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AI: Summary © The Q Kyle Assal is a social event where people can take their family members with them. The importance of following instructions and avoiding distraction is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the use of words like "harvest" in the Bible and the importance of trusting in Islam. The speakers emphasize the need for women to make a lot of sense and avoid negative comments. The rule of law is not complete blanket and people should not be allowed to spend money on one's parents. The speakers also mention a session next week.
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Okay, I said I welcome everyone and welcome back candelilla to our weekly q&a Whichever comm that we this q&a is usually every Thursday 6pm But just for today, we're doing it at 545 I'm very excited to be back candidate and I hope everyone had a good role model and they had a good aide chefs when traveling a lot, and we've obviously had some breaks with ASI due to Ramadan in aid. But we're very, very excited to be back handling. I know we've had a lot of students asking eagerly waiting for the q&a to restart. We've had a lot of questions. So chef, without any further ado, Inshallah, let's get started. We already have some questions that have come in.

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Okay, let's take the first question we have from Faheem on. He's saying,

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Somebody come chef, I hope you're well, sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions during salon, I find it difficult to concentrate during it. Is this a sign of weak faith?

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Of Money, Rafi. You know, one thing we have to keep in mind that Alibaba and all the virtues, and everything that has value in the life, it all depends on our intention and effort.

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It does not really need that we have the right outcome. You know, sometimes the outcome is not our hand. So as long as you do things with the right intention, and you make and you follow the right procedure, you get the full success and full reward from Allah subhanaw taala in anything for an apple people fall ill. So they have right intention to go to doctor to cure themselves. And to follow the procedure. You know, sometime maybe they are or something they're not good, but Allah subhanaw taala will not blame them as long as they follow right procedure. Well, they don't follow that procedure. Instead of going to the doctor, they start going to Rafi, somebody who's or Rukia

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they will get seen because this is not the right procedure. Allah subhanaw taala has a mirror illness and advise people to go to the doctor in the step most doctors they go to Iraqi to default, you know, follow a wrong procedure and procedure is always actually harmful to simulate in the body. You know, when you stand up, make the right intention. You want to please Allah subhanaw taala and then make effort to concentrate. But while making effort to concerted sometimes your mind can go here, something will disturb. Now the companies are you know commanded to pray when they're fighting to when you're fighting a unit in the middle Dara, Allah advise you to take your thoughts with you

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your weapon, your minds are with enemy, but still our level of reward because that's the best you can do.

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He what he wants from you the right effort in every single thing that what you need to know many people are very much confused, they think oh, there must be

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a right feelings and you know, or something like that, then they owe a spirituality and this under No, you don't need anything you just need to obey Allah with the right intention, or right effort, then you get all the reward that Allah Subhanallah has made for anything. Always keep in mind, don't worry about anything because otherwise she will keep you know, distracting you that you know you don't think don't understand properly, what the proper the fear or will distract you to don't listen to shaitan just obey Allah subhanaw taala and focus on your intention and and right right effort, inshallah. In sha Allah

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and also I've heard many times yes, and I don't know if this is correct or not, but some people they doubt this law so much, maybe they've they've again gone through the motions without concentrating they've rushed this a lot so much. They just assume it's not being accepted. And they think okay, I need to repeat this Salam o Allah has not accepted it, is this correct? No, no, this is very bad manner because meaning basically we do not believe in Allah. If Allah subhanaw taala has made the prayer enough or something, reward and nearness to it is, you know, when we do mistake, he forgets that why agenda the prayer is that Allah forgive us. Do you ask Allah to forgive you? And actually

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the prayer itself is forgiveness to you standing in front of Allah, you're being there. You know, it all has a reward and forgiveness to people should not to follow their own thoughts. Think really that what Allah wants from you, not what you want. The people always follow their desire, even the prayer that said handcuffs and make them to follow the desire or their desires. Just to be obedient, have Allah subhanaw taala do what He commands. Whether you enjoy the prayer, you don't enjoy you like don't like it doesn't matter at all. What matters is that you OBEY HIM it

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Yes, come on, did you?

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Okay, Inshallah, let's go. Let's go to the next question. We have a question from my hurryin. Is it true that if we reach to a certain rank agenda, we can take our family members with us if we want to? What if they are the people of the fire?

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Well, clearly the thing is, you know, everything is in the hands of Lasala. Or you know, this world also in the hands of Allah anywhere, but people don't understand. But the next word is absolutely and completely in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, you go there, wherever you go, because at the mercy of Allah and His forgiveness, and then you are allowed by law, to make intercession for your family for other people. But, you know, Allah will assign people to you, you you can't choose what you like, if unless he says to you, so that nothing like that you can do whatever you like, you know it, even the prophets were only willing to see refer to Allah, Allah.

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The Quran has said, otherwise, you know, the all the things will be so, so much corrupt people start expecting from the people, that nobody can intercede for them or family, without the permission for later Allah will say, you can intercede for this person, for these people, then you can do you know, otherwise in that world, nobody can do anything at all absolutely kingdom with a forbidden power law. Last in the Quran, the Manila Moodle Collegium to whom the kingship belongs to the dilla Hill wa the kaha Allah, the One who's whose decision is the forced and he's the one who does everything nobody else can do. And he said in the Quran, that no possession can benefit in the in the

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hereafter. iLab either he accepted with his command, when he commands when he wills, there is something will happen, but without his command, nothing can happen. So we never should think like that, you know they in that world, what is going to be beneficial for the people is what the Quran says that what you do while laserLine in Saudi la Messiah, the people will not get except what they make effort for, you know, and their effort will be rewarded fully rewarded, that will do but intercession is a reward from Allah. He will do for whoever he likes. In that one, nobody has their own say the prophets and just in the right people, nobody can intercede for those who they like know

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they will intercede for those who Allah wills who Allah likes.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's go to our next question from our sister Fatiha. My question is encircle fat How can we understand the right way when Allah says Seema home fee would y'all hear him and as a result, meaning they are distinguished from others by the marks of frustration on their faces, and also the power that comes after that when Allah says, Because of Roger shock, I hope as till the end of the verse.

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You know, thing is a sea mouthful. Johanna three sujood it does not necessarily mean that you know, the signs are no witnesses are visible to everybody, you know, did not like that, really, because when people worship lots of water, they do sight the loss of mattala Certainly, you know, puts a right to beauty and attraction on their face, which many pies people can understand, but not necessarily everybody can notice it. It doesn't have to mean that you know, you make your face, on your forehead, a mark. Some people do this to say that not what means really see my in female voodoo him in the face. It doesn't say on their forehead, it will under face to people who agree worship

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Allah and pay and the devote have devotion, their faces become shining. But not everybody, every beauty can be appreciated by everybody. You know, there are so many people, you know, beautiful, but we are never attracted to them. Because that beauty does not appeal to us. Or something I could be somebody, people are not interested but you find find somehow interested in that person to beauty, they're a completely different matter. The real beauty that I love from Italian Merino beauty of the right action, piety, and yet natural law that appreciated by the good people are insufficient, and just the understanding and the judgment

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will make the face much more shining, too in this world just fine. But not everybody can see when the hereafter it will be seen in within after that. I know it's not a next example of these people like the new plant which is a nice tang and then give the fruit and all those things that is similarly you know, for for these people. The real thing is that people should worship Allah subhanaw taala with the right intention, sincerity, beauty of the heart. Don't worry about the sign. That is a sign of your intention, your purity of the heart that is a sign that you are near to Allah subhanaw taala and after the prayer if you feel that you avoid haram you don't buy don't lie. Don't

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So cute, don't hurt anybody. These are good signs that you are nearer to Allah because people are nearer to Allah subhanaw taala they are good to his slaves. So they are nice to the people kind to the people soft the people. When you see people they are harsh to the people, it means that they are far away from Allah because Allah you know in the lie your headboard with a few of our good allies soft and he loves softness in every single matter every every single thing to he loves that. So make sure that you will be properly and at the same time, don't hurt any of his area studies have also Motala

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is not going to kosher. Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from Mohammed. Unfortunately, he's only given the English translation. So I don't know if we can have a reference for the specific verse he's talking about it he says My question is What does Heckman mean in the best form so that Bacara whoever is given Hikmah has been given much good and also can detect might be given to non Muslims to

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whom I've had a comma in Arabic language that means you know, something very strong, very, very strong, but what Hikmah means in the Quran in mind the Quran Minister, you know, all those ideas or thoughts or behavior actions characters, which are based on two things, one, your fitrah your nature second is supported by the reason I did it because it's fun, if it fitrah will the reason does not support it, it will not be strong enough. But when it is your FITARA your nature and the reason supports it, then you have nowhere to depart from it. You basically reason will say to you know, do it, you know, nice properly. So all this it was like you know, a nature not to fill your stomach

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with the food that nature Kadena people should eat less that didn't a lot of them made for that. And then a reason I'll just support that, that if you if you to too much. It is going to harm you make you lazy, it will affect your health to now your reason and your feet are both you know support each other and now you follow that that sometimes people don't follow that then they're not hockey.

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Did it will be a clear against them. To hikma is more like can see in practice, but he cannot arise or read from the nature. They're supported by the by the reason. And then it becomes inaction. If people are given this. The big big thing you know that like Ibrahima, Islamic people like that, you know, the the thinker they understand then the follow that to like that what Quran said Ibrahim Islam would wish that Abraham was given a rush to rush the nature and unreason by karma is when it because in practice action, so verbosely becomes an action. Did you know that what he called wisdom, wise people are not those who notice rightly, but they do function wise people notice rightly and

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act upon that. So like for Apple if you know that smoking is bad for you.

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Your nature does not like it, you reason if it does not support it, and then you don't smoke that hikma but if you know it is bad for you, you're naturally don't like and reason to not support but still keep smoking, there is not wisdom. Now Hikmah Jai Kumar becomes a hikma when the reason when it becomes in practice with inactive people I have to point so, first thing is rooster there Hikmah to roost is

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your fitrah your nature supported by the by the reasoning and hakama is you know put in put in action. So you need to nature find you understand properly and then you act upon that? That hikma?

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Okay, just a second.

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Okay, so we have a very interesting next question. I think I think Jeff, it actually

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it opens the door for another wider discussion on some Islamic institutions and how

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how, maybe, maybe the strict is the wrong word, but how strict they can be with some of their female students. So this question is recently in my area, and I've said denied entry of a girl on stage to receive an award. This issue is creating hatred about Islam and social media, what should be one's approach to this? And I think, Chef this year, I think more questions can come for example, I know some some teachers or some institutions, they don't allow their female students or female teachers to speak in public or show their face in public. They're very much hidden. Is this how Islam should be?

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No thing we did a lot on how to Hadamard sometimes could be something generally harmful. So then the Quran makes restriction for that.

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But something something will be generally good, but some people can be harmed. So if something like that, then Alessandra will allow the gender good. And those who have will ask them to restrict themselves to for example, if women go outside, don't wear a cloth or don't work properly, you know, showing their bodies sometimes that it will disturb generally everybody, so then lots of mattala has made Rule No, when you go outside, put on the jilbab, where women have put on the jilbab, they are now eligible to use any public space. They can teach, they can learn, they can give goodbye speeches, they can, you know, do anything once they are in tanjirou, Bob Dylan, Bob is a recovering

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over your growth agenda, not going to cover the face or you know, your hand or your feet, it doesn't mean that they're able to this now when the women go like, like this is still some men who will be attracted to them. So then what's the rule in the Quran, the rule is not that women should be asked to be away from public is personal, Kuranda Nosler, then men will be asked to control their eye. The Quran said that, you know, when you see the women, and people have the desire, then they should control Why don't men should not make sure that they go for after women are not going to stop because they don't follow the rule properly. Now, the problem with some men, they are the one who's

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going to, you know, ask to control themselves. Somebody asked me when I was in Jerusalem, in Ramadan, that if the women read the Quran, you know, and the fully properly you know, right dress, but some people say that they find attraction to I said to them, not teaching me the right and pillory from them, those men who have some illness or problem their heart, they should not listen, you know, because you know, because of you, we're not going to stop the women from general good, because meaningful learning from the ability for them to always understand that when something generally is good, it is good. And if some people are being hard, they are the one who should follow

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who should restrict themselves. So you know, the women coming to the stage, you know, most people have no problem. Like, I agree they should be encouraged, then the women are sufficient get price of what otherwise, will how women communicate. Only metaphorically, not women, just not Islamic. Well, they should be decreed, but at the same time couldn't be possible. Some men

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find distant so they should not come, they should not endorse those ceremony, in order to imagine really, more attraction will be the women fighting in the war,

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in the process to have the will for fighting the war, because some men will be attracted to them. No, actually, there are believers and believers who don't have pious heart, maybe they have very bad intention. Busted, the Prophet did not stop the women from going to war. Actually, most of these women used to wear men's clothes, you know, but I agree if the women had men's clothes, maybe many people find more attraction, but the professor did not disturb them. Similarly, for tawaf, interval alpha, we went out there, it could be possible that some men are attracted to them, it happens all the time. So the women are not going to be stopped from tawaf, but those men who feel like that,

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they will be asked to control their eye to do something, in order to understand this rule, that women are invoke, once we may put on the jilbab, they are qualified to use any public space and venue, they can go anywhere, they can come to the mosque, they can come to the school, university, they can teach the color, they can come to public park, they can use it and retrain aeroplane, cars, taxi, they can use anything I mean, do you know cut once they are put onto the boat. If still some people find a problem, then they will be advised to control themselves, either their what their eye or they leave the place or they don't attend something like that. It'd be their problem. In we

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don't, we're not going to cause this women have done what they're supposed to do. Similarly, for alpha men, if Moon men put on their growth property, and they go outside and some women are attracted to them, are we going to stop the men coming in the public No, will say to those women you can put your eye up because you have problem the men are now in a proper group. So men or women, both have you know, proper guidance what to wear. Once they do that, then after that, that no restriction under movement and the using of any public space anything

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is somebody find any problem. They are the ones who are going to be restricted, left for approval the people use come to the house of the voice of the person

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in the house, the women vote to get above to now the women are not commanded to her hijab. No Quran said the men the cut men are the one who interferring committed to Allah said when the men come to the White House, they should make sure they use hijab

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They talk to the women from behind the curtain. Because women are in that normal close, they are not in the job. But once we are in the jilbab, they're fully eligible to use in any public space like like the men, you know. And if any problem happens, it was really easy. men find it attractive to the manager. What will happen because of that? Are you going to stop all the boys or young people from attending the class? No, the people who find attraction, they are then going to be asked, you kill yourself. You can't stop people from general good because of your by desire. Women could be attracted to the women that we go to ask women to have even hijab from the women know, those women

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who have diseases, they will be asked to kill themselves to understand this view all the time. That you know if I remember once I was in Turkey,

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on the TV, in any leader there in Turkey, he gave fatwa that if a woman is in, lifted a man in tears, she had to leave the lift immediately. Or if the man is in the lift, or men are not allowed to use the same lift, because it will be harder, you know, loneliness. People ask me what do you see as a no, no lifted public space? You know, the women can use mechanisms. It's not a private house. It is not your private property in a public space can be used by anybody. So people like that they interviewed me and they recorded that Turner to publicize it. So I did not matter. No, this actually what right oppression is that you know, you got to make a lift the private space, you can't make a

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park in your park. If a man is there. You've got to start the women coming from there. They can come. So this is a clip many people are confused this matter that they want women to go outside Nigeria, but still they have to behave like that in the house toward a particular Bob. You know Khurana said you have your above you can use any public space now after djellaba. So you want them to be in her job if they can't come to the people why they're having jilbab. So it Oracle future because people don't make a difference between the property space and getting into public space. In private space. Certainly, we're not allowed to jump in front of women, unless they're the hijab, in

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a public space, since we may have put on the jilbab. they're eligible to use any public space. And if anybody finds a problem, they are the one they should restrict not the women. Is that clear?

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Yes, so there is clear shift is over. I do think though, Cheryl, maybe we're speaking about being in a in an all Islamic setting. But say, for example, we were not in a Muslim country, or we're in when in the west and maybe in this scenario, it's a let's say it's an interfaith event or it's Islamic institution that's in a very open space, can we still apply the same rules?

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You follow your rule, if there are men who have bad problem, bad habit, their problem in a women, we have to follow the rule. What you can't make women basically simply means we don't want women to exist. And you know, because they stop women from existence. They have to have to do everything. They have to go for shopping, they have to use every single thing. So if they are in a public space, when the women are giving the speech, they will give it some people are proud that maybe that number says we're problem. Women will not get simply cut up that problem. So we have to understand properly we can't stop the women from following the good path. Otherwise, they can't learn that that the

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logic people in the past that the fitna, then disturb the winner from the madrasa from the classroom from the machine for every good thing, until we will become ignorant, and they don't know anything. That that we don't want to happen. We want women to, you know, to, you know, to get all the good that Allah has made for them. We don't want to stop the women from any good because some people's illness or disease in their heart or mind, though the disease should be called not the women to women, not a problem.

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handler them that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Because

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I think maybe this conversation can sometimes 10 controversial because in it living in the West, where often we've seen as the woman are absolved of any responsibility and all of the responsibilities on the men you should lower your gaze and I think that's why sometimes this conversation can be hard to have, but it definitely makes a lot of sense.

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Okay, let's take a question from very high. She's asked when it said everything happens according to the decoder written by Allah then how much would die make an impact in our lives? No, don't worry about all that Allah Subhana Allah does whatever you do what He commands simple matter. You are slaver for last command, not the slave of deed, understand all this problem. You have no problem at all. What the view that Allah knows Allah does nothing to do with you.

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You have to do what Allah commands you. He commanded you make dua, and I listened to it. He commanded you to obey Him, and He will reward then OBEY Him. Simple matter. How does it don't worry because this is not your, your duty to understand this thing or do nobody can understand it really. Allah never asked you to understand the data for the purpose of this basically, you do everything and don't trust in yourself. trust in Allah, simple data. This simply means that do everything, but don't trust in yourself. trust in Allah subhanaw taala that all did not mean to stop everything. That didn't mean to do everything. But don't trust in yourself, trust Elissa Hautala to be make dua

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trusting in him and asking him we do I bother but you trust in lots of Matera he will give it a reward. to always keep thinking how to be happy. You will never know your end result. Outcome unless you until you die. Allah knows the best to all work in trust in Him have good thought he loves people when they have good thought about him, too, when you have good thought about him that he's good, forgive me. He's going to accept me he loves did that keeping my daughter whatever, thank you so much. Because it is a secret. Allah never revealed to any human being. Nobody can understand it. If people identified there have been so many sets in Jews, Christians and Muslims, just based on the

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deal issue. But if you understand the way I explained to you that there is a law, the decision he knows the best. I am not selling off the tequila, I'm slave off. And last Amman when he commands me. He asked me to do I will do he asked me to draw what I will do. And then I will not trust in my body. I will trust our lawful Hautala I love you because happy with you.

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That makes it that makes a lot of sense. hamdulillah does that mean if I share? Let's see if we can take maybe one more question. I know we only have a few minutes.

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This next question actually Subhan Allah I think a lot of people can relate to if you've lost a loved one. Dina is asking how can we heal our hearts and souls from over attachment to our parents for example, and overcome fear of loss.

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You know, in this world, certainly Allah has made for a purpose that people love their parent. People love their love their children, people love the property, people love the money, people love their jobs, it for a purpose, if that happened, then nothing can function to people must have all these loves. But what Allah Samata has given them you know power to do, do not make D the lover or D loves to overcome the awfulness of mourtada. When Allah said, his loves to be the most effective, most important work to your mind, the Quran and Misha very clearly, Allah should be more beloved to you, Allah, the messenger should be more beloved to you, if your parents want something, but Allah

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forbids it, then force yourself to listen to Allah, not your parents, but at the same time, don't hurt them, to follow up with your parent, what you know, in your wedding party, to have dance and music and all expensive and you know, something which are unlawful to totally send to them, you know, do your marriage is Allah has commanded you what holla but at the same time, be nice to them, come to them explain to them, you know, if they understand that if I didn't understand you will not get a sin. So

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the love entrepreneur,

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the test for you love or the tool is just for you. Do you prefer their love over the love of Allah, or you prefer the love of Allah over their love, or the test for the people, some didn't know how to love the parent, some people love more and more than no harm in that, as long as your lover does not cause any disobedience to Allah, you know, then that love the fine, you know, actually you get reward for that, that you love your parent. People love their parent, they get reward. People love their children, they get rewarded for that either either loved and not to stop them from the obedience of Allah from the Alibaba. So this is very, very important. Like you love money, there's

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no harm in that. But if you love money too much that you don't pay us apart, don't spend the money on your parent and your children right away. You know and just you want to keep all the money you will get sick. But if you spend your money on your parent on your related gives the cart and saw the car that last commanded and you love the money did no harm in that level of the money actually is useful, because then people keep it and manage it properly. somebody's house you should love your house. But you know love of the house should not stop you from obedience of Allah subhanaw taala to always keep in mind distinct

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that all the loves are from Allah there's no harm in that. Harm only comes when you don't know the priorities properly. Allah the love and His messengers should have precedents met you must prefer that over any type any kind of the law. Is that clear?

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Yes, that's that's clear because

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unfortunately we have reached 30 Min.

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Mike I can see here we actually have a lot of really good questions I'm hoping and Charlotte if I can note some of these down and next week in Sharla we can start our session with some of the questions we've missed out on. So Charlotte zircon appropriate for your time and always giving us your time handler for these questions. And again, just up on the phone everyone else for joining us. I know we did have quite a long break. Chef was traveling. We had Ramadan we had aid. Your questions have been noted down, I'm assuming in sha Allah will continue next week from 6pm But please do follow our Facebook, follow our YouTube our subscribe to our YouTube, follow on Instagram and you

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will be kept up to date with with anything that's happening in sha Allah. So yeah in sha Allah we will see you next week in sha Allah hopefully 6pm Thursday live on Facebook and YouTube. But if the time does change or we do happen to miss a week, please just keep updated and you will see when will next inshallah rearrange for another time and other than other than that inshallah we will see you next week. Sit on one acre everyone