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My question is,

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what is the understanding the reasons for

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his driving for gratitude and worship?

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When it comes to creators, if somebody gives you something without you're asking a big favor, don't you feel obliged to more to be grateful? If you ask that then you get it in less than when you get to something without asking, you know, somebody gives you something without asking it a much, much more favor. You know, unless you know you didn't that existed, he made you then he made you able to receive His commands, understanding thinking minded, then he has prepared to that you can get paradise eternal life enjoyment and all those things should we be grateful in a free dinner yet? No, not resistance to inner creation actually the biggest fear of Allah Sanatana and then he making us

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human being not any animal nothing else human being properly is such such a great field to you know, you think really you know a favor that done to you without asking is much better much greater than the favor done to you after asking in this field that's a man He created you without asking and without and without any benefit. Like your mom when she looks after you. It will love of the month is actually much better love but still selfish because she is expected that you will do something Allah does everything to you but no expectation you cut it for me anyway. Actually whatever you do, it is increased your when you're thanking him, Do you identity to his kingdom. When you thank him

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You deserve to get more favor to actually you're thinking in another favor from him to when I get a favor from Allah, then I thank him this thanking means he did another favor upon me that I made me to thank god thanking all Lineker is more fair to me, in a people don't thank him is not able to do any harm to him at all. He does not need our thinking. We need thanking, if you are that you are ungrateful, you are not going to harm him. You are going to harm yourself to tell me really who is so merciful for mercy. You don't benefit him you benefit you thank him. It is your benefit. There is a much sharper, and sharper look forward to when we thank him we did not do not do any favor upon

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him. We don't return any further apart to him. He does not need our favor, actually does not add anything to his kingdom at all. Nothing, no difference at all for him.

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What do you do for yourself?