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Ya know, this is a very important question really, to some time people disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala it because

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on some time they disobeyed him might not shilka by obedience or the Haram anyway, but sometimes it can become in the category of the sheer common things of disobedience only becomes shilka when it is that making any buddy partner of Allah in Delhi, Bada is Tiana, you worship him or you ask him or any of his attributes it similarly that it becomes a Sherpa, but the things which come out of the desire, they will be Haram, but not for the poor. unless God forbid people from eating river, usually. But if people eat out a desire, they want temporary scintilla of money, it will be haram but not sure. Allah forbid people from the Xena by people do Zina. It is haram but not the ship. The

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major sin a very very big it's very ugly, what are the major sin unless other far better from lying Western people lie by bite. It is haram but not sugar Shirky is when people actually in meaning their part will make any one partner in, in Allah that reviews on Alibaba for example. If Allah says something Holla Holla if you give this right to anyone other than Allah, then it will shock if you think my teacher says something large Allah I don't care about Quran Sunnah, you know, do you go I don't I just listen to my teacher. It can be sure that your teacher has no right that's why you have to question your teacher. When your teacher says something haram Allah asking what your argument

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What is your evidence because your teacher cannot make any 100 Ohara he needs to bring reference from the Quran and Sunnah. That by the Quran said to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Yeah, uh your Nabeel Lima to hurry mama de la hula Prophet sallallahu Sallam The story is if you don't eat it, honey. You know this is to police someone because somebody you know something like that. It becomes like very, very serious matter. You know many people don't eat many halal food there's no problem. But you leave because somebody to police someone else because somebody else does not like a sub you give authority to some someone else. It is very, very dangerous school complex. So the

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professor Dallas alum, loved honey very much to one of his wife, she got honey to become the person I'm used to go to her house every day before us or after us to get honey. So you know when people have more than one of my they they have to spend night turn by turn but during the daytime they can go to anybody to look after her to ask him to shop any for any purpose they can go so that by the parser some of the data used to go to her to honey otherwise become jealous. Especially I shall hafsa the latter on hi now so they realize that he is a person good every day to her house just for honey Do we have to make some conspiracy to this I said when he comes to me I will say that oh

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proper I get from us we'll have Matthew McAfee by the Smith and a half say use the same thing some otherwise it is to make us policy to when the Prophet came. I just said you know I spilling from Yuma is I did not eat anything other than that honey, it could be that honey has gotten more than a half such as the same thing. And the Prophet actually does not like by dismayed to hear realized that you know this honey has got something he said I'm never going to eat honey to Allah said profit in that line professional duties. Yeah, mula matahari. Mama, this is more serious matter. If you don't like something, but because of your wife this dilemma that is why you want to please your

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why's that not not shaken with the hora but it could lead to the ship. So the Quran actually forbid the professor lesson from this to this was very good thing. It this actually helps for all the believers. So when actually the thing I tell you it, it don't take me wrongly. But I tell you, when it people commit a sin, out of the desire, it is less than just when people commit a sin without the desire. Because desire is something which makes people so we'll return to Allah and find excuse for Him to forgive, no desire still to sin. To follow up with people for in Xena which is actually very, very ugly, is still it can be forgiven. But when people do a sinner which has no desire, no taste no

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enjoyment, like you hurt somebody, you hurt somebody, you know, you know no dead no desire in the heart for this in a

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relationship between men and women desire to equally passive some type you know become blind desert a mess people blind and they fall in the sin. But tell me really hurting my neighbor harming him with the desire is there a desire for that? It is made me I'm so ugly, so bad. All the sins which actually are done without desire, they are much more serious than those it seems which are done with the desire after the sins which are done without desire. Sometimes they can take your email because it means that you are rebellious to Allah to rebellion. See

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done without the desire is rebellion, sin done with the desire it is still sin, to understand the difference between both of them the sin that Adam did, it was out of desire, the sin that he listed it was a rebellion. Because there are no no desire in people to become arrogant. This arrow has to reveal a vessel that had no desire for that is corruption of the mind. By does not mean there's no disease you know, in a Zen is very bad really no conifer Hashanah, Nova mactan, wasa sebelah, ugly, hated, very bad, no Baraka it. But still people remain believer that why has this offer a Buddha the lottery, the prophets Allah says to Buddha, that anybody who said Allah, they will enter to paradise

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or Buddha because shocked, he said, When Zanna when sir, even if he doesn't answer

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these two since our from the desire is seen as a sense of deja vu. He said what Xena said because people love love money. People love that other sex too. He said when's the answer? The prophets The wind is gonna wind up even if the dinar said he will enter to paradise. A Buddha became soonish he said again when the Prophet the winds and our wind is set up. The Buddha says third time when Santa when Sarah then perhaps the winds are now when Sarah Rama and abida read, even if it is still and Xena do a Buddha Turner like it a Buddhist forehead for in the den a Buddha whenever narrated the Hadees he's generated with this what is going on.

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You can see here that zenana Sarita very ugly in Islam major since then. But still you can people can be forgiven. Oregon's impossible or overseas like Coca Cola

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has no desire, no desire, people are humbled. They are not made with the desire of algos arrogance is burqa corruption of your mind to a robot cannot never be forgiven to it this this simplified way of showing off does not deserve these things are much more serious to Cynthia which come from eating from drinking from love of the money from the sixth, this since they fall down under the category of the since that the desire they are ugly, they're bad, but still they're forgiving. They're lighter compared the sins which come with how the desire God they are this rebellion and corruption of the whole in mind. Is it clear