Akram Nadwi – The proof of Prophethood

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker explains that the idea of convincing proof is not something that can happen in a given environment, but rather something that can happen in a given environment. The speaker uses examples such as the birth of Islam and the birth of Islam as examples of how proving the concept of proof can the concept of proof is not something that can happen is not something that can happen but rather something that can happen. The speaker uses examples such as the birth of Islam and the birth of Islam as examples of how proving the concept of proof is not something that can happen is not something that can happen but rather something that can happen.
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First thing, let me explain to you

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this thing that you must have convincing proof, it will lie. Knowledge does not depend on convincing proof, knowledge only depends on the proof, convincing the condition of the mind, basically, it grows, it never, it never can start full, it always grows, anything for an apple, if you want to buy a house, before buying, you never can have convincing proof that this is the most suitable house for you. It never can happen. But you can't get enough proof which makes you to experience experiment, I live in house before marriage, you cannot find any convincing proof that this is the best husband for me. It never never can happen, that why most women are not married because they have such a big

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list of conditions, which never can exist. They never can get married. You know, this is not really you before the marriage, you will lick and get enough proof that this person is suitable for Is it a good or not? It this analogy will increase after the marriage. This analogy never can be people never connected before the marriage. Try to understand if you want to marry a woman and you want to know before the marriage, this she is your perfect partner, you will die. But you never can find a woman simple matter never can happen. It's impossible. It never can happen. The only thing that happened is that you know you get some signs. Then after that when you start living, it could be

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possible she died and you're not increasing, but she's not a to me, but it what what do you know after the marriage, you never can know before the marriage, this simple matter about the house what you will learn after you start living there, that you never will learn before you start living in the house. Wherever you want to make somebody if your friend what you will know art a friendship, that you never can know before the friendship to firstly understand, in this world, we do not have convincing proof

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proof our word will be that much which enough for you to start, like actually scientists, when we make it we experimented in experiment, we start with the proof of 0.5%

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even not 1% then they make a stream but then it grows 1% 2% until they get 60 70% that's not always full. Sometimes they don't get anything 0.5%

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to know that unless you're Lord you don't be 100% 100% proof that that exists anyway you never can no matter at perception persuasion limited, you only will know one person then started worshiping him asking him reading the Quran your knowledge of Allah will keep increasing that how things happen to when we say a proof that what we mean really we never mean convincing proof. But if convincing proof is there then everybody will believe that it will sink proof does not exist is a clear second about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is somebody said I'm the messenger

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is in that cover report. What you need to know about reporter that what is right or not first thing you need to know really is to not

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let me see this person did he lie anytime?

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Or the people around him they agree that he never lied. They never experienced they say never we never explained any lie upon him It never happened

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when he said about Allah Santa something is a person trustworthy kind of trust in Him. Exactly. These are the words I just told him because you know he has so much variety so much as we have seen from out his life this thing in all the time so how can you know like the look literally look his life the people he's so nice with the people nice character controls his anger controls a desert he's not like us he's so different from other people. You can see and then let's see his message. When people accepted message what happens? Does it make any difference in their life? No his message take people out because his message make people so different change their life. Does this make sense

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America magicians in our people that they are not so pure magician like people are bored they don't have enough. This is one other word the quran quran says you say that is His Word. Don't you see the followers are the port. firsts are followed by the useless people. They don't have any perfect life. This man is followed by who by aka d commodify. Look his followers to when you look all those things and also the message of the Quran is so pure really when you read the Quran, this you can see this person I know how he speaks. Now suddenly there is a specie we did not fit anywhere. That why can't two scars really are because speeches are three times poetry, prose and Quran. Quran actually

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neither it is not what you never can fit for any category to but people who have only two category then sit around and must be particular cause it must be portly, they don't understand it is beyond both categories. It is something else that what is

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To prove like that there are Quran is correct now the character amin Sadek, but not a convincing proof, then when you believe in Him, then your knowledge of the prophet will keep increasing, but you never can have a convincing proof of proof that forces you to believe it, that does not exist. Similarly for Allah, Allah, a currency proof for Allah does not exist on the face of the earth, you want to live proof, which is 5% 6% 7% then you start at the knowledge keep increasing, but a convincing proof that can force you to realize your load that does not exist. Is it clear to don't look for that.

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