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There is something we can do Allah subhanaw taala says for unzila long Sakina Allah brought down tranquility into their hearts and supported them with unseen armies and you see this in the USA Today, AXA is ill and AXA needs the old man. Actually Alexa does not meet the unmet needs and AXA to get up. I Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who better care to welcome to my channel. It's our aim to give you good information from a faith perspective. So if you're not Muslim, welcome, come and listen to a new perspective. And of course, if you're on my brother and sister in Islam, a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Peace be upon you in this time, especially of great test for our

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brothers and sisters in Philistine and that is why tonight, I am honored to welcome my teacher, Dr. Khaled al visi. He has a special course that is available in Ankara University, and I'll let him tell you all about that. And our focus this evening is to do with an AXA. Why is the resistance called Al Aqsa flood at this time? What is it about this special space that is so important to the Palestinians that they will not budge in order for it to be protected? I'll let you introduce what you do there che Salam Alikum walaikum salam where I had to lie over again, it's an honor to be with you and an honor to be talking about at the Masjid Al Aqsa.

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I teach here at the Social Sciences University of Ankara in Islamic history and we have a master's program on Batum studies with

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specifically on UK soil from historical and various other dimensions as well as international politics and geopolitics history and various other fields. Am I right in thinking that this is still sweetly I think, quite rare to have

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an encapsulated module and whole course on Al Aqsa from an Islamic viewpoint. Yes, this is actually one of the reason why this was set up is because of what we call the intellectual Nakba, an intellectual crisis that the onma has gone through over the last 100 years

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or more, since the occupation in 1917 by the British. And what has happened is the issue of based on this the issue of Al Aqsa, and the issue of Palestine in general has been narrowed down from being an Islamic issue, to an issue of the Arabs narrowed down even further to an issue of the Palestinians. And now we see it even narrowed down further to those who are living around it, and trying to keep the rest of the world away from it. And this is why this program was set up and thankfully in Turkey and also in Malaysia, and currently also being set up in Indonesia

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mashallah, I want to give a taster of what's coming up in our discussion today, we're committed are going to be looking at the connection between the Palestinian people. And the first Kibler of Islam and we want to find out when a laksa became a political pawn. And what you and I, that's me and you, Dr. Khaled knows what he's doing what we can do right now to support the people of Palestine in this hour of their great test. So I want to begin, I think Dr. With

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a background of what's going on right now in the West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem. Yes. So I've got I've got some figures here. And then I want you I want your your your comments, please. So the Monday Sheikh Hatem al backery, who's the Palestinian Minister of Al Kahf, stated that Israeli occupation forces and extremist settlers invaded Al Aqsa Mosque 22 times and prevented the call to prayer in Ibrahimi mosque in Al Khalil Balti seven times during the past months. The ioof is tightening the blockade and restricting Palestinian access to Alexa. And I want to know how this looks because the Palestinians are all around the area. Why can't they just go in? What does a

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tightening actually mean? Yes, this is part of the Zinus policy.

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that has been gradually developing to restrict access to people to administrate law since 1967. When the Zinus foreign forces took over the area, they managed to exclude the Muslims from visiting this site. And it was just the Palestinians visiting their whole lives, one of Islam's holiest sites. And then this was narrowed down

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after the First Intifada, with restrictions on who can access and Masoud lots are from the West Bank and the Gaza. And you see actually most of the people today living investor have never seen an Masjidul outside in their life. And they only live just over an hour away from the masjid and AXA, this was narrowed down even further

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to the level that people who can actually see an axon with their own eyes,

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just a few kilometers away with the separation apartheid wall that was built, they can see a lot, but they cannot visit it and they put restrictions on the ages of people who can visit my own city I believe. Today most of young people have never seen in Masjid locks are also in their life and they only live less than 30 kilometers away from from administered upside. And this jurisdiction is we saw this when administered locks I was closed for two weeks,

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about five or six years ago, and no one even those who are living literally next to it had access to illustrate the upside and the people of beta knock this the city or the holy city and the surrounding area who managed to get there managed to gather in their 1000s and managed to

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defeat the Zionist in what they were putting at the gates of Mr. lochsa from cameras and metal detectors, and they managed to force them to take a step back. But restrictions during the month of Ramadan over the last few years you have the whole Ummah, the whole world has seen attacks on worshippers in the month of Ramadan inside the Knesset lochsa

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The 28th of Ramadan three years ago was one of the worst attacks on MSG lotsa following in the 1990s there was a massacre inside the Appstore following many, many when we talk about the aggressions and the intrusions over in Mr. Lazzaro as you have mentioned in the numbers, settlers are allowed to enter Zionist settlers Zionist Jews settlers are allowed to enter and tourists are allowed to enter the masjid lotsa freely from the early hours of the morning until the time of prayer. And then after in the afternoon they were allowed up to answer when did this happen? This has been

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developed, particularly after the Second Intifada in the year 2000. The Luxor was close to the people, non Muslims for a couple of years, two years, three years and then when and it used to be before that, under the control of the Jordanians who enters the outcrop who enters and who

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is allowed the times the tourists are allowed inside the ministerial officer. But in 2003, the Zionists took control over this they allow the settlers and the tourists to enter whenever they wish to do so. But this has seen a particular shift in the last decade when settlers started demanding praying inside and Masjid laksa. And initially this was unacceptable. But since the deal of the century that of Trump Zionist and you see this now on a daily basis inside the lotsa Zionist extremists are roaming inside the masjid lotsa dancing, doing their prayers and even cursing the Prophet Muhammad.

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We have video evidence of this and you have someone a minister like Ben giveyou, who enters the area of industry Luxor, and without any when Ariel Sharon entered in a

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The year 2000 created a big spark around the world when I've been giving you answers and he challenges not just the Muslims the whole world, he enters and he roams freely and he as the as as a minister is now pushing the limits and even another the head of the opposition just yesterday was warning off what is to come in and Masjid lock saw this coming Ramadan, so just in over a month, and he is warning the Israeli government is saying this will create a lot of conflict, a lot of loss of life, if the Israeli government does not put in an end to the provoking the

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propagation of a Bengi and the temple groups inside the masjid Luxa and it is expected that this will again unfortunately turn into a war zone and Masjid laksa. As you have mentioned the numbers of settlers that are entering the

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exactly what you mentioned about the Ibrahimi mosque in Alka de designs would like and this was discussed in the Israeli Knesset, in the

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parliament in their parliament to try to turn an industrial AXA into what administrative Ebrahimian Hebron in Alkalete has been turned into a place where Jewish prayer is complete. And this is in line with the deal of the century, Al Aqsa, the site of the masjid Laakso should be opened for

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all faiths to pray. This is a mosque, no one would accept this for any for a church to be turned into a place of a multi faith, prayer space. Yes, and this is no one from neither the Palestinians nor the Muslims except this. But this was put down on on paper as part of the deal of the century. And what is meant the Christians don't have any interest in praying and in the midst of lots of what this actually means is just allowing Jewish prayer and it goes even further to say that they are allowed to

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pray and conduct their rituals without any disturbance. And this is what they have been trying to do over the last couple of years to push this agenda. That unless you locks I will only be open to Jews during Jewish prayers exactly as the masjid Ibrahimi and Helene is is

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is the case that is not allowed.

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Closed for all prayers for Muslim prayers and Zionist and Jewish settlers, including the president of this state coming and and you see them playing music very loudly and dancing inside and domestically Brahimi this is exactly what they would like to do in Al Masjid Al Aqsa. If this ummah keeps silent, this is what is expected. The coming Ramadan, and

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soon after hearing this, I just feel as a Muslim, I feel physically ill by this. But there is a whole other level of love for this special place amongst the Palestinians. It says if

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they have been handpicked by Allah to Allah for their love of this land, talk to us a little bit about that. Yes, actually let me as we start to talk about this are some loss love it was in a hadith 1400 years ago, actually describe this and the love of these people to this holy land that Allah subhanaw taala has made all the animals so loss Allah, Allah says that is partly for Domingo Mattia Khaled happy well he there's a group of my ummah always on the right path. There how do we empower you in thy will always overcome their enemies? liable Roman, Kedah Lahoma and when you hear this, even if you let them down,

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they will not be harmed until the

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decree of Allah comes and they are still steadfast Hebda yet young robot you won't get that IQ. We asked the Messenger of Allah this harvest say where are they he says they are in beta Democritus and around beaten this and this

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description of the prophets of Allah Allah who are similar to these people who are steadfast on this

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on the right path, and you see the resilience of the people around administered lotsa

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looking at the people in the desert and their resilience, looking at the people around the industry laps, and never giving up seeing a little girl 12 years old, coming from underneath the rubble, seeing that

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I have not become a martyr, it would have been worth it for MSG to axon. Oh no. So, so this is something that I've, I've, I've witnessed, firsthand, from the people. And, you know, from there was a, there was a blind school in the West Bank that I visited some years ago, and blind children who would both literally and physically never see it, singing about the blue tiles and asking me, and I, you know, I wasn't Muslim at the time, is it beautiful? And then going to Gaza. And as you say, these children as young as four saying, will lie here you will not take our Alexa. How is that? Is that metaphysical? Is there something more going on here? Because parents can tell stories to

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children true stories of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but it doesn't have this impact. What what is the chemistry here?

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Actually being in this land, and growing up in this land that allows power dialysis, it is the land of blessing. It is a holy land. And living through this and seeing the injustice firsthand, makes people even more connected to it. As you mentioned around the world. As Ilana, hamady Berg has mentioned

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decades ago, he says after you teach your children learning law, you have to teach them the love of investable acts or their first Crippler. And this goes back to the connection, not only of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam with this land but with all the prophets. This is the land of the prophets. This is the land where Jesus peace be upon him and his mother, Mariam Alayhis Salam were born. This is the land of Zakariya. And yeah, here, this is the land of Sulaiman and wood. This is the land of Ibrahim and his help and smile. And this is the second mosque on earth from the time of the first human on this earth, thematic Islam. So, this connection, and living in this land and

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feeling, the scholars talk about two forms of Baraka, a blessing that you feel in this land in the description of the verses

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that talk about Baraka. There are two forms of Baraka one is spiritual, and one is physical. And the physical one as Allah describes its Wordle MBR verse 71. He says, When he saves Ibrahim, and loot from the persecution of his people in southern Iraq, he saves him to the land which Allah has bestowed baraka for the world. So, whoever walks on this land will feel the baraka you will taste the baraka this is this land is a very tiny spot of land when you compare it to other countries.

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from north to south or east to west. It's a very small piece of land but it's condensed with Baraka that you feel it by extending your hand you get the bark, off the

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the physical bark off the land. And by opening your heart you will get that spiritual Baraka you'll be able to

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feel the

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monotheism that was preached by a Sally Salaam and Zachary and yeah and Hamas, Allahu Allah yourself. Matt, thank you gathering with all the Prophets, peace be upon them. Only this summit only happened in Baden mock this inside the industrial AXA, on this night on the night of the 27th of Raja

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on the night of the Night Journey and Ascension, and wherever, as Abdullah ibn Abbas mentioned, as a hobby wherever you make such that in,

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a profit has made such that there before you an angel has stood in that spot. So this both physical and spiritual, it is something and the connection of the Muslims around the world with this, the more that you are connected, the more you will feel that America but the people in this land have that Baracca at a further level

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Growing up there, and living in the late 80s and the early 90s going with my father while he was teaching in an Masjid lochsa You feel this? Every time you go you just the moment you enter the Muslims and I'm sure you have felt it when when you visited and, and masjid and oxen SubhanAllah. You know, it's a shame if we, in a way denigrate it by using this media language of the third holiest place in Islam. I have an opinion about that as a journalist, that this seems to be clever. Framing, it's the most holy place to Jews, but only the third to Islam. So you guys have two other places. Don't worry about this. Yes, yes. I on this, I completely agree with you. Not just from

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a media perspective, but also this propaganda of trying to push this as the her third holiest place does not fit within the Islamic narrative. The Islamic narrative says exactly the opposite. The Quran mentioned this place as the first Kibler of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Surah three Bacara wama Jana people Atletico Italia. It was the first Crippler of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam before the Kaaba was his people. Not only this, it there is a twinning relationship between the kava and the Masjid Al Aqsa, the Kava is the first mosque on Earth. Al Aqsa is the second mosque on Earth. The Kava is sorry, the Masjid is the first Crippler the Kava is the

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second Qibla. And if you go further, there is no place within the Islamic narrative that it's mentioned as the third holiest place. The prophets of Allah lives in which many people use the Hadith of the Prophet Elias and I mentioned in Clary,

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where he says, You should set out to visit three mosques. That prophet does not put them in a particular order so Allah selection, as narrated in Buhari by Abu Sayyaf further he says, at the Masjid Al haram, the Haram Mosque, the Kaaba, the second is Al Aqsa, and the third is the mosque in Medina. But if I tell you, you should, before you dive visit three capitals in the world, I'm not putting them in any order and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even those who argue this, in terms of the reward of prayer in the Masjid Al Aqsa is less than that of Mecca and Medina. If you actually look at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he mentioned that there will

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come a time where looking to words and Masjid Luxa and bacon and this will supersede everything, it will be better than the world and everything within it. And this is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he comes out of his, the prophet Elijah and comes out of his house and the Sahaba are sitting in his mosque, and they are discussing which is better a prayer in Al Aqsa or a prayer in his mosque. And he responds, a prayer in my mosque now is better than for prayers in the masjid. So, but there will come a time where a spot from where you can see the Masjid Al Aqsa will supersede that of Medina. And even there is another Hadith mentioned in necessity and

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it is an authentic narration Rasulullah Salallahu Salam says

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whoever sets out

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with the sole purpose of praying and then Masjid locks are all his sins are forgiven and this is only equal to the kava not even the kava to Hajj, if your Hajj is accepted. So that is one year one day of the year for Mecca. But for a Masjid Al Aqsa, if your intention and it is a dua of two prayers. Hamas Allah Allah Allah yourself and the same Doha was made before him by Prophet today man and even salah when he was when he completed the rebuilding of the masjid luck. So he made this to whoever sets out

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with the sole intention of praying of NMSC blocks, all the sins are forgiven. So it is not about the competition between these places. The prophets, Allah Allah He was syndrome. And Islam has made this place one of three, not the third, one of three places that Muslims have to care for and this is putting this within this particular framework.

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makes you see that actually yes and Masjid Al Aqsa, the in certain things Allah calls this land, the Holy Land and does not give the same title to Mecca. But it does not mean that Mecca is less Allah gives a different title to Mecca, which Muslims today and fortunately as part of this intellectual intellectual

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crisis that we live through, we confuse the terminologies, haram, the terminology haram, the prophets Allah lives in them and the Koran only use for Mecca and Rasul Allah uses it also for Medina, so we know it as Al Haramain and significance. This secret This is a different status from what Allah uses for Beighton mark this holiness, pandas and Mubarak Baraka or blessing, and Allah uses them, specifically, the term holiness is only used for a Masjid Al Aqsa, and the land or Payton mark this and the holy valley in the Quran. You know, we're talking about the holiness of this of this special place, to the Palestinians, specifically, people will leave a land if they're

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persecuted. And Allah gives us permission to leave a land. And actually our enemies, and our frenemies have often use this, if the Palestinians are finding it hard, why don't they just leave? And then come, it's as if we can compare the battle factors to I don't know, let's say Westminster Abbey, or not true dar would people in France literally, except in a way, the whole of the country being taken and then fight to the absolute death for not true DAR? Is this just another place on us? What is going on here?

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Yes, this is what makes this land different from any other place. You see, war has broken out across the whole of the world. And people generally leave we see the what has happened in Syria, what is happening in Sudan, what is happening in Iraq, what has happened in the to the Hinga, what has happened to different places in the world? And as you mentioned, Allah subhanaw taala will question people if they say that they were persecuted and would not leave with the exception of this land and also loss Lolly or Salam mentions this in a hadith where Rasul Allah, this little Salam says, There shall be migration after migration, but the best people will migrate to the place where Abraham Ali

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Salam has migrated. So so lost lives and and and I remember growing up in Hebron in Killeen, and this hadith, it is amazing it makes you feel that ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada has chosen you to be in this land. And the Hadith that we mentioned at the beginning. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam says, There is a group of my Ummah that will always be on the right path, no, no matter what happens to them. And when they ask, where are they, he says they are in beta and muck this and around beaten like this in this holy land, and around this for the land, and the people,

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Canada or the West, or whoever, when they open the doors for

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refugees to go there, refugees would take the chance because they will have a better life. But you go and ask a little child in lesson and you heard a video from a cousin just a few days ago, on the border of Egypt. He says whatever they do, we're not getting leave this land, this is ingrained in them. And whatever you do, even if you kill all of us, we're not going to give up this land. This is the Holy Land, this is the land of the Prophet. Give it up, we're, there's nothing left to enjoy. In this in this world. Even if we're left with a piece of bread and a little data, we're gonna live in this land and we're not we're not gonna give it up. And this resilience is

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based on that faith that Allah Subhana Allah has given these people and you see, you see it, and you saw it, and you will keep seeing it with the resilience of the people around them as you'd love. So with the sisters like Hannah did Hello, Annie or Khadija waves or either see them at the end of September this last September, and in the beginning of October, they were being attacked by mobs of settlers at the gate of a massive lab. So with SR i the kick

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In her face and thrown around her and sister Hannah it and they'll go there the next day. This resilience is incredible. And you saw this resilience with the people of classes with a father who his son has just become a martyr, he will say, Yeah, Allah, I have another son, and take from our blood as long as you are until you are satisfied until you are pleased. And this resilience and all of this, you will hear that all of this is worth it for Al Aqsa, all of this is worth it for Palestine for this for the land. And they're, they're not going to give it up and I speak to my aunts who are investor. And when I speak to them their resilience. I

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started feeling shy to even ask them how they are. Because every time I asked them, they said hamdulillah and once I asked my aunt, I said, You keep saying it Hamdulillah. But how are you surviving? How are you eating? And how are you drinking? And she said, Alhamdulillah we used to have water before now we have drops but we used to eat we use they're well off. We used to have sufficient food. Now we deal with

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a single bite every day. Every bomb is like an earthquake. But she says one lie he we are not complaining, one lie. We are not complaining Subhana it's the whole of the world and the whole of the Ummah to shape that we see this live on TV, and we are not able to even

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bring through Gaza, a single bottle of water without the permission of the sun. Isn't there a hadith about that chef, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam mentioned that there would come a time when the whole of the Ummah would have to go to the kuffaar just for something to drink. Are you aware of that hadith is that? I'm aware of the Hadith, maybe similar to this, wherever I saw last Allah, these

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there will come a time where the OMA is like an open meal. Every nation will snatch something out of the OMA. So he describes the Ummah as

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hungry people are coming and snatching part of it from from left, right and center. And the prophets Allah ego send them the harbor are surprised in the safety of our we little than this is why they are and here are soulless lives and responds and he says you are a lot. And this also last lesson describing this 1400 years ago and seeing this today, the Sahaba of surprise. And they ask why is this and Rasul Allah talks about a heart disease that the Sahaba were not aware of, and he called me Wang, and they said, What is what Yaroslava and he says, love of this dunya and running after, and fear of death, it applies to the whole of the Ummah, today, 2 billion people with the exception of

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the people of because, and the people in beaten Methodist, they have no fear of death. I asked one of my aunts in the first week, when this attack happened after the seventh of October, she moved from the South to the North, which was the center of all the attacks. And I said to her, it's more dangerous there. And she said Candide only Allah knows when, when we will die. We believe this in our heart. And what a better way to meet Allah in his State of shahada in a state of martyrdom. And this Eman I have not even seen in the people of Palestine as much as I see today. happening and you look at the rest of the Muslim ummah, it's in a pathetic state that we are unable to

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assist our brothers and sisters and Reza, we're unable to lift the siege, were not able to end their attacks on Masjid laughs and we're just watching from a distance, unable to do anything or come to their aid with water and food and medicine. Unfortunately, you know, I look at it like this shift, which is that those people who actually have some power and maybe they're sitting on their thrones or they're sitting in their big conference halls and their conference rooms, thinking, Oh, I we are making a choice not to go in and not to interfere in this. But let's think about this. Allah is refusing you the honor of being a part of this. And what we hear from the

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People of us, I get the same phone calls, I will call a friend and they're in Rafa. Now how are you handling Allah? It's, it's a bit difficult, but we're getting used to it, and like they're on a camping holiday, right? And we know they're not, I'm not belittling this, but this is the and then immediately they say how are you? And how is your family? And they remember to ask about you. And no, tell me about your news. It's like, How can I tell you my news, and then you find out that they're living by the side of the road? Oh,

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this is supernatural check. Now, what isn't spoken about enough, I think, and I'd like people on this channel to be aware of it is that the unseen realm is active in this.

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What does that mean to you that phrase? Yes, actually, it is.

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I have never seen it. I've lived in Palestine. And I've seen the resilience of people. But I've never seen it as much as I've seen it since the seventh of October. And this is reminds me of the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And just a few days ago,

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I was speaking to a group of Muslims in Ireland. And I use this phrase I said they are like the Sahaba of our time, they are the best of this ummah, there and remembering the Battle of the Trench,

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condom when the Muslims were besieged, in Medina, from the north, the south, they had little food, they were in a very difficult position. And Allah describes it in sort of a heads up and he sees the eyes, the eyes of the Sahaba can not see clearer, and their hearts came up to their throats out of fear. And they started thinking the support of Allah is not going to come. This is how desperate the Muslims were, because of all these armies, not just Quraysh with their own allies gathering against them.

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They thought this is the off off Islam, and it was Allah subhanaw taala says for Enza la Sakina Allah brought down tranquility into their hearts and supported them with unseen armies. And you see this in verses today. Speaking to people in previous wars, they would complain about everything, this is the first time for the last four months speaking to the people of us. Sometimes on a daily basis, no one is complaining. And you feel that this is the Sakeena that Allah has described, that he brought down into the hearts of the Sahaba they have exactly the same. And in that battle if you recall, Rasul Allah, Allah Allah had was so hungry that the Sahaba would come to him and say, you

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know, I've tied a stone to my stomach because of hunger and Rasul Allah would lift his shirt and he would have thrown stones, pie to stomach out also out of out of hungry, the little food that when a companion Javid comes in, invites us all love for a meal and he says, Just invite two or three people the food is not enough. And Rasul Allah invites the whole army and the food was sufficient for all of them. You see this in in the USA Today. And as you were talking about this is something the support of Allah subhanaw taala, the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala gives to these people. And you see this, this cannot be explained, no one, the people of Gaza didn't expect this to last

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this long. They, the enemies, their enemies, did not expect them to survive more than a few days. And now they've been for 120 days, non stop, and they're not giving up and they are more resilient, and they're even more stronger. And you see a soldier stripping a young man naked and standing in front of him with all his armor. And this man is sitting in a way with honor he's just seen his father get killed his

00:39:31--> 00:39:46

the wife of his brother and his brother was killed before his nephew being killed the trunk of him and the resilience and sitting there with honor and not having any fear just puts the whole of this machine Subhanallah

00:39:49--> 00:39:50

there is

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

you there Sakina. And there's also Baraka, I remember going to be at last year, several years ago, I met a few

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Emily beit LAHIA, no longer exists, but they tend to no longer exist in its current form. Allah knows best it will come back as Allah wills. But I was in bed Allah here and there was a an ofii female family, they had no men there. And for some reason that probably either been killed or taken. And they were in a kind of series of shacks with a little courtyard in the middle, and we were going to sort of see what we could do to help them. And I looked around, and it was a very difficult situation, even for us at that time. And I said to the mother, it's Sunday came to me, when was the last time you ate? And she looked at her daughter, and she went, when when did we last see? I think

00:40:42--> 00:41:30

it was three days ago. And I went, sorry, what? She said, when was it? She said it wasn't yesterday. It was the day before? And I'm like, I'm sorry, how are you surviving? And she said, wala Hey, Miss Lauren. one mouthful in Gaza has the baraka for three days, if Allah wills, you have no idea. And they were smiling, and there was a girl there called Nora, and honestly, Light upon light. So in that way, there are miracles and Baraka, but that doesn't let us off the hook because Allah is sending his angels and his Baraka. That doesn't say that, in fact, you know, we really have to be aware of what we can do. So I want us to know about going to Al Aqsa now, because I'm hearing from a

00:41:30--> 00:41:36

lot of Muslims. Oh, well, obviously, it's all shut off. Oh, well, obviously I can't go is that the case?

00:41:37--> 00:41:37


00:41:38--> 00:42:03

the people living particularly in the west. It is easier for you to go and visit and Aqsa than someone who is just living two or three kilometers away from Mr. lochsa. With your Western passports you are able to go through you are able to get in. It is much easier for us living outside

00:42:04--> 00:42:57

of Palestine to go and visit and Massoud Luxor, and some people's to start saying, well, there might be attacks in the month of Ramadan. What's the point of going, you being there in a state of rebirth, and these people have been paying the price for the last 75 years they've been paying the price, not for Palestine on behalf of the whole of the Muslim ummah, for the last 100 years, 106 years to be exact. And this does not let me off the hook. Actually our last panel data on the other day you heard this from scholar, he read this verse and it scared me to have a Lost Planet Allah says il 10 For you, you have the if you do not move, if you do not take action, Allah will punish

00:42:57--> 00:42:58


00:42:59--> 00:43:00

And the verse

00:43:01--> 00:43:17

Let me read it completely ill attend few you have become either been an EMA other than cheerleader Allah will punish you a grave punishment. It is Surah Tober verse 39.

00:43:19--> 00:43:22

He will punish you a great punishment

00:43:23--> 00:43:33

and wasted dill Coleman values and then Allah will replace you with

00:43:34--> 00:44:16

other people and what type of rule Bucha you are Allahu adequately che and Kadeem and you are not harming of law in the least. And Allah is the most capable of everything. So going back to the start of the verse, If you do not move forth, he will afflict you with painful torment and replace you with another nation. And today this is the message to the owner. If the owner does not move, there will be a grave punishment you will see in this world and the hereafter another Hadith. First of all, lots of love is

00:44:17--> 00:44:59

that after this started this attack, a slaughter of hazardous massacre of the people of Gaza, that since the first day, this verse has been going through my mind and everywhere I go, this hadith goes through my mind that every Muslim is aspiring that on the Day of Judgment Rasul Allah will make intersection intersection for his own man he will make Shiva for his ummah. And this hadith says he will not Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will see a group of his own being dragged to the fire and he will intercede and he will say there are parts of my ummah and the angels will say to him, look at your email.

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

I had that will be mean badly. You do not know what they have done after you. And the response of presumed loss of life scares me. He says so fun so I can let them burn in the hell fire. So Allah subhanaw taala is warnings and threatening us in the verse I read inserted Toba verse 39. And it was all awesome lives. And then he says he will not make suffer for some of his ummah. And remember that the day of judgment are don't mesh and we will measure as a lot of us all lost lives and MCs in another heavy the land of raising and gathering the land where everyone will be gathered for their judgment. Is this holy land? Is this land, the land of raising and gathering is the land of beta

00:45:45--> 00:46:20

muchness Do you think on the agenda, you will not be asked that you lived in the 21st century, while OXA was under occupation while a massacre was happening? And you were watching it live on your phone live on YouTube? And you did nothing? Do you know do you not think this will be a question that will be asked? And this really scares me. And today, seeing the people of Gaza die, you saw just about 10 days ago, a three year old a three month old

00:46:21--> 00:46:24

girl die out of

00:46:25--> 00:47:19

hunger puts the whole owner to shame. And we look at sorry, we're looking at the wrong the wrong thing. While we're moaning? I can't go to Gaza. I can't get through the desert on my own. The Egyptians won't, won't let us there is something we can do. Yes, we can go right now brothers and sisters to Al Aqsa in our 1000s in our millions. We are all Palestinians but in our 1000s in our billions. We're all Muslims. And so get on a plane and go and let your foot footfalls be counted by the angels. Oh Allah we were there when the people cried? Oh Allah we were there lending our prayers against the wicked ones. Oh Allah we made our presence felt. So don't let us here I'm a bit scared

00:47:19--> 00:47:45

about going I get so ya allah frustrated. We can do this. This is our call make the call Dr. Khaled? Yes, people can. As I have mentioned from the West, get on a plane and spend this Ramadan inside and Mr. lochsa you can take time off your work. You can take leave, you can put your life on hold

00:47:46--> 00:48:34

for a moment and let me mention something one of the guards of the Masjid lochsa said to me, and this is the cold. He's now in prison since the second week, third week of October. He's been imprisoned and his family has not been able to see him. He's one of the guards of amnesty labs and he said Colin tell the OMA they need to care for Al Aqsa more than they care for the Kava. And I said to maybe that's a little bit too much. He said no. Ask them ask the mothers ask the fathers if they had three children and one of the children is terminally ill yeah with the stand by that child next to their bed and ignore the other children while they are trying to look after this. This this

00:48:34--> 00:48:53

child AXA is ill AXA needs the OMA and then he says actually a Luxa does not meet the unmet needs of AXA together. This is a call for the owner and not just for an acetal AXA those who say we want to help

00:48:55--> 00:49:40

Palestine go to Al Masjid Lochside get on a plane, most of you will be able to get through stand there. And you say well, it is too dangerous. Whether it's too dangerous or not the people are putting their life on the line. The least you can do is take some risks, to support and to stand there and to make your ethical life in an Masjid Al Aqsa and this is not a lot to ask of this Omar particularly those living in the West. You can easily go there without visa I know many people in the Muslim world it is not possible for them. But for them, they can prepare ships because of as a cc. May Allah subhanaw taala punish him for what he has done to the people of Gaza because what he

00:49:40--> 00:49:43

has done is no less than Zionists have done.

00:49:45--> 00:50:00

He's not opening the border from the Egyptian side. And that you've heard Zionist politician saying they want to start with as out to the last bite and you

00:50:00--> 00:50:04

You saw them today, shooting animals even the animals aren't.

00:50:06--> 00:50:18

You see our video of them shooting for fun three sheep and then shooting two horses or two donkeys. The OMA can raise ships there is a 40 kilometre off

00:50:19--> 00:50:31

shoreline when because I don't think it's going to you're going to lift the blockade without paying a price. The Oman needs to challenge the

00:50:32--> 00:51:21

this blockade. And unfortunately actually fortunately for them, may Allah bless them. May Allah bless the South Africans for challenging designs and taking them to court which no Muslim state would do. All of them are afraid of paying the price and fortunately saying well, our economy doesn't allow it. Many Muslim states. I've heard this excuse. South Africa's economy is not better than Turkey's economy. And they said we are willing to pay the price and the rent and challenge you cannot return a laksa you cannot return your holy land without challenging this designers. And you can challenge them on going there. You can challenge them on

00:51:22--> 00:52:13

assembling ships, not one or two ships, not 70 ships, or hundreds, hundreds of ships to go to the stand they will not be able to step stop all of them. At least be by the sight of your brothers and sisters who are paying the price for your impotence they're they're paying the price for the ominous silence. And if you do not, Allah is warning the will lie. Allah will punch you a grave punishment in your countries you will see this punishment, you will see it in yourself and you will be paid the price by Allah replacing you with a better nation. Maybe Islam will be rising for the metal front from the west. You see people becoming Muslim because of the resilience of the people of Gaza. And

00:52:13--> 00:53:07

maybe it is them that Allah will replace us with Allah Who knows best but there's a Doha along Mr. Didn't know that a sibling and I Allah use us as a force for good and do not replace us with others. And this is a time for this man to act and this ummah, this night of the 27th of Rajib The Night of Ascension of Rasul Allah slabs and his night journey to illustrate Lhasa. Let it be an ascension and a journey of the OMA towards the Masjid lochsa and ascension that this stands up again, this OMA has been the last time I was in the Masjid lochsa I felt ashamed in the people slip when I saw a soldier attack a Muslim woman inside the masjid laksa and bite her with his teeth like witches stock that

00:53:07--> 00:53:29

they acquired and I felt ashamed of this ummah, Rasul Allah did not raise the Ummah to be like this. And today when I see what is happening on in an assault in the desert, I feel ashamed of my humanity. I feel ashamed of this human race that sees live on TV, people being murdered, and do nothing

00:53:33--> 00:53:36

Schiff I just

00:53:37--> 00:54:02

we're not we, we have the tools. Allah has given us oil, wealth, house, and foreign passports. And we need to get on those planes. And we need to get on those boats. And anybody who's feeling angry and impotent right now, and that I can't imagine being a man right now. Because there's a woman I'm like, raging.

00:54:03--> 00:54:55

But as a man, it must be if you're in Jordan, and you know, there are places that cannot go to Alexa, get on the planes. And and it really is very disturbing to hear people in comfort going, but what if it's blockaded and I can't go into pray, pray in the street with the locals, that prayer may be the Batoka of your life, and it's your duty. It's my duty. I'm not putting this on anybody else. But let's put our theory aside. Because there is nothing anybody can do to us if we are taking steps for the OMA and for the honor of rasool Allah because at the end of the day, that's the Palestinian struggle. It wasn't called Palestine flood or Geneen flood was called Al Aqsa flood. Yes. Thank you

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

so much. Any any final final final words?

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

of inspiration in sha Allah, Zack love her, I really appreciate you making the score. And I pray that your audience who are listening in,

00:55:12--> 00:55:51

do not see or feel that there is nothing I can do. There is a lot you can do wherever you are, if you're in Jordan, go down to the border and break this fear that they try to put in your, in your heart. If you're in Egypt, the same do not today the people of Egypt are starting to pray to pay the price, the Egyptian pound Genet has no value, the economy is falling. And it is a punishment for what they are doing to the people of this and they know this,

00:55:52--> 00:56:22

the 1800 1800 It started with 1800, then it went up to 15,000. Now 18,000 trucks are waiting to go into us, some of them have been stolen. Some of them have the expiry date as gone. And this is a las Panatela is warning us if you do not take action. And this action, what we're asking is peaceful action that everyone can do.

00:56:23--> 00:57:15

The people in Leicester are paying a very heavy price on behalf of the swimmer, the least the when I speak to them, when I speak to the people there, the least they expect is this ummah to take some some form of action to aid them to give to give them some clean water to give them they're not gonna give up, but at least be by your side, it be by their side and stand with them. And this axon is not their message. This is not a Palestinian message as you have mentioned, this is the flood of Al Aqsa, ofan will AXA and what they were expecting is the whole Ummah, 2 billion Muslims are going to come there and the Aqsa would have been liberated. But what we saw, on the other hand, is this

00:57:15--> 00:58:05

pathetic excuses. Countries have been Muslim countries have been making many of them complicit in this genocide. You see, and let me finish with a final verse from the Quran, which also from the beginning of this has been going through my mind Allah subhanaw taala says, When the Drina, kapha, rhubarb, audio Bob, and the disbelievers are allies of one another. And we have seen when we see Joe Biden come on the day that the hospital was bombed, and and say that I'm sure that you haven't done it. And they've killed since 10s of 1000s of Palestinians. And still, they're still given arms. But he didn't come empty handed. He came with armor. He came with weapons with with everything to

00:58:05--> 00:58:51

support this Zionist state because this is their project. This Zionist entity is a Western, a Western project before it was even a Jewish, a Jewish project. Then you had a Sunak of the British Prime Minister, then you had the French and the the Germans and the Canadians and the Australians, all of them not with empty words. We are still standing with Israel, they are standing literally with all their minds behind the state. Not only that many of these Muslim states like Egypt and like Jordan and like Saudi and like many others, unfortunately, our support and

00:58:52--> 00:59:19

UAE are supporting this genocide from either directly or indirectly unfortunately Sona upon dishonor, shame, ape, absolute shame. You really want to be raised with Netanyahu, Satan, Yahoo, you want to be in his queue on Jamar Cayambe Good luck. Good luck is when you stand next to him you know what you're doing? And these people will pay the price.

00:59:20--> 00:59:59

These people this injustice, injustice everywhere has a time limit but read the books of the Muslim scholars in the sphere of the Quran when they talk about an urban plant they say the holy land this is this is a land where no oppressor will ever last. The Crusaders and before the many oppressors came and pass this land, this design estate Wallah he will not survive any longer. You'll you hear this from their from their political analysts and you hear this from their religion

01:00:00--> 01:00:45

rabbis that this state would not last, then this will not be the end this will not become the capital of Palestine. Our quotes will not Jerusalem will not be the capital of Palestine, as we saw last lives in this night of hope that Rasul light was the hope for him. Al Aqsa is the hope of the OMA Al Aqsa will and beta and this will become the capital of the whole of the Muslim ummah. And from there, they will rule just they will bring justice to the whole world. Not only that Rasul Allah tells us the great fitna off the world that Jan the Antichrist will come to the whole world and conquer it, with the exception

01:00:46--> 01:01:34

of Mecca, Medina of tour and and Masjid lochsa. But his destruction will be at Bab loot which is not close from Tel Aviv that will be the end of the greatest fitna in the world. Then you have Gog and Magog, they will go through this go through the whole of the land, the whole of the world, their destruction will be in the land of battle like this, no oppressor will ever survive in this land. And this will be the end of this Zinus entity in the land of better luck this let us end with hope. But in order to see this Allah tells us Allah will not change your circumstances until you change yourself until the OMA changes and take steps towards the liberation of an industrial AXA. Alexa

01:01:34--> 01:02:15

will not be limited, masha Allah thank you so much for your great dedication to the cause of knowledge to your great message for what we can do. May Allah bless you in this life and the next and I will put links below to the best course I've ever taken on the importance the reality in the meaning of Alexa from an Islamic perspective. And the best we can do right now is arguably go to Alexa. You can't get into Gaza keep trying but go to a laksa because they are dying for us to pray their Alhamdulillah may have except their sacrifice and your thank you so much. We'll meet again inshallah.