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Okay, it looks like we are live on Facebook and

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YouTube inshallah so let's get started.

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I said, I'm Welcome, everyone, welcome to our weekly q&a with Chef icom. Every Thursday 6pm BSC, we are going live on Facebook and YouTube. Thank you everyone for joining us. Without any further ado, I know we have some questions that have already come in. So I'll start with one question.

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This question is, let me just put it on the screen now.

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Can women pray sunlight and then in their casual clothes? Or should they change before they pray? Do they have to wear digital Bab while they're praying?

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rulings about the covering of the woman is no more than one, you know, in different conditions, there's a covering of the woman for the prayer, there are covering of the women inside the house, they're covering of the women when they go outside. jilbab is only when they leave the house, when they are at home, or they're praying, you know, in a place where there are women only that no men. So then what the women need to do is cover the whole body except the face, the palm on the feet, you know if the car that so you know, they can play in any cloth, you know, they could be in their daily cloth at home, you know, any cloth that can cover? You know, they are for example in a shirt or

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trouser or something like that.

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And these parts are covered. So they're no harm, you know, they don't need to have jilbab for the prayer of our living inside of the house. djellaba is only when they leave the house. If they use any public space, then the New Deal above is a clear.

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Yes, that's clear. Okay, let's take the next question from Mohammed. And his question is, how do we reconcile the Hadees that almost seems to eventually antigen with those with other ladies would say that some sinful Muslims will never enter Jannah or even smell its fragrance

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you know, the time of the Hereafter is a very, very huge, nobody can actually you know, count it because the unlimited. So, in that time period and many many things will happen not only wanting to win the professor lesson of say something, he said about a certain periods of time in the in the hereafter. So, you know, if somebody will not enter into paradise or somebody will not dismiss any photographs of Paradise, it will be in initial stages. But at the end of the day, which end is not comes too soon, it will be millions of years, maybe we don't know really, you know, anybody who says who believed in Allah that Allah must worshiped, or he does not have any *? Yeah, they're inter

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battletech huge time. We don't know really, you know, it could be million a year 2 million years of theory. I don't know. No to the professor laughs And when he snatches up people, he is explicit in the beginning, you know what will happen in the beginning of the hereafter or the end either this has done anybody who does not have schilke I believe that a lie is to be worshipped alone. Yeah David into even if they are sinful you know, they do Jenna they killed me, they whatever they have done, but they will face punishment. And the punishment will be very huge and very big, not something small. It will take a lot of time. But or the end of the day, certainly one day, the peep

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believers who believe Allah will in turn to paradise inshallah.

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Okay, let's take the next question Sharla.

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This question is, is it okay for the Muslims to keep the war alive against Israelis in the cost of 1000s and 1000s of innocent lives instead of making peace with them?

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You don't think either someday war is not in your hand, in order to start a war, certainly Muslims don't need to start a war if they if they're weak, and that can cause a problem. But sometime you know, people are forced to

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have water we don't know really the condition if you go to Israel. You can see I have seen there. You know, there are people who live next to harm my successor and the youth to go to pray daily. Nowadays rallies have made a barrier for them a wall so they can't go the anger only got permission to intern to the most currency.

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simpler AI takes by driving into some hours. So people who used to live next to it now they have been stopped from going to basically Muslims have been divided in Palestine, into small enclaves, where they can leave the place in the cart or money, they can't do anything. If you live in their condition, you really just want to come out. So when too much no man is rally, they come to the house of the Palestinians, and they urinate on their roofs, if you go and listen to their stories, and I know so many of it, not necessarily that a person is start a war. Some people think like that. But if you go there, you'll find really, they are forced in a devil of command demolish your house,

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to tell me what to do. You know, you live in your house, and one day will come and within half an hour, one hour, leave your house either go to demolished a new finish. So now we don't have time you have to leave the house, to where to go in all these people, such a big population of Muslims, you know, that you take land, you know, piece by piece every day. No country we can live in No, no, no, you know, people can live like luck in this country. They've seen us as a nation concert, you know, for our circumcised start taking land, piece by piece, do think that you're going to be just sitting and not fighting, nothing, not defending. So sometime you don't want to fight but you are forced to

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fight. So anyway, I'm sitting here in a comfortable life. In in UK, I should not judge about the people who face this problem, day by day. And if you want to understand power properly, the best thing is going to visit them, you will see I went with my family, and I went to see a Palestinian family in on the way all Muslims have been stopped to come out from the bus, then they have to enter into very small in all like is something blocked a room, you know, in a queue, very no glass and nothing. And only one person can enter your time it longer, you can't see outside the world and they can't see you and all my family had to be standing there and going in humiliation, you know, and

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they asked you to come in with the gun, you know, the gun would be straight on your face. And you have to come You know, you know, I was not from Palestine but outsider. We're still def treat or Muslim same way. So if you go there and see the humiliation and injustice or wrongdoing, you know, it's not easy to certainly I can say that Muslims should not start a war anywhere. But it does not immediately in that they still you can live in the peace, he could not let up sometime. Sometimes they forced you to be in the war.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question. This question is

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why are some verses from the Hawaiian watershed be heard? What is the wisdom of having unclear verses when people can when people can get confused by them?

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Not other people, because people have, you know, a watershed moment, they're not clear, you know, there's a poor answer, or the chorus come, Kelly, you're bionic with the book is very, very clear. Motor Chava simply means people said knowledge is limited. So there are certain things you can't even if you make it clear, they can't understand, you know, for example, if I explain, start explain to you, you know, Taj Mahal, in India, or you have not been there and you don't know anything about you know,

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engineering or about architecture, you don't know anything are explained to you, it will be unclear to you, if you don't know anything about a you know,

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about building or architecture, how how deep this building is, you will not know tell us human language or language, but this language will not help you to understand the Quran uses human language to describe reality which people have no access to no experience about Allah subhanaw taala about the Day of Judgment. So what happens is for our said, you know, we use the words, but you don't know the meaning because reason is you don't have those ideas. So you have to just understand something or refer the real meaning to Allah subhanaw taala until the Day of Judgment come tell me you know, when I say I'm going to die, do you think really we know the meaning of the death? No, we

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don't know. We only know little bit what really death is nobody knows unless people die, which is not a shabby death is a motor Chava thing. Only thing we know about the death in the end of the life. But death is a been a very painful experience, which people have no idea before the day. So they have just met in a you can make, you know, an explanation, the Koran that it will long a day, 50,000 years and this and that, and suddenly very close. Were still you have no idea what the mill really and until you see, the motor shall be heart minister, you explain the nonhuman reality in human language. So since people don't have experience of those realities, they are unable to

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comprehend them. They only can get some information, some

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My dear, they can not know properly their car motor shaft, motor shaft Hatem us words are human. By reality there are many human. So their motor shaft similar to their similar to human being in one way, but there are similar to them in other ways. So that's why people become confused. So the best thing for parents to read when you pass by the reality, understand something from the worst, but don't discuss them because there's no way you can know their money meaningfully because they're outside of your relative and why are undisciplined because the Quran what to teach you about the hereafter. What I'm also teach but Allah subhanaw taala so what is the way you don't know Allah, to

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the only human language to karate to the human language, but you can't comprehend. So teaching the important people must be taught, but not necess they will comprehend. But there are realities in the Quran which belong to this world in about the you know what you can see, and about Voodoo prayer fasting, yeah, that you can comprehend, that we need to learn. But those realities, which are beyond your innocence, say that they don't belong to this world, they only can be explained to you in human language, but you cannot comprehend the meaning fully. So they are called Mata shall be heard.

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Okay, we'll go to the next question. Yeah, that's clear handler is much more clear. This next question is actually kind of linked and is quite interesting. It's from Adam Hahn. And his question is, and therefore and it mentions having been in a lot of a lot of areas of the court and I sometimes doubt at which level this is, what level of your pain is required, for example of believing in the hereafter. This is because seeing something and having a pain isn't is different from not seeing something

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you know, your pain is a, you know, basically, end of an era completion of the knowledge when people know something fully, then you have certain

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we cannot have, you know, every now they come complete or certain a certainty is not a know necessary, what is necessary the man to believe for a believer, to put trust in someone, you don't need to know fully sometimes 10% knowledge 15% 20% you know, enough to believe in someone and trust, then after that your knowledge will increase until it can be attained. But it takes a lot of time. So don't worry about that about your teenager teen comes very late, but you need to work hard. What do you need his email, he managed to pull the trust further, you know, I want to buy a computer, I don't know much about computer but my friend, I have seen a few cases where he bought a computer for

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the people that were helpful. And he himself knows much. I don't have certainty about him. But you know, I know enough about him, I can trust him. And I can ask him to buy a computer for me. So you put the trust your friends, plus in your family, trust me, your mother, trust your husband or wife, not fully but you know, you know something which can help you to put us same way about Allah subhanaw taala we need to know about him so much, then we can that we can place our trust in Him. To know him fully, is impossible because you know, he's Unlimited, there's no limit for him. But you can increase your knowledge about him. You will this can you know different levels, so that people

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that are Iraqi Muslim and other prophets have been doing they always keep increasing the knowledge. And Allah has commanded the Quran for rubbish Sydney alima ask Allah to help you to increase the knowledge to increase the knowledge, you know some time for something you can reach to the certainty for something you can't reach. But your effort to increase knowledge that is appreciated, Allah will love that. But that is not obligatory obligation is a man that people must get that knowledge, we can help them place their trust in Allah subhanaw taala because Because without that, they can't really bother. They can't live on this

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in the world. The initial thing is Yvonne.

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Okay, let's take the next question. inshallah. This question is, can you share, Can you shed some light on the omnipotence paradox and what the answer can be for it?

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Can you shed some light on the omnipotence paradox? So, an example is the argument could God create a stone so heavy that he can not lift it up? This kind of these kind of questions are often discussed in philosophy, religious studies. So what kind of answered could we give to these kinds of questions?

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Can you write it out here display the question, I can see what is the matter Yeah. Oh, by the question, I can you see, can you see the screen?

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The question I asked the question is separate separate questions.

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Is the question is really the beginning of the life and

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or what I think

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The question I'll give an example of one of the arguments that I've given which is, Can one argument that's often discussed is can go and create a stone so heavy they even we cannot lift it?

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Good luck Can God create what? Can God create a stone? Even he cannot live?

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So it's a paradox.

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No understand, really, you know, this question is always people keep discussing in the philosophy and also in column, you know, can God create, you know, someone similar to him? Or something like that, you know, can do something impossible for him? You know, firstly, really that stupid question, cursory stuff is stupid. Because when you say God has power over all things, then asking this question, that kind of he'll in your career, something which he cannot lift contradicting, then he's not a God, because God has power over everything, to how can you ask this question? Can he create something which he can, who does not have power? But he could hear something, he does not know it

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every, you know, career someone similar to him, but he could yet another prophet Muhammad, is all this silly question. Because if he Prophet Muhammad, sila, all the prophets, to if a lacquer, yes, another prophet, to how can we still have all the prophets, you know, this question the drill cannot be similar to him. So, people should understand at least enough people already understand one thing, reality that are different from the human language can assume all these things in the mind, but what you can assume and what you can discuss, it does not necessarily mean it can be real, in a thought people have to understand that what the human mind clears and what asked the question, it does not

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necessarily mean that you know, you it, it can be real, you know, people can ask this question Can Allah create another cover, you know, or you know, if you cannot create, then it will say the limited limit, you know, he cannot do something in Canada lie can Allah Allah wrong someone you know, this, these questions, it basically means, you we are ignorant of the attributes of Allah, if Allah had all the power, then a question that you know, he unable to do something is wrong question. If I like ordinary, then the question of about his inability to know something, is a useless question, it question doesn't arrive really there till all the shutdown in a piece of making things

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like that, if I lucky, yes, everything, the nuclear law, you know, if, if Allah made everything, who made a line of things keep coming to anyway, first understand what Allah means really, if Allah means he has all the power, then this question that he that is something overreach, which he cannot have power, it is silly question that he's not about to it's impossible to agree people should understand really, he's not like us, you can't pursue me question about him. Once you know something about him, respect him, ask him to be more knowledge, keep asking these questions will not let you to get any knowledge or any answer. And then people will remain in this cycle all the time, then a

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simple matter is, first either find out the epic size, your own question, just simply be critical of your own question. Either my question really, does my question make any sense? Is the real question. If people keep asking a question like that, then actually, next question will be, do I do I exist? What really mean that I exist?

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You know, maybe it's a dream. Or maybe just illusion, I don't exist. If people start asking this question, then they never can come out of actually all the floods for the ones that have been discussing and in going around, and they never came out. So simple matter is whenever you have a question, you know, analyze the question is a question What, if anything, does it really lead anywhere? Does it make any sense? That is enough contradicting is not a contradictory question.

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I think it's really enough for me to say I have written something about this murder. You know, these questions are in one of my books coming in Charlotte, maybe people can read more.

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Okay, um, that was a really good explanation. Let's take the next question from Sam. His question is, can you please explain Mueller to Ibrahim and why Abraham's Why is central in our faith?

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Yeah, no, it's not the soulmate, either. You know, there have been prophets before evil Mr. Islam. So same D and D same Dean, everybody's Same deal means the man is wrong. You know, just always the same Dean. Why Allah wanted Ibrahim to her Mila reason is you know, when people have a dean very quickly Dean because culture

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just like Muslims, we do culture you know, we lose the dynamic of the region to Deen and culture the two different things. If deal because culture it loses its important it becomes like a dead

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So Allah subhanaw taala you know gave euro Milla Milla Musa to make the religion and Dean dynamic like in a moment, the mullahs basically making the religion into a movement you know that started thinking all the time it because in always your reason because active culture has no thing no reasoning, but a deal must have the reasoning and thinking Milla makes you to think. So you go for hygiene, you know you do circumcision of you know, Malachi Brahim Shah so many shires are there you know all this you have to think question what are we doing? What at this time of the prayer coming from Brahim why we have to pray on this time you know first before sunrise resort after some decline

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on us around this time and this data why so many records you know, this thing to Milla max to think God even I'm the leader to learn from him why sacrifice important? Why should I we do sacrifice to Mila always raises question and makes money, then you don't become part of culture carino there are sacrifices in every region, but a culture but when you learn about him, then you know how sacrifice so important. People are plugging in Hinduism as well. But nothing not life not teaching. If you learn about it with a Muslim, then you understand why polygamy so boy has important to anyway, Milla simply means to transfer the religion into a movement. They know moment in order to become dynamic

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thinking so then you save religion from cult Greek culture, but if people even don't see what the Midler then yeah, it's mainly because culture like we Muslims now realize cultural events in culture. We don't really think we don't love to Mullah has come to make you to think.

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Okay, let's take the next question from from Imran Ekrem. His question is Can people enter Paradise without believing in the Prophet Mohammed Allahu Allah Selim? What reasons do people have to read about him when the media tried to paint a different image?

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You know the thing either you cannot learn how to worship Allah, truly and purely without a prophet, thereby into another mercy that he has been sending Professor messengers all the time. We got to get our knowledge. You can't know how to pray, how to fast or what are the public, what makes Allah happy. We can't learn from our own mind. You need a lot of tissue and he called he will not teach everybody individually to he says the messengers who come on the teach people to there have been so many 1000s of messengers

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last one is the Prophet masala. So he came to now people want to worship Allah The only way to worship Allah, Muhammad. Because other prophets teaching I've corrected everybody knows evil creatures know, they can't prove you know, what is authentic, what not authentic Jews, you know, there's so much problem, to literally jump to remain authentic and purity Islam. So people cannot worship Allah subhanaw taala unless they learn about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, media can, you know, do whatever, like, but the truth is, is still accessible. If people are keen to know about the Prophet Muhammad, they can know there are so many Christians, they learn about the

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Prophet, they become Muslim. You know, Dora media is working very hard against so many Hindus, they accept Islam, people learn to still you can find the truth, people should do, excepted people to somebody living very far away. They don't have access to any book, and they don't have any knowledge of Prophet Muhammad, but their worship or learn to believe in him and they don't want the Prophet, maybe Allah subhanaw taala knows their excuse, or forgive them, but anybody who has access to the knowledge and they can know the truth and they can know how to worship Allah to Prophet Muhammad to obligatory on all those people, that they must have believed in him and worship Him. Either. The

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Prophet Muhammad has taught any worship other than his teaching will not be accepted. The Quran said that Allah will never accept any teaching any any obedience anywhere a bother, unless it did in a in the following the Prophet Masala Dosa except people who have excused the cantilever but anybody who can run he know that NFA we just follow them that the preference masala send to messenger and build prophet you can find the books there. If I say so many cloud peppermint lucidum

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is not going to Harsha. Let's take the next question from Cinderella. And her question is,

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when lawyers are representing the killer

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case in one example and fight on their behalf, do they become sinful and is the income not how long?

00:24:34--> 00:24:39

You know, the lawyers have to basically you know, work for the client.

00:24:40--> 00:24:49

an assumption that, you know, the clients are you know, in need to be defended, and they don't know the Lord themselves to somebody helps them

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but it's a lie if the clients are lying.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

And the lawyers know that they're lying, understood the large scheme to defend you know, then they take it

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against the law in a very it is a claim. And also, then basically, you know, you

00:25:07--> 00:25:48

harm the people who are right. So lawyers are not allowed to defend the people who lives know that they're guilty. They are not allowed, you are all liquor, basically liars basically are to present the case either they are not allowed to correct the case to manipulate it. They're not allowed that in Islam, no lawyers will do that got the common people that don't let law to dictate not present themselves properly. to somebody who's expert and knowledgeable. He can present their case properly know, the legal, you know, thinks the details properly, he can help them and save the person from injustice around them. But laws are not there to actually to force injustice in the court. No, if

00:25:48--> 00:26:04

any lawyer does that they're resentful at a very, very bad manner, reality sinful in this world and the hereafter that people should not do large when they should defend their client and present their case in just a layer writerly in a way that they are not wronged.

00:26:05--> 00:26:08

And if we put our money like that, either by

00:26:10--> 00:26:17

lying and all those money is a haram sinful you know, money and you know, all the income will be Haram.

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Okay, let's take this question from person.

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His question is, can you please explain the Hadees in an episode where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered the punishment of a man who married his father's wife?

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So I don't remember the punishment. But yeah, it is not allowed in Islam anyway, somebody who nobody allowed to marry, you know, their father's wife to her and put on a mission without her careful Monica haba in the Quran is new car to marry, you know, your father's wives. You know, somebody's not new in January, because usually people just do. So maybe, you know, the process can alert him by somebody knows this rule. And they still they do. Certainly there could be punishment. So I don't remember the holidays. But it is a crime. It is a sin in Israel to marry the wife of the Father.

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Okay, the next question is on a similar topic. And this question is, can you please explain If a If a girl does not want to get married? What should the father and mother do? And how do they convince her?

00:27:24--> 00:28:02

I don't know, like, by father, a mother need to convince anybody, once somebody's adult, then it is their mind, you know, their understanding their thinking, you know, fathers, the mother can explain something. Sometimes, maybe there's some problem. So they can explain, but they can't force that is never never allowed. Really, you know, all the jurists are very clear that parents have no right to force their daughters or their sons, but they can help them. So could be there a problem? Maybe the girl does not think there's any suitable man to marry. But if they find someone unexplained, maybe she made it or maybe it could be for some reason. She doesn't have maybe she thinks she has got a

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weakness, as she cannot live with the other person. Because sometime could be leaving for somebody else. And adjusting your life will be a problem, too. Maybe she had think seen. There's so many people they're married and their divorce and separation. And she thinking or something like that going to happen to her. So she wants to be safe. So yeah, the pirate should not force a pair as a duty not to for the children. But as a duty only to teach, he will actually be a parent. If your children don't pray. You are not allowed to force because a lot of not force How can you you only can teach them. If you cannot force your children to for prayer. How can you force the farmer to do

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very vitamin D i, the whole idea for single very bad for the parent never should think about that. Because every human being has been created by luck. They've got their dignity. They've got their choice. They've got the freedom. Nobody can take away their freedom from them. Parent are ordered to help them. Now they don't they don't own them. Simple motors. Parents don't own their children understand this properly. Children are only like adults, they are only owned by law, not by the people. No parent owns their children. So they have some right but they don't own them. So they should not interfere with other people's life. unnecessarily.

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Okay, just going to OSHA for your time. I think we will end it there and Sharla since it's 630 I thank you everyone for your questions. I'm so sorry. We weren't able to address everything. I tried my best to pick as many as possible. Please bring your question the same time next week in sha Allah live on Facebook and YouTube 6pm BSc And just a reminder I mentioned this last week Shaka was actually holding a one day course on normal even Abdulaziz is one day course is happening next weekend on Sunday. If anyone's interested, please do check out the URL on the screen in sha Allah. This course is going to be on the sixth of June. It's a one day course from 10am to 5pm.

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mbse and it's only 35 pounds. JACK, Morocco and everyone for joining us and in sha Allah. please do join us next week.