Prayer and Patience

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Masjid Quba SSJ 2015

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As soon as I have my rotting elephant will die Abdullah alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah, Muhammad,

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he was

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the only type

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of non loving

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a your Medina Manu is tell you this somebody was in slavery, my sisters are 100 that we are now

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left to muster the former

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and we should thank Allah subhanaw taala that he has accepted us and he has helped us to be here in the city or the professor lawless.

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Visiting the those sites which are better said and they are mentioned in the in the Quran to discipline as you mentioned the Quran in the verse in the Quran. We said the masjid through Salah tala mean Oh what a Yamaha quanta MFI. So when the professor learned this from the companies, they built this mosque, then the Manasa t hypocrisy, they built another mosque, to have this most and to turn people away from this mosque, to their own mosque, and which is like a mosque of conspiracy against the professor lesson against Islam. So, then there was further revealed that this mosque is one of the most which are built on the piety and a fear of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, you should stand there. And then after that, the professor landless alum came, and he demolished the other mostly, this is very, very important mosque actually got to some narrations. One prayer in this mosque is like doing

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the same pottery run the professor listen to his own mosque. This is the most where he used to come very often, he will stop sometime once a week. Sometimes, you know, maybe more than less than that. But the professor Latham used to come to this mosque very often. What we need to learn actually from this is that I mentioned yesterday that the reason that we study the knife of the professor lesson and history of Islam is to understand the Quran. The Quran is the book, and the professor Lazarus life is application of the Quran. And his See, right, like the context, if we don't understand the context, we never understand the Quran.

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To when we understand this context, it helps us to understand the book of Allah subhanaw taala you don't like a manual What am I say? The Quran was revealed in difficulty in hunger, and the Prophet has so many problems and you know, and and the Muslim country is facing so much trouble and the butler bother and so many things. And now we are to read the Quran, in easy life on our bed, you know, in the mother Assad, you know, in the in the classrooms, we cannot adjust understanding. You need to have same condition by the professors and have to understand the Quran. You know, when the Quran commands people to be patient to do summary, you only can understand when you're suffering,

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where the suffering comes if that those suffering How can you patient in order to understand the Quran, we need to pass by the same condition with the professor Laura serum under the limit community in his time has passed or at least to understand them to you know, to to now we have come to Makkah and Medina and we have got to see this presser. Why Elias chosen this land for his last message. Because this is the place where the most suffering can happen.

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Did a place at the southern end. And you can see Ibrahim Ali Salaam, when he commanded to come to Makkah Rama, no water, no food and no human being. Imagine the summer of his family, the question of the family, nobody's there. And then it leaves them behind. Nothing is there. Then he comes back and Allah commanded him to sacrifice his son to how big

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to this place actually has been made to make us to do Sabra to learn how to discover and this religion of Allah subhanaw taala is based on two pillars sada and southern

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zakka in the fasting and the Hajj Jihad erotica burrata Salam Sabra, Sabra, Sabra della to marry this religion. So a hunter, by visited this place, will remember in the history of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and history at the Sabra patience in this land. So keep in mind that when we visit this place, it is not important the bricks and the stones, what important is this, the sower behind that the spirit behind it? You know what, what the professor had, in his time the most was very modest, very small mosque, even the most of the processes were very small, nothing was there. But unless ohata actually has chosen that place, in our time the most has become so big, so huge,

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and you can see to attract him. But the attraction is, you know, the spirit behind that jacket. Actually the prayer which people do inside that we have to make effort instead of improving the building, improve ourselves. In our time, most effort is actually to improve the building and the

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Society and the road and everything else. But human being the falling down number prophets and messenger came to improve us to make us better human being in belief and Islam and submission. So, you know, in this journey, you have to learn this thing and you have to make effort to improve ourselves to become good believers and to be patient and to learn how to surrender to commodify Masada