Akram Nadwi – A great warning to the disbelievers – Introduction to Surah Al-Hajj

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reading the Quran and learning about the Surah Hodge. They also mention the use of words in the language to convey a message and the potential consequences of misunderstandings. The speaker emphasizes the need to overcome obstacles and misunderstandings to achieve victory.
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Mata hamdulillah and then next year we will shala we are going to study, sweat lodge and disturb we have been doing a surah Allah Mia. So I really it is very important to read the Quran because I've been emphasizing that you know, when you read the Quran, it will try to understand it to take the message properly because the no book is a * of flies zakura if you don't understand the message, the meaning you know, you really really do you want to get the right fruit. So, if you attend this class, it will be helpful to you to get the right message. So next one is Rajan we need to learn that slide will actually every school in the Quran, it needs to be studied properly understood

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properly. And once you have learned from a teacher then after that when you read on your own, those reflections that those you know thinking, they will help you to understand a more a more suitable * actually has been revealed to the professor lesson, or the end of his life in market animal karma. You know, the very Muslims are oppressed so much persecution is very high. And the followers of the prophets a lot they have got so much suffering and hardship. So now they started leaving Makkah, some people went to harbor chabela Habesha some people here and there, they got, they can't live anymore there, so that the time has come. So this year should all reveal to the processor or

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some other time of the year of the hegira, to warn unbelievers that you know, you think that you can hire these people hurt them, and you can do whatever like no warning to them, that you have to face the consequences, sooner this will be victorious, and you will be the loser and you have to pay back every time that you have harmed them. And more than that, the day of judgment, the day of judgment will come and then you know all the rewards or punishment will happen based on the justice. The surah Hodge actually is a great warning, big warning. You know in both terms, in the turn of this world, and also in the Hara hereafter and making very, very clearly that how the under swatara has

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the prophet and that is Surah also has got to know this versa. Omar mean Rasulullah Tawana Allah PICHETTE banoffee Omnia de two people say that, you know, when the Prophet reads Koran, then shaitaan apostle was in the mouth, and that how Satanic Verses have been revealed, this is a verse actually sort of logic that people misinterpret. You know, if you read the surah, it will not nothing to be set on, or reading or putting words in the mouth of the Prophet, simple meaning that whenever a messenger comes, or love from him, that you will be victorious, you will have been shattered or not wanted to shut down or push off tackle in the path of the Prophet messenger, you

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know, by his followers do this dirty, but at the end of the day, all these obstacles are removed for yourself allow Allah removed them, and the prophets a great victory. So the surah bit the verse actually that that somebody puts in the mouth of the Prophet something. The verse simply means that the prophets have got a promise clear promise for victory, and shutdown Omar to stop that by his followers. And the followers work very hard. But what I presented the end of the day is all these obstacles and hindrances they're removed, and the prophets the past that it is very clear to Warren to crash that door to make all conspiracy into profit, your conspiracy will fail, you know, your

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tricks will fail, you know, your plan will fail and the Prophet Muhammad will be winner. Then in the summary, you know, we need are very important to run this worry, because then you understand all these stories about Satanic Verses, which is corrupt, rubbish use the less in the fabricated and they are based on a misunderstanding of this pseudo people do not understand what this verse means really, and the creator all these, you know cursory crafty stories. None of those to the existence are evil, highly Muslim, because they're not sound you know, somehow somebody missing or understood the Koran, or misinterpreted the old days a week or this Africa this the garden with no Satanic

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Verses, shall never can put anything in the mouth of the Prophet. It's impossible. That was that mean that really just misunderstanding too Anyway, when he learned the sutra, it will become very clear to inshallah

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