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said I want to come work under the law here worker to everyone welcome back to our weekly q&a hosted by SLM.

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Apologies I had the live stream open and I could hear myself echoing. So some of you may know we did take a one week break. That was for a very specific reason because we at ASI, we had a student retreat handed in there. This retreat was in Leicester, I come joined us I was there lots of ASI staff, the teachers and students, many of our regular q&a, this weekly q&a students that attend this handler were able to come to and it was so nice handler to have questions and answers kind of in person, and to have a lot of you join us. So Inshallah, inshallah we'll continue with this q&a, and we can continue having regular students and maybe inshallah new students that come and join and

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benefit from these sessions. I don't want to take too long, but Inshallah, we should be continuing now with this q&a For the next few weeks, unless posts is given on Facebook or YouTube. So in short, a lot of people assume it's 6pm to 630. If you're watching from YouTube, or Facebook, you can just ask the questions under the live stream, it will come up for me and then Charlotte, I will try and take the questions in order. Now, Jeff, I have a quite an important question that was asked to me I think, like I said, we had a break. So we had some questions come in,

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prior to this, this live stream starting and I thought, let me just start with it in Sharla. And I think many people benefit. And this question is with regards to

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the state of kind of the future of Islam in the UK. And this kind of relates to I guess, a current context that we're living in, I think now we're kind of seeing, okay, we're sending our kids to school. There are certain kinds of things in terms of education system that we can't, as parents,

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younger parents, that they don't have control over anymore, in terms of kids being exposed to certain things, for example, the LGBTQ eye kind of

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not understanding the nuclear family, and kind of just their their minds and what they're being taught. We don't really have control over it anymore. The widespread kind of liberalism and how just how the current context is in the Western world. Shear, what would you say you think, is the best advice to give Muslims and especially Muslim parents that are kind of thinking about this and getting worried thinking if they have to make hedgerow to a Muslim country? What advice would you give to them?

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Okay, Manu Rahim,

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in order to really very important question, and people should be concerned about the future of the religion, you know, for themselves, or for their gender for their future generations,

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we have to understand that this world is run by lots of mattala and hit the rubber hit the Lord, and he's the one who keeps changing the conditions. He's the one who, you know, brings good conditions, bad conditions, improves everything he does,

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what believers need to do, they need to obey Him in all the conditions, some time it will be very good condition. So it easy for you to, you know, obey him as much as possible. Sometimes there'll be difficulties, you can't obey him completely, but you can obey Him, according to their own ability

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to conditions keep changing, unless commanded, the believer should obey as best as possible.

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You know, if something not something is beyond their capacity, he does not bear the burden in that. And then in the Day of Judgment, there will be, you know, pure and Allah subhanaw taala will not actually judge them for what they could not do, and they will be successful. And Allah subhanaw taala will give results for that effort or whatever referred made, make. So in this, if we're living in this Die in the West, there are many, many things that we can do. So that we must do like at home, you can teach your children about religion, about Islam, about piety, the Quran, the translation, dharmic language, and there are so many schools, you know, part time like Assam

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Institute or something like that, where people can learn Arabic language. So there are so many things that believers can do. But still they don't do that. That is the real question because they can do

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something they cannot have controlled. You know, like, what is the run by the state, the you know, the schools, the universities, and many things that you don't have much control

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So let me not ask about that. But many, many evils of those two things you don't control can be avoided, if you run the space that you can put properly. If people ignore, study the Quran properly learn, you know, the language is, you know, make them stronger than belief and mind and thinking, you know, love will help them, you can see there have been people raised in, you know, unfavorable conditions, but they have been the most pious people like Ibrahim, Melissa, you know, the whole country, the whole house, everything like that nesting, but still, he managed to be the best person. Similarly, the Muslims in Makkah, in a devotee, you know, persecuted and the prophets that are

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somewhat not allowed to do many things, but they happen to be the best believers, the best believers are those people who actually have been to accept Islam in this condition, the people who were raised in Medina and bordered there, and they have got the state and power, and they can follow the region as best as possible. Everything in their favor. They were not the best people, they were actually, they are the one who started fighting themselves and position and this and that. And I even can see now really, are when I go to Muslim country, the Muslims in the UK, they are much, much better, in many ways in religion than Muslims in Muslim world, they're much better. So what what we

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need to do is to use our space properly. So whatever Allah has allowed us, we should do it. So you know, teach people, the prayer about Allah subhanaw taala, His power, His knowledge about the prophets, about you know about the messengers about the Quran, and the dmrb language. And, you know, the meaning of the chorus of people cannot learn or the language, at least they should learn the meaning of the Quran in the language that they know, English, or some other languages that will help them and make effort to spend time with the pious people, good people, like we did a retreat last weekend. So something like that is very helpful to people meet people who are, you know, on the same

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path, they support each other, they learn from each other. And when they become weaker, they come again, and then they again, become stronger. So we have to make our best as much as possible, then what we can do, Allah will help for us. But the problem of the Muslims is not that, you know, that they can't do

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it better in those places, which is not controlled by them. No, the problem is, they don't do where they can. They have been told, you know, we don't run the most properly, we don't really matter assess properly, we don't teach properly. We don't pray properly, to things which are not strange interferes, we don't do it hardly. Five or 6% of Muslims pray in the masjid. Maybe less than that. When you go further time, only few people are there. So you know, nobody stops you from playing the Masjid. They allow you to build a mosque, they allow you to go there. So we should not complain about the space which we don't control. We should more worry about the space that we control how

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much we use them and how much we obey Allah in those things. So the problem really is still they say that a given by the Salah, more than 80% of the space. We don't use properly on the level of caution about that. And that's why we have become weaker and weaker. Because what we can do we don't do properly. Is it clear?

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Yes, 100 Ledger's are gonna hurt you.

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Okay, let's take a question from Jehovah.

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Who is asking there are many Islamic animated videos including characters resembling humans. Is this permissible?

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Yeah, this question has come before as well and I mentioned that and that I've written an article about this which actually I think I forwarded anyway if you don't have asked me I can forward we will then shift to I don't need to repeat the same argument you know, again, again, it's already written

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Okay, Inshallah, if you to the question if you in Charlotte, just type in Jeff's name, and the topic on on Google and Facebook and it should come up. She has a lot of articles, a lot of posts that he's done in the past decade, and they are all pretty much available online. Okay, let's take a question from YouTube. Saara is asking my mom is in hospital She cannot do widow and people are not allowed to enter to help. What should she do?

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In that condition, if you can do them, you should do them. Them are very easy, you know, just take any storm or something next to your mom. She keeps on the bed and whenever she needs that, you know she touches and then once why put the first second time that ties the stone and wipe your hand and then play as much as possible. So if people can't go to the next option this time.

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Okay, we have another FFP question that will just take care

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The question sometimes some time in airplanes we can't pray standing well most of the time to be honest this is impossible. Is it allowed to pray sitting on our seats? Or should we repeat the prayer after reaching a destination so they're saying maybe they pray sitting then once they arrive should they then repeat the prayer again? You know the way that last Hatha Allah you know whenever he made some to obligatory with the time do you have to do in the time if you cannot do in the time properly to do as best as possible then you don't need to repeat like for people when the fighting in the war so they have to pray while you know walking and you know so many movements is still the

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predefined is some people are you know, Ill they can't play while standing they play while sitting with the car for a while sitting they can provide lying and they don't need to repeat the same thing there are plenty who cannot play while standing

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their peripheral looky violet, and you know it is done. And then you don't need to repeat same thing for traveling by car you cannot stop on the road or somewhere if you play in the car you know because you can't stop somewhere you have very core something impossible you didn't print the car while sitting on it will accept accept it so our buses or trains or anywhere can live if you can't stand then for a while sitting and then you don't need to repeat it whatever has been done that done that over the fall other time

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Okay, check just a little quick follow up she's saying mum is has you know if someone's in hospital and they're on the bed and they have equipment attached to them, and they're not even able to do TM What should someone do in that situation?

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Somebody can do them on their behalf you know, just to just to wipe their face and hide the controller that somebody else cannot have do.

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Somebody else can do they do and then this person you know just played with the time cost of maybe combined between two players the harasser is somebody can come help in his or her time, then to move with that thermal

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rasa then maybe lit mer. Somebody can do them. And the premier elimination

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okay in sha Allah Sorry, I just realized this question wasn't the current one it was the one before okay in sha Allah. Let's let's take a question. I think I've seen one from even Mohammed on YouTube. And he is asking about the idea in Surah Youssef, this is a 28 so fella mera camisa who caught them in the morning on a in a home in Katy con in Acadia canal him so he's asking about this first, is this referring to the case of woman in general, only two analyses his wife

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this Aziza he's saying to these women, and in his wife really and then, you know,

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in a guy that could not allow him, he makes more gender, it could be true that you know, the plan that a women make sometime very strong because it blocks the desire and men very easily fall you know, pre after after desire, it could be stunning that sensitively, but nothing is really strong because it shaitan was even more powerful than the wheelchair than the one who misjudged everybody. And same for us in Canada shaitana Canada

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the plot of shattered the very weak so all plots are weak really and part and plot of the women's part of the plot of shatta because Shaitan is the one who influenced the men and women. So nothing is done in the in front of Allah subhanaw taala when people take refute him every single week, as a believer should take refer to him that the plus only can become powerful when believers are cut off. Allah subhanaw taala.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from Facebook. We've got Aaron who's asking Arabic question. We don't normally get those on here, but maybe we'll see. In sha Allah she's saying the name Hamza is a masculine word and it's an exception to the rule despite the fact that it ends with a hair. So why is it considered a lie and one serif word under the category of feminine names?

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What is exception that I don't understand why such a becomes a is a very monster if the reason is a very, you know, two things one is Allah in name of somebody. And the other thing is that neath it have gone

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down eternally big limb with

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the sometimes one of Happy, happy, happy is the ENO the portrait of the male gender to like women, if somebody's name is Xena, season one of hattrick it will be very uncertain in all the time because then if almost a name never carry if somebody names The Omen Muhammad it will actually wonder if we must send him all the way the Muslim on to that started up to somebody almost unlimited Mohammed, YouTube will be Vermouths serif because you name it also, you will say Mohammed

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to refer to her to whenever we miss an income, it always means her name will be on Lieberman's roof if it has done nice lovely sign at attorneys like

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Ali Matsuda or the Mangusta did not want a phallic wonderful lovely for vitamins or if you don't want us to take him on as ludzi also can be one of the reasons our monster if somebody never Hamza or Tada ha or something like that. That's the very most certificated name and also ricotta and tie sign up and one of the lovely to whenever oneness comes with a lovely it kind of make it is Moraira monster if if the other reason like oh, let me or something like that.

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Okay, Inshallah, I hope that was helpful.

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Okay, I'm just trying to see So Jeff, we have a question. I know we've covered this quite a lot the topic of like the gin verb and what the conditions of it but this sister Miriam is asking a question bit more specific in terms of female the definition of female and definition of JimBob and if they kind of contradicts each other that she's asking what is the proper dish definition of Jen Burb, I read that it's one piece of fabric that covers from head to toe, but I find this definition a bit confusing as its interferes with the definition of female.

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Okay, Omar is the covering of the hit, the women cover their head, and then part in long enough to put part of it, you know, under the you know, where the open in the neck part because even if your button is still something open, that you put your femur there that is similar to when you pray you use hammer jilbab is something when you go outside then who you were, and that is a loo the sheath over your normal clothes. So like you're wearing shirt, to put a loose cloth knot on the top that already came out is there any way just like on your shoulder, which can cover your shirt and up to your knees or something like that. So that is a loose, maybe long cord and serve the same purpose or

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sheet or any covering or an equal look that can do that don't understand why equally be confusion between Hammar and jilbab to two different things. JIRA, Bobby, the covering of the head and

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coding of the head until above is covering up the rest of the body with the loose cloak over on the top of your normal cloth.

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Just on that note, chef I think there's sometimes confusion I even speak for myself when it comes to this vigil bird being the outer clothing you wear when you go outside, especially living in the UK, the word has been very, very cold, which means sometimes you know, you're like wear a jumper on top of using the Wi Fi or you are like a coat and a scarf and some people will then say Oh, but then now the shape of your shoulders are showing or the shape of this or shape of that and it should be over

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does it have to be kind of these kind of small details that we should be focusing on to you know, if you have long cord, that's fine. You know, when you go outside, many people have the cord that allows you to Bob loose if they lose code. So you don't need to have a energylab does not mean any name really it just means something in

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external, you know, just covering their normal clothes, they can normal colors of the women. They're attractive because they know the colors or designs. If you put on something simple, then people's attention do not go Bremen don't think they're drawing their attention. That's all but if somehow you are in your Baba and then put on you know,

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jump around. I don't think that the problem really unless intention is to show off. There's another motive but then intention comes then set it comes if he's what its intention. It's a normal thing for you. I don't think there's any reason to doubt but generally I'll say just put on the court when I'm going for long court and then we fall in the winter.

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Okay, inshallah nets.

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If you give me one moment, okay, so Zaheer, because asking a question, just before I asked his question, I've seen quite a few questions coming through and they're not that clear. Please, Inshallah, if you try and make your question more specific, because we do get a lot of questions. Sometimes they're quite repeated, they're repeated a lot. It'd be good to have them a little bit more specific. So they clear in Sharla.

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Okay, so his question is, we know woman we're working in Medina in every sector when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was there, but people, some people say that it was before the Ayat of modesty were revealed. Please can you kind of give give some clarity on this

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verse about hijab, you know, to the different different theory, nothing to do with that. After the verse is still people start women doing the same thing. Farming, traveling, fighting war, even at the time of ricotta. There are so many women fighting having war, women going to the masjid, doing our take off in the masjid, traveling business, even Agra Khattab appointed a woman in charge at the market viewport and a woman

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to come on Google for good they will and walk in the streets of Medina the women used to attend the for the performer and they used to comment on it and debate him discuss with him nothing generating in the data versalift makes one thing that when women go they put on Gulaba it does to women to put on YouTube they become eligible to use public space to they use public space, but with jilbab there's nothing generated they are still using public space in the past, but muting happened now they must have Juba that's all

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okay, in Shona let's move on this question doesn't seem

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to be too clear, but maybe we can answer the second part of it. So the asking is it good to practice giving aid gifts to children on both aid some cultures seem to celebrate even a fifth or more than either altar. Why does ideal fit gets more important than either at all times should this be the case

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the thing really is not really important anyway people should celebrate it on how big it will fit because and more importantly it doesn't really matter you know in India they call it the fitrah Choti Eid is married and it will either have a cold body either the big lead but in reality it will fit with the bigger one reason is because this comes after Ramadan after a long long time. So people make a new cloth and all those things then after that two months concert or rather to just have one eat second eat is so close to many people in India they make a new cloth for their children for idol fitter then they after it will fit the key that is simpler and then when I draw the heart of the

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youth the same and then after that they start using

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this arena really because in the fitter comes after such a long time and era tight very close to whatever they prepare for it will fit right they use the same one era and people become happy more easily fitter because come after Ramadan fasting you know people want to celebrate with eating and drinking it rather they already have been eating drinking even if there is a three fasting FRF I just one day fasting doesn't make any difference to in mind that people generally is refeed had more important

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but both are both a celebration of both of their own rulings. The Don't worry some people will give you a refeed are more important that nothing is allowed for us to stop people from getting easily fitter more important

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okay, and shall i Let's see if we can move on to like I mentioned some questions aren't too clear. So I'm going to read it out and hopefully maybe someone can help us out or see if we can make it more clear

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in a q&a It was mentioned that beds did not pelt stones in sort of the soil feel that most of the book refers to 40 cent against them flocks of birds that pelted them with stones which one is correct? I'm not sure if this chef this was a q&a that we had oh maybe that you I'm not sure

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I could you know there are many things that are more than one opinion to maybe some other books you know whatever they say if you think that a more communism follow that you know if what I observed it if it makes more sense for you I made all the arguments you can refer actually toward this stuff system a time that you can refer to that which makes some sense to you follow that or the end of the day to not really such a big thing and that's not I will not question the Day of Judgment why you follow this webinar this and you can say I follow that opinion because that

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in the most books in practical life it doesn't make a difference anyway it's still your same prayers and fasting same the same height so don't worry too much but if you want to know my opinion, I've discussed this you know so many times really and they also mentioned in my book of the height you know travel travelogue which is translated in English now I think soon will come to you can read in English and also in Arabic there

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okay, Inshallah, let's move on to we have a question from Sedef is it known what yeah, the verse of the veil was revealed. How is the Hadith abama medulla Weinhold. About so the raja LaWanda being identifiable relevant as well couldn't hide her height

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mashallah sister said that much as you had already know, good questions, and I'm really impressed by her thinking and understanding. I found really my my thinking very similar to her thinking. So this very importantly, but I should remind you, sister that I taught a course on as baboons zoo, the causes of revelation of the people code and it one day course Mona Ferraris idea the Potamia ideas and other people's I already love the movie or theater I discuss the Potamia then what will they really and then

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I'd only if you attended the course but I remember that your husband was there, if you somehow can find the link for that, that will answer this question. The truth really is a far many of these verses. There are so many stories to the Quran about not reveal for a story Quran or were revealed for a gender condition, general condition is that it now right time has come, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a family feel that they are not protected enough because he Delta community in Makoto now the case in Medina and the beginning of another case in Medina, when the conquest happened, you know some of the battles and more Muslims are coming. And there are more people who

00:25:42--> 00:26:18

are you know, become Muslim and they're not as good in Islam and Hippocrates or well known in Medina, and they make all conspiracy and the prophets Allah house like in house the code to all these people have good intention or bad intention evil people, they come to his house when they come in there his wife is there to they can see the wife they can discuss with him. Sometimes they come and eating the wife the key ask them to eat with them. Like Omar Hatha, or a lot of us said once I came to the house, that person loves them, he was eating with Aisha to call him and I switched on. And they eat into Simplot when Omar via the eating his finger tight the finger of Aisha so then he

00:26:18--> 00:26:54

realized really that you know, many, many hypocrites they come to maybe their finger touches and they have bad intention, you know, to touch wife or the prophet or see them or something like that. So he did not like the wife or the prophets, Allah Allah to be exposed to the public so open, especially because his house is visited by all the people, other people's house like our Casa de Kumara, and other worldly finance community, the people who know them with the prophets, Allah is the leader community didn't know, it's a different matter that why the need a cave, really, at this moment, if the wives of the Prophet are treated differently, so then it came to them, that when

00:26:54--> 00:27:35

other people come, they can't see them inside the house, they are in the normal close to now they can't sit with them, they can't eat with them on when they go outside, they put on jilbab but they also make sure they cover the face as well whenever the past by the people who could look at them to draw, you know, data on their face or cover their face to deal with jilbab is when people follow, you know, they put on you know, in just cover the niqab, but covering the fifth way inside the house. Now, other people when they come, they don't eat with them, that well done for the house or the profit, because that is more attractive, the people come there and so many people come in car to

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start them everybody come for consulting advice and this discussion in Iran and good people. And also when somebody is very high position hid we will become more attractive to people find more interest in to look into a princess to a queen, wife after King. Though maybe there are other women who are you know, more beautiful than the wife after King. But she because more important like for Nepal if there are two girls in one is studied in the Oxford University, and one is just even or did not do anything. So people who marry they will prefer the one you know who has got good education or any define more attraction. So the wives of the Prophet were more attracted, you know, people are

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more interested in them, so that about their need for them to extract care. That way, you know, when they used to go out and the person loves them, they say we were we're talking with the person and as soon as somebody has come, we will keep take the part of the cloth and cover cover our face to the ground to see today. It was for the wives of the Prophet, but djellaba was for everybody. You know it when it came that our the believing women when the clouds did but the prophets of life the Quran says urine is an EBA less tuna. Gah Hardiman is always the Prophet you are not like other women. Why? Because other women people don't find same attraction to them, I defined to you because you are

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a wife of the head of the state and you know, profit and all those things, you are different, you know, you should be be more careful to fire them their word, you know, covering the face as well, for other women just you're not covering the face to you find I mean, there are many, many reports come the adversity about Hijab reveal after this story after that, no, there may be 1020 stories, they all happened in around that time. So I just want to reveal to everybody said after this story after this, but that no single story, which is called as regularity gender condition that now the time has come right time when the wives of the Prophet need more protection, because of the way in

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which the head can portray and likeness house had become central after all politics and you know, hypocrite everybody comes that way. A little modified opinion is that Quran is revealed for a gender condition or for a specific story. Maybe somebody said bye

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shoulda listened to could be the 1020 stories at the same time, you know, today tell you what is happening. But none of the stories caught up revelation to gender condition. I think I made clear but if you're not clear, there is no do this visit this course that I taught and I think your husband has attended if you're not you

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actually chef She did say she attended it so so maybe you still have access to the course in Sharla. But hopefully this this was a bit more helpful inshallah.

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Perfect at 630 in the dark just happen to her. And Chef, I think we'll end it there. And Sharla share, hopefully we'll see you next week, same time in sha Allah. So no anesthesia. And likewise to everyone else. If you give me one moment to everyone else, we have a quick announcement. We've not kind of shared this for a while, but inshallah we did share it when we did launch chef's new course. And this course is an introduction, an introduction to sahih al Bukhari and I will put it on the screen.

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The course is based on chef is a four day short course based on chef's book mindful and ally. So he and Bihari it is starting this weekend. So this Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th of December, and then seventh and 14th of January, I would say this is your last chance to sign up to the course. So just some quick information about it. There's an introduction

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to Sahara Buhari, we have had quite intensive courses that she has been doing for the past few years. And so he'd have a hurry. But this is more of an introduction. So sometimes, you know, people might want to join halfway through the chef's kind of intensive course and they realize actually, I think I need a bit of a more comprehensive course just an introduction before I even go on to studying it intensively, which is why we designed this course. So again, this is one of the most important books in Islamic intellectual history, as the Quran is said to be the most authentic book in Islam. So I think it's an important book and many of us don't actually know why. So I think this

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course would be good it's not too much too. It's not too long. You don't need to commit commit too much time and also you will be given access to the recording to Inshallah, so if you head on to, as I've shown on the screen slm.ac.uk forward slash intro, Buhari.

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Go on to there for more details, you can see the price you can see the dates and Sharla I think it will be really, really good to see you guys there in Sharla. Other than that, like I said, it was so nice to see some of you at this the student retreat chef was referring to that we had and Sharla hopefully more of you can join the next one and you can join us on our Islamic scholarship programs for the next year in sha Allah. We hope to continue this q&a and be back next Thursday. 6pm BS GMT so UK time. If for whatever reason it doesn't work out please just keep an eye out and on social media in Sharla and you will kind of be able to see when we'll be back. And other than that I sit

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down while a Gomorrah medulla Heuberger to everyone