Akram Nadwi – How to respond to criticism

Akram Nadwi
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You know, the wisdom basically is that you know, in, in this world unless the mere the world for testing purpose, the word never can be at your convenience, it never can happen he did not mean that any way to find convenience in the life is really looking for something impossible. This word basically isn't meant to be testing everybody will be tested messengers, prophets, believers unbelievers this always will keep coming that how he was really so one of the part of tests also is that not people who criticize you that all the time keep happening that you do something if you don't do anything maybe to peroutka size but if you do something good it always will happen if you

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look inside the file something good results of the wrong reason or it will happen now you're testing to like follow now people have been criticizing me a lot now to come open. But actually I know people have been criticizing me since I started teaching for 1520 years people used to say me but not come more openly. It will all the time keep happening in this matter my way in this matter I read a lot from the Quran and also from the where the Sahaba tavini the wind does matter is somebody criticized liberally fees right then we should correct with Cardinal I have not all the wisdom there's good that person criticize me and I corrected me helped me and if you have question you know

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and he want to understand we should actually make help but sometimes it's some could be for the sake of criticism too once you understand that the my ways to ignore that leave on and move on because we know Allah subhanaw taala in a drawer to waste our time for these matters to do something more important in the life that how all the time happening and also there's so much reward when you're patient you know when somebody criticizes me it makes me so happy I said you know what is better than that I get reward for something I never did you know there's so much rewards in this matter you know, their prayer the fasting all the reverse gift coming to me you know I never did I read it

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reminds me of Ramadan. He said, You know, I love that all the filibuster and a good day bye bye to me. Because what is better than you know, you get a reward after something which you never did. But you know, I don't like a lot to be disobeyed. So I cannot wish for backbiting this is the thing really is no people will give them all those tips because and also the way I'm teaching is basically goes against many many conventional teachings anyway, to my teaching lagopus Ashley moto de Hanafi Maliki Shafi humbly, you know, because I was asked not to teach people understand my teaching not to support me mother school, this is 100 I never got in my mind you know my you know, if an IRA 100 law

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made very clear to my mind

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if somebody could say the law is messenger of Musa Islam, then I will have to think how to defend but 100 I got in my mind if somebody criticized me on my school another trauma of children no money Amala Farah, he or my teacher mala Chava, for example, or somebody criticized my my village or my my city, I have no interest rate to defend myself. I've never feel really any anything to defend myself because of whatever reason, because you know, if they're right, that finally they're not right, I get reward anyway, that they're not in the third century advise all of you really, that you know, learn properly and do Alibaba make study do research. And the same and if you teach if you explain

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my teaching, some people benefit you make intuition those people those who don't benefit their their markers, I don't make them technically my purpose those who are to benefit that you can't you can't condemn this whole fall gala made the mind so differently. It impossible that everybody can be, you know, economist with something so that it is much better, don't answer people don't refute people just make tech easier. And it's also good for the unity of the believers, because I always emphasize that believers are one people, you will tell the believers, I will differ at the end of the day. But when you keep answering tension grows, inevitably comes a hatred Come on, I really don't like my

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name to become, you know, where somebody hates each other. If people hate me that I don't don't have problem, but I don't want to part be part of the tension. You know, I don't want to increase the tension. They know the thing really take it easy, you know, more luminosity slicer, I said to Mona Ferrari.

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That's such a big Arlen has declared you as a coffee. The more of a writer he knew me. And then he kept doing his business. He's not interested whether somebody calls a coffee or not. This is a tricky thing. It really is why it's important for me anyway, without people outside your trunk inside me in life is so short, soon vivo. And also I don't need to have any proof. I don't want to put the time right, that this intent underline never had in my mind that I have to prove the time right. But I think for that the day of judgment

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in this world, you never can prove permissibility or unnecessary effort anyway. Why should I make effort the time right? I my effort only should be to explain what I'm saying. That's all if you don't understand, but whether I am right or wrong, or none of the best sometime I can know from argumentum.

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So in this will be good for us but you save your time in future. It also happened to us what happened

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Now with me, soon it will happen to you as well, it all will happen to everybody, to somebody will criticize you to learn this thing, don't worry about that it will happen you are tested for the server and patient. And I really I find the southern is more rewardable that anything is aligned with you. And especially the last week we have been criticizing me. But last week a lot smarter hit me to do more work so much work all the time, busy doing work when you know and I my head was much stronger, I do this much better. And actually, when sampaloc recyling me at the center that people follow me from everywhere else in India and Sri Lanka has done that I love you and we love you and

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we will support you we will teach your teaching and this too. I said this always happen like that, you know like Malanga Malala when people use write letter to him somebody * people that he took out some of his students he will become angry he said no, don't be angry that there are two also right right when they say you are tabula rasa and this and that neither and that another this you know, I should not be offended you know, people praise me which is not right people also criticize me maybe not right you know, I think why should be worried anyway, in this world when allies criticize and is missing it not only that even advice or the professor pitch side, you know, what,

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in other lots of models to cut the belt. I mean, if people cannot criticize,

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who am I? Nothing, people cook aside my person, just the profits. And I'll tell you one thing really, when you make this attitude Baraka comes, then you really You have no idea how much I love

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you I've seen all the time in my people who do suffer, they are the winner, the daughter make effort to win in a in these groups. Actually, I think that winner in that group, those groups are more loser than the losers. So I don't want to win a battle. Actually, I think it is better for me to lose. I don't think losing a button the button then you can set on your feet I don't want to win anything or to become victorious or tender that never come to my mind. My thinking really to do right to life is short under pass on into our under depth admit everybody will come. So you know first thing that I never make effort to answer myself and second things for your interest. Save your

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time. Luckily this is much better answer to them. Because they don't want this teaching to be known. that the best thing you learn from and teach and you know, and also think really I don't want to become too angry I'm against mother. I have one thing is to hide the harm islamically this mother might think you're really people learn a lot from Sophia and authority, but the door called the story to Dylan Ali Azaria, Monica respite all of them sometime follow Vanessa Sumpter 30 to unity remains my really thinking that you people learn from me but don't follow me the way they understand something different from something to it never because around me, it really gets it because you're

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you are responsible to order something to something good for me to substitute something else for me either that's more a tiger reward for whatever good and my mistakes are not funneled to people should not follow me mistakes anyway. This never should have like no shut up to you to say that I love the people to take from me and that they forget me.

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This is destined religion. We don't want to make Mother, you know, dead. No, I don't want to leave a legacy in this world. We really want to work for the hereafter when we come back, come there. There's something not to leave something in this world, rather than MC sent forward. You know, this article should be that you know this word is not important. The way it is be pious worship Allah, Allah, teach people properly. And don't worry with our people. reom very good nor ever forget. Who cares about this? One day the whole will finish anyway. The who is going to remain the first this is a thing to never met guru. Never, never anybody who says something sensible. And since I learned, I

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never met it. I learned from people of Durban para para Sahara, poor people of Natoma. And I love the people because they're pious. I don't love the people because they are not really like more than go here on the dome all of them go get fatwa against one another. For the first person who gave a talk as another one. But I love it actually in India, among all the allamah who I love. Milan Malanga who the first one, though he's the one who was the first one who gave a talk, it's not a tournament. I'm not sectarian. You know, I don't hate people because they hit on the tournament. No, if somebody really criticized Mahabharata, I even know nothing in my heart to different Final Cut no

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human being, people criticize me because because I've only found a molecule Shafi. So what me nothing, so don't worry about these matters, you know, don't defend it. People do this to get it waste of time, and also purity, hatred, and then whatever the society tension, actually, even the people who who criticize me, I may offer them, I will do also to forgive them. And if they're right, forgive me if they are wrong, forgive them. We are, I don't want in the day of judgment to make more sense of my rival. You know, I want to be friendly to maybe by mistake of prophecies to say, Oh Allah, they are my people. In Hungary, Allah forgive them because they don't know. They don't. They

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should not create enmity, and hatred and this world. You know, the simple thing is you learn from me, teach people is some people don't like it, ignore them, move on. That's under life. Do

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Your thing is clear to everybody. Okay?

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This will help you all the time I save your time, this happy heart has helped me, I really don't even want what people say to me, I think I should do a concert you know, consider my work, and a handler that will do this more work. And also I get reward. This is what always come to my mind is the last one. I always said that, you know, Sahaba are so beloved to Allah subhanaw taala that he created here people only for one purpose, that they kept sending the reward until their gamma Sahaba died, but the key will get a reward of all these unlucky people that criticize it. And I think this is a reason why a honey from the mother is spread all over the world. The reason is, because people

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raggedy people are affecting the pious person. He did a mistake like anybody else. But people become more unfair for ranking him and when he was wrong, someone unless a father, although not Abu hanifa is much different from Sudan 30 other people The reason is a couple hanifa had been wronged in Islam more than anybody else. If you look at the bureaucracy it so unfair, really, some of those things are found anywhere else, but people don't precise them either. 7400 to this unfair criticism made Abu hanifa much nearer to Allah subhanaw taala to help them when people are Muslim, and also to help them raise them more and more. So this is one of the things that I Baraka cos in the people like

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Buhari peanut Buhari had no support at all. People forced him to leave Zoltan O'Hara died alone, nobody now verka or the people who have been against him. Now they are the people who support his book more than images, all the humbling people, to them Buhari the most important they are the one who opposed him in the beginning, but now to the to all the humble people delivering his book. You can see that how old is water that is the doorway and also intercession not it's an intention to obey the messenger. And second thing in the videos. Muslims, most believers should be one people. They should not have hatred against anybody.

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