Tafsir al-Quran Series – Surah Yusuf – Introduction

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of avoiding the sin and the need for individuals to make efforts to avoid it. They suggest using the Surah Kila and Surah meridiam to teach individuals to avoid sin and avoid the need for everyone to commit a sin. The speaker also mentions the difficulty of avoiding the need for everyone to commit a sin and suggests that individuals should make efforts to avoid it.
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in one of the very important surah of the Quran. And I mentioned in Surah Kapha and Surah meridiam on Surah Taha, they are the surah to teach you, Allah I'm Al Assad,

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Assad, and then sobre the people have to have a right action and the sovereign are supermarine especially, you know, make very clear that right actually miss the prayer, Salah surah Lucifer bear is the right action in different, you know, contest. And it makes it that lie for the people become successful when they have two things that are on the server in mind yesterday was fighting Allah, Allah he was he was a Muslim meaning in the life, whatever things happen, don't dishonor your Lord, all the way they make effort to avoid the sin. Never never commit a sin. And still difficulty comes, be patient, Lucky use the use of Alyssa. Hi, Dina. So my difficulty the life you know, his brother

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threw him in the well. And the from the well he came the house of this lady who actually she loved him so much respected him so much. But she wanted him to fall into sin. But he did not fully control himself, he actually made effort to avoid the sin, sinning.

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Then they put him in the freezer more more difficulty, but all the times taco and server, listening to Allah for obedience, avoiding the sin as much as possible. And then after that, whatever difficulty cause people put him in the prison people put in the will Well, he did not complain or was firm, then Allah to give you success at the end of the surah then he said, anybody who has the same thing happened to him. This is it not only for me for everybody. Now in our time, really, we need to learn this thing. In a way Muslims actually don't learn how to do something, we really don't learn how to do taccone how to avoid the sin. If you don't learn and don't train yourself, you will

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fail people have to make effort to do this, the surah use for any tissue teaches you how to attain you know the level of you know, difficult in whatever hypers you know, sort of desire will be very, very strong. You know, imagine, you know if somebody sees a woman in suddenly and you know and desire comes and you can turn it easy, but think properly. Somebody lives with a woman in the same house and she the master and she loves that person his slave, she loves him and he she with her 24 hours still does not listen to her does not obey Allah This is not easy. You know he said in his 24 hour live with a woman in same house and she makes a very tricky you know to mislead you and still

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you don't do this. Are you stuck with a mythical tala sorta did that what you need different results on that in whatever happened. If you feel that your disaster is trying to go to kill you, accept to be dying. But don't disobey Allah don't commit sin, even if it makes that you to die. The desire becomes very, very strong. You think you can might become might accept everything, but don't commit the sin. And then you don't listen to anyone else and don't commit sin. If people create a problem for you cause difficulty for Don't worry, do sobre Allah Allah is with you in the Hamas library, to Surah Yusuf Ali surah after one sub and disagree these two things that we need our life you know,

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very much every individual people's family life has so much trouble

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people so social life at Tomas tribal peoples and Divya life so much trouble because they don't have Taqwa. Because there are so many people get married or separation. Why? Either they don't have tacos, or if they have taco, they don't have supper. People are friends and they become you know, fall apart because they don't have taco or they don't have this problem in the society perhaps in the in the family, and perhaps in the street everywhere. The problem is really easy, because people either don't have taco or they don't have supper. Some people have none of none of them to suit our use of increasingly, this is often touted as

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