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The speakers discuss various topics related to Islam, including the importance of worshiping Jesus and praying for him, the negative impact of people not being aware of it, and the legal consequence of marriage for married couples. They stress the need for privacy laws and encourage individuals to study the language and understand its purpose. They also mention upcoming events and scholarships for students.

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Salam Alaikum everyone. Welcome back to our weekly q&a with Chef icon that way every Thursday 6pm BST. I know we had a one week break. We didn't have a session last week. So sincere apologies. I know we had some students waiting to have their questions answered.

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Please just ask how every week goes, just ask your questions in the comments below and we will try our best to answer them as soon as possible. inshallah, without any further ado, let's go to the first question that has been pre asked.

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Okay, Chef, this question is, what are the best things to do to prevent the evil eye or black magic from happening?

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Or the hungry lion have been ILM Universidad was mala rasuluh, Muhammad Ali, he was how we mean.

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We know we shouldn't know ugly, very clearly, that a very good and bad that happens in the world. It's all because of Allah, with his will. You know, and we should make every effort to have a good relation with him. And good relation with her happens by worshiping Him, obeying Him and asking him, you pray and ask him, you know, so in a prayer, reading the Quran, being a pious, avoiding the sins in obedience, so worship Allah subhanaw taala, OBEY Him, don't commit a sin. And the third thing is for everything is more of a big, ask him, begging him, nothing can harm you, you know, except with this permission, because sometime he wants to some harm for a purpose, that helps you and that he

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makes a reward much, much better. And he wants you to, you know, to come to Him and to be, you know, nearer to him. So that, like you can see, you know, what's happening to the prophets and messengers, they get the wound sign that they are high problems in the family, they have many, many problems, but those problems, they are rewarded very highly. And, you know, and then they can see the benefits even in this world. So, we know it will happen your life. So I don't understand really that why is it there's so many people keep asking the same question about evil eye envelope and magic. It is, something's wrong in people's understanding, you know, problems in this world don't happen by these

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magicians and black eyed people, if they have this power, then they can basically turn the world you know, or they can do whatever they like, the nothing can they do these people can see unlucky people, they have their own problem and family, they cannot solve anything. Don't look, I really think it is something misunderstanding about the whole matter, don't relate anything to evil, or your black magic. Relate everything Allah, Allah He said in the Quran, whatever happens to you Come to me, I will help you. So you know, don't worry about these people. If they can hurt people, then we can't do anything. You know, everybody has got some enemies. You know, the FA these enemies, they

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have power of black magic, or they hire a black magician, or they have evil eye, then we can't survive in this world. So simple matter. Don't worry, don't look at these matters. Don't turn to the people turn to Allah shaitaan is does not have more power than Allah. All these magicians, and black eyed people did evil it but they don't have more power than Allah. Allah created them. He made them. Nothing can happen without his permission to turn to Him, worship Him, obey Him, please Him.

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That what he loves? There is a radical Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, allow somebody to summit. And then he will do or set to make that his summit. Some of the means that you rely on him. He did not rely on anybody. So he said, we'll follow up. You know, turn to Me secrecy reviews, from the jealous people from all these people. Don't talk to them, not worry. Just come to me. Allah is the solution of every single problem. You know, we there are people who are is every problem they go to different people, for Muslims. For every problem, we tend to older, every smaller, big problem. So don't worry about these matters. If you worship Allah obey Him, you will be safe and when the promise will

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happen, he will help you and He will make those problems Good for you. He said in the Quran that something happened to your thing go to harm, you know, if I want I can make it to benefit you. And I've seen in my own life, there are many things much I did not like but you know, turn to Allah and then they became good for me. And I thought there have so much good too. You don't know really, that what is good for you what is bad for you. Just turn to Allah.

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Never give importance to evil eye and black magic. Nothing really use the less waste of time in a magician as a doctor or as a lifeless Hello, hi to other wherever magician comes, he never succeeds.

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So between success and between magician, Allah has put a huge distance. They never can succeed. magician don't succeed. People are the evil eye, they don't succeed. They never can succeed in any way. So I don't understand why people are worried about especially Muslims who have got a love with them. Never Never get on to anything like that. I warn you. It is your Eman it like should really that it gives you so much important for these things. So in return to Allah subhanaw taala can't rely on him. And throughout everything, every all evil force from your mind.

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Exactly how shall I think that was a much needed reminder. We

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all need it. Let's take the next question in sha Allah.

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Okay, this question is, is it allowed to pray in a room where books containing human or animal photographs are kept or wearing dresses with such images? I'm not sure what the end of it means. But I think the questions clear. You know, I think the prayer is really, you know, two important aspects, honey philia and Salaam. hanifa means in the prayer, you turn away from everything in the world. Turn to Allah, to miss whatever can distract you, whatever can attract you, you leave them behind. And you focus on your embers of Allah, Allah.

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I'm second part of the prayer is love you surrender to Him, you bow to him, you know, you will, you know you decide that to him, you ask him these two things, anything which then affects either of these two in the prayer either at forbidden or disliked the Prophet that didn't allow the provision of all playing in his house. And then after the salami asked, I shall his wife who brought this curtain in the house in front of me, they have been distracting in my prayer and the profits place so full, so complete, but still he was distracted by the curtain that pictures in it. So I said I you know just got it to make house more beautiful. He said remove them because it has been harming I

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mean my prayer

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and distracting me. So anything that can distract you should because prayer is most of the you know, dear, dear seem to the believers, believers tend not to accept to harm the prayer. But that is the most important thing that they do in their life every day whenever you play that the best thing you have done your life to that best thing should not be affected by anything else. So in order to not only you know the pictures, anything that can distract you that white is otherwise that the mosque and the place or the prayer should be as simple as possible. Now people are don't the malls can beautify them it again The sooner it against the whole purpose, the purpose to make it make it

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is spending money on the beautification of the mosque is not allowed the almost you are legally spend money in the most to make the building stronger, but not to make it beautiful. Because that that is against the purpose of the prayer. Similarly if you have got you know, any picture in the house, especially the animals, yeah, give them a hard demo cover them when you're praying you know, it's an invitation never be in front of you when you're praying, they're going to distract you especially they're leaving things they are very harmful

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to you. You know similarly the books you know, if they have got the images and photographs in front of you, you don't give them their card them or cover them in or put them in a box and other books. So in house you must have other books as well to make the good books in front of you or not these books which are distracting, make them hidden somewhere and when you knew them, then you can bring them out so anyway simple motor is the prayer is the most important thing in your life that you do to police don't want to hurt any player by anything, which can distract you were in your career.

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Okay, we'll go to our next question from Mohammed. And his question is what is your opinion on combining between it's a lot of money and Asia during the summer in the UK. So for anyone who's not in the UK Muslim is around now 9:30pm Asia is around 1030 which is quite late.

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You are combining between two prayers you only allowed when you're traveling. So they can combine between it's a bit more of an issue or they are not feeling with regard to some juries they also can combine

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Oh it is raining. So then the people in the mosque they can combine because you know if you're comfortable or it will be difficult for them to comfort a shy they look at

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Training goes no falling. So in this case, but not on generally, you know, the player should be five times a day there Khurana mentioned that we are, you know, at five times is obligatory on the videos, we cannot make four or three, it must be five times. So in the summer, though in some time, you know, there's no time for it or night is not dark.

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Still, if you can make five prayers make a space between Madiba Asia to it looked up to prayers. So if morning at 930 you can pray sharp at 11 quarter to 11 1030 you can make at least a space of one hour, nobody's leaves at 11 people are asleep after that. So you can make something like that we're combining between two prayers for no reason is a never have been allowed. No jurist ever has such like that. The professor's never did like that he never allowed that no single verse for the Quran to support that people can do to prayers for no reason. You know, in one time, that never happened, I want to resist that nobody about the past of scholars of hanifa Malik Chava young humble are the

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people of the Hadith and development right? Nobody ever said that you can combine between two prayers for no reason, you know, is it a combination never happened just because it is summer day, the longer night is short. Instead you can make and when you go further north, the night is even shorter. So people can make no space between motivation lists, maybe half an hour,

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14 minutes, whatever they can do, they must make if it is a place where the night until then comes some time, then you can make play by by watch, you know, like in normal days, you know make a space but that should be five prayers not for

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Okay, let's take our next question. And this question is is it obligatory for a married couple to have children of their own?

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Oh God, if people can have children, you know children is given by Allah subhanaw taala people don't want legal marry. So, what is the obligatory on the people, if they have desire and they can afford the marriage they must marry, but whether to go to jail or not is also hotel, they should not do anything to prevent the children they are not allowed to they should not you know,

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use any of those measurements which is stop people from having children. So that but to have it your child, you can make it while you can ask Allah subhanaw taala what the child is given for our data, how can we make something obligatory and the people which they're completely the act of Allah subhanaw taala not the people

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just a follow up question on this. There are some people that say when a married couple first get married, contraception is allowed. What's your opinion on this? Nothing Nothing. We could have never allowed you know, to one leave the reserves, you know, and illness of some medical reason for the wife for the woman or for the child, then otherwise they don't it's nothing we're allowed. Very dangerous to think like that. Because you know, the marriage is not enjoying marriage every for a purpose or function to her family. And to you know, to do in marriage work contract is a function is a sin.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question. And this question is what is ancient Bab and what should be the minimum length of it?

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Thank You that You know, when I said to you be nice, no, start saying what nice means. You know, I don't understand why people don't understand human language that you know, we saw it as a be good, don't be bad, be honest, don't cheat and now people come in what honest means what cheating means well, this mean that mean it at all are not there to define the language for you, what your BB means, you can see in a dictionary Gil boss employee Musa a loose you know cloth that people put on under normal clothes, the women have it normally women have got shirt and trousers, you know, and they can play in it, but when they go outside, they put on something and lose on that. So, you know,

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if the cloth is tight or colorful to at least the this gel above can cover it, it should cover it at least have to you know, the main part of the hour means up to nice at least and you know not necessary looks you know jilbab doctor lips should be covered by the tower. But Java should cover in other people's private part there is political, if you are wearing trousers and something tight, then you know many parts of the board bodies like any project, so you know, lose, grow and lose a seat. lacking the people used to do in in, in the villages in India and Pakistan. They used to wear the women charter, you know loose in certified charter in Juba in a digital world that people have

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got now made up

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There's another gadget above, above each other that hooked on you know, without being sewn, put on the top of your cloth. So, you know, reason basically the be modest, you know don't attract people, because when we will put on the clothes like that which are attractive, but they enjoy that. So this enjoyment listen. So there should have modesty and higher, they should not make effort to attract anybody is still somebody attracted their problem not yours, but you should make effort that you should not enjoy by attracting the people to your body or to your cloth.

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Okay, let's take the next question and shoba

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which is quite interesting, how do those like myself who have no own little knowledge, know how to follow the Quran and the Sunnah, and understand differences of opinions.

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So it'll think either no doubt, not everybody can be learned. But in you in life and things which are most important for you, you will learn something about that, you know, people don't clap for you don't become an expert at economics or finance, but still you know how to do shopping, to cut that essential, you can't go to expert and ask him to do everyday shopping for me, you do things. So, there are in that religion, things, which are most important for everybody, they should learn it at obligated upon learning, nearly all of them are that lucky your prayers fasting zeca, you know, when you go for the height

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of the height,

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when you marry, you should not really do rights or obligation suffer in the marriage of the husband or wife.

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Whenever you do something, the things which are obvious, you know, very clearly there should must be known to the people. So you don't need necessarily to be expected the crown sooner for these things.

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And when some you know,

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things come which are actually complicated, then you've got a concert an early response. But still I would advise really that is don't accept the ignorance, don't be content, make effort to not people you're learning in this world. at any age. The companies have begun Alma, they were they did not learn Islam when they were children, they were all people abraca Siddiq became Muslim when he was 37 year old or 38. You can see some people are even going 4050 when they were Muslim, but they learnt and until they become expert of the Islamic law and

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in our time people actually learn very late so nothing is good for you. You know if you cannot learn Arabic language there or read a translation of the Quran in a good translation and reflect upon that, or read some Hades in a translation or

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as a meaning not clear, ask someone who can help you. So instead, you can increase your knowledge anyway, that the basic knowledge which you need daily, it obligatory on every believer is obligatory on the people to know their shopping, to know their daily affairs to similarly it is obligatory on the people to know what is special for them from their daily practice of religion.

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She's not going to OSHA and just actually on that topic for anyone who does want to just have a foundational understanding of Islam in terms of understanding rulings understanding Arabic SLM Institute do have a foundation year program. If you had on to the URL at the bottom of the screen as You can find out more information in Sharla.

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Let's take the next question from sn

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I presume you have heard of law, the law of attraction Are there any parts within this concept that are compatible with Islam or Muslims that we can use?

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Most of you I don't know what you mean by law of attraction. Okay, so you can explain to me some time you know if it is something a scientific theory, so I don't know really much about that that you are disciplined maybe you write some some because I don't care I can. You can explain to me so quickly to write to me, then I look in that and then I'll see you know, what does say

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okay, inshallah, let's take the next question.

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Let's see.

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Okay, this question is can you please confirm the authenticity of this hadith to work with a brother to meet his in his needs is there to me then observing actigraph in this mosque

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for a month

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I really I don't remember about this or this, you know, whether it's authentic or not. I've heard the Hadees but I don't remember that. So you notice so by the from Kerala, if you can write to me, you have got my number to text me this or this and then I'll find out you know, whether it's authentic or not, I don't remember no.

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No worries in Sharla subreddit

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Have a texting shopper? Let's take actually a follow up question from your question on the job.

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And as you can says, nowadays, we have a lot of different forms of loose clothing, we have loose shirts, long tops that are long sleeved and covers the body properly, can that be worn as your bed? Is it obligatory, to wear something under the

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uniform for your long quarter, that kind of serve as long as it is in a simple car, like a black or whatever? Fine, but not the shorter because the shirt is meant to be attractive, that women's a cloth, you know, are generally you know, meant to be attractive that of diversity. Islam does not forbid that. So we win that, you know, you can see really when you know,

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you know, just think, you know, don't be biased. Don't think that I'm aghast to women. I don't want to offend anybody. But I'll tell you the truth really. There. For example, whenever I will buy a shirt for me, or trouser? What will I intend what is good for me? You know what I like? What is comfortable for me. That's not the case with the women. The women, whenever they choose anything, they choose what is good to the men, what are attractive to the men, that they're basically we're the cloth that please the men, you know, in their nature, it's not something wrong with it like that. So that allows that rise, I'm gonna correct that the heart of that women actually wear cloth,

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jewelry and all those things, you know, and that in their nature, but there should be limited to the family, to when women go outside, they need to cover that attraction. That's all there is not that not far, you know, colorful, you know, shirts and trousers and ornaments and jewelry. So I'm gonna forbid anything. Boys now want to confine that to a private space. When women attend a public space, to learn to study prepare to do work, then this should come in or keeping card covering these differences, these things, because it will disturb people or distract people even actually, it will affect the women that whole thing is. So it is not enough that we have got to do short, the short

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shorter stuff is a problem. So there should be no hidden, covered. But if it's something other cloth recognition, alarm code, oh, you know, something else, which covers the shirt that we'll find that consists in a surgery but not very specific growth. It could have just been a sheet. Like you know, I mentioned in order we say charter, like no clock, that charter console, aka jitterbug, something like that.

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Okay, and shall I think that's quite clear.

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We've had this question quite a few times. I think it's a student in India. And he says, as you've studied in up India, please recommend where to study Islam in India, I only know English.

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Now the question goes on.

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Yeah, I know the thing either in India, the madrasa they don't teach in English, the teacher will do some maybe sometime the teaching, generally the teacher, if you don't know English, I can't I cannot.

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I cannot recommend any mothers in India. There could be some courses people do in English. I don't know really, because it is so far away from India. But our advisory that you know this a salami, stewed The reason we have established it for the English speaking people, the people who speak English, if they want to study Arabic language, they want to become an alien in a full army, of course. So they can do an English language, part time, you know, by besides doing their doing their business, or their study, they also kind of study Islam. So this is one of the good courses that we have developed. And there are some people in India as well, the journey attending this course. So

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that I work on unnoted online things anyway. So if you don't believe Where are you in the world, still you can enroll and I and and be part of the service dude. So this is what I know.

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And if there is something in India, which is similar to a Salaam or sim or something which can help you, so it could be okay, but I I'm not aware of that.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take a question from a YouTube.

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His question is, what is it meant that our purpose is to worship Allah? Is it enough just by doing the font and that's our purpose, because we see the prophets a lot. So

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his everyday life was filled with Islam.

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You say the purpose of something, then you do your best to fulfill the purpose. You know, whenever you say something, your purpose to tell me what you do, really, do you go for a minimum, or you want to do as best as possible, if you understand the meaning of the purpose, you know, you can see really that you know, when you have somebody studied in the universities, and the purpose is really to, you know, to pass a course and to get a degree to do you want them to do minimum or you want to do them

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The best. So, whenever you see people have bought a purpose, what they do, what they understand by the word purpose, they understand something really that every single tissues should be sacrificed to attend this purpose that should not have the means to something else there should be the end everything should we start with that. So, if a lot of people like the purple, it means everything else it just means, that in the end, every system thinks should be serving this purpose, you know, that should be done the best as best as possible. So, the prophets and messengers they are the best examples, just suffice to the fact that no, they did more, and they wanted to do more and more, as

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much as possible. And the professor has a you to pray to third of the night, or even I showed it on his wife said that you are putting yourself in such a hardship that your legs are affected in what Allah has ignored your stance anyway, the prophets in Lhasa fella who nada Shakira, I should be grateful thank celeb so we should be concentrating, you know, for the purpose. But at the same time, since Allah is has this made this world, our space, and it means to the Nevada so the means should be restricted. Meaning you can't worship Allah without eating. without drinking. Are you any party to drink without having money, and if not have money without having a job or business or something

00:26:24--> 00:27:04

like that. Similar unit, her family, wife, children, they need money. So without their money, you can't do anything to Islam allows you to earn as much money which can help you and your family. You know, Islam allows you to build a house, which can help you on your family. Islam allows you to have food and drinks. In it all these things are needed. If people you know study in the universities to get a job, that's also I bother over longer The aim is to worship but these are means meaning either that you should not involve in building house so much that you forget the prayer. Definitely these are means the means should not become end. And the problem in our our time is that means I become

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and that you know people really live for the news they live for to earn money, they live to build houses, they live to her family, they don't live to worship Allah. If people know the worship of Allah is there in the end, and a meat dealer means and the differentiate between means and they'll be happy. But most people don't learn the difference between means and ends at the end of the people. And the real purpose is to worship Allah alone.

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Okay, we'll try and take one more question, inshallah. And we'll leave it at that. I'm going to try and just sum up this question quickly. Essentially, this sister has got into a prestigious university in another city. And her father is not allowing her to study that.

00:27:48--> 00:27:50

What should she do in this position?

00:27:53--> 00:28:30

You know, the finger really either the parents should not force their children for eligibility in Islam, Islam, it or many people, the quadrate, that dignity should be restricted, their wills should be respected. This probably not let's not ignore forces, he did not say that when you become you know, you always are under me, I will force you know, he gave us choice he teach us, but he gives us choice to obey Him and not obey Him, to the parent should not, you know, do more than that. You can advise your children, you can stop them, but don't impose upon them your will, is a PhD, somebody has gotten

00:28:31--> 00:29:12

an admission in one of the, you know, good university, they know and they can learn. So you can help them meaning with basically that, you know, if you think that there is no safer place there to find a safe place, or maybe you yourself moved there for the sake of their children. But to stop either your children from you know, pursuing their career, very mill character, you know, to just because of your desire on your misunderstanding and around for you harder people's future is not right, the pirates are meant to help them to sacrifice for their children. So you know, you should be happy, you should celebrate that your daughter, your son, they have got this admission in this prestigious

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university, you should be happy you should celebrate make them your child happy that you know, Marcia lives very well. And we will do everything to help you and support you and finding the right accommodation. And if we needed it, we can move to your place. Because we want to help you this will leave you know good memory in the mind of child and the other children, you know will be encouraged to do the same. I don't understand really why people do this. They harm their children and it is very vitamin elitist. People don't look broadly that what is the good, you know, just something in their mind is more drama. And they make it they don't love it because you are not loving it. So if

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you don't know ask people who are rasa foster who are addicted and control autonomy if you don't know ask other people

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You know, to just impose your desire on your children and forced him to obey you this very, very bad manner. You know, Islam never allow something like that. So I don't want to create a conflict in your house, really, I don't know your house, and your parents, but I will advise you, ask your parent to think, to go and consult wise people and find out your, from your parent what concerns and then tell them that this concern can be treated in a different way. It can be addressed different ways you don't need really, to stop me from, you know, pursuing the knowledge. So anyway, I if your parents are not happy, I'm happy with your admission and I congratulate you are now really magdoff

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or is it mela may be successful and make other customers to follow your example. And they get admission into good and prestigious universities because we need Muslim children. You know, to to to accept. We don't want people to remain at the bottom. We want people to accept anybody who excellent, we love them and we pray for them.

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I mean, you're just talking to her chef. And I think that is a perfect way that we can end the session inshallah Dr. Shepherd come for your time. And again, just like him or her and everyone else for joining us. Just a quick reminder, and we did mention this two or three times in the session. We do have Islamic scholarship programs SLM Institute, and our applications are closing soon. So anyone that does want to study Islam at the foundational level that wants to study Arabic to become closer to to the core and study Islamic sciences, but also has responsibilities like you have a full time job. You're a mother, which is like having three full time jobs, or you're studying at university so

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you can't commit full time SLM Institute is the place for you. So please head to our URL is set for more information in Sharla and I will leave it there and you guys can join us next week. Thursday 6pm BST inshallah. So now while everyone