Akram Nadwi – When to prefer yourself over others

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of prioritizing one's beliefs and priority, rather than just seeking others' interests. They stress the need for people to make their own choices based on their needs and suggests that they should prioritize their own interests rather than others. The speaker also mentions the importance of avoiding confusion and suggests that people should not feel like they are eating something that is too healthy.
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In the first thing really is, there are many things in MVC you need to prefer yourself like a man or a bada. read the Quran understanding the religion. You have priority, you should the first issue that I should learn I should be believer I should pray to in the matter of the Alibaba you should always start with yourself

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when it comes to word limiters, like eating, drinking, living, traveling, walking in those limiters all over the Mecca to prefer other people

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are using and somebody has more new food the new or maybe similar need is still prefer that person or share a little bit give something so enjoy the matter Allah lifted because that's Southern, but in the matter of the Alibaba first you didn't think about our I pray and then I then you see other two door presenteeism but don't prefer everybody in this matter in the matter of the bada you should have priority for yourself. Then after that you have time to teach other people to make to call them you can do this but in worldly matters, eating drinking some other things in those matters. Certainly you need to prefer you know at least support other people either we just can't do it.

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There are people a Quran said you affair una Allah unforeseen, whatever can be masasa these companions, they prefer other people over their need. Even the need themselves is still they are hungry, but they prefer other people or their hunger. Now you eat I don't eat, you know, if you want to understand this thing, a lot of other mothers, what mothers do, for every single thing they preferred their children over themselves. You know, somebody you know, wrote a story very nicely. If there are

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there is 405 people, if not five people, the only person who will say I am not hungry, his mother. She would like for you to eat completable but to deploy herself for a bit and five people. Not everybody has to eat except one person that a mother mother will say no, no, you eat it. I'm not hungry. She will die for the sake of the people. That what he thought if people want to understand how to prefer letter from the mothers, but in the matter of the Alibaba, no order will be first. Then people follow you

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