Akram Nadwi – Christmas Parties at Work

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how many people attend Christmas parties, dress up in Christmas, and make small gifts. They mention that people should avoid gatherings and avoid giving Christmas gifts until they have a sense of normality. The speaker also talks about how Christmas parties are a way to establish kindness and make people aware of the personality of Christmas.
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The thing that many of these parties they have gotten a minute is which are not morally not right not even islamically morally people have guitar you know,

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dance maybe Musee King and so many things

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so people should avoid these gatherings if it's a possibility and make nice you know your your police at work if you all there you keep getting the gift invited to your house if Christmas day you don't attend anything, they will never mind. People love those who are generous. But if you only appear with them in the Christmas and even now you don't go to their mind. If you hold the year they see you kind and nice they love you that fun Apple my colleague, you know in Oxford, the Christian they loved me at least one of them used to say that when I get children I would make them to study with you. Because what you teach is more important. Do I never attend any Christmas but nothing but

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what happened other than Christmas, I invited them to my house they used to come and sit together I always err on when they have not feeling well. I used to go and help them and you know be nobody come to visit them and sitting alone in the house. And I you know give some small gifts, some drinks something like that. They just they never might really I did not come to a Christmas party. They never actually thought until nowadays intentions are telling really in different places. They're not coming up for me to deliver until now they keep writing email asking how I am and this and that. And when they come here, they make effort to meet and sit with me because I already been nice to them.

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They know you can establish the kindness of the people in not only in celebration. Generally if you are kind to the people that suspecting you to be on the day of Christmas. It is actually Birdman or just one day once a year people come kind of dressed up there that no kindness. If you're kind every day to people not America will not turn on the deaf Christmas

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