Tadabbur In Pursuit of the Quran

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Quran in learning about Arabic language and how it can be applied to one's work. They explain that the Quran is a clear guide for anyone who wants to learn about the language, and that reading it is key to unlocking deeper knowledge. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fasting, which helps people understand the language more and is associated with divorce and women's issues.
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Certainly the Quran is a guide just thought that people

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and you know, this guidance is very, very clear. If anybody wants to give the guidance they can learn from the Quran and Quran using it is very clear book with our movie, the IATA very clear, whatever Quran teaches they're very, very clear. So this is something which is common to everybody, anybody who understand Arabic lingo if they don't know Arabic, even the translation of the Quran, they can get the Quranic guidance very, very clear.

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But is this the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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he had the mirrored information in the book in many, many layers. Like for example, when you see it, the creation, let me see an iPad, you see a bird.

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You know, when people see a bird, you know, some people could think of it as a nice, enjoyable use, love that some people think, Oh, you can eat it, people see an apple, they think they can eat when they're hungry, they can eat it. But some people, they can think more than that, like somebody's sitting underneath a tree, Apple force, and the discover there must be gravity in the earth. So they can learn from that more and more that how Allah has merely in the creation, you take something which everybody takes, then you call it a deeper, you get more special knowledge, you're going to get more deep, you get more special knowledge. And every more special knowledge is much more helpful

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to you, or your lover that you know, it helps in so many grades, same the Quran. One we have the Quran is just read the book, you know, as the if you read any text, get the meaning, which can help you if have the guidance, but at the same time go a little bit deeper, make the connection see why Quran see like that, what a luster really did he really he could keep saying that, you know, both punishment and dissent that read between the lines read underneath of that, that you want to learn how to work from us, you know how he's going to help us. So, this is a very important that the book at the book is the

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best basically discovering the Quran or the underneath of the layers, the one apparati meaning then remove that upfront go a little bit deeper, they go to liquid deeper, you can discover more and more meaningful from stem Quran and there are many people who actually have done it very good, you know, study of this matter how to reflect upon the Quran, how to get the meaning very, very, very deep. One of them is the you know, more for Ira from Allah Tala, if you read his explanation of the Surah

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Al Fatiha or any surah the one meaning that use the see, but when he explains, you can see my deeper meaning, how he makes an action, how he goes from one point to another point. So when the Quran commands the people to talk about the one time Quran says that you know Allah had made the fasting obligately In the month of Ramadan. Why lol Lakota taco, you've got the clock. And as you can understand every Quran because of muscaria to the mind when people fasting. Fasting helps people to understand the Quran more and more. When you read this thing to one you get approved money but when you were deeper, more lucky when you read in the Quran

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Tala in Surah Talaaq Allah mentions in divorce and all those things in such a hurry we mentioned something else. When you read clearly. You just think really what what what the relation there is?

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Do you think that you know people really have problem in the world? You know, about the woman in two ways. Sometimes they hate them too much. And sometimes they love them too much. The problem is people don't want to treat the women as they are are very steep about the women. So when people hear them too much, Allah has to know there are lots Krishna, Allah, Tala has to remind people, rights of the women upon them. Don't hurt them. Don't misbehave, even if you want to leave them leave nicely. The Quran remaster to work all the time.