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The host of Q Kia discusses various topics including whether it is compulsory to use silver for paper money or optional, how much silver is considered silver, and the COVID-19 pandemic's characteristics. They also discuss the importance of proving God's existence and the threat it may bring to religion. The speakers emphasize the responsibility of men in building families and educating them on their responsibilities, the importance of education for political beliefs, and the need for people to understand their own values in order to avoid punishment. They also mention a dream and the importance of the use of negative language in Islam. The importance of punishment and knowing one's own values is also emphasized. A two-day course on Islamic science is also mentioned.

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Okay, we are just going to wait a few moments. Okay, I'm done. Now we are live on YouTube and Facebook as salaam alaikum. Everyone, welcome to our weekly q&a which show every Thursday 6pm BST. Thank you everyone for joining us and hopefully inshallah we get more people to join.

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And let's get started. And Shall I know we had quite a few questions last week that we weren't able to answer. So let's actually take one question from last week. This question is from Mohammed webpass.

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And I will just put the topic on the screen Sharla.

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Okay, this question is, is it compulsory to use a rate of silver for calculating the nisab on paper money or is it optional? And is it permissible to use a gold rate to calculate an incentive on paper money to give the poor person an advantage to become rich? I ask this because it's silver right? There's not really correlates with that with what richness is in the current economic situation, I can't understand how a person with 380 pounds would be considered to be rich

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money Rahim when the professor lawless alum, you know defined nisab for the gold and silver.

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So, that time, you know, within a solid is gold and they saw the silver they were same in the value. So, either people calculate you know, the gold or silver, you know, or both of them just same thing to there were no difference, but later on, the silver became very, very cheap in our time. So, if we take the silver standard, then basically even a poor people will become like a trooper to have to pay zakat. So, I preferred my book, you know, if people read oligopoly salami, the Volume Two, I preferred that with some arguments and other people like me, not only me, that we think that in in our time, the standards should be the gold.

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So if your money you know, in account saving and also at home the cash money, or gold or silver jewelry, all of them become the value of the gold nisab which we think 85 gram, if it will like that, then you have to pay the cart that it will be three 4000 pounds. If you're less than that, then you are not a jord need to pay the car anyway to what I get for toys. The standard is the gold, not the silver.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question, which is quite interesting. This question is what are the characteristics of the and holige and are the Taliban proper more proper Mujahideen

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Harare basically means the people haha most people who build so how are you are the people who rebelled against the established rule of law even we started with a lot Oliver the fourth highly, highly, highly for the people who rebel against him. They are called havarti on all his electron who spent much of his life in the fighting them, it was really so much a war he defeated them by end with a while he still remained a power. So how are you all the time they keep coming? You know, there's the group

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who think that they are the only people who are believers and they implement the Quran

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and that use a very weak body to you know, be against Islam and they rebel against established state. So they keep coming sometime actually, they stare so

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they use a group of being Hawaii in order in order to make them unpopular among Muslims. So we have to be careful really, because you know, which can or cannot level anybody with our opponent, either Hawaii, Hawaii or the people you know, who you know, they don't look into interests or the interests of oma and, and the order, rather than they have their own thinking and their and their thinking thinking because we're important to them, that the tests are the karasuma so they don't care if Muslims are being killed for their idea that you know, Muslims really they want to save the bread of the people. They don't have to put anybody you know, they will be very, very careful, but they never

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careful. You know, once they get an idea, it they don't care if the people have been killed Nicholas Sahaba the company is a person lol Islam. So we have to be careful. You know, Jihad has many, many meanings really. One of the jihad is that you defend yourself.

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So, Taliban are any amount of people, their countries have been occupied by foreigners, the defender in the country, they will be Mujahideen. You know, people defend their Mujahideen, but real Mujahideen are the people who fight for the sake of a lot of policing, and they don't have any any selfish interest. interested, these people are very, very few in the world as they are now there are also the conditions of jihad Iseman last time, you know, should untrammeled leadership initially start from a safe home Muslim home, and it will be more likely that you're going to win. If these conditions are fulfilled? Then you start, you know, Jihad otherwise, Islam did not allow people to

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be Catholic or get more disorder in the society more trouble and geohash would bring the peace not disorder.

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Let's take a question from idle fun. This question is, in today's world of quantum physics, evolution and philosophical naturalism

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poses a major threat to their to religion, how can we hold on to our faith when the scientists show convincing arguments against God?

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You know, thing is,

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we have to understand the function of the mind and reason, you know, reason is a very limited, you know, reason cannot work, you know, for things which are undefined Unlimited, reasonably can have worse, you know, on the base of the observation, see, if something does not come on to under the observation, there is no cannot work. So, to say that, you know, shot scientist, I brought a convincing argument against God, it basically ignored us or the nature the science, science never discussed God, it is not the subject. Clients never can claim that they have got any convincing argument unless God cause is only worse, in what is under the observation, not what is not beyond

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observation is impossible. They don't really even agree the great philosophers of Europe and even a Greek philosopher decadent made very clear, that our reason can not comprehend are limited. So God, by definition, God should be really unlimited to we cannot comprehend it, the simple thing is, we should not discuss something which Can't we cannot comprehend. My human mind cannot comprehend that reality, we can understand. So no scientist can claim the science actually say that has convincing argument for the for against God, either. Nobody can claim to have God convincing argument for the for God. Nobody has got any rational, convincing argument against God of our God, to know the god

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there are many, many arguments, human nature, you know, what you see, observe, you know, causes and effects, so many times when you put them together, so you will think more likely God is there, then you believe in him and work on until your faith because he's stronger? But if you ask me, Do I hear Caribbean singer rational argument to prove God exists? So I will say no, I don't have. Similarly those who deny God, they don't even have an effect in this world. Most of the things that you believe that you don't have permission, a convincing argument, you always start from probability, something more likely probable. And you start with that, and then your knowledge keeps growing. When

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you buy a house, when you marry someone, you're certain that this person, the right partner, for you, for your marriage, St. Mary, you buy something, you know, probability you don't give us attend that this is the best thing that you want to buy. Nobody started off anything, that how Allah has entered the world, to simple matter is, you know that God is not to be known by mind, God has to be understood by our fitrah our nature, and the reason supports it. And all the observations supported if you put them together, you will know God. But if you want to find God, from your reason, just mere reason, like philosophers to do, then certainly you never can find God. Because reason even

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cannot help let you exist. Leave God alone locally, rationally, nobody can prove that they exist, the impossible I can do I know I'm speaking, you know, I'm here, you know that why some philosophers? compared they say, I think therefore, I exist.

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So, the argument is not that I see myself Oh, people can see me, you know, argument is that I think, therefore, I exist, to prove your own existence is impossible. Actually, nobody can prove anything on the face of that, just on the basis of the reasoning. People put so many sit together, then they bring a good proof, not convincing proof, a good proof. So far, God, we have got a good proof, which is come combined from many many things. And that was

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Put on piecing this so many arguments, put them together to you believe in him. But if you think that, you know, science can bring a convincing argument against God, or religious people can bring a convincing argument for God, to you're wrong, this doesn't never, never can happen.

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Chef, just a follow up question on this topic, will you be able to define what the fedora is? Like? Is it correct to just say that it's like a natural instinct? or How would you define it?

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You know, when things are born, everybody knows, really, they have some natural things, you know, when you're planted? Do you know, you know, really wish brought a new sun? And how much air on how much water? How do you know you study their nature, people, how people know that they need to drink water, and they need food, you know, what, what make them why they can't, instead of water, their drink preferred, you know, instead of food, they drink, they eat a sound, why don't happen that why what makes all human being from the east to west, I agree on the food, you know, there are a variety, the food, but they eat food, they drink of water, what makes them and they're born, they

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have no reasoning, how people know their mother, when they're born, they don't know what Mother means there's no proof by still the child is crying and the mother gifts, the milk breast and is happy. So when people you know, sign up the nature is that when you follow it, it gives you survival makes you move on also makes you happy. You know, when you follow them, when you break the nature, you can see trouble the same lack of plants, you know, animals, when you treat them natural way they become happy. They're so happy people who raise dogs, ask them how there is a dog they cannot understand language. But naturally, there are something common to the understand that and then a dog

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follows that. People who will look after the code, this SMT the nature not something ambiguous, you know, we need food, we know really what natural food. And we also need to water the corrupt food that we have corrupted, they're not natural. So don't ignore that. You know, when you're hungry, you need what I suggest not what people advise you, when you eat what people say you corrupt yourself. But when you eat what you're attracted to people know what natural food everybody knows what natural means. So that one is a natural Musa, you know those qualities on which you are born, Allah has created you faith of Allah He Latif uttanasana, a Quran said, the fitrah is the fitrah, on which

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Allah created things. So if you get that, that the people are created to love their Lord, to surrender to Him, because they depend upon Him, to depend upon him to they want to surrender to Him. This is the deep fitrah in every human being

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is not going to

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survive. It's a really interesting subject. Let's take the next question. And this is from jihad. His question is, if we wash impure clothes in a washing machine with pure clothes, everything become impure, since impurity mixed with water is less than 190 meters.

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Yeah, I think either you know, when you clean something,

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in that how people think, you know, something poor, and you put water to water becoming poor, how can it be purified? You know, the desert how people make the logic, you know, the purity actually comes with the commodity Allah to when he commands that what makes him pure. So electron, you know, when you don't have water, evolution, you don't know but you did them. But in a war, you know, dust and you know, they don't make you clean, by the command of Allah behind it, that makes you creative. When you do them, you become pure, you know, well, also obligated upon you there was a motovlogger upon you. But you know, you didn't do what God would want. It wasn't to use demo, but then only

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purifies because the commodify Allah, you make intention to obey Him. And you've got clean and pure and appearances that Allah wants to pure, you purify you and clean you to similarly, for example, on the ground, if there's somebody you really need, how to clean it, just pour the water drops or even pour the water the water also became

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impure, but now the ground is clean your carpet you know carpet dirty your child you run into somebody you return that on the carpet, how you clean it, you pour the water, clean the water now the Carpet Clean doctory water is not enough to allow or discard you know, nothing. This water by just a small bucket. You know, somebody came to the most powerful Dallas alum and he urinated in the most companies were combined with the Prophet strap them on when this person finishes you

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Using getting the proper set to him daughter, you know in the most car pure a diesel, and then he asked a bucket of water is more. And then he put on the, on the

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pill to similarly, dry cream for Apple in dry cleaning, you don't have any water I can even just dry cleaning. So you wouldn't be that you're bloated, dirty and impure that you run or something like that. And you put your clothes in dry cleaning, the water was not used. And now it is a clean because the impurity has gone. So similarly washing machine, you don't necessarily need the amount of the water the people say it is clean. Because now water came and clean things improve no more there. Things are employed because impurities there if there's no impurity, how can be employed to this account from the home of Allah. Similarly, like a mirror, if there's a urine on the mirror, you

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will don't need to wash it, you just wipe it or sort of comparing you to fight and their blood on the sword and your urine. If they don't, so they just wipe it with a leaf or something, it can feel the purity of everything in the title, the commodity. So hautala, the washing machine, if closer, they're dirty, impure all together, once the washing machine has done cleaning and the stuffs now all the clothes are clean, pure, similarly dry cleaning all the clothes in dry cleaning, they become clean or the same time. Maybe they were impure before, but now they're pure, same human being people are impure, they will do a wash, they will compute or the uptime of the computer

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is not going to fascia. Let's take a question from Alia Bashir. Now,

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she says you have said that motherhood is the only responsibility of woman what exactly are the responsibilities of mother can you please specify?

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Nothing either. We don't want to define everything. But certainly people know really what motherhood means in order to raise the children and not to look after them to give them love and affection. You know, otherwise the child can be raised without the mother and the father. But what importantly, the mother, you know, the affection, the love, that are more important, teaching good things, teaching them to how to do

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that, why Allah want to create human being in the family, God, then they learn how to worship the Lord from the family, good manners, you know, that they love. But the most important thing is that, you know, does love, love and affection that they that the parent or mother, you know, they love her, and then the, you know, the respect or with the account, they grow. So mothers should love their children, and should take care of them. If mothers don't love and don't care, they're not mothers, then they decrease the burden for the mothers. And that's why people have all the time problem. I've seen some people, they hate their mothers, because they never have been good for them.

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So you know, anyway, the basic thing is basically two things you can say that mothers should love and care for their children. And also educate them, teach them in not formal education, but least in worship

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and good manners, you know, to grow, you know, they know how to eat, how to drink, you know how to talk, you know, how to respond to the people how to control their anger, how to have patience, several good qualities, to duty are the women is to make their children good, not only happy, some will think, you know, just in whatever the child says, I want to make them happy. You know, that that actually you caught up with the child, you make him happy, but in order to make him good. So if happiness actually occurred on the heart of the character, then it is not good. So you have to make a balance between happiness on between goodness.

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Okay, and Sharla. Let's take the next question. Now. This question is from Mohammed.

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His question is,

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I have a question about people who say that they have seen the jinn, there are incidents reported that Abu hurayrah show that she saw the shirt on and the Christ saw him on the day of the day of bother. But the Quran says that the shaitaan and his followers see us while we cannot see them.

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In the time of the prophets, prophets and messengers, sometimes some of those things which are unseen, they can be no shown to the people that will be affirmation of professor teaching. To not people don't see shirt on and you didn't put in the time of the Prophet can help and Lex will model Islam could employ them. So if a prophet said or nice time something like that happened, we accept that because that actually is what they want to show the people that will profess to use it as a writer teaching their criminal law whether they have seen so that we don't deny but in our time if somebody said, I've seen a genosha done, you know, in the real forum, impulsive shaitan and jindee

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appearing in the form of a snake. Oh, you know, Scorpion Oh,

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Even human being the different number How do we know the latest? Shantanu? Just you guess that no way they can prove it? Well, you just can guess. But you never can see them in their real form. That never happened. The Quranic verse Quran said in whom your own mean Heiser lotta Oh, no, they see you from very you don't see them. The meaning not that, you know, didn't shut down can see us, and we cannot see them. That's not the meaning. You know, I can see the prophets have been seeing them and companies have saw them does not have the meaning meaning either the way they look at you, you don't look at them. How they look at us. They look at us with jealousy. Shut down one Lee will look at us

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jealousy. He's a jealous of us. He wants to harm us. We don't have jealousy.

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We don't have any hatred, or they've never been jealous of shaytani please do Judas recently wanted to harm that meaning there see you from where you don't see. Meaning it the way you see them with the eye. They don't say that you see them Normally, you know you did you think the normal creation, but they don't allow what to encourage you to help them to make the enemy that when I was a photographer who make shutter your enemy, Allah you don't know really, you think the simple like you they're not simple like you, they hate you, they're jealous of you to make them your enemy. So in home, your anaka man has a lot along the see you from where you don't see meaning in nursing with

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it, meaning it, you think about them, it is seeing with a mind basically, your idea is that they are simple. No, they're not simple creation, they are jealous of you. They look at you with jealousy, to remember the meaning of this verse, many people have misunderstanding about this verse, they think it is seeing with nothing with the eye to sing with the mind.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question.

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And this question is, is the what is the woman says there and the way of sitting in Salah, the same or different men, some people say that it is different and they give many weaker Hadees and there is no Sahih Hadith about this, what do we do?

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You know, the prayer of the men and women actually are same thing, you know, the little difference is not important, you know, difference how much to raise the hand, and the women put their hand under their navel, under the on the chest. Or when the two sides, they do little different from the men, or when the sit that's a little different from the men very little not so many different. So, this is different, I said they are not in any sound. These are the products a lot less of them, they never came.

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Though, they have been practiced by the early generation. So there are sound reports from the companies and also for on the grid. We are in like outside Nicaragua, and people like that, who are the movies of that time with Italian and the beach on vacation. They used to teach you the women in order to do cider and raising the hand you know things like that different from the men. So that's why people like Rambo hanifa Malik chef are young humble. You know these people in some of these matters. They say women differ from the men but not obligatory just recommended. So if they do this, they don't defer to the player well is nothing horrible there. Certainly we don't have the reports

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or the sound from the professor listen directly. But there are reports from the companions on from the students and not only their reports they teach a new standard to Delphi to become very important for many hola Malacca mamma hanifa because they have seen it the teachers insisting on that, so they don't certify otherwise you decide to recommend the internet make women lower or inferior? It's just more covering anyway, if the women don't want to follow that is still fine. Electron Buhari navajas opinion is that the prayer of the men or women is exactly same, that no difference. And he had very good argument one of the argument is mudaraba she used to sit in the prayer seemed like men remember

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practice in Sahih Bukhari that were gone. So Jill SATA. Rachel, she used to sit like the men walk on Earth. fapy Hatton and she was a puppy her Judas, do you want to say she's a jurist? If she says like the men, then it means we will consider like the man to think that no difference between the player the men and women exactly in anything. That's also an opinion. You have hanifa and Shafi and other people that think there are some differences.

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There are other argument, but nobody say that if you all don't differ, the prayers not are not valid. Nobody said like that. It just recommended.

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is not going to share. Let's see if we can fit in one or two more questions. We have a question from Adam and Shai here.

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Was the event of elevator a vision. I've heard this what is your view and why was the boy killed before he could express his cover?

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What was the

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what was the event of other videos

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Musa dream musasa dream? No Yeah, I think he's saying a dream. No he musar Listen, I'm Trevor la all the way to Buhari Muslim all the books of Hadith. And that's the Quranic version very clear, that traveled, you know, he went there and behind a boat on the you know, did not pay anything and then they came to this town and the town bill did not host them all those things, you know, and dream is not such important thing. You know that anybody can see anything in the world to do what is important of reefer moussaka. You know, in our time they seen the dream, the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, Prophet Muhammad is much better than Hydra Musa. So, you know, if a dream is such a thing,

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you can see the man or the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, people actually see a dream Allah, Allah subhanaw taala you know, doing a different matter that, you know, happen and there's so many Hadith which makes clear that how Moosa gave a speech and

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somebody asked him, you know, who the most knowledgeable person in your time and Moses he read me, under law wanted to show him that, you know, there are somebody who knows something more than you.

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The most humble man he wants to learn, luckily, he somebody knows more than him, he wants to learn. So, anyway, though, my view is actually this is a, you know, real thing. But if you want to understand this thing, you know, I taught sort of, in a detail that you can find the recording from a Salaam, ask them and you can read that story. You know, listen from recording, they were much helpful in now if I summarize, it will take at least one hour, you know, all the thing why he killed the boy, and in all distances there, there are wisdom behind it. But if the nation will take a lot of time on already explained to just just get the recording, I listened to it.

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So for the format that I made, if you can go on to and going out on demand, platform should be at the top, we should have the tech zero. So hopefully, inshallah, let's take one more question for Jeff, I know this question. Most of these questions are quite big. So I know. It's time doesn't allow sometimes, but let's try and take this question. I wanted your opinion on about Allah, burning disbelievers forever, will Allah really punish some people forever? If that's the case? Is it this unreasonable?

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thing really, what is reasonable? And what reason reason not reasonable? We cannot know Really? Because unless in the Quran, like you said, A Maya file only saloon. Nobody can question Allah. Allah will be Allah is the one who's going to question the people, whatever he does, that is the reason is simple matter. You know, we have to understand it, if you don't understand surrender to Him. Is that how they you know, when Allah subhanaw taala asked the Prophet Ibrahim or Islam to kill his son slaughter him. You think really, the Wisdom is that his son is born you have to do you have to make every effort to save him not to kill him. And now Allah commands a positive one, the

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population creation is that people give time a good time and the limb, but even I'm not going to commanded to kill him. And he does. He said, No, I'm going to do what my Lord come on under he asked his son, and he says, Oh my father do what Allah has commanded. So that how the believers are they surrender their every reason, love, affection, everything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So that a very, very poor lot from the life of the companions, how good they are believers. Sometimes they don't understand as the personal Allah solemn, something the proper setups are to know Don't say like that. say, Oh our Lord, I will listen to you and obey you. And don't burden us something

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which is beyond our capacity to Allah loves the third. So, the way to surrender, whether how Allah is going to punish people for ever, you know, death thinking your time really

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when somebody kills someone,

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killing could be taken in a one hour half an hour or something like that. But the punishment even this one, according to some law is a 20 year in the in the present. Do you want to punish people just save time, amount of time I you know, digit crime. You know, punishment is something much much longer because people cut crime in different venues not cry, cry, by little by measure by the time you take measure by something else. If somebody has coffee, and he has got enough time to repent, profits remind him the Corolla reminds him his mind reminds him the people remind him he regressed against everything 6070 years you simply miss it this person is going to live forever is going to

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look like no other sounds people 950 years just coughing up to murder them to Allah knows the best that you know why he's punishing. You know, this time is enough proof for the people so crime that how great the crime is. Built on a belief in God is not a simple crime. It is the worst crime on the face of the earth. It goes

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Unless the mind I'm guessing nature, addressed all the reasoning, no reason you can support it, and then insisting on that until person dies for 50 6070 years, that a very, very, very ugly, it's a basically meaning abundant, the mind abundant reasoning. So Allah knows the best power grid, the crime, the person is to heat on who's going to punish not me. So, under some of these different become clear to us, in the Day of Judgment, one thing is clear that Allah is never unjust. So if he does something, it will be justice, and you will see their union service that he was right or no one thing you can not understand all attributes in this world.

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But we understand enough that it makes it to know really, that other attributes are perfect, to be believing that don't understand me with them, because some of them will be understood. In the day of me. Even the punishment as a grain is very, very severe. You know, people do some more sin, but the way they are punishing the grave. If you read the details, there is so much frightening. People cannot imagine by lie just we know really. And that nothing. punishment of the grave is nothing compared to the Hellfire on hellfire. Even one a moment is so so great. You cannot imagine how burning the fire is and how even one year if you set some people that punishment for a 1 million

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year and then after that they're burnt at nothing, they don't exist. Do you really want a million years punishment? Can somebody you know first? So we don't know really? Why the middle how this day but what do we know is he they just he the fear he loves us. So when he loves us and he still has a very distinct, there must be good reasoning. And we are not necessarily qualified to know everything he does because he the God is unlimited on our limited reasoning guide not comprehend him. So surrender to Him read the Quran, you know, really, that you know what he does something we know he said, a lot of people know very little, very, very little, just really, we don't know, Michael, even

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we don't know about the fingers, how much we don't know about ourselves. We don't know about children. In all those things. In his appetite people punish people for much longer than the desert. We don't know because we don't know anything Allah knows. If you punish it, that punishment must be just as the people who commit that what Allah has done does justice or fear. So believe in that. And the real knowledge will come in sha Allah when people die and there is in the Day of Judgment.

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Designer chef for your time, I think we will wrap it up there and Sharla because we have gone a little over. So we will end it there in Sharla.

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