Purification of the Heart

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Unless what I made this word easy, you don't want to get into

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you read to the end through the means. You can't just get it for Apple if you have to purify the heart to did not that you open your heart and you clean it, nothing like that. Meaning you have to follow certain means you have to purify your body, you have to purify your mind, then heart then heartily pure. There's no other way there's nothing that you feel heart. purification Havahart simply means purification of the body, and a purification of the mind that has meaning it if you look at evil, heart become dirty. If you look at something good hard become pure. If you think that all sorts of Ramallah hearts become pure, if you think no favours are made by me like like Barun I

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made out Harlequin dirty heart basically the center tilaka kingdom in a king center for the ministers and from the army from all those things. It's all the means that the source of the country they are not good king will not be good king in all that what actually needed to Allah we always need the means meaning is you follow the right means the end is not an end. But in the end, if you want to your heart to purify you will need to control your eye. If you want your heart to be to refer you need to control your hearing if you want your heart to read eat food not food, not too much food if you want to your heart to be preferred you need to control your thinking think you know

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sound sound thinking your thinking it emits heart heart that what happened but other than that nothing too qualified that way no lasala the players make hardcore Why? Because the pre thinking brain thinking body led reading all this deck influenced the heart to their nothing directly to purify it not like that, you know it's not a medical system that you know, somebody has a heart problem do you just see this actually modern medical system has one of this problem but they never understand you know the factors properly the cure the illness Did you know The core basically the symptom that has come there they don't understand the roots of the problem that all the time keep

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happening to find Apple if they see you know, a pain here they think okay, the pen here you feel because you don't have pain in reverse to let me put a hammer on this finger is tied to the hammer. Now you say oh, this finger has this gun because this old finger what they do really more of medical treatment but they haven't. They only look at a narrow problem they think they don't understand that you're to that come from somewhere else. They don't look at that like a ladder that nobody has made it you have to go too far, far away until the cure comes death. This is not a cure this they don't understand this gorilla created many many new problems in the body, lateral they have no side

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effects and this affected that why is this because they are did not treat the body naturally. It needs a natural treatment. You need to know the cause and effect properly to Allah the ways to come from the causes. You know if you if if you understand the cause properly and treated them, then FL to be good. So that you need to treat your eyes you need to treat your mind in order to purify and clean your heart. Is it clear