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Enough thing really they notice very difficult really I'll tell you in a two things which make very clear some title what his plan is

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people are you know in Arabic language we have brought I don't know how to sell English in some time people have got certain skills which you don't have a you have certain skills what people don't have said Sir that know how to think that you are better than other people in that a skill that's not ours that we don't ask for an apple if you you know for Apple if you know driving you can drive the car better than me and you can say that you know I know driving better than my shake it not that no sin is actually it is real fact that fun. This never goes off raffle if I said to you that I know Arabic grammar more than many people it not to this a think aloud Erica varkala Kumar, Kumar Musa

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with all the skills for 45 I make shoes better shoe maker I say I can make shoes better than the profit no but did not insert to a profit if that's fine It Was this your business you make shoe profit don't come to grips with anyway. So if you are you are better than the profit to make shoes to what what a big deal about that, to this thing, that arrogance to this thing like that, that finally people should recognize somebody better than the other and that's what not make everybody equal. Somebody is better in farming somebody better you know, this is that is. This is never arrogance. This is the fight unless you don't lie. If you don't lie, there's no harm in that. The

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problem really is it that people think that I am nearer to Allah and I better I deserve another near miss more than this person that the podcast this you don't know really somebody who cause every trouble to your family find somebody who killed your father, maybe did Zina with your mother which very very ugly, did all harm to your family. And he is a believer. Still don't think that you are better than that person. Exactly. Don't know really, that what he can do before he died, which can be better than you and what you do before you die which can make you worse than him You have no idea about this metal. That why sir tell your pain. ask Allah to help you ask Allah to give you a reward,

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but never become a robot think that it is possible that this evil will help me one

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esteem actually can make any any dua but never believe that you are better than you have no idea what can happen. You know what Ashima harbor he killed Hamza Dunkeld, Rasul Allah Salah, telling me really how much hatred he will be to the perhaps a lot of cinema. But this hatred action did not make a reference from Allah satara What happened? He is the person on the campus of Makkah, he became Muslim when he became Muslim, now the prophets Allah some kind of Islam, but prophets also human being seeing him He reminds him his uncle Hamza so the Prophet said to him I accept your Islam but don't come near to me because when I see you It reminds me my my uncle is delivered to paradise

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and then what happened he is the man who killed masala maka data line profit he used to say I killed the best person and I killed the worst person and he got to paradise hope inshallah we'll go to Paradise. We have no idea really somebody who can do worse than he has to he can do the best in a good deal. So that what that is a struggle really, especially when you have got harm from someone close to you. That very, very painful, no doubt really, but still it to test this Tristan don't take revenge. You know, like usually Islam. He the brothers threw him in the will. And all the time the cut line testing is going to be so much harder, you know, because they're harming. He has to be

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Celebi sold in the market. In this house. So many years in the prison. His father is crying and weeping until he becomes blind. So much problem. You can see how much better it will be but know when the brothers come. He did all the fear upon them. And they when they accept that since he said that the three valic museum that no believer He forgives him, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you know people have koresh they did so much hardship for him, because every proud of his aggressive daughters is a miracle. So much proud of persecution can't imagine how much they forced him to leave maca. He was living in Makkah, and he turned his eye to McCann, he said omaka in your

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head, your people not force me to leave you, I would never have left you. So in the Pharmacopeia force him to leave home unless now his companies have no home then then after eight years his cancer is conquered. And he asked his people in what respect for me, they said you can do anything. You know you have full power, but we expect you that you do whatever that your brother said latter three valic will do by ccmt what you said no blame good people what they do good people when they are cause any power by the people, they do suffer. And then when they when they forgive, they don't take revenge. All the good all the pious people to win the problem people cast for them. They do suffer

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patients. But when they are in a position to take revenge, they forgive

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Dirty the Corrado Baraka illa levina, sobre ma Illa do hustlin Arlene nobody can get this except people have the patience and nobody can get except those who have got digger lucky from Allah tala big fortune, not easy but to greatness, greatness and not easy either everybody could call it greatness is a very very difficult really most difficult thing to become great in if Allah subhanaw taala and the way you suffer under forgiveness