Akram Nadwi – Shaykh Ayyub Surti’s Isnad explained

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a man named Hadith became famous for his appearance on TV. He had previously suti with another man named Mona shipGeneration, but later found out that he had been sutiing with a woman named Missus McCarthy. He later found out that he had been sutiing with a woman named Missus McCarthy and had a good time meeting her.
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Somebody people have got many many snaps out there in the world. But, but one I just suti has got one in which I had never seen anybody in the anywhere else had in India there was a big shake of Hadith. His name was Mona ship Illa. He made it very early not indebted under Manasa label I'm sorry, you know, but this one is senior molar shakeela Emirati and you know, he so simola Mongolia big, big people. And he traveled a lot to he got a job and is not from from Arab world and from Syria from she will Herman I Sharif and he also had a good age of Allah Somalia. And then he gave and then he his son Masuda law he

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he also read the whole of assembler to his father muscles are limited but not very famous. To he came to Microsoft model you suti whenever mouse whatever just young boy and he came and he was old. To his gave him the result that he read to me. And he gave each other he did not know what each other is also that he read because he said and he given to each other and I don't know anybody got a fair amount of possibility for a family then telling us back or something I was waiting for you. To he showed me this rusada twice. This amazing isn't this not nobody has you know this is people should come tonight read to him. I got here that some of my reference. I asked him when they when

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they got together to not have too many people coming to he said to me that you know he's coming here. He wants to meet me and coming next Sunday so I said okay if you come in the best thing you read and people read to get to get in the car. So they bring it to it. This is unique is not to do you can get out each other for somebody for a minute. But this one you want to get to this is very important. To make effort to commission and to get is not from me.

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