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Pleasuring the Heart

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Akram Nadwi

Channel: Akram Nadwi

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One thing is, when I'm not sure how to put the pressure in the heart, what happens in our so he put the pressure off the to switch or material to heart got to pleasures, pleasure, resist by the things which are not material like a robbery and assault Allah rebury the death, rebirth, the hereafter. This is not material, you've got pleasure, but also hard guts present with the tissues or material, like eating the food, you know this. This was our material. You know why hard gets pleasure that we need to understand really the the one who's not material the hard got pleasure because that is the heart food, their heart does not have any big you get either met as possible. You remember as much

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as possible, remember that as much as possible, but the paradise they had no, no stopping part either which is possible things which are material. They don't bring any pressure to the heart, the pleasure cast only for a reason. Because you get a certain energy with that that it will help you to measure that by heart Gastly. Then you knew really how helpful they are to give energy to heart. pleasure in the

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heart does not a good present the food because food is such a special thing. No, because by eating the food, you get energy and the energy you worship you're known to heart want that in hard water continue in America satola. And because food is going to help to heart wants the food. But you need to understand every heart only the food is only good for the heart is an energy. More than that our food and the food we've done our energy harmful for you.

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That what we call desire

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and disaster brand that people don't understand this properly. This is to be understood. People should not be confused. Money is needed. But money isn't needed, because money is helpful for your survival refers to money from a writer somebody one of the richest person is time, money is not hard, but if money because in the heart, people love the money for the sake of the money, not because it means

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the meaning either you need or the time to be aware of the difference between the means and the end.

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The Real pleasure The heart is in the ends. That Allah Allah basically lie the point in

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the pleasure at the heart comes with rubber suffer long