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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of understanding the meaning behind the huddle and the use of words like "naught" and "naught," to determine the meaning of the night. The sermon on Islam emphasizes the importance of praying and not doing mockery or apologizing, as well as the importance of reading the Quran and avoiding mistakes. The importance of rewarding oneself and avoiding negative consequences is also emphasized, as well as the importance of staying true to Islam and not rushing to finish everything. The segment ends with a reminder of a weekly Q&A and a call to action for viewers to join a social media campaign.
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Okay, inshallah let's get started we just went live now hamdulillah as salaam alaikum everyone welcome to our live will share

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this live will be on the last 10 days of Ramadan and data to the father also known as a night of power inshallah, I will be going on from now until inshallah 630 around 635 and then thereafter we will take some questions, so anyone who has any questions please just comment them in the comments below inshallah you will get to them as soon as possible.

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Without any further ado inshallah, you are ready to get started in sha Allah.

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Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen was to wa salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad, wa ala he was hobby he is marine Ahmad for all the Wheeler he made a shirt on his regime Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in unzer la hoffy de la de la palma de la cama de la to La la la la la Padre Pio Rahman Al fissure turnersville Ramallah ecotour roofie is never been miracoli ceremony, moto oilfired Welcome to your romulo to Allah on a Chateau de la tala on her pilot part of us will lie is that Allahu alayhi wa sallam to her role a little a Padre field with Remi Rasul Allah hilmi Ramadan

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So, my dear brothers and sisters,

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Allah hamdulillah We are now in the last seven nights of Ramadan in which it is the more likely to see and to get the night of the huddle, what are the other means many people translate let it look either by the night of the power activity the wrong translation, I did not power in the Quran ohiopyle itself made very clear what other means. So in one of the verse of the Quran has come about this night fee ha you for a poco la Marina Hakeem, this is a night in a witcher a very important matter is destined written down decided planned properly. So this is the night when all the matters of the future which are important. I know for the whole year, they written down their destiny

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decreed 13 Night of the destiny You can select either the night or the destiny of the night of the decree, when everything written down.

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What is nice is

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you know sometimes what happens is, you know you work very hard for a very long, long period. And what you produce it very little. But sometime you have a good mood, good condition of the heart, much more focus. So your productivity becomes much higher. In the summertime, you're working with the people who are lazy,

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you know boring people. So you can see you can't concert well, but sometime you are in the company of good people who know who work very hard, clever people are intelligent. You can see your heart is there, you're more focused, or your intensity is you know, much, much higher. For example,

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if you go to Harlem, you know and sit with the pious people and pray there you can see your heart is much more focused. Imagine if you are in the company and the professor lawless is complaining us so even it's more time to spend with them it will be as productive as in a huge time with somebody else. So Allah samata has made this argument some time, some things are intensified in the small time short time. The result is much much higher. This is the date night night of the other lateral padres that night a very intensive night and it did not you know combination for two or three four nights is combination of eyes poron said you know higher home in artificial in it better than 1000 a

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month and many people say 1000 does not mean 1000 because Arabic language if we know Arabic, you know the numbers they start from one and it ends with 1000 to 1000 in Arabic language I 1000 and also use Iser any number you know highest number. So it took

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Could it be it is better than not only 1000 months, it is better than any number.

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This night, even if you take 1000 months, it really amazing you notice. So in one year, you have got two a month, and this night is better than 1000 months, you know so many it's more than I think 80 years or something like that. It's one night, but I think you know, it is a better than many, many, you know, maybe 100 years, because the companions set the price a lot lesser, the, you know, the age of the nation before us used to be so, so big, you know, some people lived 500 years, some people 700 years 800 newer listeners work with these people 950 years, their luggage this night, this must be better than, you know, hundreds of years this night, in one night. You know there's so much

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spirituality and so much closeness to Allah azza wa jal to imagine the greater burqa fall, as you can see in water Friday, the time between us and America when I learned how to accept people's prayer, so that in no time with a very intensive tie for Alibaba,

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same the desonide in the whole surah of the Quran has been revealed about this night. This, this is the night when the Quran was revealed in revelation came to the professor lawlis alum. And it was the month of Ramadan, because Peralta shadow Ramadan, the Koran, month of Ramadan, in which Ron has been sent down, and also Alaska about this night in Anza. Now feel a little puddle, we sent down the Quran in the night of the other two, meaning it went the first revelation gift the professor lawless alum, it was a night of the other, and the night of the Padawan in the month of Ramadan. So it might seem really the professor lesser um does not have this connection with the heaven or with the

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divine. So the night chosen for him to make his connection very strong, was this night. So in this night is spirituality of the people because a very, very high, you know the mind because a much more pure and achillea people are surrounded by angels all the time. Certainly it is only fed by the people who are pious, who turn to Allah who are believers, believers feel it in your car to their own level of a spirituality, people who are very close to Allah

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and worship him all the time they feel this night, in a muscular, but every believer has some, some, you know, some things they get in this tonight, but those who are not believers for them locally, in this night or any night, saying, you know sometimes what happens is you sit with people and condition the mind is different, they're laughing and in all honesty, and your heart towards Allah subhanaw taala It couldn't be in the same place that two people out there and the conditions of the minds of both of them are so different, like in the land in the earth, that you know you grow sugarcane, though in it concept sweet, when the sample as you go grow chilly, it is hot in the same

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place, same ground, same here, everything same, to seven eight to three different people sitting together, but the conditions of the mind of everybody is so different.

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So this night is in a great blessing of Allah subhanaw taala for the believers when they believers, they get some Baraka of this night, you know, if they spent, you know, some lighter, you know, in Alibaba, it a surah of other before that in purani surah to Allah, which is starting a para Bismillah beckon la de holla So, that is the verse which are revealed in the source of other Torah starting with that, and the surah before that is sort of teen in a sort of teen Allah dimension, that Allah has created the mankind in the best structure,

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in the best structure and considerably the about mind thinking is to see a or to hear, to be I have sources of information, we can receive information, we can analyze them, we can develop them process them, either amazing creation human being really from nothing they can create many many things people can find out think this amazing creation. So when you really something much more precious into sutra Allah comes to the creation like that, the deserve Quran that of karate para Bismillah Becca la de holla you know Allah Who created you? Now you read this book in his name. This book has been agreement for the people who you know Allah create the fact especially to the reference to

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human creation.

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Parana Bismillah decorilla, the holla read the Quran in the name

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After your Lord who created you? And it is also clear from the surah that this reading is more effective when people read the Quran in the prayer to a meaning will be a akara or Khurana Fie, Salah Tikka Bismillah Becker de de haluk read the Koran, in your prayer, in the name of your Lord who created a mind kind of created, you know Harper in the sun in Allah. Wa bukal Akram Allah, the Allah, Allah, you know he's gave the pen, so people can write the Quran, and the Quran can be preserved to he made all this argument he made the creation human being who can receive the Quran, and then he made the remit of the pen to the pen can write the Quran and the Quran continue either

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book of the guidance for all the time.

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Why this book is important, you know, because this book makes it people nearer to the Lord, willing them to know close to the Lord, you know, they have this ability, how they can come understand the Lord worship Him and come nearer to him, you know that how this creation is? So in this surah Allah says Allah either lovey Jana other than either solar, you know, when the Parana comes, people turn to their Lord, and they pray, you know, and that that what happened to the professor, listen, when he received the Quran, first thing he did the prayer, you know, come to the Lord, you know, respond to him nearer to him. And that was said at the end of the surah or sujood, walk through Bart your

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Lord, do the prayer, do cider, and you come nearer to your Lord. So you know the book actually has got a guidance which make every buddy near to the Lord

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everybody. So in this book really needed in a time in which concert is precious time, time full of Baraka blessing and that it is not to kurata in unza lo fi lailah delicado were sent down the Quran in the night of the destiny in date night and that night and just come Gabriel Islam comes all the people so you can feel the rally and you can see your heart is more inclined towards remembering Allah subhanaw taala towards reading the Quran, Vickery da is too far in all those things that are important when this night is the Quran does not make it clear. Whether this night when Li Ramadan or it can happen any time in you know Ramadan also Ramadan, what is clear the Quran when the Quran was

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revealed, then the night was in Ramadan because Quran said in another now feeder pattern and operon are associated shadow Ramadan Allah the Quran

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but generally what happens so there is opinion or delay in muscle there's a lot of said

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this night can happen any time throughout the year.

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To date it open enough imovel honey Farah from Allah tala, the night of the other is not necessarily in Ramadan. It could be any time throughout the year, though mostly it is Ramadan. And the year when Quran was revealed that night was in Ramadan. This opener, Abu hanifa Abdullah and Massoud and many other people there are some people who say that night of the other is or when Ramadan, it could be any time in Ramadan, first day of Ramadan second day, any time of Ramadan. This is a second opinion. Third opinion here the night of the other either in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And if you just saw that if the professor Allison was looking for this night, and he did a the QA for the first two

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nights of Ramadan, then he continues to for the second 10 nights of Ramadan. And then he continued for that third 10 nights of Ramadan. And then he said to the people I came looking for this night, those who did the autograph for me. They should do autograph or the list last night. And he said it did in the last night and then after that he already did the autograph in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So that opens the door for many people, some Hadith and mescaline. It is a last 10 nights but old notes that Hadees of Ayesha in Bukhari, I read the her role later the padre filou with rimula I shouldn't allow him Ramadan.

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Somebody said last seven nights of Ramadan. Some people say it is on the 27th of Ramadan. But it is openness or not Islam because 27th could be one night okay there are some Hadith when the night of otherworldly in the time at Barcelona Salaam on the third 23rd of night. So it so open it open a door might be taken last two nights of Ramadan more likely organize of the last 10 but it keeps changing it not same every year sometime could be 25 sometimes 23rd

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Sometimes 25th or sometimes could be even nights, it keeps changing, but more likely in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, this note is there.

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What do we need to do in this 10 nights? First thing is either this distant nights have got our light of other has gotten so much reward it is better than you know, many 100 years maybe. In addition, it is so great. It has so much reward. Certainly any sin in the nose is also very, very, you know, severe to fasting. All right, all of you that in these seven nights I left it couldn't be one of the 19 other first thing make sure don't want to sin. What Miss don't sin, do not lie. Don't backbite don't hurt anybody. Don't harm anybody. Don't do mockery of anybody don't cause any problem two, anybody don't want to commit any sin.

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Secondly, daughter does obey your Lord in His commands to in these seven nights. Now, don't you miss any prayer? Do all the prayers on the time when a malaria because malaria and make sure doing Gema a shop in the Gema fudger print the Gema

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minimum thing that people can get really in this night is if people don't sin and the printer jamala they still kind of get the reward after all the night because there had this other person or less alum, anybody who played Alicia and the father in JAMA. It is as they have prayed all the night. So if you don't commit a sin, on at least you pray Asia and father in JAMA, you have got this night you got the reward or the prayer of all the night. But if you think you can do more than that, then in this night after a sharp prayer, do the Ravi do more enough of prayer. Do more you know reading of the Quran, do Vicar do is to far ask Allah to forgive you.

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There are Hadith after meeting

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for eyeshadow a lot on her that she said I asked a lot of messengers a lawless alum are either in Ireland to a yellow Latin letter to other ma Wolfie her.

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Who Allah the messenger. If I get the night or the other? Why should I ask Allah in that night to the prophets Allah said, only allow my inner powerful woman to hit Bulava for our for our knee usual say Oh Allah, you are all forgiving, and you love to forgive. So forgive or my sins. So this is a very important worry that you know in desonide if all your sins are forgiven, so ask her this and whatever you ask, you can get get, ask Allah to grant with Tacoma and sobre kawana sobre the key of every success because the Quran says anybody was stuck on a southern or less water never let them down. You never can be let down. If you have to under sovereign to ask your Lord to grant you tap

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over on the sovereign. Some people think oh you Scott ask Allah sovereign, but it means that you're going to ask a difficulty No, you're not asking difficulty difficulties are there any difficulties will come keep coming. You are asking slavery to make your farm and a patient in the entire night.

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You know, imagine really what happens is when you get to this intense a night intensive night of Avada you become different and this makes impact on your life for all the you know hold the whole year. You know when people's email becomes stronger, it continues. It has impact on you your mind because something else you bet a ladder in a company issue of the angels. You know when the prophets in Dallas alum in desonide first time encounter, or gibril Islam in order really left a big impact on his heart. You know that was such a high experience he could not never cut something like that. Then when jabril dinarica for a few days, he started missing him

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instead of going to the same mountains if he can get him can see him again can feel him again. So if people get denied, they miss it after Ramadan. They want to have in same condition of the people like that actually Night of the other because first of all the year every day very nice though about think about it. They do more I bother they don't enjoy anything sinning or anything in investing that time. So this is and that considerably that people like you know great people how much time is spent in a to get this night and Buttercup this night. And this you know, and this is stronger is spirituality. In America, people like Casa de Amara faru quarterman Ali, Khadija Ayesha you know how

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these people can so important

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because the closer to Allah, near miss to Allah subhanaw taala

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You know that what made them you know so, so, closer you know this you know the the Saliba that thinking and concentrating on Allah tala,

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tala to directing me to do you know think all the time autonomous hautala and think about his favours upon you the remember that how much favor he has given, you know how he created you, you know, he made us as a human being, he could have made us anything, any animal or anything, but he made us human human being, he gave us the mind and the heart. And he also then he made us believe us, to you, we believe in Him, and we understand him. And then he gave us He made us among the oma of the professor Listen, so we can regard the Quran regard this message, you know, which are really the eternal message is such an amazing message. So, you know, if you keep thinking this thing, you

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know, it will help you, you know, to do more Alibaba, in this scenario, but anyway, this night has got a very great close relation to the Koran

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that well father chose the Quran to reveal this night. So one important that you can do in this night is reading the Quran, read it, and try to understand it because when people read the Quran, unless a decent and just come and they listen Quran is so precious to them, it like the food, they want to hear it on and deny target and just anywhere you are surrounded by them and you don't see them. But not a lot of wisdom He made you not to be aware of that. You can't see them, but they're all the way around you surrounding you. You know you can see really that you know when there are them

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somebody thinks a nice song, you know, in the street, then if you see very quickly people come and surrounded the lover the sweet voice sometime it there's a bird on the tree, very sweet voice to people who start listening to it, you know, and dow Dallas Robin has to read in the book, then even mountains and birth they used to listen to him and they used to be with him in harmony and repeating the same verse. So it's so powerful even the mountains you know, they they they pay attention to that so when you read the Quran in that night turning to Allah subhanaw taala in the angels that surround you and and when I'm just out there Shut up, shut down can't be there. So all the good

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ideas good thoughts come to your mind mind because much much more pure. I said people do sin then dirt comes but if you don't sin you know it focus on debt and maybe it is better to do some charity some solder club kosaka is also very important to remove a turn away from you and put off that inner fire you know so

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that also can be but it's not necessary that you remain awake all the night you know all seven nights because people are busy for their work to go for your work and at the income is important to people should not be lazy or tired worker or advise you that you should sleep but least do mother even Gemma a shine Gemma fathering Gemma and then in between whatever good things you can do a reading the Quran and the prayer or Mr. Farr or the dwad that I share the love to ask and well when the golf 123451 you know learn the meaning of this draw. So if you do this, it will be you know, inshallah enough for you and many companions actually you know, because of this night they used to

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do autograph of the last 10 nights the persons used to do anyway and his wife is a lot on an old and they used to take off in the most of the pasilla cillum for this not too many women bought it will take off in the mosque you know this car culture that a woman with coffee at home and the main the most it has a no proof in the sooner the Pro has the largest in his lifetime men and women both do at a coffee in the same mosque and even after his death I showed a lot of said that we used to get a coffee with him and when he died then we still continue doing our coffee in the most other products a lot less alum so far and the companions in a very keen to do autograph and automa you know all the

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time so people should now in our time we're since you know this virus has spread and people kind of get together in the mosque to some people do autograph and at home directory I don't think it is a very great idea to add coffee at home but some people are louder. I will say instead of reading at a coffee, you know do more Alibaba and you know concentrate and ask a lot more to further you know for the help and inshallah Daddy will be much better. So I think I'll stop it here we shall learn if you have any question we ask

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is that going to 500 other

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was extremely beneficial. We have quite a few questions. So we will be going on to the q&a very soon. Just a few announcements. So we do have some questions that aren't related to this topic, so inshallah we won't be prioritizing them. But we do hold a weekly q&a, which I come every Thursday at 6pm BST. So anyone who's interested, you can join them in Sharla Jeff aacomas, also holding holding a one day short course on our open abdulazeez on the sixth of June. So inshallah, if anyone's interested, we'll be holding that soon. And Jeff Akram SLM Institute, which is a co founder and principal of we are holding our applications for Islamic scholarship programs are open, we currently

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have a 300 pound Ramadan discount, which is ending soon inshallah anyone who's interested, please head to, forward slash Ramadan. Now let's get to the first question in Sharla. This question is, I'll put it on the screen.

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This question is from the shipper and he says I'm chronically ill and cannot worship for long periods and pray at home. What do you recommend I do in these nights?

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You know, one thing keep in mind people who are in a forced condition in a condition which they cannot cure and cannot treat, they can do as best as anybody else. Like many people think, you know, if they have, they are in Muslim country and live next to the mosque, they can do so much Alibaba, but you look in the Quran, why for Pharaoh, she lives with the Pharaoh, the most tired person, she does not free to worship our Lord. She has so much problem but still is a she's so close to Allah, that Allah has made her an example for all the believers. There is somebody ill and your mind really that I want to worship and lots of hotel if I can do as much as possible. There Do you know your

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heart in your mind? Give him bring him in whatever you can do by lying if you can't stand Sit down. If you can't sit you know you can lie down the prayer if you can't actually consult concentrate on what you can't lie on your bike. Still you can think about in think about his favor. Remember him I asked him to help me you know forgive you and ask forgiveness of the other human being in your friends and your relating. And whenever you ask for other people, the angel said you get the same thing. So if people are in some condition like that, they can be eyes best either those who are in good health you know Allah rewards don't depend on health on being on an illness it depresses our

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condition your mind and your attention on how much you want to you know to be close to your Lord.

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Okay, just talking about let's take the next question Sharla This question is from Sr 30 her and she says a sinner ya come How can we focus on I bother if a night of avocado seems to have passed? Is it right to think that we have seen the night and tend to feel that the rest of the nights are less important? How do we keep reminding ourselves that we must do it by the intensity until the last day

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you know fasting understand really easy Every moment is important of your life every moment whether you are in the in the night of the other in Ramadan outside Ramadan, people could you know Allah satara can we vote in the companions the little hotel say that aided process if any companion even spent a one date in the path of Allah with the sincerity Allah makes it like mountain for her. If your cart is in a nice, good condition, even after our Ramadan, you still wants to vanilla, it fits all this space. Don't worry whether night or the other has passed is still there. You're a bada will be rewarded, and the reward will be beyond your imagination. You know, and since people want to find

00:28:54--> 00:29:28

that night, a lot, appreciate the effort. If you spend our last seven nights to get that night level appreciate that. You know, he knows when the night if we don't know, but our effort to get it and our effort to please Him that they will be appreciated and that's what I said in the Quran. He the Shaku Allah reverse a lot. Thanks people. Whenever people do something he appreciates, here reverse. Nothing, no rewards are wasted with Allah subhanaw taala whether you get this night or not, it doesn't really matter. What matters is your Ali Baba. And Eva has a high reward

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

that Viola used to say that every night for believer is the night of the other every night. Not only Ramadan every night the night of the other. So you see how great it is. So don't worry, it's just seven nights a lot more likely to still there. You don't know this thing. So you know consulted don't listen to shut on. You know and if you do now that is to not lose anything anyway. It's still getting so much. You know, even if this night of Ramadan. Every night is so precious. We cannot imagine. So don't worry, don't listen to shaitan is spent your time seven nights are left

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Focus on that and I hope inshallah you will get a night of other in one of these seven nights inshallah

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inshallah Okay, let's take the next question from brother Celine

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his question is how can I can I make my morning and evening ESCO while I'm sitting in the couch, in the couch or bed or do I have to sit sits like the chef position

00:30:27--> 00:30:30

know that no position for the vicar, Vicar you can do

00:30:31--> 00:31:10

while lying down walking sitting you know lying on your right side or left side on your bike you know sitting in any position of walking you know the no button lead knocker condition for when you pray that prayer has a condition but particularly anything that does not have any position you know, even the Quran when you read you can lie down you can read the Quran whatever is convenient to you do it Allah will accept you that no condition that how you sit to people unnecessarily problem that you know use it like a Porsche showed what is it that no single report of any proof that when you do Vicar or read the Quran, you sit like the showed no. for prayer has got condition, but other

00:31:10--> 00:31:26

articles. No, you can read the Quran in any condition. You can make it thicker in any condition, any sitting position, you can make a safari, you can lie down you can you know, walk whatever you do, but focus main thing in your mind should be focused, you know what you're saying?

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Okay, insha Allah let's take the next

00:31:35--> 00:31:47

how do we make to offer things in this life without putting so much focus on the outcome or whether or not it is accepted? How do we make die with a focus on Allah rather than focusing on one's own needs?

00:31:49--> 00:32:30

But how is it possible that he's not accepted? When you ask Allah? How is it possible that he will not give you know anything to ask him to source so is more anyway? He gives you know to be this thing your mind that you know maybe I don't get it. This you know, very, very bad thinking in a shape contraption. You know, whatever you ask him you get and you get more than that. You know, people have no idea how how generous allies if you ask me one one penny, I'll give you a good nothing for me. For a lot really whatever you ask anything was less than a penny nothing. casamento he just says yes. He says Be it is there. You know, but sometimes what happens is if you ask him

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something by gives you more than that, do you think oh I didn't get what I want but luckily he gave you more than that.

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You know you ask is more than he giving a big thing to trust in Him He gives her but he does not necessarily give it the way you suggest. Because your suggestion order will be weak and very narrow, narrow, he gets under abundance so much. Nobody can think it never can you can never can imagine. So it always whenever you ask him at least I'll tell you one thing certainly good. You've got to reward reward itself is so huge. Asking me that I bother to when you ask him you get so much reward you cannot imagine then after that you get what you asked either you get same thing or you get more than that. Or he removes something which is more harmful to you then this benefit and he gives you and

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the time when it's more appropriate. Sometimes you ask something tonight but he gives you after 10 years because that was the more right time for you. And because you have been waiting for 10 years do you get rewarded for waiting for 10 years dealing with good for you pay delayed you it was a more appropriate time and in between you got the reward of patients and sovereign waiting to when you ask Allah you how much you got. You cannot imagine to never think that you don't get you always get you always get a much much more than gasc.

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Okay, inshallah, the next question we have is from Irish Annie.

00:33:54--> 00:34:09

And his question is in the dua, Allah His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned the word are for. So what is the difference in meaning of Allah's Name and IFO and LLR for and for anyone listening? I think this is a this is a duar Aloma in the guy who wanted a balaclava one

00:34:10--> 00:34:38

yeah, you know, for immune sir, lack something remove, like an offer for Miss, like a remove, like, you know, when you're going somewhere and there are you know, dirt and you remove it. So, that is a FIFO and refer your fellow Miss to cover it lacking from covering actually a rough IRA, you know, it all comes from the word cover, you know, to cover things to same to at the end of the day. If

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

you find if you remove them, the Nautilus lift even better. In one way you can say off with a much more effective than a mark Farah Becca McFerrin Mills, the sins have been hidden but if the hidden there No, you are not going to be accountable, and often means the trace of the sins have been removed that nothing has been

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

Nobody can press them. So we need both of them, you know, since are forgiven, you know, we can't see them and the translators have been removed. So when you ask Allah and he forgives you, then he never going to question you about it anyway.

00:35:18--> 00:35:27

Okay, Sharla The next question we have is a question I think many women have, which is, what should women who are menstruating do to make the most out of these last 10 nights

00:35:30--> 00:36:08

in the women, you know how this approach allows them, if somebody falls ill so in during that time they get reward of art, whatever they used to do when they're healthy if the woman had been doing Alibaba and you know any they're in a situation to degrade the reward afford to the about the interview. And what you can see you can still can do you can do thicker, or the thicker woman can do Subhana Allah once wahala fills all the space between here and between the between the heaven or their can they can do and they can think about Allah, they can thank him and incorrigible Malik Mr. Bahari, even they can read the Koran database to read the weather. They can listen the women cannot

00:36:08--> 00:36:47

do the prayer, the insula, but according to our Mali Buhari, they even can do the Koran, you know, and if you want to follow Hanafi mala we strictly don't read the Quran with your lifts the lid of your eye, you know, look in the book, and you can see and contrast understand the translation. You can do that, you know, focus, don't harm anybody you can give sadaqa charity, but thicker you know Subhan Allah is a very big advocate of his 400 Allah will often do Lola Illa one Allah but so much reward and this Salatin the perhaps a lot of them so huge reward and then it's too far I stopped for LA alumina Corfu to Herbalife for you know when I had to ask this this question she made life easy

00:36:47--> 00:37:26

for everybody the processor this deal was don't need any security alarm and I got a phone to Herbalife a five one she asked me this question. And not easy for men and women both by the line down walking in any condition they can do but anyway I think really women never should think since they are not good. So they can't be near to the Lord no accurate they can't do anything. Everything one little they don't do it the prayer the Salah, but even I think at least they got some reward because a lot of ways when you miss something out of excuse, then he gives you that because you know it's not it's not your choice, you will not choose not to pray, Allah is not married far is greater

00:37:26--> 00:37:59

wisdom to we may go further I will say you know read the Quran, I tried to understand not die and make it for and then if you are tired, then do other things. wahana la hamdulillah wala LA and La What am I say after the Quran? The most important degrees this is wahana law, and no doubt reality the grid ticker commanded people last fall gurunath corkum. You remember me I remember you to when you lived with secret, Allah reimburse you to nothing women don't miss anything. Mashallah.

00:38:01--> 00:38:13

Okay, this next question is from brother Abdullah. And he says, do we get reward when we want to do a better in the nights but we can't because we're either working night shifts, or we need to work early in the morning.

00:38:14--> 00:38:51

You know, if you Your heart is with Allah, and you regret it because you don't have enough time you got reward for that. So you know, people really think that, you know, if they had a rough time, they would have done more work on this. So that by the professor I've said, once the companies are going for jihad, so the Prophet said there are people in Medina who do not travel, but they're getting rewarded, same reward as you get, because they think if they had a means they would have puffer jihad. So if your intention is pure, and really regretted that why you are not doing enough other people do, then Allah, Allah will write for you, same reward. And then also you could also reward of

00:38:51--> 00:39:10

earning money for your family and a lot of money you get. So yeah, that should be you know, at least regulator I think really that you know, I should be doing more liquor more I bother. People never think that they have done enough or anything, even people who wake up in the night, they should think I did not do properly I did not do enough. Allah loves people when they are humbled.

00:39:14--> 00:39:18

Okay, let's take the next question. Shama this question is quite powerful.

00:39:20--> 00:39:25

What is your advice for those who are severely depressed and can't motivate themselves to pray beyond the horizon?

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

In Feng iasa, lives, to foster and keep in mind, you know, selesa, don't think about their motivation can't condition the mind. Just imagine if you're employed by someone, whether you like or don't like e commerce to do this, did you do it? And then he pays yourself in a salary, your payment, you get your wages, whether you like or don't like, it doesn't matter. What matters is you do work and then he pays you think of yourself as a lead commanded me to do things, whether my heart is there or not, whether I invoke

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

consulted on art, I force myself to do and just enough I love it loved it. So when the tie for the prayer cousin do pray when that you know when you have time to read the Quran or read the Quran, do the could ask Allah to forgive you and daughter made the condition of your mind to defeat you to very bad that you become weak, so weak that your condition the mind can defeat you, you will serially this depression will become it will be

00:40:27--> 00:40:47

and it will become very, very weak. It will not remain the same way. So the Why is obedience force yourself to obey Allah say if Allah said I will do whether I like don't like whatever condition my mind I don't care. I just want to be obedient. So all of us focus on obedience. Don't worry about the mood and the condition of the mind.

00:40:52--> 00:41:15

Okay, and shall I think we will end it there since it's 645. Jacqueline crochet for your time. And Zack malaco and everyone else for joining us. I know we have quite a few questions that we haven't answered all of them. If everyone can join us tomorrow inshallah Shaka is holding his weekly q&a is every Thursday at 6pm PST. Apologies actually at 5pm BST in Ramadan.

00:41:16--> 00:41:37

If you guys can join us in sha Allah, we can answer your questions. May Allah accept Ramadan May Allah allow us all to reach a little bit of other and reap the benefits and May Allah allow us to continue our good deeds after Ramadan once it ends in sha Allah urges aka mala cone everyone for joining us and we hope to hold another live similar to this inshallah. So please do keep a lookout