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Expending Effort for Barakah

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Akram Nadwi

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I'm Raymond Moody. I said Mankato Matala Natsu

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who wants to take care of his body body is restricted I want to eat properly drink and this under no effort, then he will lose a religion. Religion a person by sacrificing by making effort by losing something by sacrificing your sleep. Look how hard the transporter personalizada Yeah, a Europe with some milk to me later in Alameda Missa who are going to push me

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under the poorhouse Allah knows all messenger that you are a group among you. They stand up in the night For how much? Nearly two thirds of night, half of the night 1/3 of the night. That will disturb that unless command is left behind not to sleep in the night and left command is what to stand up in the night. Then you get then the professor's have got all the burqa or are set to person, woman a lady for the high GDP, nothing attended for profit. Get up in the night. Do the woman come on? You must do it. Then all the cups and then I'm just not I said to the Los Angeles alum. Allah will give you Natasha. Natasha moody pumpkin after his prayer night prayer. There are

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given Natasha mahamudra mahkamah who never comes in just by intercession or by somebody tells you you need to make effort