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Post Isha Khaterah


AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a story about the need for people to avoid mistreatment and avoid discomfort. The speakers emphasize the importance of fulfilling every step in life and avoiding mistakes. Islam's history is discussed as a covenant for fulfillment, and la ilaha's teachings are emphasized. The importance of not missing the story and not trying to fulfill everything is emphasized, as well as the importance of aware of one's own limitations and learning to be aware of one's limitations.
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But the other way around with dealing with EU if you Jamie here, isn't it? I'm sorry Han and Abdullah Hibiya Amrit Milhouse are the Allahu Anhu by the honey tonight collection and I'm going to be the as an authentic chain of narration right to us by Abdullah bin Salman and then also the Allahu Anhu This is within the theme of understanding Iman and they talk about it for quite a while. I want to cover a couple of couple of angles and bring them together in Charlotte to hopefully help us help us all to comprehend the idea with a certain degree of depth inshallah Tada this is a really nice Hadith you know the story once I start telling it, you'll know the story and so this is just

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for you to know where the story or originates from the Sunnah. And he's what he says a low Anaconda kala Rasulullah he said Allah Allah, Allah is trying to sell them in Allah. You humbly assume Raja and mighty yo Malkia Mateen Allahu Allahu Allah Akbar. Allah subhanaw taala will bring out or put forward what a man from my Alma and people will see this this will be something that people actually witness on the Day of Judgment in terms of the event itself so you have so many going to remove him from being in a closed

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space is going to be open and you're gonna do level design. What is it in St. Julian called Lucy Julian mythological Vasa and he'll bring out 99 records each record as as it goes as far as the horizon as far as you can see with your eye each record is of bad deeds.

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Just 99 records of bad deeds each record does. As far as you can see, it's huge just huge filled with stuff for your co Rhodora boom. So Allah Allah speaks to this gentleman, a Kudo.

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Wala Mecca creativity will help you alone.

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Did Did the people who wrote this mistreat you those who put this together did they not do their job by actually documenting and recording what actually happened? Play a CUDA

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there is no the whole room if like so Alyssa asked him Do you have an excuse like you have a rationalization for why it is that you have all of these a yet

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your kulula There's no I don't

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buy Akula Hora boom

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in laka and then Haselton? Well yo, la tovim you we owe you a hustler. And today there is no

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oppression there's no mistreatment today.

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But 100 You'll get the opportune I lay a shadow Allah in Allah and Mohammed Abdullah Zulu and brought forward is a is a card and on it is the shahada, disco hate and the belief and the testimony you believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, according to her Abu Dhabi was neck, so Allah tells him go and attend the Wayne, you have to go and attend the scale with the Wayne by accord with Abdul Robbie Maha he will get off but you won't and it will cost as you learn what is this card going to do with all of these records? I mean it's not worth me attending it there's no point it's just this the the outcome the conclusion is clear. So why do I need to attend the

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weighing I just Just send me on my way. We have kulula who are Abu Salah Maga speaks to him for help. In nickel yo Mara tovim for the second time you don't get mistreated today today. But although they're cedula to figure out

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what to do, I'll be taught how to fix and then the the two hands of the scale are brought forward and they put all the records in one hand and they put the card in the third hand a cool raw Hadith record another user license with the profile is awesome. parlor fell Pasha decision nothing like this Allah has sought to sell and the records go flying into the air where Sakura will be taka and this card became heavy. Well if Paloma Smilla he che and nothing is even remotely close to the weights of the Name of Allah subhanaw taala Ravi, whereby can never use Allah Azza wa sallam had, but never do. And he laughed out loud that it was only to see his inner teeth. So I said we need to

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read this hadith salAllahu alayhi salam, I should have Allah Allah, Allah who I should only Muhammad Abdullah Sudha we never know what they will save you. This story has a lot of context to it, obviously. Meaning we don't know exactly what this man's history was what hand he was dealt growing up where he grew up what problems he had, we don't know anything about, we have no way to draw a parallel to him from his life to ours. So you can't really say that I'm good. I have I think I have the card and so I should be fine. And then you can go ahead and just you know, fill up those 99 Because it's gonna be you have no ability to perform that you have no you don't have the ability to

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do that. You just have the ability to hear the story and understand that the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala the belief that that profound, deep understanding, comprehension and exception of la ilaha illa Allah and the prophecy of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu in your in your heart has weights that you cannot demand

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Imagine and you will if you truly truly believe it and you spend your life trying to adhere your adhere to the rules that come with that. And you see this as a covenant that you're trying to fulfill throughout the days that you're that you're walking around this earth, then that will save you on the Day of Judgment regardless of how much how many mistakes you make, you can make a lot of mistakes because that just comes with the comes with the with the package of being alive. But if you do it right, then it will save you because nothing comes remotely close to the weight of la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is what this

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hadith is for, is just there to give you a little bit of comfort, if you're walking this earth, and you're going through life and it seems dark and it's very difficult and you're struggling a lot and a lot of mistakes are happening. You don't seem to know exactly where you're going, and you're lacking clarity. And you're afraid that that lack of clarity and sincerity and, and peace of mind and heart with everything that you do is scaring you, then this hadith is there just to comfort you that in sha Allah, there's one word that you've said that you are adhering to throughout your life that you're trying to hold on to that as No, that is very valuable to you. It's not the most

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valuable thing to you in sha Allah it has the potential to save you on a time where nothing else can, which is the point of this generation the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave your will remember to me they up to me and he was me. And Abdullah hit me I'm Dave Miller also the Allahu Anhu by the parent of your son Allah Allah you Salam in Allah. So you have your so Raju la Mati yo malpighia, materia Roussillon Allah for your college Allah who is an artist in se Jinlun Calusa gendlin Miss Nomad de la Sol for your poodle la hora, boohoo

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hola Mecca Cateel how if you don't pay a call holding Abdullah Paverpol alpha for your kulula for your polo, better in Malacca, and then our Hazara William la la ma had been holed up Papa John McDonough La

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ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Zulu por la hora boo should always snuck by your code will have to do when I had to heal the pocket to multilocus CG alert for your portal Rob Boo in Leo Mala ulama had

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to CG learn to figure fit in well we talked to Vika Prakash It is similar to water quality will be thought of well I just put on my Smilla he che so the Kurosu Allah is Allah Allah Allah Allah so have you seldom Subhanallah we'll be having division Allah Allah He learned to start to break was that Allah who was telling him about a kind of you know Muhammad himself it's raining Sharla Sunnah prayer and then we have the Tafseer of an Arabic right after this initial