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Akram Nadwi
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The thing really far the you know far the people who are not all ama today should actually attend the classes at all ama for the fear of subterfuge which are easy like in Arabic In Arabic language for the common people who don't know much knowledge they don't want the scholarly to see. You know, one of the good stuffs is that Sarah says Sha one lotta very nice literary and also you know, doll we something we can differ, but you know it is it is good for the count people in Urdu language we have got fifth or sixth which are very good, like the filler Mona moody few things you can differ but it is very good to see it to help the people to understand the Quran, the Sera, more emphasis

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lies at the Quran, that's also good, but father to Rama and they should really make effort to learn those things. He says both of which can help them to understand the concept properly. And find that purpose

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is essential. If people have those resources to help them to establish

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it, you know it because it has got it has collected all the required. And all the reports about the tafsir from the Sahaba ferrata email for the parcel all this alum and from the letter people everything that you will note one note any Hadees about us or any other about any of us, you can find there to further you know the syllabi module, the best one is the system people should have ultimate should they start with that one, then people would also need to learn the language understand that the Quran what is the beauty in the Quran, what the lingo how language how the grammar works. For that purpose, the best one is, that's the Akasha for the Masai the North sad,

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he's the best person to explain the language of the Quran and the beauty of the Quran. You know, beside his bizarre, which you don't agree with him. But you know, in this matter, they're not equipped with FC in the bulahdelah and the Bian and the Maharani and the number one suffer tokara he was among the last people who are searching so greater in Arabic language and grammar. Nobody could remember in his time, he will get radically after that you can find people have English and all but even has some nothing to do no very equal to the loss of diversity is the loss of big man in the Arabic grammar and the language and the Bulava and the money. So it is really in the best in this

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Third, the CVC also can help with Jeopardy, I don't like it, but it can help the Salafi mama Rosie, the same number as he had many many problems. But one thing good is that any possibility that can come in mind, he will put their tail up either to document an opinion those tend to be not valid. But listen, it can help you to understand to have different way different angles or the parent you can but be careful about that because most of this thing really is coming from his mind a philosophy you know it's not really very true but it at least can help you to think or at least here is the right question. He raised the question he didn't answer the question properly. But you can learn

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from the question properly. The three things are you know very important, but in other letters people agree the person really spent his life properly to understand the prize monami did for him a lot Allah you know many many was a 30 years of his life just put on really amazing things if you have some time you find his books you start reading some of them like a rice if you want to be in Milan if your family put on like so many awesome what Tina was a tune velocity. People don't have me don't know what immediately the first person who you know really properly had discussed it in detail or proper or go to mana for it. His book is in Milan v examine the Koran

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or ice Freeman was the V and then he wrote a book because the mount mala for it has been that the whole Quran is coherent, it connected to every other Quran is has connection with the surah before that, and with the suit after that, and every verse has connection with the verse before that after that so nicely and he's the one who expressed so nicely to start reading it of Syria.

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And he also wrote a book No, cut them off with a few near lama poron. There's no commas very helpfully to help you How ironic we should be interpreted. Actually, any book Amala fries are helpful because he's a, he's the person who really spent his life in this matter. So you can find many of his books in online and also you can buy his or reading his book. Actually, he's a thinker. He will make you think he really or very good question about granted What does it mean how this means? There's so many I have been learning from him. For a long time we have been discussing that work for us in the past and now we're debating whether or not the first house will be a problem

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right first, there must be most before that.

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mana for high rise in our better water. I didn't know he had Gina's first house by the height. And then he proved that for the Quran itself that meaning it comes after that. You can see very often he puts one what I call all the problem, the minimization like that he is among the latest people actually he's the best person in a race. He spent his time in all life and very, very pious person to piety and the knowledge in you know both help him to understand he is a person who really think the essential message of Parana Sala and southern Cora has come to teach people the salah and and people have seen him like modern miser Eva Ramana used to say, even all the people I've met I never

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have seen anybody praying so nicely either mala Ferrari and aquarela body don't wanna do my body I agree accompany so much with more autonomy and more not for money, but the same on all the poor. I've met it and I kept it I never have seen anybody praying soon I said mana

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He and Aquila body, people say When, when, when people used to go to simply Mazel Tov with a marshallian Omani it's mostly the same anyway, but the manner literature and poetry to not so much about the prayer people used to pray on the time but NASA base is Ramallah for a very very but overdue prayer and everybody's so nice the amount of reichlich vary so deep and how he explained the player I never seen anybody explain the player eyes deep I think you should If you have time, you know, sometimes we should explain what more of our eyes think about the player. Then you love the player how what the explanation is predestination, the business if pleasure the player I never heard

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anywhere, it's like that is so nice, such as in the heart, you love to pray to leave after reading that the only thing like life to take the place so nice after his description, he did this person does matter.

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Now because those things are normally not only that, he discovered the prayer that occurs the prayer, why to occur why for account for why this time when that time and so logical and so much from the Quran. You just love

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