Mirza Yawar Baig – The Book and The Teacher

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history and culture of Islam is discussed, including the transmission of Islam to believers and the use of the "by the creator" title to raise others. The importance of planting seeds for crops is emphasized, along with affirmations and letting things happen without them. The use of the "-handy" symbol is emphasized, along with the importance of learning the Quran and affirmations. affirmations and letting things happen without them are emphasized, as are the need to not let things happen without them.
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Villa Rahman Al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Lumbee or even more saline. Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to stealing from Abba.

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My brothers and sisters

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if we

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if we look at

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Allah subhanaw taala as blessings on us, and if I ask you

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What is Allah subhanaw taala is blessing on us and you might say it is the Quran Allah Kareem Musa Yes, that is a blessing, no doubt. But who was the Quran sent to?

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And usually people say the Quran was sent to us to the believers.

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But what did Allah Subhana Allah say about who he sent upon to

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loss right there is it about a girl Lizzie nozzle for Karna Allah?

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Abu de

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Allah did not send as alpha for Karna Allah Allah meanie Oh Elena's out even Allah Eva de la

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I will the specific to Islam. I love the LI Hakuna Allah Allah Amina Anna Euro, so that he can one the words about the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala he can announce this and you can want them to save themselves from management. So the Kitab of Allah came to specifically to Rasulullah sallallahu revalue, Samson

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what came to us to the believers ALLAH SubhanA DeLaSalle laquered mana Allahu Allah me Nina is Basa fee him Rasool Amin unfussy.

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Allah did not say it's kita visa rasool Allah min and voisine yet lo la him it was a key him are you Riley more we'll get our haga we're in Karna Minh COVID, Lulu V on early Mubin. Allah subhanaw taala said, Truly Allah Subhana Allah has blessed the believers

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by sending upon them by raising from among them. So it's a double blessing. One is Allah subhanaw taala raised his messenger or sent his messenger Allah is salat wa salam. And second blessing and honor is that he raised the Messenger from among the believers from the messenger is a human being Allah did not send a Moloch to to do this job, which Allah could have done, he couldn't do anything he wanted. So Allah said, double blessing one that you received the Messenger of Allah, and second that this messenger of Allah is one of you is from you, therefore double honor. And then Allah subhanaw taala said what is the job of the messenger here to do Allah Heemeyer the to recite the

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Quran to recede to recite the revelation to the believers by user key him and purify them.

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What you Isley Mohammed Al Kitab teach them what he has already recited to them while Hikmah and teach them wisdom teach them the application of whatever he recited to them.

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So the Quran Al Karim came, of course, it came for all humanity, orderliness, Geeta Walla Walla Qin Al Quran Al Karim NAS Allahu Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was I was alone Costa Casselton so specifically to the to the Nabil Ali Salah and Allah then send the Navi a salam to us to say, here is the book which was given to teach it to them. Now think about and also see the beauty of Allah subhanaw taala is showing us the, the theme,

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the the the the man has the knowledge of teaching, how do you teach, what is the methodology? What are the steps of teaching, first inform you to Allah Heemeyer the Allah subhanho dialyser Academy Salah tele decree establish the salah for my ziggu So Allah subhana wa sallam would have recited design, this is what I was wanting to say, artificiality decree. Second one is user key him, purify them now think about is why purify them for what because when you stand up and say, okay, Yara, I am ready. I am ready to pray, what must I do, how must I pray and so on and so forth. I'm not a man of that first step purification, white verification, preparation to receive the color of Allah subhana

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wa then I always call this the principle of agriculture. If you are a farmer, and somebody brings this seed to you, and this is the best possible seed and they said this seed will give you 10 times the crop, right? So if this crop normal crop you're getting here is say, one tonne per

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acre this seed will give you 10 tons per acre.

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So, what you do with that series you take it and simply go and plant it somewhere No, you first prepare the soil you plow the soil you take out all the impurities in the soil you treat the soil for pathogens for diseases, you've have antifungal treatment is that you test the pH value of the soil acidity alkalinity, what is the seed need you prepare the soil for

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to irrigation trenches and so on to irrigate the soil How will the water we handle in the soil all the stuff to do to make the soil conducive to receiving this seed only then will you plant the seed

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right. So, you receive the seed which is Yatra Heemeyer de then start the process of purification thus get enough water we are told as luck purification of the heart in general and o'clock How do I speak how do I walk How do I talk how do I deal with people my manners my o'clock my everything relates to the same process which is the skill to enough's whatever we have to look like. Once it is ready, why you Ali Mohammed kita now you plant the seed.

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So rasool Allah Salah is there explaining as he Musala right I'm ready now go make will go mucosal if you need to also remember sir if you don't need O'Sullivan, you will make Gudo check your clothing check the place you are praying is that pure? Is your clothing pure and so on? Once everything is ready, then how should I pray? Allah said establish Salah what is the meaning of Salah How should I pray how many times a day each Salah what are the details with respect to that salah standing and sitting and bowing and prostrating and sujood and Rocco what must be Where Where does it start? Where does it end? How does it progress? What do I start when I read when I was reciting

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Quran? What must I resign from the Quran? What must I How must I recite this thing and so on and so on and it has we had and everything else all the details with respect to the Salah, including if something goes wrong What must I do?

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Right when does this as a whole become valid become necessary what what happens to make the salah completely bottle which means I have to now repeat the salah all of the accom concerning the salah. And also Sanam was given this as the we're here at law which is the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah and these were he was given to him to teach the people and he taught the people and he did not simply give us it and give a lecture he demonstrated that which is why he said to the people sallow Kamara to Mooney Oh, Sunday.

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Oh my god. That was Santa. He taught the people. And then while hikma which is the entire further ill of the Salah, what happens if this if you leave the Salah, and so on and so forth. Right, this is the hikma behind? What happens if I do salah? How does this Allah help me in this life out of this Allah helped me in the other life. Think about this, we all talk about the service, tie the camel have the awkward loss of another. So, we basically were saying use the ASVAB and then have to walk around as well. What is Salah is Salah, as Bob or not

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give it some thought is Salah as part of us bomb or is Salah something else What is this, but as far as sub is related with this dunya whatever is in this life is middle as BA from this dunya everything right? Everything whether it is medicine, whether Salah is from this word, there is no Salah in the cover, there is no saliva as of the last Salah on the on the Day of Judgment Salah is from this word so Salah is also mineral as BB while I keep a Salah

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Hua as Bible Allah

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Salah and da as Bible either

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the other has been Milan as well as

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lower asthma lower level asthma which is a material thing of money and this and that and power and water and water which we give a huge amount of importance to we say oh no no no money makes the world water without the money How can we do anything? No is sure what is required but we make money as if nothing happens without money, law whatever. everything worthwhile happens without money.

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Right you can to raise children to send children to a great school and whatnot. You might need money because for the fees but to have a child money you won't get your child

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you will have a child with Allah azza wa jal where's the money? If Allah has not written a child for us rather mentioned this in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah said we give the children

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to some we give meals to some way give females to some we give male and female to some we give nothing at all of these, including not having children is from the Rama of ALLAH SubhanA wa

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other than

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money can buy this

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if you get sick okay if you have money you get a good hospital and doctors whatnot but the cure

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money can buy the cure your money can buy the good doctors will never died

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wealthy people will never die billionaires will be live forever now.

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Money cannot save you from disease and money cannot give you a cure unliking you Allah can save

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and that dialogue with others Renata, this is the US Bible Allah.

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So I remind myself and you let us remember the priorities and say Alhamdulillah we have this beautiful Deen of Islam which came as a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. And the primary thing which we learn from this is Salah, the importance of it. The primary thing we learn from it is the position of Rasulullah Salam as the new Yama from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So sometimes some people say oh, you know, the Quran is enough. We don't need the Hadith we don't need the Rasul. Now.

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If you don't need the Rasul, then you will not even get the kita if somebody says the Kitab is not for me, I don't need the Rasul you will not even get the Kitab if you leave the Rasul because there was the Kitab came to the Rasul then because I did not come to you,

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Nikita came to the zoo, you leave the result, the Kitab is also gone.

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Right? You cannot have the Kitab and leaves are also erased. The teacher is required, along with the book without the teacher, the book cannot help you. And Allah subhanaw taala Abdullah centers the book and he also sent us the teacher, and the best of the book and the best of the teachers. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us

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to appreciate this. And to learn the Quran, Allah Kareem, to learn to read it, to run to recite it, to memorize it and to use it in our lives and to live our lives according to the Kitab of Allah. And according in the way that was taught by the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was I will remember article or

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