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No no doubt love is more than obedience love at least you know from the heart many people for but love is to love, word love other desire that where people fall in love with a pretty phrase or such as the desert does not do love really take a falling down what real love what a rubble love really means, the leather means that this attachment from the heart it it really comes always you know from you know two things one is in your command and one is a father maybe I can reconsider what in the Quranic word in which case for for Allah from Buddha, Rama you love so let me go human example to become better further put

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in a level fildo see

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that it means I will be no

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does mean that I have fallen in love with this place. I never have seen I don't know what it looks like what this love is there in Adobe just I don't know that means dammit I will be actually not obeying. Actually I dislike his way in that way. But I still I love his poetry. What it means really meaning is unless I met the people that when they see a command qudra power, the history. People love that that in that in that real love some time you love someone not because they have got amazing power and ability like like for dosi but because they have kindness to you to follow up with somebody gives you a glass of water looks after you. You love that person. Rama to love comes in the

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data that we got on a football league football utterly miss the love which is based on the nature combined with reasoning that the real love there another love is with a desire to take no don't know thinking where people fall in love with pretty face and food and this and that they love this not real love. Real love I love broccoli I love broccoli with the football utterly and literally from the nature and from the and from the reader thinking like we love so deep.

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Tell me what did this love is

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so this actually what we mean

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when we live a lot hotter a minute here unless so if you're upon us, we love him like you love your mother. You know Allah has so much power grid heaven and earth, the qudra of Allah, this to make you to love him so much. And then we will contemplate about those matters. You love him more and more when you ask him gives you more you love him more and more. To this love is different from the original but obedience is lousy often meaning is it impossible that you love him but you don't obey it impossible you never can happen then some some lies some some problem to obedience is actually part of that but love is more than that. This allows this allows it makes it just easier to win we

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think so much better and he asked me to get up in the morning I don't get up how bad I am. It makes getting up easier. Otherwise he goes out you know you get up anyway. But when you create this think about this love this love that favors the obtc know my love a by Lord said I do because you know he's the one who did our mercy upon me. upon me he's the one who did that give me with it upon me. This love is literally and this allows us to buy thinking by understanding by reading the Quran bikur reading the universe, the size of Allah subhanaw taala you know many of those an eternity because much of this loves is much more powerful than the level of desire in order no more law that

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is our full you know, because you know I'll tell you the difference between Hawaii and the love that we use the word is marked by an Arabic language. The love that people have with the women and with the food discover, you know what our means Hawaii, Hawaii YAHWAH in Arabic language when the water comes from samyama it castra and in the middle, it always though the words which are very big. They happen without action. Let's Samia here is because not because your intention because the voice comes to your hair anyway. Here we are Musa falling down. When the desire comes,

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is ready to fulfill it force it down further. You know, we love the food so much hungry, food comfort eater like anything. But when you're full of what happens, then you don't want anymore. It finished. This is how most people they have a hover. As soon as they reach a certain level. Then the left forced down people marry a woman because it's so attractive. When she because little older than the left fold down after the after money one year when she referred this hour.

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what mahabang means marhaba means when you love someone, because the Buddha and because of our lead minify the command some people have a certain market somebody knowledge, you marry a woman because she's pious. You know what will happen? Then your love for her will increase because you will know more about his party. She's very honest, very learned person. Then your love for her will increase. Other beauty of the fish will fall down anyway but this will keep decreasing. The difference between Hawaiian Love is a hava has to be falling down. Love has

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Realize, and if you love someone who has no limit, then your love will have no limit. Unless it's unlimited, because it's always key because every time you keep discovering more and more about him, narrative keeps increasing that word. So, when we use the word Marhaba, for a light on the Hubble, at least,

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you know the bits come from nature, by nature you are born to love on whom you depend, because you depend on the fertilizer and other means reasoning, you is power, you see the mercy you love him more and more. Is it clear, to mahabhava light Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah