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Abraham what Islam was in the land of Babel in Iraq that where he was born and

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his people used to worship I just star Moon and Sun so that Quran mission what actually Vivek when he was brought up when he Brian for the child what happened to him because his father was spiders he the mother same thing the old family and all the way around there nobody worship Allah in this whole people there were nobody was nobody even knew Nola even no talk what Allah How was Ibrahim able to be different from the people that were Quran must have teased us in other verses minister, while Tiana Ibrahim rushed the home in public, they gave Ibrahim rushed from very beginning what the two verses beginning with

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an opposite approach to suffer, seen FAHA rushed and suffer Brustein Arabic language means that when people say nature, senses, and a reason, or three are in agreement, and they are in coherence, they don't, if they have any, no tension means your, your chances are, they listen to your nature, and your reasoning. Basically, listen to your nature. If you are like that, then you go back to children from very beginning, if they're raised like that, they're more likely will be on the right path. When they understand the nature they use their senses to help them nature, and they use their reasoning in that way. That what

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I'll give an example for example,

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when you buy a plant, grow a plant. First thing you do what find out is nature, how much water it needs, how much or how much light and then you grow plants plant and then it grows properly. But if you don't know its nature, it will die. say to anyone when you buy an animal to find out what it eats, what's the nature is how much you're in need, how much water it needs, in how much need to be outside a working order, if you buy a fish, do you knew really that it needs to be in water, how much water No, it doesn't you find nature and you follow that then it remains alive.

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Similarly, human beings by nature

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Rasheed, the children who have a twisted they are the children who understand that nature then they use a sensor in their mind a kind to the nature

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so easiest example I give you can never think very clear. We human beings, like animals. Before we become a hungry we need food isn't like a

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now thing really. I would like to tell you where to come when you are hungry.

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Think about your nature what exactly you want.

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What your needs require requires when you're hungry hunger the indication that you need something to what you need. When you feel hungry what you need tells you do you think what you need

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what do you need? Exactly? When you're hungry? What do you need?

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You need really food that food which is not harmful? Good For Your Health.

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gives you energy and what and also right amount. Because when you give that plants they need water. But as you get more water they will die. You need to know how much water you're going

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to write food right amount in what good furry but tell me exactly what happens in nighttime.

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You go for biryani in or in Birmingham you know how about all this shaft? You know you go saw all this food then is it that's your nature?

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No, it is your culture.

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You don't look for your nature. Your look for what for the culture.

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When you're hungry you need food but you think you ready biryani?

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This word problem hypers that would agree with me is that clever people think like that Ibrahim think no. When I'm hungry, I need food which can give me energy and right amount. Not too much too much. If anything exceeds the limit, it actually enhancing

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the food which gives me energy and right amount. But in the word really rare they're very very few people they understand what they do. They they follow the culture

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or acid ibrahimpatnam like that. All around the blind. They used to follow culture even though he's the only one young boy

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I can't follow the picture. Let me think really what I need.

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That he uses sense in his mind to get what he needs. What is nature use fitrah that era him got it right with the fifth Allah He already used to the fitrah what my father wants me what my nature was.

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He listened to fitrah to he wanted to make a fitrah nature senses and reason or three in agreement not

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If you get that they're connected to Russia, you know that Abraham just oppose it officially is what in Arabic language suffer, if you use your senses and your reasoning not for the nature, but for what for culture, then it is called what suffer university is to build

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to people who eat biryani that's stupid

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and people who eat right food right amount, they are clever, there are sheep there are quasi all Indian people get all these illness why? Because they go destination you go for the culture, your cult 10 is surely not between reason between religion and shell basically the between the nature between the culture,

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tension between the reason and between the nature. That problem is people use, if you go rightly the notation your life will be in.

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Right? If people understand the nature, they use their senses properly. And they use a reason that wasn't really anything. There no, no conflict between religion between reason conflicted between the reason and between the culture reasons with this culture that you follow Iran. That reason says that Iran said this, these are just you worship them, but they don't hurt. They don't benefit you. They don't eat anything you have on the food. It doesn't make any sense.

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This is a culture reason it tells you this is not right. The food that you eat mindset is not right food. To tell me when religion comes reject tells you what the hell are what haram and Muhammad treat the prophets I used to say he to 1/3 of his stomach. Tell him Is there any reasoning on the face of that which does not like this, this this teaching is any reason the Prophet did not like to eat, you know, didn't allow to eat it to drink it, you know, any Greek intoxication? That what reason says that our mind says that the no tension between nature and between religion. tension is between a relation between nature and between the culture. If you follow culture, that is suffice to

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pt. And if you follow nature, then you're clever that rooster, Ibrahim and Islam what from very beginning he used to think all the time what exactly my nature says. He learned how to understand the nature and he tries that to Kurata Voila, Titan Ebrahim, rush the human top.

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If you follow Ibrahim, you are clever. And we isolate what to understand the nature and then use the reasoning to help the nature you are clever. If you don't follow grammar, Islam, then what you're telling me

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is stupid, the Quran, the Quran said woman Jerrica boo our military Rahima man, Sufi Han,

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who will turn away from Rice away, except the stupid people the Quran. Quran said anybody who does not for Iran, they're stupid.

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And they're not the most stupid humans in the world have been the Quran, Jews, even Bill Acaba and they do say no, don't lead Kaaba we need another pillar. The Quran says saya Kuru sofa Amina NAS ma Allahu multipolar team. These stupid people will tell you why you don't follow their killer why you follow Kaaba is stupid. They're stupid. Even if the taba is clever, it is funny but our heads up the blood then you are clever. If you leave it

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is stupid. Parana cost me stupid so for that we're gonna go and look in Arabic dictionary the meaning of sofa you find that

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people fall over time become clever. But think even is away thinking that's not a culture even I'm never followed culture you will never establish a culture even he can't be Brahimi unless you think

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that I can tell him really how many Muslims are Rashid.

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Tell me Are we stupid? Or we are clever ministers?

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Or the things that you really do you think? Tell me when you praise or now's the time to decline at the sun? Do you ever think why praise when the sun declines? Do you notice? Do you ever think about that?

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You pray you're thinking are you clever?

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Why you pray father so early before sunrises? Do you ever think

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I can ever know you follow things without thinking? You're not clever?

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You press a card Do you think why we need to have this portion?

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You first Matamata overthink it with the right hand to your think River up to the right hand. You follow things like a culture. DEVOTEE it a culture. When people make religion as a culture they become a stupid

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religion only religion when thinking that they're that why Quran keeps saying be like Ibrahim, a man who used to think before them.

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Before you say something and before you do something, think

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where a month of Ramadan occurs you need to think about where prayer comes you need to think about clearing is when you do

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Do you need to think what to do means? You need to think if you do without thinking just because somebody else does culture, then no life really. Like many, many people borrow by you know this brand of shoes and coat and not thinking they don't think it isn't important they do why because somebody else does your child come to the school to home and say I want to buy in this nice shoes and you buy for the child. Why? Why he said or she said see think you know the culture. See it the other children do the same thing. They know think the children don't think because we don't teach them thinking Ibrahim done that to this. Abraham says his father worshiping I just think it doesn't

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make sense to he asked him that we put on sin even though he said to his father so young when he said Yeah, but in nice Khadijah unemployment. Well, my father you don't know I know.

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This, how you

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might have the knowledge, confident, he knows that he knows he know that he think that was able to, you know to teach people to discipline. One thing about Eros upbringing is that the mind of thinking Rasheed with a man who was tiny Brahim or stone, I tell told us what rooster means to understand your nature. Then use your senses and your reasoning to help your nature that is washed

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and certified not to understand your nature rather than to follow your culture blindly. No thinking that is what that is. Suffice to pretty. Most people in the world. They are stupid.

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Even scientists, philosophers in India, there's so many scientists, philosophers, they worship writers. Do you think they're clever? They're not clever. They could be scientists. They could be inventing you know many many things. But they are stupid. They don't understand themselves. They never make effort to know their own nature. Or design this or this philosophers in the eyes of Iran, they are just stupid people. But they never think

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so Quran actually MiFID this hybrid Islam has been to I just to summarize you know, his his beginning of the life Ibrahim is a clever man personal knowledge at the same time he wants to teach people he's surprised that people say man like me but why they don't think too he think if expressed to them they will learn but they don't he told his father brighter properly these ideas don't benefit don't hurt don't do anything good. Leave it in

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his listen if you don't fight if you keep saying something I'm going to kill you I'm going to distinct that thing. Even under not know what to do. Then clever idea came to him. His his mind. Let me teach them in practice. Politically, maybe then their understanding. One day they had got a festival

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they came to Brahim that. We have got a festival we go to celebrate outside the town. Come with us. Ibrahim said in Nissa T I don't feel with I'm not with the left Ibrahim and Ibrahim aquatic plant. He took his ex

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mo hammer came to tempura nice foods in ferrata I just he said to the IRS Why don't you to such a nice food I just don't answer certain I think we don't need then even I took his axe and it's much all of them and then he he got the big either on hand the X in the nick of data he thinks this is the way to teach these people and then he came back to his house sleeping nicely this week don't sleep like that will be scared by Ryan did not discover anything he content in second piece people come to temple

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unexpectedly or the either smash all of this except a big one did did not know that anybody can do to this ask question man father haha be early Hatena who have done this with our gods we worship them that other gods who are done to Carlos are not enough yet guru you are to do this we have a young man he always keep raising question about fighters. his inimitable to him even if I'm not famous because the gentleman but he people know around him that he's the only person in the whole community who raise questions about

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this Okay, bring him to be bring

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God they got Abraham in mind of his 10th and thinking and never escaped. If they asked me why aren't the fall Tada we are Hatena Mobileye. Did you do this with our gods? I just whatever I said no, but follow Kabuto MHADA this big idea he doesn't want it. He

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he wants to teach them now they don't want to be the person they were they basically have no idea no clue they're just done back this answer. But people follow culture even they're not an answer is still the fight. They will they will think no, they are desperate. We have to fight for culture. Like many Muslims, you know if finance advances headscarf with the fight, we have few people will be in any country bands headscarf the next news will be so many people have been killed in Karachi.

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Lahore Matan Delhi Lucknow the protest without thinking really what the right attitude so many people will be killed that what happens that what we do because it is so deep in the Ibrahim Al Islam different from the these will follow culture they have no answer they should answer if they have no answer why this actually hanging the Nikka identity he's not protected an era and somebody comes I know there's one song God had to come help your ideas. Tell me Do I just help will you help diagnose the why worship him if he didn't need help? Once a while and then they burnt a huge fire to three Brahim and even Isilon load it has probably not like either two when they throw him under set

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to fire will Naiya narrow Huni burden which will offer become cool and then Allah says Salaam and this benevolent evil they will not harm and it came back nicely

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then after that they had you know worshipping star moon or Dorothy Ryan kiss kiss it one day actually happens era his father said mix it around last one to Brian and said to Brahim are labeled under an ad you had the IRA he laid them tanta he the argument Naga was your knee muddy Yeah. Oh, but I did too much.

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This makes the identity you protect them you hurt my business. You criticize the star you criticize the moon is criticizing his son we worship all of them and you criticize them. You have to stop it stop this thing. Don't do anymore. If you keep doing this thing, this next step will be I will kill you and stone you until you die.

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I will leave Ibrahim Melissa said no. I can't leave. I can't invite leukocyte Am I believe me. I can leave you but I cannot worship your your gods Euridice salaam Nautica. Oh my father, PC Bonnie. So as a photocopy, I will ask my daughter to forgive you.

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In who can have your fear because my lord he doesn't. What does it matter who you are your ideas? I don't follow your culture. I live your culture and your ideas will be I call my lord.

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una vita. I'm Bishop Iya. And I know that when I call my Lord, Lord, he listened to me. I never different than even a Muslim lift it up. He come to Syria.

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Lift a family. Allah gave him the film The Quran says for and we'll call it the MaHA Jerrica be in Rosie's Hakeem Wagner, who sahaya Kawakubo was Alana at a Nobu with our kita they now Agera houfy Dounia we're in karate Lemonis Salatin, Ibrahim left we are giving Ruth Ruth became his follower and the good because the Prophet then if you gave Rahim is Ha and Yaku and we made prophethood in the family. After Brahim, every new prophet in his family you gave prophet for in the family for him. We gave him his reward in this world and the hereafter he's among the right people and Bourassa one Ajay now we're Luton in our ability bark Nafi Herod alanine then even Abraham left Iraq we came

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Syria Palestine Brazil land where if the albaraka is there nourish your feeder Quinlan Jana Salah his immediate family or Salafi what y'all now i Martin and we made them liters. You're doing a marina they used to guide people with our commands, or our hyena in Iraq and we reveal to them to be good to do good in the way karma Salah what is aka rowCount Now I begin to establish the prayer to pay Zakat and the use of worshipers that whatever a Muslim did divine Muslim, came to Syria. Then after that, he has wife Sarah, no children with Sarah he went there but a lot of hunger and famine. Then with Zara he traveled to Egypt because Egyptian people their family liquid Ibrahima Islam, so

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that when he came there they look but somehow in the province something happened by anyway. So he just checking identity he became he loved it. He when he met Islam, and he accepted him interest is the great man. And then he married his

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sister to Ibrahim Krishna Haji direct to his story because dude they were devout Jews they coming from Sierra

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so they want to make family for him just from Sarah does this a Hydra was dead but she was a slave girl and descended this today. There's so much great proof from violet, Hydra Vanessa labor, she was found the royal family of Egypt people. And there's a very good book written by Maura Farahi or rice Sufi female who was the Mona forever expert in the Bible, and all the scriptures of Jewish people and their history very nice to hear this all the more properly. Hydra was not a slave girl. She was from the royal family sister of the King

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And he gets married to Ibrahim and it's not easy but I have now got two wives, Sarah and Hodges.

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Then Abraham came back to Syria and for him harder he got a son. It's my first son. No, it doesn't matter was this to his family to live to suffer blessing in Stara in one place and Hyderabad blessed to Allah subhanaw taala revealed to Brahim that leader Syria with your wife is harder and harder young South child my babies might leave it and go to a place you know Ullswater told him where to go where nobody lives with no no no plot no grass no food no water even I'm came to that land as Mcebisi there are no population no human being just mountains nothing grows there nothing there. Even a Muslim came there with this sunny smile

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when he came there, then Allah subhanaw taala it actually had this mission Buhari no digest summarizing it to when he came there then after a few days unless rebuilt Ibrahim leave the place. Even the man used to think about every single thing but I left a mark he never questions and I'll play that inshallah that will however I even I'm a thinker when unless Come on Come then hit full Muslim sucks full submission if I lack a man that must be right he never question to Allah kamagra he leaves your son and your your wife

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people like us will question but how are they going to live? How can they survive alone there no water no food? Nothing. He left when he left his wife hardest She's not perfect. She said oh Ibrahim you know how are we leaving us? Even I'm did not answer but you know he's worried that my family should think the same right? I think this he asked again Why are you leaving us you know in this desert with no food no water me and my cello and what how can he survive? Third time she asked. But you did not answer. Then she said is it come on I feel good cuz she knows you but I'm never can leave us like that. That must be come out of the Lord. She said he did come out of your Lord, give

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an answer. Yes. That whatever he wanted to hear from her because she knew her mind. She you need to understand herself. She said, come on. If you're not here, then she said if it is come on, if you load, then your load will never let us down. He never abandoned us that He will help us. She's such a firm believer.

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Even with this, and the story goes on, and the child are thirsty, there are no water or the water finish. Then the wife they've shot from one mountain to other mountain from Safar to Mara Farah Marva. To suffer. It happens seven times, until she sees really the water is gushing from the feet of his mind. And the she caves and made around that and and just hit her know the water. When the water the burst came when the birds came. Then there's some Arab tribes wandering this over the water. They came home. They asked his mice they realize he must be very pious woman that water can come over to the respected her they asked her Can we sit around you she allowed them to the rest.

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Then after that Ibrahim comes after long time when he smiled became a seven year old eight year old running now playing that a time when people love their children more mostly because you know playing they can they can enjoy that.

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Then even a hint or Islam

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comes and

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Allah subhanaw taala saw him in a dream one night

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and in the morning he kept his son he smiled and he said yeah about a year in knee RF in Miami and knee at the basilica

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in his mind, but vertebra him when he wherever 90 year old Can you know go to the basically what is mentioned Bible, nearly 90 year old, very old and he got a sunny smile. He loves him. And now Allah commands him to slaughter him. He's so angry, too. He said to his son I saw in my dream that oh my son I'm slaughtering why Graham asked the son that he went to his opinion if you accept he will slaughter and if he does not accept not sorry, no. Era He was distraught in any way. There's no question about that. But if there is a way that he wants to make his family to have same level of human I think he wants his son to be like him. He says to his son Oh my son I've seen in my tree in

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the time skilling is rotting you What do you think?

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Son and son yesterday? Yeah, but if Alima tomorrow Saturday Tony inshallah I'm gonna sovereign you might think

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you do what you have been commanded. You will see me patient. I'll be patient.

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Even I am knows really. It'd be too much for his mother.

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You know, mother is very good, good believer, but to see her son, her son being slaughtered, God happened to era him at least the place in a little bit away from that, because, you know, behind the mountain basically Marva to that various

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people have made their story, the vehement two manner, why Ryan needs to go to Mina all the way to sort of the sun. There's no reason for that. There's no reason for him to go all the way

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Danny comes in three times once shaitana Casa de Brahim is my you know this will be nobody has been second set on a third satin and the Neverland through the stone and he because a pillar and now Mina, you stone all those pillars.

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Eva Allah. The Prophet Muhammad said if Omar walks in the path shaytan ginger ba ba part when Mr dos window moves. What's your Tanda shaitan? Mousavi shaitan cannot face more duty shaytan Confessio Brahim

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shaitan have any hope to miss any Brahim? Do you think really it's possible for Shaitan to to discard Ibrahim even if the Brahma data batata profitable great thinker Do you think even I even can listen even like shatta and Nene hopefully but I did not write really I will explain Inshallah, why the plus up but the plus a ton of stuff like that the security people have made the story to what the truth really the Ibrahima is Allah subhanaw taala commodifying even I'm just want to be hidden to wife cannot see, too he take the sun and he goes beyond the mountain busy Marva that very clear from Bible everywhere. They call Moria sacrifice when Marva Ibrahim is now that will enter enter

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Gibreel comes and you know what happened with Quran safarnama as Lama what Allah who did JB and whenever a Muslim was about to slaughter him, then Allah smart Allah called him boy but

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you did exactly what He commanded. And you don't need to slaughter yourself now and this was the center in Iran and he slaughtered that that will happen. Then after that, Allah subhanaw taala kamati Brahim to build a house, Kaaba, he built the Kaaba, then Abraham realizing he must be commanded to stay here. The command for building house can not be thought of no reason. Then he knew that. Then he made dua, well done. I made my family to sit next thing you see in me as Kuntum is Realty BayWa dinner very reserved, in the biotech Gulmohar from it means a biotech came before Abraham's house.

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That Asuna followed by proper muscle spasm where Muhammad Salah was sent to Medina first bite he bit house for Allah Masjid. First thing must be that his own house, first in the province of Madrid must win a cup in the NACA first era. He did build the Kaaba, then his own house. First thing Muhammad this Lhasa built the masjid in Medina, then his own house because that is the guarantee now you can live here. If the new house for life can't live in place like it, build a house for Allah that is guarantee for you. If the house remains there, and people worship Allah in the house you will remain there. But if house is abandoned, you will be abandoned that no covenant for Allah without the house

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commit with our data era he made reference to the house in the US continent reactive added

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in the bicycle Mohan lay up was salata, my family here is to establish prayer here we are not here to eat fruits and drinks but we're how can they worship you if they don't have anything to eat? To give them fruits is how can I say to my family here is not to our money, like we came from India Pakistan why our money we did not come here to build a house you know we are building a house so when we made our own houses, then you start thinking Let me make must do and when we fight we buy back noon was when we dispute to make a new Muslim to we don't even get most billables for Allah era he built a house for Allah. Then he said our language worship you you but I need to stay here my

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family need to continue otherwise how can worship then Allah sitting in all the fruits? This

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is Dr. Rob burner in a sentimental Yeti Baywatch already reserved desert in the biotech and mohatta in a valley with a no plant growth nothing grows no water next to your house, which are restricted Rabbana Yoky Musala my family's here to worship you then did not come here to make pounds and dollars and to earn money. No, there's nothing Maka Maka did not produce any money. Nothing there are no earning that nobody cussing Mercato to earn any money. My family has only to worship you nothing else. Leukemia salata but how can they live alone? They need people they need population they need fruits, fudge all of it at the minute NASA homie la put their love in the heart of the

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people to come and move to Makkah to love them. Put in the heart that people make people come to Makkah because

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for a sukkah, Maratha Murat give them the fruits.

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You know, nothing grows here, but my family needs fruit give them fruits unless not accepted. Very clearly. People came to Makkah they settled there. They looked after the rice family fruits again on the parka came to their family. Then after that his heart was born but in

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in Syria and curato Bashar now this Harper Nabi administrators true story. His heart was born after his mother listen up. The first son, zebra he smiled, that even Bible and the son of twins commanded to slaughter it is mine now

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Have the agenda names made by Miss Harkin Bible? There's only one thing everything is actually in jest if nothing else you're first in only baby when listening is Brian is my next hop to Karnataka knob is higher Carnaby and RUSADA he will bark now la walleyes ha women to get the HEMA motion Malala Melinda hemo been to two family from two families, so many prophets so many messengers come big you know, humanity and Karasawa Jaya also Mnajdra Hema Bushra Rue Salama our and just came to the Rahim and the City branch salam ala Salah Moon even generic an item is Ursula This is Suleiman I Salam but even in some ways what he's a very generous person even enrichment to understand properly

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but I'm not a poor person he's a very rich man in his ships are full of the very rich men that gave him so much with a Never Eat Alone always with a guest always looking for the guest it never happened alone the money studies people and their human being he none other than just hitting it ask them you know do you would like to eat a black interview our time what we do is somebody comes to our house we said we'd like to do something doing something that not Islamic this really the culture that people you around Islamic culture when it comes you bring something if he is there finally the Narrabri in Egypt that's fine. But you don't need to ask him for a while or whatever you can drink

00:31:26--> 00:32:13

food everything bring there then after that just relax eat or not eat is up to him. We don't need to ask me like sometimes drink COVID This is a non Islamic culture to win that and just can rent in ask them to eat something no more Quran says farmer Tabitha and job Audrina honey very quickly blindman said house slaughter a calf and cooked it and then brought to the angels each fall Amara ID en la Slater Elaine la Nokia when he saw that their hands don't read to the food. The trailer is tender Okay. Nikita here he scared here real it's something else. They don't look at Naughty I'm just come to me. I recognize them. Human being eat food. These people don't look normal and just did not what

00:32:13--> 00:32:19

happening. Wow, just some fatten. He became scared that these people who are these people

00:32:20--> 00:33:03

do not have this adult fear. Yeah, we don't didn't that come like angels, you know, we came differently because we have been set for different tasks. We have been sent to punish people. We have brought punishment. That is why our ship different now in our cinah Illa Tommy route. We have been set to punish those people. But we have got a good news for you. Because you are different from Morocco. in Mattoon, his wife is standing there and she loved for Bashar now hobbies her we gave her a good tidy of his heart will mean what is happening and not only his heart after his heart you will get to tell him if he's even though he knows that is hearten Levison. Yaku, does it make any sense

00:33:03--> 00:33:22

to command him to start his heart? Keep an eye No, this will grow. His heart will remain alive and he certainly have a son Yahoo. It does not make any sense to command him to stop this Africa he knew the South is going to survive. It is very clear from the Quran Bible is not going to serve his heart. It was his smile.

00:33:23--> 00:33:45

This woman is how He ran his wife she the parent for husband is old. God Dr. weta neither one of us will hurt her but Alicia How can I return? When I'm old woman and this my husband is almost in her so noisy. This is amazing. This is very surprising. Doesn't make any sense.

00:33:46--> 00:34:17

ALU algebra now Melinda, this Are you surprised on the amount of Allah rahmatullah wa barakatu Allah Maharal pay off MTV Rahim Allah mercy and Baraka blessing upon you, you different people in Hamid Majeed that is where the prophet Muhammad got in the in the Congo Medina Allah masala Allah Muhammad to enter if you read a hadith really you can see how the prophets and collecting from the Quran and in a follows very deeply he got under some trees hog farms hacking Yahoo two different generation

00:34:18--> 00:34:25

two I just want to summarize Abraham's life and because I wasn't really meant to teach it the MILA Ibrahim and Islam How did he look like?

00:34:26--> 00:34:51

He mama humble nurse from Javelin Abdullah the Levant mama are Rasulullah sallallahu Sydenham Allah already regular MBO for his father Musa bartable, Mira John Ghana whom regeneration water what I told isa Meridiam fire the Accra Bowman right to be Cheban over to Masood, Azhar Kofi where it Bara Hema for the caribou Mariah to be Siobhan deLaghetto.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

He said that I had been shown all the profit schemes have been shown to me MUSAWAH you know, told me

00:35:00--> 00:35:20

lack of SHINHWA people stand in a different body to have this type. They're very strong people. And I saw He saw a listener. He was very looking very close in looking over for the coffee. Very likely to him. I say Brahim, the nearest person in all my followers at Brahimi the yard khalaby. It looks like that.

00:35:22--> 00:35:37

I'm a nurse. I'm in our bus autonoma and let my son Jesse arrived or ISA meridian. We're Musa Ibrahim. I saw he said he said Maria Musa Ibrahim, from Melissa for Jordan. I read the saga I follow Lisa. He's written

00:35:38--> 00:36:00

to when people say read understand the word or people use the word of God or we have an armor up yet with a mean dog yet Miss White, but they don't invite up letting it go and we are wrapping the color means fear. The Prophet appeared to appear the music fair when they want to say white this to Lucky European color. Oh, they used to call it