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You know, greed to have more and more,

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because very bad, where people don't distinguish when you just want money, your money without to know

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too when greed comes in the many, many to cover.

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So this greed is no doubt absolutely haram anyway, greed also what happens if you have got enough money for your need

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is to what to spend much, much more time to have more and more, they will go to your about your perfect, this greedy, very bad. But if people get money with easiness, for example, they have got a system by no investment and stuff like that money keeps coming, and is still there enough time for the robot and all those things. No, that's fine, because money also can be very helpful to what you need to do pay your Zakat properly. And then also look into the Islamic projects, to for example, your family your related, you know, mosques, mother Assad educational thing, power to the people help them to money can be very, very good. Then you got a greedy, greedy believer that like our own,

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they just get money from ever and they don't expend anywhere. But if you take money and purpose to give to the poor people to needy people, you get so much reward, you're rewarded much more than those who have daughter money. So money can be good money, greed of money is very one lead and just when people don't distinguish between halal haram and second thing is when people waste their time unnecessarily about the money and then Real Thing their prayer goes, you know, that they keep you know, vesting into debt time behind that. So what am I say if people have got some saving for one year, or you want to marry your daughter or children saving for that, does that mean that problem

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but you're saving so much in O'Keeffe saying for future generation men men, like you know, many people who cheat millionaires, they have got millions and millions powder. If they don't cheat, nothing will happen. They're not going to lose anything but instead they keep cheating.

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Why is the love of the money is money, no means should not become and this is the biggest problem the man can't really the vendor, the make a means at the end. To means the shouldn't money means it's not the end. The money should never come in means the end