Reconnecting with the Prophetic Legacy

Akram Nadwi


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Okay, this is a very important, try to understand Actually, this is an important thing, many, you know, many of you learn. But one thing we do understand early learning in Islam is not only you know, being educated, it also really connect yourself with the, with the, with the genealogy of the family, pious people, you know, in other people, you know, in modern education, what matters is skill, you get a certain skill and they're working people are getting good money, but islamically education not only to get a skill, Islam Islamic education is to make your person persuade, to make you good person that restaurant education is an in that one, it's very important to connect you with

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the pious people in to Delhi, you know, you will have to dissembling one family, your family, your family after the Bible, your father or mother that also you need to be noble family, in the father or noble and fall. But the real family in Islam really is a family of the knowledge that you study with this child, who was pious and knowledgeable history with the SEC was started with the SEC, going back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that Muslims have got nobody else, this continuous chain of narration and teaching and learning, going back to the Prophet, nobody else says, Jews, Jews don't have any chain of teaching or learning going back to musar Islam. Christians don't have any

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link going back to Islam. We Muslims have got hundreds and hundreds of years of narration, which goes from us to the professor lucilla to I can narrate a hadith from my teacher, who from his teacher who from a teacher, going back to the professor, listen, and many, many men and many, many, we when we had to have been Google free, I don't have time, or otherwise, I would have no right to use many, many hobbies, with my generation going back to the personal lesson. Some of those chants are to the men and some of the to the women to think really, you know, it is really such a great honor to be part of a chain with the professionals in the first person or you become the last

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person. You know, once you learn this, you also become part of chin, many, many women they become the chin how because they're not. And they also taught that this system is very, very good, really you not only learning, you basically become part of that chain, that noble chain of narration you become from that noble family. So our hamdulillah we want to make this tradition you know, alive and as long as you do when they're offering you know the Colossus Arabic language and also for the grammar and you know, Hadith and Quran, but at the same time they want to make this tradition alive, where you can relate yourself to the professor lesson through authentic generation