Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A: 4th May 2023

Akram Nadwi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST. Without further ado, let's begin. Shall we have some private questions that have come in? So let's start with those first. The first question that we have is by someone who's asking I'm intending to buy a property and have 8000 pounds as a deposit the mortgage offer has been accepted and the stated deposit amount however, exchange of contracts have not yet occurred, the card has not been paid on the 8000 pounds amount is this money is accountable under the above circumstance.

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So, you know the money is still with with this man, he had not given the money to

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you. So did he have to pay anything before the before submission or the price in the cut will be obligatory? Still he has to whoever has ownership he has to pay the part. Even if the agreement has already been made, under the mineral agreement could be considerable can happen in the time when the cat obligately If the money is with you, you have to pay the cat okay, just after low head and Chef the second question is, is giving back to a share or a movie or a spiritual guide necessary ie watch it before one dies? know our buyer is a learned messenger you know, the Quran with very clear, you know, Luca Luca Martin believers must obey Allah His messenger. So and another barrier is for the

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ruler to somebody's ruler, ino Hakim Khalifa, then it is by alpha obedience in the matter of the government and Jihad and all those things, but in the matter the religion you know who you know, follow halal and haram? In a piety fear of Allah subhanaw taala all the commands you don't really buy it have already Quran and Sunnah in any chef and will be what will they do? They will command you something which commanded and they will forbid you something which Allah you have forbidden

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so there's no new read for any bear and that they differ from ALLAH messenger, then you have disobeyed Him to obedience is only for a lot of messenger, the teachers I will like I'm teaching you, but there's no need for anybody to do any bear with me.

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Sometime you can differ from me, as long as you obey Allah in Messenger account to any opinion, you will find the no obligation on any believer to do any buy with anybody for religious matters. Because that by I don't live our lives Meisinger

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but for worldly matters, yeah, there will be by if there is a ruler Harding, and you live under him like you know, like any country like you live in UK. So you have to obey the law to similarly in Islamic country you have to obey the law. But otherwise, you know, obedience, the kind of Islam that you don't need any new buyer that already with Quran and Sunnah. Is it clear? Yes, just have to locate and share. The next question is

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by a hamburger hamburger in Nian, he says salaam chef if a person has been affected by difficulties caused by other people without their knowledge where he has to struggle with physiological conditions like anxiety, will he get more reward

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you know any difficulty or problem that you face in the life you'll get a reward anyway if he's not done by you intentionally if other people cause you, you know, it's certainly a good reward, but you need to remind them so you know you really because there's sometimes difficulties or problems can affect your health and affect your mind do you have to

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remind them but whatever suffering you do patients that you get reward for that you know, somebody either

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you know one of the important way to Paradise to two very, very important people should not complain and panic a lot you see that every single difficulty that they have got a reverse or multiplied by many many times. And the Quran is very clear that the people who ghost over the reverse are given in full enormous water do not take

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the rewards are full and a lot in the Quran.

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In the la ma slathered in a light with those were patient did nothing better than then you know, loving with you.

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But it does not mean that you live with difficulty know if you can. Go and read the article to Kareem.

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Who would have a pet anyway? to

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zap glow head and shed? We'll move on to the next question.

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The person asks My mother is going through depression due to her relations with my father. She has devoted Muslim but has lost hope, kindly suggest how Muslim should gather strength in such situations.

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You know, don't really trust and love for Hautala and knowing really that nobody has control over your life, nobody can harm you, except with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. And people should turn to Allah subhanaw taala asked him, you know, he can remove any difficulty to lose hope is a sign of the suffering, you know, the CAFR don't have,

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believe us all have hope, you know, like jacobellis ROM, until the last moment, he has hope that his son Yusuf will come, he never lost hope.

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That is very important that believers always have hope, to your mother, you know, either should sit with her father reconcile, if there's no hope for reconciling, still, she should turn to Allah subhanaw taala you know, that your father cannot do anything, nothing will happen. You know, people don't have so much power as people think your heart, your mind is absolutely in your hand. You know, you can control as you like, nobody can rule over your mind and heart. So people can, you know, be stronger, even if people force them to do something still, you can be strong, you know, like that people have that clear, in a satisfying mind. Ibrahim Ali salaam,

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everybody against him West is strong mind. So you know, remind your mother, be strong and don't lose any hope. Because nobody can do anything. You know, all these men, they can't do anything if they are able to do than anything, they can benefit themselves, but they'll be very bad like all these men who run other people and actually harming the women is a very bad character. Very, very mean. You know, in the Quran is very mean in the sunlight. I mean, if your father is so strong person, he should go and find someone who's stronger than him in to oppress the women around them, you know, it really very mean character. You know,

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people like that they don't succeed ever.

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Just like little internship, the next the next question is by Accra, who asks, if someone is physically stopping someone from praying and the time for prayer passes? Should the person make the prayer up whenever they are free from this oppression which could be weeks or months? Or is it forgiven because they are physically stopped from praying

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movement are the channels they should pray and they will notice that the sin you know and they should repent to Allah subhanaw taala because he brings all the conditions but the play the obligatory only thing is since you cannot be on the play and the time because somebody forces you to pray whenever it is possible for you that the Prophet said nothing I said that whenever people forget or sleep you know from any prayer than they do whenever they wake up

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to whenever your difficulties God, you can pray, but I don't really think in this world anybody can force you not to pray ever. How can they going to watch you 24 hours by the way, I don't know if this condition, but generally it is impossible to watch anybody 24 hours. Still you can play barely but if you think you cannot play then whenever conditions improve that you must pay

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to Zach Lowe hater check. Sister Fatiha asks the question she says salam Nia chef in Surah Baqarah verse 216, when Allah says perhaps you hate to thing but it's good for you and perhaps you like a thing, but it's bad for you? Can this be related to anything that happens to us whereas the whole verse is talking about obligatory in which we have to follow? Even we might not like it

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every single matter of the life really because all the things are done by Allah. Allah don't work got power and knowledge we don't have no power and knowledge to believe we don't like something the reason is because we don't know. And also because we don't have enough power. So we think this how I can manage I can't do more than that. A lot of knowledge absolute and his power absolute to nothing can stop him. So it could be possible that if we don't like something, bad luck can make that thing good for us. Because he controls the future. He knows everything actually happened everybody life many many things we do not like and it happened that they become very good for us.

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Military people out and turned out that in our before them it always keep happening. And you look in the life that the prophets and messengers, how good you know Musa al Islam was forced to leave Egypt. You know he did not want to leave Egypt, but it turned out to be good for him. Yusuf Ali Salam was forced to leave his family and then become slave in Egypt for such a long time. But it turned out to be good for the whole family.

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You know, even the profitable Mozilla, some companies are forced to the market and karma, look at that became good for all of them in an eclipse that became good for all Muslims onto the Dharma to their sacrifice. It is so important the profits and loving initely said Omaka if your people have not forced me to leave, I would never have left you. He'd never want to leave Makkah. But he were forced a new turn out that was good for him. So in everybody's life, no things happen. Because you don't like but Allah subhanaw taala can make it good to that by the believers will do whatever

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you can do, and then leave the result in the hands of Allah Hautala and whatever he'd be content with that?

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Does that global Hayden chef, the next question asks salaam Shekinah. Is it lawful to have two female witnesses for a Nikka? When men aren't vailable?

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I'll do the thing either, you know, this witness thing is for the court. The truth really is marriage must be announced. It should be done in public. You know, just yesterday, a lady phoning me from London, that her husband who is my student to I don't know his name to it not by biting. He had married someone is secret.

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So you know, even if you have to witness it, not really, my marriage should be known. Because you're going to have children you're going to walk you have to give the rights and properly how can you convince someone the secret secret is Zina then I don't know we've done adultery that people do you know hiding in a marriage should be done in public. So that is very important. But still really I don't like when people just get to witnesses technically get married somewhere in a in a cave. Oh in a secret place. And they think they have done ca that's not exactly dinner. You know marriage is a

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marriage should be declared allows. People know in public that you are married with someone is in either one, it was just kept a secret to anybody who married in secret directory like Xena. And people who marry in public even if they don't appoint witness is still fine. You know, like we married masjid. And somebody in a mindset Oh, man, I married you. She's accepted and there are public, a lot of people, that's fine. You don't need to say this person might witness that person. As long as everybody hears. That's fine. My Irish will be announced it should be Mary basically the public social contract, social it is in society should note it did not between two individuals, just

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social, you know matter. The people who are trying to stand distance

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just below her and check. The next question is by unknown who asks a Salam aleikum, Chef, can a Muslim woman marry a Christian man? And what is the evidence of your answer? Just upload.

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People should not marry of other faith anyway because it always creates problem. So my opinion is neither Muslim mentioned marry Christian women. Neither Christian, neither Muslim women should marry Christian men, in all people should marry in their orderly actually, not only that, within the religion, people should marry the people who have, you know, similar background, because if you're different background, it also has problem. Like when somebody speaks English and the wife is peaceful, do you know how can they communicate? Or somebody is, you know, her dad degree from Oxford, and the wife is from a family of former India, they can't live together themselves. So marry

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that, you know, is this compatibility that you know this very important to people should have married people have their own religion, their own faith. And also they should make effort that it is a marry and done within the people who are about similar background.

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More likely, the American dust

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Zach Lowe literature. The next question is by Jeanette who asks, Is it true that many people will follow the job? Many women will follow the job more than men

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don't know why people hate women so much. Even if they're smarter, they got the women more than the men. I don't think women will follow the Germar that Jared will have more access to the men,

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the gentlemen and go to every house, they generally will be more public, you know, announcing it men are the ones who will form organs fitnah not the women, women hardly will know. If we were forced to leave the house. How do you not adjourn. So it unnecessarily made you know anybody who will be with the child they will fall don't fall in the fitna but to bring her in gender, it is actually just I don't understand why people bring men and women in every single case. And they want to make women look very bad. So nothing to do with women really, you know the Japheth Nick gufram Shilka in this world, there are

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men work perfect there are women of work after it all happened. So similarly when that job will come men will afford his feet and women for the more likely men will be more because they are the one who wants power because the job to give them money power, give them ministries, appoint them in the men find this moment of distinction, like you know, fabricating the Hadith no single woman has fabricated any Hadith the men are fabricated, why? Because men want power and position to win the fabricate Hadith, they become important in if many people that you have new Hadith. Similarly, when men come nearer to the job, the power position to like anywhere like in all these reports, men are

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more there than the women.

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Yeah, I think I think Chef with this one that it's often disbelief is often attributed to Hadith and the most of the female Muhammad. Regarding I think it was evident Omer reported that

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the men will chain up their women at home so that they are not influenced by the judge. So some people derive from this hadith that maybe the judge will be more convincing to the women maybe?

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I think they've had I don't know that this really, you know, money I do have these actually, there are so many I learned problems if this is not in men books, Bernie, I don't know about the Hadith. But this looks very strange. Because men are don't go to fall in the jar,

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go to change their wives. I don't love their wives so much, that they want to save them from the jar by putting them in shame. I don't think anything like that will happen. I never have seen in Bahamas, all these books. I look into se but you know, I I'm more likely that had this problem.

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Just locate and share. The next question is

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by riffin, who says Is it lawful to follow Iman in solid via livestream? If it is in this same time zone?

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No, no, it shouldn't be physically there and between me mom and follow it for now not be any barrier. So you know, they can see the Imam they can follow the mount that mistake. You know, this is what should be, you know, proper, and you don't need really because, you know, in every year there is a mom and Majid anyway, two people can make their MA so that new news isn't needed. That's fine, but there's no need because two people can make them are

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just up low internship.

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Someone asks

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for, you know, for, you know, online, all those things, I read an article, I think maybe somebody's gonna be transparent. If you read that, that will help you I it's been all the reasoning and the evidence.

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Just talk a little bit and share. The next question is by a thug who asks, Where can I learn the fate of marriage so that I can contribute in India in the marriage problem there.

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You know, I've taught so many courses on the marriage in full details. And there are many adults that people don't generally don't teach. And I think esalaam also have got some of those recordings. So if you ask a Salam they can provide you, you know about all that really good help for you. Because I've taught the whole day course on marriage many times

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is our glow hair and shed on this. We do have the marriage course I will afford our list. For our viewers right now. I will share that in the comments. So please do keep an eye out for the link for those that want to sign up to that course. And before we continue, just a quick plug from me. As Salam Institute enrollments for the next academic year are now officially open. You can enroll onto our foundation yet Arabic immersion year, the Islamic scholarship program or the all new Quran study program, details are on the website. But sign up within the next 10 days. I believe this up until May 11. So that you can take advantage of the 300 pound discount. So I will share the link in the

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comments. So do keep an eye out for that. And with that, let's continue. So the next question is sure.

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On what occasion did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam do is to Hara.

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Hara simply means

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the person

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learns from the Quran, Quran said further Assumpta further waka Allah Allah when you decide to do something, then do it but don't trust in yourself trust in Allah subhanaw taala to stay Farah Musa now who decided to marry someone to do this to do that. To then ask Allah to make good for you've trusted him at all live decided this account to my knowledge and my ability you empathize trust me you are the one who makes something good or something bad. They're not mean really is different. I'm not meant to consider to ask him what I can do not that nice to have a meaning is different meaning that I want to do something but I don't control every

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Can I ask Allah to make it good for me? So that is the harder the to ask Allah to make it good for you to you decide to marry someone and then ask Allah Allah desire that and make it good for me. That is the highlight. But people some people think the Farah means to consult a lawyer to do you have no right to a consult Allah, Allah never go to tell you to some people who are they do they do? Dua and then they sleep in the wake up in the morning, whatever comes to their mind, different that formula actually sometimes comes up auditing. Sometimes people do Tuesday or Thursday. Sometimes they ask other people push too hard, all these other useless you know they're they have no

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justification. The professors are never did istikhara like that. No company ever had done. No pious people. I never have seen any of my teachers do Mr. Hara like that. All they do is they follow their knowledge. And then they ask Allah to help them. Even if you Your shoes are broken, and you want to them to be repaired. ask Allah to help you. Everything is done by not by you. But you have to decide according to the knowledge that he has given you. You could decide this Tahara simply means you decide. Then ask Allah Oh Allah make it good for me.

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Zack Hello, Hayden chef. The next question is by athma who asks, Please correct me chef our families with mortgages illegible for zakat, even if the family has a high income

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nearby, they then can go there to suffer the deaths and they still remain poor, they're poor. But if they keep their income, they know they're not poor. So simple actually, the truth real easy. If any guardhouse on a mortgage or any property, first thing they should do, they should settle the loan because interest that's first obligation even for that if they can receive the path

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and settle the mortgage that's much much better because they're into it. They should not go for Hajj and Umrah they should not go for any excursion or anything with the family they should

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spend all the money just paying the mortgage

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just that glow hidden chip. The next question is

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what is Salah to Doha and how many records is

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there a difference of opinion really well during the Salah with the name of this animal not a baby with some people who think there is a lot of

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the data actually when sunrise Did you know like 1020 minutes after sunrise until midday you can play anytime you know it could be to repair it could be for a guy it could be something around that you know you can do there's no limit for that to the profit or loss of duty detail so to raka some people have seen but did the process just regularly we don't have proof really he did it on occasion so like you know when he conquered America thermocol Rama then he did how he came to Medina in the morning time and he started the you know with the mosque he prayed like that

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when he did it sort of that is not very sure that why some people deny that any player with this number anyway, those who want to play they can do anything to like to the Contura forecast six eight

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just Arklow Herencia The next question is by Ehsaan who asks What is the reason for why words in Arabic that are pronounced with a bod are pronounced with the Z sound in order to

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reason or do people they don't have a bad dad is barely Arabic thing in English people don't have so you know you have to log in or put something like in English you would put a D or do what people you know different zipper different language not only is this letter so so many letters in order to the Lexa side the move to see the right thing but the prolonged scene so Lucha herder right her but the pronounced her so there are many letters in a lot of it which are not new because they don't have to pronounce their own language but they're the with honesty the right idea in Arabic

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deserve Hello Catherine show. The next question

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is by Simone who asks, when will you travel to Bangladesh next time

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I don't really belong with this people who asked me

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to come this October I don't know really because I have no plan nothing. They've asked me to come in October. I don't know if I'm going to not. Inshallah inshallah The next question is by Yasin who asks, Chef, if someone apostates can they take the Kalima again, would that alone suffice or do they have to say Kalama and verbally renounced what made them apostate in the first place?

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See in the acceptance alarm, they come back. There's 10 operators repent to Allah subhanaw taala. Sincerely, maybe they can also make people witness to people, no doubt now the Muslims, but even they don't do that it's just fine. You know, just the second lemma, I know, shahada and it from the heart they believe and they start the prayer and all the words of Islam and leave the past life. Yeah, they're fine.

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There's a glow here and check. The next question is by Samuel, who asked A salaam aleikum. Chef, how does? How does the witness work? In the case of a family conflict? Can family members be considered witnesses? And how does the witness weight work for male and female as in how many numbers

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in the witness only work? If you go to the court, especially Muslim court, if you go to non Islamic court, then you have to find out their rules about the witnessing. But if you want to ceramic coat, yeah, witness will work. But those witnesses where the doubt can rise, they will not be accepted. Like for example, you know,

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witness of your son and daughter will not acceptable, because there could be thinking they just support you, you know, without any reason. So those were close relative, their witness will not be accepted in the court. Because there is a doubt that it could be just a made up, you know, misunderstanding or something that they won't support you. It should be somebody else. But don't worry about difficult these matters are only done by the judge. They know how to make the case. And who know who is there to judge who is more right. There are many, many ways to find the truth not only witness, a good judge can find out what the fruit is.

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Sokolow furniture, the next question is by LS, who asks, does do you recommend us studying the books of Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab?

00:26:58 --> 00:27:15

You know, I never read any book of Shaquanda haba but I have no really the people who read this it is very good about 30 feet against the ship. So anybody who you know, teaches about tough head I'm sure you can read but there are so many books anyway. You can read them anytime you can read.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:17

You can read what you love.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:27

So many people to turn their head and ship the Quran more than you can't do the automatic wait somebody's use shaken motors. Well, Harper

00:27:29 --> 00:27:32

did no harm. You know, wherever you get something good, you should go anyway.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:41

Zach Lohan and Chet, the next question is by Aaron who asks, Is marriage predestined? Or is it our free will?

00:27:42 --> 00:27:56

This actually question I answered so many times, basically free will and your action bought don't conflict in every single matter. It actually seemed like prayer, when you go to pray for a cause or it will predict

00:27:58 --> 00:28:17

your free will is both are there to simulate marriage you choose, but also to determine whether Satara both DARE YOU part to separate a lot from your actions. None of your action can be in without anyway, he then who does and you're you are responsible? Because you have will you have action to both things or there

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is no real detail Allah lot that everything along with everything. But at the same time you are responsible

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to that global head and chef. The next question is by Aftab, who asks, in India, what is the period of husband or wife after marriage? If a husband does not talk to her or has left her for many months? How many months or years does she have to wait? People feel it's wrong by husband and the coach charge a fine for the luck?

00:28:50 --> 00:28:53

Yeah, I have no right or left to abandon their wives.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:34

Dislike this thing anyway. If the husband said, I will not come to my wife, that ILA it's called ILA, then if you don't like that for a month, she lives separated. But if you did not do either, does not say I will not come. But just you know, he's making her to suffer, it does not come it did not divorce, but in very bad manner. It is sinful after that to leave your wife in that condition. You know, unless you go somewhere with her without her permission left for example, you go for a study somewhere abroad, or you go for work like people go to Gulf countries for two years or three years. Then they come back. They always contest with their wives to that fight, because they have

00:29:34 --> 00:29:59

economic problem. But for no reason. Just to be away from your wife is not right, really and legal action shouldn't be taken against those people, because the wives are many, many lives and this person has the right to legal access to particular but just being aware that not is not really divorce. Divorce will be a lesser divorce. Oh, he said by oath. I will not come to my wife yet then it will be after four

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Monster separation.

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Does that Allah who couldn't share that's all we have for today. Unfortunately, if your question has been hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Just upload and share for your time and Joseph glow head on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm PST as always, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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