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The host of a Q Kia interview discusses various topics including the meaning of sound in Islam, the importance of honoring the Prophet's words and actions, and the importance of praying outside of the home and not giving birth to children in later years. The segment also touches on the topic of not drinking and not giving birth to children in later years. The importance of not letting people use their own thoughts and knowledge to avoid problems and not giving birth to children in later years is emphasized.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a wishes Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT. Without further ado, let's begin share we have some private questions that have come in. So let's start with those. The first question is, is there any sound Hadith that has not been included in any of the six books? If so, does that mean if a hadith is not in the six books, it's not Saheeh

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money laheem

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fustian actually is, you know, what he means, what sound means, is actually not so easy to explain, but these are no technical terms ahaadeeth been sound does not always necessarily mystery to her this is not a sound, it does not necessarily means it is untrue. Because he are just measurement a technical thing you know, it is not necessarily you know, sorry. And, and, and true or sound or truth both are not the same thing. To this people have to understand when we had the Athena said This is Sound Hadith, it means that they have got a major met you know, by which they think it is more likely to be say, so, everybody has got their own criteria Buhari has got his own criteria,

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Muslim has got his own criteria, and other people have it, it could be possible that there are Hadith in the Musa formula humble and some other books which are not included in Sahih Bukhari Muslim advocate and couldn't be say according to some definition, so we should not touch but what we can say really generally, if people have got the Quran, Mata Sahib Buhari, Sahih Muslim, they will be safe, you know, most things will be there, or if they also had a Buddha would to maybe take these things. So Quran you have, then you have much more tougher Malik Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim, and then Abu Dhabi to generally in most Hadith that you need, it will be there may be few things here

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and there, but generally it will be there.

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Does Arklow hater and Chef the next private question that we've got is Chef How do we assess Hadith which have a very high level of Sahai ie the Moto faculae or in Buhari or a Muslim, but they contradict established knowledge, such as the Hadith of the height of Adam Alayhis Salam

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you know, as I mentioned, you know, the people who say this, you're maybe Buhari Muslim debt experts and they really are very advanced people, you know, that the best people in their field have the knowledge, but like any field of knowledge, even the people who are the best expertise, they sometime could do mistake, you know, like a medical doctor or something, you know, in any in any field. Sometimes they could, you know, have a mistake. So Buhari Muslim, they have done their best effort to include only sound Hadith, but it did not put on it enough time to reveal it to human knowledge, they hadn't made their best effort, Allah did not reveal to them what is sound heard

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these words are sound, they making effort. So, it is possible that you know, one or two Hadith that there could be a no, not sound, but sometimes elite people have got a different meaning of that. You know, some people think that maybe the Hadith, you know, it does not look very true, but it could have another meaning. So, we have to be very careful to ask people, to some people think maybe the height meant actually rather the height in paradise, but the paradise people will be different height. So it could be with when Adam came to this world, it was different, believe it or not, in detail. But yeah, it is possible in theory that some Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, they are not, you

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know, sound, but one should not rush because sometimes you think it is not rational, but you can ask other people, they can find the reasoning behind that.

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Jesus glow head on shift. That's the end of the private questions. Now we'll begin with the questions that are being asked on YouTube and Facebook. So the first question is by Farhan, who says salam aleikum, Chef, I'm a 30 year old man, I don't want to get married due to some psychological problems is made marriage mandatory. What about the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam says, He is not among us who does not get married.

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Now in order to you know, when something is Sunnah, it means normally that what it should be, but you know, there are exceptions. So, if somebody has got you know, some character problem, for example, somebody becomes angry very quickly and ethically. My reason you know, he will hurt and harm his wife. He should not get married and then he should find a you know,

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He should control desire and do sub. And that was the personal asset doily among you who can afford to marry they should marry. Otherwise they should be fasting to do one thing he made the meaning that there could be many reasons for people not to marry. And then they should have to be patient, they have to control too if you have got some circular problem, you need to refer to the doctors and ask what they say if they have a cure. Maybe they can help you. Otherwise, you should be careful and if you've decided stronger, meanwhile, key fasting fasting will help ensure

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that low fare and shift the next question also by Farhan says, Chef, in the only mosque in my locality

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is a Braille V. Masjid the Imam may induce asks the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam for mercy for the sake of Allah. Is it allowed to pray in congregation in such situations? Or should I pray alone at home? No, no, you should pray in the Jama because many of these things that people say they have their own immune, not necessarily to hook. We don't want to disentangle the believers to go attend the prayer and be nice and good to them. Maybe one day they become better, but don't leave the gym or don't leave the congregation.

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As an ally like a chef, the next question is by Fosun, who asks a Salam o alaikum. Chef, my question is, is it allowed to pray behind a person who believes in what they told you would you

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there are so many steps in Muslims, if we leave people because they have gossip sectarian views, then nobody can play behind anybody. You pray, you get the reward of your prayer, and whatever they believe they get sent for that. In nowadays, you know, if you start looking for the peoples of belief and Arpita so many plumbers, the best thing is anybody who said I Muslim, just believe his Muslim prayer on your yogurt river after that by

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if somebody says I'm a Muslim, in a Muslim and then you can pray behind him.

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And the next question also by falls on is how can we recognize the halal squat, halal stocks in the equity market?

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Largely under haram, they are not very, you know, something confusing, very clear thing Halal is clear or haram is clear. So if something has got interest or gambling or something like that, that will be haram. But if you know, there's no clear interest or riba or nuclear gambling that we had, and if you're doubtful, then ask somebody explained the condition. Maybe people can find solution for you.

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But generally just doubts off haram does not make any haram, that keep in touch I understand. You know, things are halal, unless you prove that they are haram. If you don't have proof that they're haram. They're halal.

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Is that glow head and ship? The next question says salaam chef, could you please explain why Allah mentioned mentioned the suffering of Jacoba lay Salam who missed his son until he became blind? Can we let ourselves be in the same situation when tested?

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You know the story of a Jacobian Yusuf has gotten many, many lessons. And the Quran has commanded that all the prophets that must be followed and orbit. So whatever lesson you can get from any story of the Quran, you should think that the Quran has been revealed. You are obsessed of patience, it's very important. Many people would become angry with their family, their daughters, their children, their sons, the expelled from the house and they become angry. You see Jacoba he's not his son you know have committed a big sin.

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But still he keeps him in the house he's nice with them, hoping one day they become better because if you expel people they never can become better to you.

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Though it was bigger trial for use Jakob and he really suffered very, you know very much the still he is so patient and does not complain to anybody other than Allah He comes to him and asked him and it took a long time because Allah wants to his Sabra to have a you know, guidance for many people for many many things. So that way the prophets messengers they get more problem because then people can learn from their lives. We can't have so many problems but still we lose the patients they don't lose. So Jacobian use of their great examples in the Sabra and patients that way the prophets Allah Alyssa la machete you know read this story you know in detail, you know for Heath Ledger and in

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thinking that he follows us one day He will be back

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to Zack locator shift the next question is what does it mean to obey the husband in the context of the Quran seems like men take advantage of this for control and get what they want.

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Yeah, let people take advantage of many many things. So you know, many parent, you know the, they expect their children to obey them. If

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right away, you know, rulers expect the subject to obey them. Teachers expect the students to obey them. Everybody thinks that you know people have to obey them unconditionally. That is not right. Really. Nobody or the Hadith of the prophets Allah Allah Maha glutenfree. Ma says the Holy, the most important obedience is obedience of Allah subhanaw taala, even the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his obedience are in elimite in elimite, you know, you're not obliged to OBEY HIM EVERY SINGLE matter. You know, one of the lady burrito when she became free, the prophet of water to keep wanted her to keep her husband, but she didn't like, and the Prophet advised her but she said, Is it your commando

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advice? He said, No, it is my advice that she said, then I'm not going to do that. So is it the Prophet in that mind, he allows people to use their own wisdom, their own thinking, to similarly has awareness and why they aren't together, but there are many, many things. Without doing it, like you know how to bind can eat what he likes, wife can eat, what she likes, they can wear whatever clothes, they can have friends over there, like they can do about it. Like, they can do so many things. They like, but when it comes to the family matter,

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they should be in harmony, because you can't have two things like you know, like, Moon sighting, for, for Ramadan, and Eid. Yeah, that should be done by one person. But now we decided sent in the family.

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If the husband or wife that differ, went to get married their children, or they can't have two daughters. So then husband will be like a boss, a final, you know, he at least he will he will come otherwise boskie Fighting to endure the motors of the family were actually somehow they can't settle the problem, then the wife has should listen to the husband because he don't want to spend money and look after and discover a way to set up the problem. So otherwise the problems never can be settled. But in other things, nothing to do with you know your mother have your school of thought How to Pray How do you do what you read what to all your Who do you meet, you know nothing to do with husband or

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wife it is people's freedom they can do as they like

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to talk a little later and share just just a added on question to that. So if the profits are low, listen, just to clarify, if the prompts are low, listen and did come on doesn't know how to do x, y and z then then we wouldn't be obliged to do that command. Yes. But

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whenever commerce people really in relation to the Quran, obedience of Allah bada that must be for better or he could be the messenger you can't disobey Him. But whenever he commands people about the worldly matters, you know, not for Al haram. You know, like how to do farming. Yeah, that people know themselves really how to do medical treatment. You know that people can follow their own medical treatment and they don't need to follow the parcela Selim. But what they need to follow him Halal haram to some medical treatment or haram, that he will not be allowed. But for up to the professor Larson did a hijama you know, copying in a decent diet, that's fine if people follow him

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but if people want to have their own medical treatment they can do is to not they are not obliged to follow. Similarly eating and drinking he used to eat our food, you know, 30 eat and so many things. Indian people and Turkish people, other people have their own cuisine, they can follow that as long as they follow him in a halal haram. So I'm trying to understand the power so lesson came to guide the people to teach people the Quran to teach her al haram that he must be obeyed. Well, worldly matters people can eat or find whatever convenient whatever easy for the mean. There's no harm in that

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because that's a little later and check. The next question is by Feriha who asks share was doing household chores. I tried to do this be or recite Quran but I don't fully I don't get full concentration as my mind is busy with the work will I get reward anyway

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yeah, I know if keep doing this be and keep coming back and getting better since then. Nothing really. You got some people anyway you know you're more reward comes with your consultation thinking but don't worry keep doing you know, even if you have literal consultation still it is better than not doing anything. I myself you know when walking and going anywhere, keep doing this we had other things to do I normally I don't concentrate so much when I'm walking and but still something happens inshallah.

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Inshallah, the next question is by Choudry, who asks, What does the acleda of monetary coal and power to do the sunroof of profit mean?

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You know, leave this thing because some people think the prophets Allah Allah salami the methodical means he can do anything, he can change anything he can, you know, make anything good or bad. So, you know, this actually is too much. Anyway, some people believe in this. You know, what we believe is Elijah man who's, you know, a dear you know, powerful over everything. And the prophets, Allah

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Nothing that Allah said if the Quran said and, you know, Quran calls himself of Allah subhanaw taala he's owned by him, like we are owned by law. So we all are human, you know, human being, we are human. But among all the humans, the person lost in the bestow and chosen one, you know, prophet, a messenger mean that God had not created you, not a master, you know,

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whatever he has got his order given by lots of mozzarella, and a very limited, you know, that lots of water did not make him to become his partner in the universe. Allah does whatever he like nobody his partner, nobody shares the entity with him. So, you know, we should not exceed the limit.

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Is that the law glow later and shed? The next question is by God who says salam ala Kosha. Someone who is born in non Muslim family, but she believes in Allah, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and the Last Day, Then will she be considered as a Muslim?

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Yeah, if you think I see them also, because, you know, some people do this. But they don't think fully that they become Muslim. Because Islam is a declaration. There was shahada, the shahada means you declare that you're disconnected from your past. And now you connected with this new thing, just having something in the mind and the heart, it could be useful to you in the Day of Judgment, maybe, because if people believe in Allah Alone, anteprima on the Day of Judgment, you know, maybe he'll forget, but just to consider somebody Muslim, they need to declare their Muslim. If there is fear in their skirt, yeah, then they could hide and said themselves that I'm Muslim, at least they should

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know that Muslim

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is located on shift. The next question is by Omar, who says, is praying that are we at home more rewarding than at the masjid? Yeah, we also know prayers, they are better at home. You know, the only the prophets a lot of these are Buhari, that, you know, all the prayers, you shouldn't be at home, except a less Salah in October except the one which is further if you pray travel at home, you get more reward, and that what people should do now people have made all this fashion and culture to go outside and leave the house, prayer at home always have more reward than the month except for prayer.

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Zach Lowe, Heron shift. The next question is by Ibn Mohammed, who says, Chef, can you please clarify the difference between the dubber and tafsir will a person who doesn't know Arabic and is a beginner in be held accountable for misinterpreting the Quran? You know, that's on Sunday, I taught her you know, all course on this Sunday again is coming. Like, you know, I explained very directly what the theory means, what that really means to what the Buddha means, or that something more will happen. You just need to find the recording of the course, at least one hour in the beginning, it will help you to understand why can't repeat you know, in this short question or that time. So, you know,

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whether you need to tell people about you know, about the course so that they can you know,

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get access to that, otherwise, if I kill people, or sometimes we will ask question about those issues, which I already have written some articles. And the reason is, so then people don't ask to similarly when it is a courser, the intention is then people you know, learn from that because more detail, if you ask now, I can't answer so quickly, it needs the details. Yes, just go ahead and check. I for all the listeners viewing this, I have shared the course link in the comments. The course did start last Sunday, but you can still sign up and catch the recording of last Sunday and join the live session for this Sunday in sha Allah as well. And with that, we'll quickly move on to

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the next question. Asked by Farhan who asks, How to Ask Allah in tahajjud what should be the format of the is it necessary to ask and sujood or I can ask with raised hands after eight hours of the 100 Salah you know asking a lot that not really need any condition you can his doors are always open you can ask Him in prayer outside the prayer a walking lying down in any condition you could ask but what you need to know no usually doesn't

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properly ask him insist on him he does not be that your mind is somewhere else or your tongue is asking you should ask you know whether your heart and think really find a lead or not accept what I will do nothing is there

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to when you believe that Allah is the One who will go to accept no one else. He will listen to you but it voted reconditioned really, you know you pray into Judah and then ask. Even if you ask you know, any time really is did he listens to you know he always listens.

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Just talk a little later and share. The next question is

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what to do if parents don't want you to get married rather they want you to be career orientated, even though you are in your late 20s

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You know, you will listen to your parent endorsed where they've got authority or you went to where to marry, to go to get married, the peppers can't force you, they can advise you, but you don't, you're not obliged to listen to them.

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Marry when it is good for you, because you know, to your problem, and you sometimes people can get sin, and who to marry, obviously your choice. If they advise you and advise good, that's fine. If they're not going to advise you don't accept these don't get any sin. The Prophet made it very, very clear, you know, if to your life, you know, the people should understand perhaps don't own you, they're not your creative so they're not your masters. You know, they help you to you, You be nice to them. But you don't need to listen to them every single matter in the depth and material. In whatever you do you the question. You can't say in the Def Jam motto, asked my father, no, ask my

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mother you will be questioned. Who wants to get married? It is your problem? You have a question? You can't say I just married because my father forced me. That didn't happen. But you are a human being you have got a rod that you've got power you've got will. So who you marry is your responsibility. And when you marry it is your responsibility people who can advise you, but nobody can force you to make a decision. You know, when you growing up to become 20 year old, you're Marsha black 20 year old, you should be able to discuss understand, take advice, you should be able to say sometime no to your parents nicely, like Ibrahim Melissa, you know, he knows when to say no. And so

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yes, his parents forced him to worship idols. No, he just he made very clear, actually he asking them to leave idols and come to his religion. So you know, very make very clear to your parents that this is my life. And Allah has given me a choice. You can help me you can suggest to me, but you can't force me.

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Chef on this question. Many women I've heard have said that. They sometimes want to get married, but because their parents say no. And they need a wali then they face difficulty in this regard. What would you advise them? What is to help it if they didn't know what is till they can get married? Khurana had many women say marriage with their own word is absolutely fine. There's no harm in that, you know, it's still they want to be safe, they can find their body if you know somebody else but didn't know knew really what they needed to find somebody who's good or not, you think they're not deceiving them? Somebody can be trusted there they need to find out. If they can't find themselves

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maybe they can ask help of somebody else in the community. Some trusted people some time could be your teacher, somebody else who you trust, who's reliable. And then you know, maybe your forehead so you know women for some some people of color, right? So you know if a parent both agree is still the woman calimary

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Does Arklow hair and shift the next question is by Fatima who asks salam ala chef, how can we understand the meaning of being tested for those who believe as mentioned in verse two of Surah Al angebote Perhaps even so and yet recording, you're cool, you're cool and what you have done

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is that just you say something is not going to accept you know, he will test to you can see really how true you are how much sacrifice you can do. So, if you say I love Allah to a test will come you know and sometimes there are two choices allow someone else now you have to leave the other one for the sake of Allah some time you know you go for the prayer and that time there is a football match and World Cup and this cup and now if you leave prayer and you prefer the game, then you fit. So sometimes you know you have business and halal and haram and Haram has more profit. So you feel the test test if you follow that a level keep testing you. You know whenever you have something

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detestable come trials will come. And sometimes trials can become very harsh, you know, for some reason, Allah knows the best. Still you have to be very firm and ask Allah to help May Allah help in all of us, but the test always will be there that no, no life without a test.

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Is that glow hair and shear. The next question is by Hakeem who asks a Salam aleikum, Chef, can we pray the hydrogen after winter Salah and what is the correct way of performing winter?

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Yeah, you know, with a should be last prayer but anyway, if you have prayer, which already is still you can create 100 Without the withdrawal there are differences of opinion in 100 feet of water you played three raka with one set up to you pray one raka then second Dukkha then sit delta and then third Raka. And in that one, you also do Knut and then you sit down and you know do your shahada and Salatin, the prophet door, and they mix it up this how wonderful people do

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Some other people say in whatever novel you doing to the car, whatever, after salaam you can make one Rata and that will make your way you can follow you know, either way, in the most important thing is that you concentrate and you're pushing and humidity, and you know, do the prayer properly.

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Zach Lowe here. And the last question we'll take for today

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is by Labor who says, What does Islam say about psychological disorders, for example, depression which makes people lazy, they can't do that much good deeds which are important.

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What happening in our time is you know, many, many ticks have been made very clear disease. And if people don't start thinking they are not feeling well they're sick and they should sometime it couldn't be really is just a matter of your thinking thought you know, you can overcome that. So there are in a psychological problem and sometimes in all those things, but if people you know, become his funk and then they concentrate on loss Omotola they do it bad and they think well you know, I'm strong enough Allah will help you improve your cervical physical thing sometimes physically you are not fit for something and people so you're not fit do you become even more more

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lazy? But somebody who is great No, I'm fine and then you hit that exercise goes here they are and improves himself you know, I've seen really some time you know, in this competition even the people who are disabled the will the competition because you know, they believe they will do and they make effort they do so mental health is like you know, physical health people who physically you know weakness they can become very very strong by thinking you know, mind and most important thing thinking I'm not fine my fine I will do this I will not I have not let myself to surrender to any condition. The pressure come because you think no, no, no, there's hope in all the time so you know,

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people should never be weak this weakness very, very mental weakness even problem really. So, yeah, if they're really a problem, that's fine. I don't you know, deny that but I'm thinking many things come because you think you can't do but you can do really that can I say physically people are weak, but the thing No, I can do and they do

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deserve global credit. And Chef, that was the final question for today. I'm sorry. If your question wasn't answered, so please do remember it inshallah. We will look at it next time. There will be no q&a next week as Chef is away. But join us again the week after where we will start in Ramadan. So tonight for tonight, just Arklow head on for joining a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh