D20 Du’aa for declaring gratitude

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The transcript describes a story about a man named Alison who gave his peace and blessings to his daughter, and he is now focused on doingteenthanieth. The story also references a man named Abraham who gave his guidance to his daughter to obtain the ability to doteenthanieth. The gratitude to Allah is seen as a blessing for individuals, and the story suggests that individuals should pursue it in order to achieve their goals.

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speler Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam ala

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today's da is the daughter of three man Alison and the Prophet of Allah. So a man who as you know, a last pantalla gave him a great kingdom and kingship. He had the control over great armies of mankind jinn and also of birds, was apparent Allah had subjected them all to his command. And in addition to that he had many other virtuous male las panatela send him our peace and blessings and prayers on to him and his father and all the righteous prophets of the past. His heart was gonna be over there any an ash Quran aromatic Allah T and M Tolly. While led by Nirmala sitharaman, total bar, Neva rahmati Cafe de casa hain, my Lord, give me the ability, give me the guidance

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helped me to be grateful to you, and to show gratitude for the NEMA for the blessings that you have given to me and my parents, and that I should be able to do righteous deeds which you are pleased with, and put me amongst

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and make me enter amongst your righteous slaves

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or your slaves which are chosen.

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And this is obviously a very humbled to have from Sulaiman alayhis salaam, when he says, that put me amongst your righteous chosen slave because he is those righteous amongst those righteous slaves, but he is asking a lot of time at that.

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So this helps us to remember the greatness of the last pantalla his virtue, his amaze Nana, and to be grateful to Allah but like we had mentioned in previous lessons, the gratitude to Allah is in itself a blessing which needs a person to seek it from a loss of Hannah dad. So try to make that do our regular Rob do zanni and escallonia medica and Letty and Abdallah yo la de

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la medica VA

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