real is a certain certainty of your life. People shipping don't make worship for one day or one year or one a month. It should be all your life unto the dead come you don't want to vote right. So that like people have always, you know, occupy themselves with that we bother with those people. Anyway, the meaning of that

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circle Okay, and the next question is by ferry who asks, I heard some of the scholars saying on YouTube that salata spear is not an authentic hadith narrated by husband Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu. Chef, I would like to know your opinion on whether we can perform that that Salah

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Yeah, you know, yeah, that's, that's plausible. That's been not an authentic thing I used to play when I was very younger. And later on I read the books of the holidays, and I found out it really multicollinearity not often, there's many many problems really, you know, it's not like a proper prayer so many counting you know, distance be 15 times this 10 times when you count so much that you don't concentrate on the other. So I will never advise people to do certain things other than just enough appear normal, like normal way don't make a different way of

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particle picture. Next question is by another who asks, Salam share what is the authenticity of the Hadith that says which says Allah comes to the the first guy in the last day of the night?

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How to perceive Allah subhanaw taala come into the sky

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you know what it was? So yeah, you know, definitely

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go come in. And like for example, when you say summarizing, what have

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you noticed those?

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In some times what happens is it in a human expression, because that helps you and then even scientists are summarizing, those scientists normally son is already under NDA, we've never even scientists, sun sets, some deadlines, it all goes to the same because that how the human languages so the Hadith or the Quran are in the human language

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to descending of Allah subhanaw taala does not mean so that a lot of Hautala

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physical that how we think, you know, it's appropriate to what we know nearly that this type of miracle is no data here. And you know, he already knew it was anyway, but what happens is,

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you know, I tell you one thing that makes it clear that you know, when we're in the sun, the sun, put a mirror on the ground, don't you see the mirror get the light and the sun is stronger than any other object.

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Sometimes mirror can burn really paper why you can Mira SoClean to dos actually, Mira is at same distance from the Sun or anything else but still in Mira Mira because it's so clean to similarly in the time of the late night he just able to soak it in people's heart is very clean because if they get up so early, so when you clean it then let the customer hear it. So instead of saying that you know you are near to Allah, Allah Allah is near you that meaning lifted the Quran so first do the doctor do Saigon become the hero? So just I'm explaining to you we don't know exactly what it means. But what you understand data that we have does not always mean that something isn't moving. It will

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like I said to you sunrise and does not mean the sun disappeared and rising. Similarly when we say in when you put the mirror in the in the sun, and we simulate near to the sun, physicality actually like any other object, which in urine get more clean. So late night very clean people get up early, you know, they're far away from the sunset. So it most likely to be concentrated in the hotel. I sense a special mercy in that time. That was the meaning of near misses.

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Desert glow Claire and Chef The next question is by ID who asks, Should you permit working at banks or other companies dealing in interest justifying with a

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analogies like working for rubber building houses. Is this not against surah? Muda is number two, Walter, I know I love it.

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Yeah, you know, if you're not allowed for the believers to help people when they're silly. So you're not alone. But you know what that really mean? Is it in the water can be put up or somebody wants to kill someone, and then he wants your help. You're not allowed to do somebody wants to do dinner, and he wants your help to do something, you know, involved in some metal? No does somebody wants to harm someone, you're not allowed to, you know, help people don't matter. So that means you don't help people fast enough I've seen but if you're living in non Muslim country, right, they have got their own businesses which are legal, which cannot even count to them. It is not illegal for like banking

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and press and all those things to engage.

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Legal System Integrator job,

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your annual salary, that's fine, you know, because if you don't do it, don't go too hard on them, because what will happen is they will still continue, and some nanoSIMS will do. So you're not going to finish it. You're not helping you're not working there, it does not go to affect the business, the

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visual, you will be deprived to your problem. So in those cases, where the eliminate non Muslim country and they do businesses which are illegal in that country, then it is not helping and haram. No, it definitely has been quite good because you get money. And then your family will shift a lot. But if you don't have money to feed really what will happen sometimes you still deceive cheat, so that worker three helps you from you know, it stops you from so many sins. And also there's a plus one is along that if you have got a choice between two sins, to do go for the lesson one. So it could be possible they will take him and work in the bank that a sin but actually not working even

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even more sinful. If you use more power for the study. If I give fatwa that people are not allowed to work in the banks, and then everybody least work because of my Courtois what I was able to help them how I'm going to look after the family to give me a pathway easy, but see the in what's the implications to that why we always advise people that will be the country that you know, or any country. You know, any business that is bigger in the country. You can work in the

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desert glow here and check. The next question that I wanted. That's big asked is my Sammy who asks a Salam aleikum was Adam alayhis. Salam aware of the conversation between Allah and Iblees mentioned in verses 12 to 18?

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I don't know. I don't think there is a view aware of reminded human being that what happened. So maybe he didn't tell the other Muslims later. Maybe also revealing in other speakers, that view is your enemy. So we should be aware of that. Otherwise, I was told about that matter. But anyway, even that mistake was letting herself that he didn't stay under another activity then he repented. So many give that to how this work will happen. This work.

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Elise will come and mislead the people. If they listen to him this chance to repent, repent, Allah will forgive them. So that picture all the time.

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To that low head and Chef The next question is by my summer, who says salaam will ask Muslims living in non Muslim lands? be questioned on the Day of Judgment about conveying the message of Islam? If yes, is is this fork possible papaya discipline very good question. This is this is a question that we should have understood properly.

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And I written an article this morning recently and asked some very translated, consider soon it will be available. This is very, very important to Muslims, wherever they live, they have to do two things. One is to worship Allah subhanaw taala on and second thing is to call people to worship Allah to work in the restaurant, we have to worship Allah raised our children to worship Allah Matata, but you have duty to it but was a language to remind because the Prophet of Messiah Latin was sent to all mankind. But he didn't travel everywhere and he did not live forever. So what makes is a messenger to automate meaning he has been sent to archives and then his own mark is sent to all

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the human being in every time. So if we live in the UK, we are messengers to the people here

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it is for the CalFire if some people do it too, but nobody do it and there's so many muscles to what I say every Muslim should do. The fact

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their own capacity if you've got neighbors, be nice to them, you know, give them copies of the Quran, make some grading some time, you know, locally, there is something we are not doing properly, to be very productive. This is something on the birthday Muslims will be cautioned that you know, we live there you are the money and comfortable life by never worried about your neighbors to save them from healthcare, you got a message, you know, they had money they share with you, you know, you work with them, but you never share what you have got. Do not give them the digest, if they're really worried, so every week to prepare to not only to fire in the eye and say to look at every Muslim, to

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teach, you know, the non Muslim Brothers, about the lives of Allah, about Africa, about paradise and hellfire and how to understand Medina. This is very, very important. It must be done either to regret it upon us to worship Allah and to raise our children the singularity will be the three of us to teach everybody number six How to Grow bother according to the path of Allah subhanaw taala

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Archelaus picture the next question is a Salam aleikum, chef in the motto of Imam Malik there are different versions of the shahada can we adopt any of them and the link question is also is it necessary to recite the shepherd in the Salah can be shortened to the shahada time for new Muslims.

00:26:34--> 00:26:41

You know, you can read the entire history of disability very, very much similar to each other. The one who is people thinking more authentic, it's

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a built in muscle the lot honorable that is actually the most authentic for these. If you know that, that's fine. If you don't know that you can do continue in a problem for non Muslims or non Muslims. You know, you have to treat them basically, you know,

00:26:59--> 00:27:01

the prayer you will be

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reading the play is not important. Just treat them first. Or you know how to spend PR or poolside there's the funnel. Then after that teaser Fatiha filthy small thing and to deliver but apparently find it different muscles in directions that treat them extending beyond for a pool bar on the side. Yeah, this was a nice to talk to in the beginning I thought very easy, they can follow you. Then after the start teaching them some things move on to the luncheon.

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To Zach Lowe had a chat the next question is I asked my dad to send a phone from the golf to India through through his friend. I plan to sell it and my dad's friend agreed because my dad got him VIP tickets to a temple Can I keep the money from the sale?

00:27:58--> 00:28:09

Or the problem with the money I don't understand is there any problem somebody emailed your dad has given this phone and he was sent to Indiana sold it and got the money so what the problem with that is

00:28:11--> 00:28:38

because your dad gave him a VIP ticket to a temple that certainly does not matter this your father one did what could be could be wrong something bad. But what you really mean are you got a phone is sold in India and you got the money? That no problem and if you are doubtful then invite us to your house we have dinner and not from that money to make a total Chanda Don't worry I don't think that from your room.

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Does o'clock. The next question is by axon who asks, Are we allowed to enter buildings of worship of other monotheistic or even polytheistic people

00:28:51--> 00:29:20

no problem to return to a vision really. But while the property is the proper to be pressed to a reminder that there is in full or to learn from their mother properly to see what they do indeed, and then you teach people you know, necessary in order so maybe some time most of us don't have a place to worship until they go to a church and the prayer and just to allow the the fire depends on what intention is the intention behind it, then it will be but if intention is good, then there are no harm.

00:29:23--> 00:29:31

To Zach Lowe. Chef, the last question we'll take is by Roya who asks a Salam is niqab mandatory in Islam

00:29:33--> 00:29:48

in motion discipline, so many times bending and maybe even not have this. So simple to me, you know, for the women when women hypercolor all parts of the body except the face and accept the palms on except the feet

00:29:51--> 00:29:53

and depth of playing that one in the normal.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

Growth are tied to whatever it was. Easter don't matter when they go outside.

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

They have one one more obligation put on a rules, sheet news broke on your body. But you know, that is fine. Covering the face is not obligatory and the women may come in so when the women go outside, they put out

00:30:16--> 00:30:19

this official cloth where they cover the face

00:30:20--> 00:30:23

to some people do talk to them really, but not obligatory,

00:30:24--> 00:30:26

covering the face for the women.

00:30:27--> 00:30:52

Not only to niqab is the culture in Arab land, before Islam men knew to do women is to do it, but that's not obligatory and people do just fine up to them. If people don't do the will harm and what they need to do is women, when they go outside they put on at the bar, it goes below, which covers their normal cloth. But covering the face or covering the palm for the women is not a

00:30:55--> 00:30:57

disaster duck, Allahu credo che

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that's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Just chuck Lohan and chef for your time and Zach Lowe head on everyone for joining the ASI q&a. We'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm PST as always, a son did ask one question asking me to clarify the course that in which she commented about the beating the spouse Aya in sort of Nyssa that is called misquoting Mohammed, about women. So that can be found on our on demand platform, which is ondemand dot

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a salaam.ac.uk. Until next time, as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh