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First thing actually is that no doubt, people should not Arabic language properly and when we say our language properly for the for the for the deal we mean the language of the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the language of the Quran and the Sunnah language of our people Ninja helliya Arabic poetry, you know with all the grammar people should know surf, they should know enough, they should learn, you know, the word Hamas. They should learn mala kata, several, at least. And some of the early examples of Arabic literature and then the Quran as soon as much as possible. And some musella Fatah, the photo and clip and all Boston until a chef says to you now you can teach you

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that's fine. But sometimes if people are not ready to teach, you know everything, to at least they can do some things more like you know, a chef can tell you now you can teach for half an hour, you can teach and now you can do suffer too. You can ask your shoe for some time chef says you say my intention should be you know, keep learning until you reach to the end and that you know, just in the beginning. Don't worry about teaching. When the time will come it will happen anyway inshallah, first thing is make a killer inshallah.