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AI: Summary © The conversation is about the concept of fit in and the use of words in philosophy. The speakers discuss the use of words in relation to the concept of fit in and the use of words in relation to philosophy. They also mention the importance of affirmations and affirmations in bringing people to fullness.
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tying all this Ruby and Ruby is something that's, I think you're trying to say sense that will come from fit around two sides, who has understood thing as it comes from rational reasoning perhaps, and also revelation is added. So, the question is revelation is it tied only to understood things or it can be tied to everything? Yeah, no, this actually is a very important question. In a theory, Elisa, or boubyan, Olivia, both are

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both are the fetullah how to fitrah when you get a favor from someone,

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your nature obliges you to bow to that person, you always feel really, you know, even if somebody gives me a glass of water, I really feel so soft for that person. Anybody can be used to authority said, if when I walk outside the street, and somebody said Assalamualaikum I feel sadness or that person. What this when people make if you are upon you, why you become soft. Thank you know, your face can still really is such a desperate need. He needs your help. And he helped the person you can see from Ruby and Olivia both are from Fedora. Unless you're like a mother, mother's mother who is from Petra. Not only that you depend on the mother. You also think the mother You can see from the

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eye of the child. He can't do anything. But I have a child, his foot at the level. He wants to be grateful to his mother to him because he smiles it makes Mary's pressure to tell his mother that I'm so happy with you. You know you do so much for me. He loves the mother. This is in our nature, Ruby or Bolivia. Both are the you know, for the fitrah but the problem really is what happens is that Olivia is not only thinking, you know, Alibaba not only think a lot of water wants from you, not only natural gratefulness, he because he has given you the body hands. He gave Tongan he gave you the mind that he wants each one of them to serve him to do syllabary.

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How your hand serves him how your body serves him how your turn servicing. How do you man Sir, this is not natural, natural thing we'll look at what they can oblige you like, like a child child only can kind of Express gratefulness to the mother. But obedience or the mother he needs to learn that what will be just means really, to that after full openness, Alibaba, that depends on revelation. But louviere itself is part of the nature meaning that a bada is part of the nature people are born with the nature with this nature, honey via the tongue to Allah, they turn away from everything to Allah, this honey fee is part of the nature, but details of Islam, they only can come from the

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revelation of the mind that might disagree. Now I get why the professor used to come to give an error, because his mind tell him that I am grateful to my Lord. But it is not enough. I need more than that. To this might tell you I need more than that. And that more than that nobody knows other than him. I need from him. And I'd like Naga to tell everybody he will live to the one person, the dead person tell everybody, that what actually this is also proof of the Prophet. You know, one of the Prophet the Prophet that he with me has done very nicely coming for the fitrah he's a fedora basically ovalized you to thank him. But Petra also tells you that is not thinking that naviga

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thinking needs to be done by every part of your body and you don't know how to thank him. Then you need to learn how to thinking how to obey Him, and that you only can do from someone who learns from Allah directly to Prophethood actually is also part of the nature nature nature argument that you need a profit without profit you cannot obey your Lord. This is in this thing that you need a profit It is really rational nature and rational both amicably Gayatri there must be a profit must be somebody who speaks on behalf of Allah how to obey Him and how to worship him. Is it clear to Olivia basically sugar basically, in a foundation for

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that why we say you know people are the people are against religion, this religion are come out of fear. Because the past people used to fear so many snakes and this and that. They used to take refuge into religion. This wrongly

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in religion is out of nobility. People are noble. They see the fear of Allah they want to thank him. Religions comes from the chakra, not from the fear that by the first verse of the Quran is $100 bill on the thumb nature what Thank you are desperate to thank you so much favor, you're overwhelmed by the fifth favor. You want to just thank you express your thinking first was was longer and that is lasting as Vasco da Juana I read 100 I had a blood

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pump the the bus first and 100 the last and between both 100 unique details which can make you how to bow to him how to how to take with the tango and how to you know how to think about him how to you know trust in Him. This you need for full detail from from that vibration, keep it clear.