Overcoming Weakness

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses how Allah has created suffering and bravery in people, but they can overcome weakness and achieve success. They suggest that people should stop their desire and focus on their bravery, rather than their weaknesses. The speaker also mentions that people can get their virtue by showing bravery.

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Yeah, no, no doubt really, people have been created with ignorance with weakness. And with they have gotten love of the money created with the love of the money love that it's so many things people have with all the weakness are there.

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But Allah subhanaw taala what he did really, he has a mirror in your heart and left for the virtues that were two that are in the weakness, the fire, the love of the money, money in our virtue, virtue with spending the money, the all that is, which is weakness in you, none of the virtue like cowardness maybe in weakness or the people but cowardness nothing virtue, keeping the money is not a virtue, earning money is not a virtue. To me, all those things are not a virtue. virtue is something

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more than that, other than this weakness, Allah has given you enough ability to understand that a virtue is something else. And then he has given enough ability that you, you know, make effort until you become stronger, you are weak, but you can get instant when people don't make this effort that what is possible. And that's why we're saying that lack of Allah in Santa Fe cupboard, he creates suffering, meaning that in a URL tonight to go for easy path is eating like youth weakness, but I have given enough no power, you can raise yourself. Now if you don't obey Him. You have no you have no excuse. Spending money. You don't like it, but you can do it. In that is somebody stopping you.

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Nobody stops when you want to generous does anybody stop you?

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If you don't make if you can't be generous and generous, if you want to bravery, nobody stops you. To all the virtues they are difficult. They are against a weakness but people can get them to wander into like I bother about a natural desire, a body they fought Eva is really bravery. But you can do it to Allah subhanaw taala only commanded that people do things which are virtue, and a wish they can do if they can make a right effort. So they are weak, certainly, but this week unless it can be in a repaired meaning if people can go over that. If the people don't do still they will be responsive, but there are some people who they can get it. No, they can't get rid of their weakness

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like pineapple is somebody behind.

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Certainly Allah said the people are blind therefore give an excuse for him something people who have gotten their daughter means you know to to remove their weakness, Allah will not make them accountable, but other people has given them all those meals too. We have got weakness, we have got all those things, but that what Buddha is moja is to go against that and make effort to get the virtue virtue is against the desire