Is It Permissible To Do Voluntary Deeds On Behalf Of Other People – Shaykh Navaid Aziz

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Is it permissible to do voluntary deeds on behalf of other people.

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The scholars of Islam had divided the categories into two categories, number one, those that are living, and those that have passed away. As for those that are living, one should only do deals on their behalf, if they're no longer capable of doing the deeds themselves. So for example, someone is alive and wants to do hij has the financial means to do it. But physically, they're not capable of doing so then in such a situation, it is permissible to do hij on their behalf. So that condition being that they're physically not capable of doing so themselves. Now, when a person has passed away, there's a lot more flexibility. So we see, for example, acts like giving charity acts like

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going for hij acts like doing Odia on their behalf. This is completely permissible, because we have specific texts for them. Now how about those issues that we don't have specific texts for? So for example, reciting Koran on behalf of the deceased, and as I mentioned, this is something that is different over and you will get different opinions. My personal opinion is that we should stick to those things that we have a particular text for. As for those issues that we don't have a text for, then we should refrain from so reciting Quran for the dead, according to my opinion, is that it should not be done. And Allah subhanaw taala knows best. Subscribe to this channel, share this video

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