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Okay, shall I think we are live on Facebook and YouTube kondalilla welcome everyone to our weekly q&a with them that we this q&a is every Thursday 6pm PST.

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And thank you everyone for joining us in Sharla. We have more people joining. I think we'll actually start with a question from last week that as a stylist and she's asked a few times.

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Okay, let's start with this question in Sharla. And chef, this question is regarding a specific AI in Accra and so Surah 46 verse 30, in this verse, it is all uya all manner in SME anakee turban on xeomin by the Muslim side De Lima, Albania de Yeah, de then happy what you learn what you learn, it removes Supreme. And the question is, why did the jinn say that they had a revelation which was revealed after Prophet Musa alayhis salaam when the Bible was revealed after Prophet Musa and before there were an

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understanding what was the real word?

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Yeah, the question is phrased a little bit strange, but it's why. So, regarding this is this, this is asking, why did the jinn say that they had a revelation which was revealed after Prophet Musa when the Bible was revealed after Prophet Musa and before the Quran?

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The Quran said that in the Quran has come after musala Sara.

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So what's the problem with musala? Sam received, you know, Dora, and then after that peran comes?

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I don't know

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what I think maybe the question is not too clear. But if this is listening, if you can maybe ask a follow up question Sharla we'll try and get to you. But let's go to the next question. shala

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Okay, let's take this question. So this question is almost limbs bound to obey every single ruling of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam even though some are not based upon the plan, for example, halal, halal and haram things

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you know, Muslims certainly are not obligatory for Muslims to obey Allah and His Messenger Koran has so many times on the provinces MC emphasized that I've been given the Quran and I have been given a something similar to the Quran. So what Muslims need to know whether it is authentic hadith or not, once your authentic are proven, then it obligatory on the believers they must follow it certainly all the Hadith, our explanation the Quran, but we don't know how to explain if explanation comes from the professor or Islam, that it will be more authentic. To whenever you see something new in the in the Hadith which is not in the Quran, not new, it's actually explanation of something in the

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Quran, you need to go deeper when you refer generally for the people enough to know that we have to obey Allah and we have to obey His Messenger we have to follow the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam The difference is the Quran has been revealed word and meaning progress on

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the Hadith from Allah either was or from the listener

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is very clear authentic? Her this there are you know, people have narrated to sometimes their weakness, some other things, do you have to be sure you have to ask all them, but once it is known that her dc front Professor lawless alum, then it is obligatory on the believers to follow it.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question. And this question is, Can I speak to my fiance via social media? Um, I decided but the date is off that

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I can't hear properly covered. So we're saying and I speak with my fiancee via social media, so I'm assuming Can I speak to her one one on one online? Our marriage is decided but the date is after two months?

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Yeah, I know the speaking of there is something going on here something that discuss about the marriage or something, press or something like that. There's allowed by any equal a new disc, any talk, which is out of the desire before the marriage, there's not allowed. So you know, like not like anybody else. When the talk for the need in any stage man or woman they can talk or for something they need. A teacher can talk to the students and destroy can't talk to their teachers. You know, they don't need to marry to similarly somebody who's not married but the go to be married. You know, there's two strangers so they can

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Talk, but this which are necessary which are needed, but not something where the desire comes when the desire comes around.

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And so just to follow up on there was speaking in a public setting where they're not, they're not it's not just them to alone, you may then me and maybe this speaking get to know each other a bit more. Yeah, this should kind of mute in any place where, you know, other people are allowed to enter if replays locked in a private house, when nobody can enter your then they are not allowed to be there, but any public space, they can meet like a garden Park, or inside the house where the miracle would live. You know, so the Lord anything which is private, private means we're no but no third person can enter without their permission. So there's not allowed.

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So Jeff, just one more question. Follow up for following up on this. What if two people are getting to know each other and they're not actually engaged? So maybe they haven't finalized that they will be getting married, but can they both meet outside in a public environment but by themselves, young men or women can meet in a public space anywhere, you know, you know, I mentioned them when they meet, they can discuss anything in the world other than a which is a desire, you know, sexual desire, there's the should not talk to each other, but anything else they can do.

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Okay, does that gonna hurt you? Let's take the next question. And this question is from Faison. And his question is Is inika valid through video conference, it's early and witnesses are present by video.

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You know, if they're in the nigga, both parties are, you know, satisfied, that they know each other. And there is no deception, then fine, because what we need really is that no problem will arise. So if the mind knows, the old man or woman knows the mind, and the witnesses are known to both of them, so yeah, it can be through any of these things, as long as there's no confusion, and no deception.

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Okay, let's take your question from Ahmed and his question is, is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the man of the NBA

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Yeah, so you know he did he Mama, you know, in when he went for his era. And there are a lot of Mineola who said that he hit the best profit messenger the mom under what do you think really foster? Understand? You don't need to discuss these questions in the day of judgment or like not what to ask you whether the Prophet Muhammad the mom of the prophets or not, what he's going to ask you that? Is he your mama not? Did you follow him or not? Don't worry about the prophets and messengers. Worry about yourself. You need to obey you. You need to follow him. He is our Imam, too. We must follow Him and OBEY Him. What happened was the Prophet their pastor, they don't did he not

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need to know about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but we need to know everyday lives you know sooner. So in all of it be concerned about the question that Allah is going to ask you. He's never never going to ask you that you know what the prophet Muhammad Imam of Oldham do not was going to ask you Did you follow him or not?

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Okay, inshallah, we'll take the next question from passing in the Quran Allah says that he created seven heavens and likewise of the earth, what does the seven as we refer to

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you know, there are actually no difference of opinion about the seven Arthur one opinion is that, you know, the earth itself has a you know, seven layers we don't know what happening inside there. Another thing is it like a seven parts a different seven different parts of the earth that Alaska has 11 or the sky has similar parts the one above the other on Earth has similar parts in what you can divide and 70 so that what the meaning is to both are from Allah subhanaw taala.

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Okay, our next question is from Sister Mary her and her question is what is the DA for good health and the fight recited by the peninsula? Where do you send them?

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What do you offer good health research by opera?

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singer really you don't need to follow the doctor the process. So if you need good health, just ask Allah. Allah never got to ask you that you have seen what are the profits, no profit you to follow. do have other prophets. The youth have their own door door you need to have your own door that come from your heart. There are some Vickery that ain't better to follow the person but do whatever you need in a somebody's not a die to make Gowalla. You know cure Maya. If somebody has no pain, their stomach may go off or that somebody's head it may go further to you know, whatever you need, you ask from your heart and listen to you. You don't need to use it the words of the Prophet

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He used in Arabic, but you don't need to know that you can do your own language do our means that you ask Allah does not mean that you read a certain words in Telugu magic you're asking of Allah saw the word come from your heart and from your mind then you put in your words in any words you can put all the prophets have been making their own doors nobody followed other Professor dwad this is very bad culture when people learn memorize all these drawers and they make this is not right. This has never happened the salon to make your own device in your own language whatever you need.

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You know, I have written an article about do I think somebody is translating to once you get it, you can read it we I don't know exactly about these matter, that those those people do the people need to follow the profits into other not so I have written this you can you can follow that inshallah.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question. I've heard that passing when breaks or breaks, or what if a person passes when, in the middle of praying, what should he do? Then the person leaves a prayer goes under ODU. And come back and start from where he left to speak to anybody to know somebody broccoli working. That person goes, does Oh, come back and start from that Roku. If you broken inside the same thing, say don't come back and start on the side. But meanwhile, when you go to go do and come back, don't talk to anybody. If you talk to someone, then you're prepared because innovated and you have to start the prayer from beginning. If you don't talk, then you start the

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prayer from where you left.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question from based on again, how much are we able to use our column to validate or invalidate invalidate Heidi?

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Any initial version matters actually is important. You know, you have to use your full color. But we're going to use Express, not anybody, like in a medicine. In other my ocular experts are those who are in the field. They understand their understanding history, you know, I have to use my UCLA but if I'm a historian to philosophy, Arabic grammar, if I don't know grammar, and I use my UCLA to use listing, if I'm expected to grammar, then I should use my Atilla to people should use their data fully, not how much fully either much as possible. But in the field that they have, they have learned something in the door to know anything in the article will not lead to anything, nothing

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will happen. You know, I'm not a scientist, how can I map on my activity help me any good? First, I need to learn basics. They spent many, many years then my activity to similarly somebody does not know how to deal with the science of how they're authenticated what the magician have done, you know, you have to spend five to seven years. Once you have done that, yeah, then use your Apple free account, you should use Apple fully from the learning from very beginning, Apple is given to use not just keep it somewhere aside, or in every single matter use it where you with the knowledge if you don't have knowledge, your upline will not help you.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question.

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Now, this question is quite interesting, actually. So it's quite long. Let's see if we can get through it. Is it allowed to pays a cat in advance for future years. For example, based on my current salary, I pay about 500 pounds a cat each year. However, this amount is not enough to support someone needy fully to make them financially independent. Before, can I if I want to pay zakat for the next five years based on my current salary,

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I would be able to support someone and help them start a business so they can become financially independent. Is this permissible? So he's essentially asking, Can I ask, Can I pay my Zakat for the next five years in one year?

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Yeah, you can pay the cart in advance, you'll get more reward but thing either, then every year serially, maybe 10. More, you just guessed. So if you pay the card, you know 5000 pounds for five years, then see every year you know and calculate it then the five years maybe you need to pay more or maybe less, but but certainly people can pay the data in advance the cardinal of prayer in prayer you cannot pray before the time fasting, you cannot fast before Ramadan was occurred, people are allowed to pay before the time, you know, you can pay for 10 years 15 years five to whatever, like people always are allowed to pay the part before before the time.

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Okay, let's take this question from Imran Khan. His question is is the Hadith on black seed oil more than a black seed authentic? this hadith is about black seed or your being the black sheep being the cure for everything except death.

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You know, there are many many things which are cure. You know far so many things but

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You know, meaning with some conditions. So there could be something cure for, you know, cuffing for fire or something for people how to craft something use good for your, you know, when people have a cold, something good for the fever, you know, there are so many prescription wise doctors, but all these Christian prescrition don't work for everybody because they have some conditions, well, sometimes they change from time to time from space to space, in a cold country, this country, their country, to generally blackseed is helpful for for the people of Arabia, generally, you know, looking in the daytime, what they eat or drink, what now the culture has changed, what people eat

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has changed, time has changed. So many things have changed, too, you have to think in that way you need to consult the doctor of the process and what not a medical doctor, you know, so he knew the experience experience of his own people to in that limited experience. He said, it is a good thing, generally for every single disease, but does not mean with no condition. You know, it's still you need to go to a doctor who read otherwise you you know otherwise, they know other people do not need to have any medical treatment just want a black suit. But don't you see the Arabs are the one who developed the medicine so much for nearly 1000 years our medicine was the best thing and you know,

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you look at the details, you know, if you look boo coffee machine and all these people, so, my detail for every single illness, even the professor Lally seldom did not use only blackseed he used so many things are sometime honey sometimes this sometimes you know there are horror books on the medicine or the professor listen not only blackseed to some things good, it does not mean really that you know with the no condition and every condition it can be used. You know the way it is like Indian people have got a minute in no if you use a you know, black paper, you know it is good for everything and this thing and some people make garlic good for everything. But it does not mean it's

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good for everything in that way is still you have to know the condition is still you can change it to something is good for everything. Somehow, it does not mean in absolute turn to even the Prophet did not follow this one treatment. He had many many things that way. Or when Zubair said I asked my Hala Ayesha, how do you know so much about the medicine? She said because the professor Lawson used to fall ill and the doctors you to come and see him and advise him many many prescript prescriptions. So are you to prepare for him? To see the Prophet never can was content to succeed. He used to have different things. So you know, something could be a good luck, you know,

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our people, the professor, anybody Where did they receive? Because there was a food. Indian people say if you have dial in your house, you're safe. Because that food does not mean that let's go for it from everything to understand this thing. Otherwise, the Prophet would never have used anything other than blackseed but he used so many other medical no treatment.

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Exactly. Let's take a question from Mohammed. Now,

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his question is what is the correct meaning of lowering the gaze Are we allowed to look at non Muslim without lust

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you know, the Quran did not actually say lowering the gaze Parana suffered yada yada Mr control meaning whether men or women they meet each other. So, the men should not make their eye to follow the DOS part of women's body which attracts them. Similarly, women should not follow with their eyes, those parts of the man's body which attract them, you know to sometime could be the look at the fist, but they have no attraction or no desire. So, you know, but, but nice stuff looking at the face they start looking for other part of the body which can arouse the desire that is not allowed to we can translate really with the heart dorba does not mean lowering the gate rather Miss

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controlling the gaze control it meaning the the daughter make it yourself to look in a way that you know that it is are so similar you know and for the Mahara you know, the covering the the less anyway to their arms and their legs, they are not, you know, our they didn't have no desire no lust, yeah, they can look or that you know those parts they are here for for other women these two should be covered. But even if the covered with the cloth is still you are not allowed to look you know are those part of the body of the women which can attract you which can arouse your desire. That means that when the women come outside in the salon, they come with coloring, we still put ourselves

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through the bus or control your eye meaning from over the cloth is still people can have desire. So that water is a hotter water does not mean lowering or other it means controlling the gauge, control yourself.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next

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What is a lot what is the line between shark and trusting the means which Allah has given us

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should be very clear that no line or things like that it is so clear nobody can be confused really. ship is two types. One sharkeisha fly bada that word Quran is forbidden all the time Sheikh Fei bada Musa don't want to worship anyone other than Allah. So, you know, if you do Rocco to someone say that to someone in English

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or you make another that you know, for, if I my son succeeds things exam I sacrifice in no way shape or form the shape of this grave of the shrine that we should be fairly bad because that only for Allah subhanaw taala to me or ibadah which is done for Allah subhanaw taala You are not allowed to do that for anyone other than Allah. If people do that, that will be sure to fly by there's haraam that makes people coffee and there since it will be never forgiven on the Day of Judgment, if the dialect that the Russia case chick fil a robo media meaning it although the matters which are explicitly is specifically for Allah subhanaw taala nobody else does, you are not allowed to

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attribute to the people lack creation or lack of the handout do somebody think that on my shelf you know has some some you know something some hand in creation that will be shipped out this grave or this agenda or this shutdown or this person has something that will be not allowed, but it will create the means to like for example, you know, you eat with your hand to now you say I cannot eat with the hand without find not sugar that allows me to you have to do if you know really what Allah has made the meals and relate to Allah you can eat you don't say let people eat

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with a spoon when nobody says sugar you know if you go to somebody's house and they give you spoon and food and all those things, and they provide all the things and then you eat the food with the spoon, tell them how do you thank the people or the family or a spoon? Because you eat with the spoon do you set to this point Thank you very much. No, you thank the people to when people use the music demo related means telling me if you throw a stone at the dog

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when the dog chase you or the stone

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you can dog motivala you are done hitting not the stone is truly just means to people know what it means means. So nobody can be confused. Nobody can be confused unless somebody's very stupid. And thinking you know, a spoon is the one which feeds me not the people on a restaurant on a goose with the food not Allah is some people feel like that. The first tuple that should actually just be anywhere. So there is a haram but generally people know really what museum it is nobody attribute energy to means. You know, when the Kinga sends His messengers to the people, people who are from King but not from the from this man, he just means he's just a messenger. When the under gibreel

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brother command to the professor, listen, we don't say under degrees under duress command, we say the last command. He's just a mean, he has been used. So everybody knows what it means means everybody knows what the source is. So nobody allowed to attribute anything or probably bother to anyone other than Allah. Nobody's allowed to attribute anything for under a Buddha what Allah does all these things in our creation and looking after the people and sustaining them, providing nobody allowed to relate any of those matters to anyone other than Allah, if people do that it should and that it will be never forgiven.

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Okay, just that was really helpful, actually. And let's take the next question from a teacher. A question is, is a woman to be blamed if a man sexually assaulted her when she's not dressed appropriately?

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You know, certainly, you know, in the eyes of the law, it will be mind support. But Allah knows the best because sometimes could be you know, we are very bad people. Sometimes people are wearing blank cloth in order to attract people say the intention is to attract people and the people in Dubai by doing this to Allah knows, he will you know, he will question but the law will not question law will not make that person responsible law will make the man responsible Islamic law only law, when the woman will be asked in the future that you know, be careful, but she will not respond in the law. But in the if unless she can be responsible or she will have some fault. It depends how much

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intention she has intention to attract the people. So this is very bad intention. You know, sometimes this intention can be with a full cloth. A woman could have a club full of cloth for covering Esther she wants to attract people. If that her intention to heal is sinful. Same men might if a man wears cloth or walks in certain way, or goes to certain places where people women are connected to him, he will be sinful. So in

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To be a learner the intention of anyone the if a law, you know if somebody commits a sin or commits a crime, he'll be responsible and he cannot make other people responsible. So you know he will be accountable for that you know the woman

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Okay, let's go to the next question. And this question is, it's a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not suffer from magic and it was just a fever. How do we understand the rest uncertain follow up where we seek refuge from the evil of those who blow on not.

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So what? What? So does it mean that everybody who lived there Sula, there must have magic, the magic that Omar Omar tagoma, he also read the surah the Prophet read the surah Anamika magic, we know there are so many commands for the Prophet, you know, don't do Xena. Did he means that he does? Not he still doesn't mean the Prophet did he still he's a messenger, you know, or the Quran was revealed to him, title guided for all the people the future to Allah subhanaw taala was to make people very clear that in every single matter, depend upon me, in a sea refused to me, but does not mean that Professor lella said he had a lack of the field to Quran wants to teach him no throw him parama to

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teach other people. Some time Quran addresses the Prophet, by intention, not the Prophet intention is the people. Sometimes even the Prophet intended, it depends on what the verse says. When you read in the Quran that the professor had been asked, don't lose Xena. It does not mean he is going to do Xena. It meaning it teach your people. The people learn from you that Parana said yeah, you're gonna be without a lockable nessa fatale una like that the hidden Oh prophet when you divorce the woman is not the Prophet it is people that have passed or locked him up to throw the Prophet. But I address it to the people that are many, many of us in the Quran. They come through the professor lolis alum,

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but meaning the people like in Quran said, Adam, Tara, didn't you see? Not the profit? It's all the people everybody Didn't you see? Anybody who raise brother asked him Didn't you see first quarter school? Yeah, oh Catherine, one law had not only the profit is wonderful, singular, but would not have been the profit would have allow admins, all the believers every individual they have declared this bourgeois cover every individual or every believer could have been asked every believer. The revelation has come through the prophets Allah Allah seldom. So that why carozza cool by does not mean he is the only one who is going to do this. So this Vasa does not fit to anywhere it means the

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profit got amazing. Nothing, no Verity can mean the profit or got any magic.

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Okay, Chef, let's take one more question in sha Allah.

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This question is from Mohammed and he says how do we reconcile the right the guy with the rightly guided caliphs attacking and expanding Islamic territory after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away especially when it is said that Islam Islam was spread by the sword

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Islam that did not disturb with the sort of the naval force people to what happens is that they were these rulers you know there are no rulers they have problems and also the learner was very much learned off Ibrahim Ali Salaam they needed to be liberated. They are foreigners they came and occupied this land Romans and Persian their capacity lands to this land was a learner the Middle East learn of the family Rahim Ali Salaam, so that must be liberated. But once they remove the rulers, then after that whether people follow Christianity or Judaism, or they are fire worshippers, nobody tells them they remain like that far, even though there are so many Christians in Syria in

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Iraq. You know, in Middle East there's so many Christians in Yemen say there's so many Jews as well, they have been living with Muslim Muslims really rural India nearly 800 years or some parts even on 1000 years. But most people India's Hindus, Muslims are only span for 800 years. But majority remain Christians to Muslims and never made anybody to you know, follow their faith. But they removed some rulers because you know, sometimes there have been some rules that were so bad even their own people used to complain to Moses, you know, come and help us and get rid of these people because they're so bad not you see in our time, there are some Muslims were so bad even Muslims want foreigners to come

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on occupy and freedom liberate them to because the cameras placed some sometimes your own people, they don't treat you well. In India, there are many many temples where the priest he used to kidnap the Hindu men and raped and all these problems. So the the Hindus themselves to ask Muslim rulers to take over these temples. You know because they are in

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corruption. They're so much problem.

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something could happen to you know, Muslims when they took over the country in Middle East. The intention was not to force people to become Muslim. No, they never actually four never asked him actually, they were not oblique. They just took an after that we're offering that to follow Islam not armies and many people remain they accepted Islam gradually one family to family. But until now there are many families you know, big number of Christians and Jews living in released and also fire worshippers they have been living in Muslims.

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I just couldn't catch up. I think we will end it there inshallah.

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timeshare and for everyone else, just come alone for joining us. Just a few small announcements. Actually anyone who's joining us from YouTube, please do like our Facebook page. And likewise, anyone here who is from Facebook, please do follow our YouTube channel in sha Allah, we have quite a few exciting things coming up, especially tomorrow. And just a few things for anyone that that's interested in courses I should aka was doing. Chicago was holding quite a few short courses soon. One on the test set of also I know, we are holding one on a course called key debitum uses on the hidden defects of Heidi's

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