The Proofs of Prophethood #04 – Biblical Prophecies

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In addition to the condition of the world, which we covered in our last episode, those versed in earlier scriptures knew full well that God soon would send a prophet

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where he would send him and how to recognize him. That's why so many of them in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, even those of them who are driven by tribalism, to claim that his ministry didn't apply to them and applied only to the Arabs, they felt compelled, they had no choice what to say, he must be a prophet, there really is no other explanation. in later times, historian Thomas Carlyle while speaking on Mohammed, argue that if this man truly was a prophet, it would be clear to all and it was, he is saying, if an imposter Mason would try to build a brick house, it would clearly be a pile of rubbish. And so how does a person build a global

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religion, just faking it? Carlyle definitely was not Muslim, but he was arguing the fact that an average person would be able to tell an imposter of fraud at first glance. So we add to that, how about the fact when the experts themselves were able to confirm it? That's why the Quran tells us that Allah Almighty God has said, is it not enough of a sign that the scholars of the Israelites know that he is true? Even in today's Bible, which has gone through so many revisions and translation, still, there is so much in there that when read together, suggests so clearly that it must be speaking about Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him. In the book of Genesis, for

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example, God promised to make for Abraham out of the son of the bondwoman, a great nation. So he promised that out of the progeny of Ishmael the son of Abraham and Hagar would be a great nation. So number one, who is this great nation, only the Arabs historically have ever trace their lineage as a people back to Ishmael in a way that can be proven. Number two, who can be called a great nation in biblical terms, except a nation of monotheistic people that believe in the one true God. So they are a great nation that sprouted in great in number, and then became great actually, after the Prophet Mohammed cleared them of the idolatry and the pagan worship that had corrupted their pure creed.

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Thirdly, as also discussed in the Bible, until today, there is the well that Hagar was granted. This is the well of Zamzam. If you want to see a blessing, if you want to realize that this place is special. This is an underground source of water that have existed for 1000s of years now. 10 million people today visit every single year, that city in Mecca, add that well and take gallons home with them all the time, and it has yet to dry up. And then the servant of Isaiah, who will bring justice to the Gentiles, with an army of 10,000 strong were in the villages where K dar lives. k dar in the Bible is one of the sons of Ishmael, who will bring justice to the nation's Jesus peace be upon him,

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did not bring justice to the nations and his noble disciples were martyred for God's sake for holding on to their values. Moses peace be upon him did not bring justice to the nation's rather he died according to the Bible, often the wilderness in frustration of the rebellion of his people. It was only the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, who ultimately at the end of his life, marched to Mecca, the city where K dar lived with an army of 10,000 and restored God's unity in the area. And then we consult the book of john, when john himself was asked by the priests and the Levites. Who are you? they asked him, Are you Christ? He said, No, Elias, he said, no, that

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Prophet, he said, No. So who is not john? Not Elias, another prophet, not Christ. And it can be referred to as Yvette Prophet, the prophet, as if it was awaited by all common knowledge didn't even need to be spelled out by name. And that profit is discussed in Deuteronomy with regards to where he would come from. God said I will raise up for them a profit from their brethren, the Ishmael like brethren of the children of Israel, that will be like you like Moses, and He will speak the words that I put in his mouth, which is expressly stated in the Quran, by the way, that he does not alter a word the Prophet Muhammad on his own desire on his own accord.

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It is divine inspiration only that he speaks. And finally, the Bible accounts for the words of Jesus where he said, peace be upon him that I must go away, or else the Comforter will not come. And there's many things I need to tell you. But he will make clear to you all truths. And He will speak to you about things that come. And so who must go away so that the Comforter will come? Who is the Comforter?

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Jesus peace be upon him needs to go away, so that someone else will come which cannot be the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit was with Jesus, peace be upon him at all times. And who is the one that made clear old truths did not do away with the laws and reduce a religion to grace was instead taught people definitive guidance for every aspect of their lives? And who is the one that accurately foretold time and time again, with specific detail about the events of the future, all facets that only converge in the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him his life, as we will see in the coming episodes in sha Allah, God will