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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the use of Lambo hygiene practices in India, including the use of dress codes, animal symbols, and sharia in religion. The speakers emphasize the importance of not reading the Quran and not giving drugs to others. They also discuss the importance of focusing on prayer during prayer, avoiding distractions, and not giving things like alcohol or drugs to others. The speakers stress the need for legality in marriage, and suggest attendees should register for the SLM Institute's graduation certificate program.
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Sit down. Why don't you come everyone welcome back to our q&a with Shift I cannot be every Thursday 6pm GMT I hope everyone is doing what in Childline has a good week.

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You may be able to hear some back in that background noise on my side. Apologies for that. Hopefully that doesn't last too long. Um Okay, let's go in Sharla let's go with our first question that we have from Fahim fun if the Haram comes out of the washing machine with the smell of fabric softener will this be permissible to perform Lambo hygiene

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no salam ala come you know this

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you know when there is a you know, some of Jesus perfume which remains after the washing

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they're fine even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever he's to put on a round, I show the Lughnasa I used to apply for a few one is a haram.

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So that is mainly used to remain after the what you are not allowed is after you put on a haram and then you know you put on any any apply any any perfume does not rot out. But if there's something before you put on the wrong, you know, there's no harm in that. Sure.

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Okay, perfect. Exactly, for sure.

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Let's have a look at our next question. I feel like we've had this question quite a few. I mean, had this quite this theme of Muslims like hoping to make hedgerow to a Muslim country.

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For the past few weeks, let's see if this one's maybe

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a bit different. What is your advice to Muslims wishing to migrate to the west from a South Asian Muslim country with the hope of having better opportunities to learn and practice it in compared to their home?

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People have actually feel that

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in the world where they can learn

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Islam in a better way.

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clever people used to go in the past from here to Syria or Jordan, or even now people go to Egypt. They know how to travel. But to think really that, you know, Islamic more practice in India or Pakistan or summer? I don't think you're right, really. I know, some of my friends from Oxford. They move to Pakistan. And they said because they want to teach the children on the you know, the Islamic country and this. And then after a few few years, they came back and they said no, actually UK is better than Pakistan. So you can see. And also, you know, now all the GCS are online, people can learn online, you can find teachers everywhere. There's so many mosques in England. So I really

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don't think any genuine need for the people to you know, do Hegira but anyway, if you think traveling will help you there no harm ever but don't leave your job, don't move yourself. You just can send your son or daughter to a country and they stay there and they love the comeback.

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Chef Interestingly enough, this question is actually the opposite. So someone from for example, let's say India wishing to migrate to the west. So for example, I know we've all been aware of what's happening in certain areas of India with Muslim women finding having a lot of backlash with them wearing the hijab and practicing outwardly practicing their religion what would you say to a Muslim woman in India that's finding practicing faith really hard and once you then move to the west

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if people find a place difficult to practice in a religion you know they should move so there's no harm in that but generally I'm saying the whole world is very similar these days by people are in a place where they are the oppressed you know yeah, they should have the opportunity to move from that place to somewhere else better they should do it but I don't think moving it is so easy these days. But somebody Garcia it is better to move.

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Okay, inshallah.

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Okay, we have a question from tapas sheet is buying and selling cats and dogs Hold on.

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More? No, I don't know, whatever is allowed in Islam. How can that be haram? Enough people can have a person who cares. So that cannot be haram and the people are allowed to have dogs for guarding houses and farms. So whatever is allowed in Islam to keep it not have to sell or buy. So there's no harm in diet but you know, things with the cylinder not allow, and there's no reason for somebody to have like, you know, why No, pig or something like that.

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that'll be haram to buy yourself.

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Okay, interesting.

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We have armor here who is asking does this hadith apply to Muslims living in the West? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I am not responsible for any Muslim who stays amongst the polytheist

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the fires should not be visible to one another

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you know, I don't know this fire thing, but a hadith that is not responsible for Muslims to stay in, in most places it basically meaning is that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam announced that people should do his rough Rama confirm everywhere.

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Meanwhile, when we do work against those people, other Muslims are staying there, too, we are not responsible for the life because they were given time, they could have moved. So that meaning is I'm not responsible. But at the moment, there is no war. You know, in that sense, between Muslim and non Muslim country the war is for different reasons, not actually for the reason of religion or Islam. So I don't think people living in the West anywhere, any hadith of those apply because that

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hadith, after the Hegira was made very clear. And now there's nobody going to accept Moses for her anyway.

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Okay, let's go to another question from Eva. What is the concept of test skater nefs and as it practically possible to completely get rid of all the spiritual diseases? Or is it always supposed to be a constant struggle?

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Meaning basically this task to purify to purify your soul you know from anything like Shrek goofer ungratefulness jealousy hatred in all these things, the love of the money but some of these things people can get completely rid of like you know, there are people who never backbite there are people who never lie. So there are people you know, this the pace the cart, but some things will remain for everybody because nobody's perfect. But as long as you keep making effort in Allah somata will forgive you and as long as you have done most of these things, so Allah will forgive you but it could be possible for some people in all this in turn but if you think that you have done all that

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then it is bigger problem because this arrogance to think that I am you know pure and I don't have any evil in my in my heart that itself is a big evil. So Muslims have to keep making effort until the die until the die they are never free from shaitan on from the evil of the their own self

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okay, just

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very high is asking.

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Nowadays, there's so many apps and channels providing wazifa for every single problem is it really authentic? Do as effects really work? And Jeff can you just I'm I'm not myself aware what this word means, but if can you please share if what I mean is that we know when the people

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are you know, teach you certain words or sentences or formulas or some words of some to as you say, a far distant if you're feeling jealousy of somebody jealous if you read this, if think evil I read this, if you want high Baraka in your food, he read this people have got to offer every single thing. So, these are the five

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most of these things are not authentic anyway you know, I don't understand why you want to take your knowledge from internet or from in all these types. It you know people read the books, there are 1000 other book rubbish you know, basically rubbish are better than them in a fabricated you know, all this knowledge to people should not go there you know, sound knowledge enough for you why people don't read the Quran. If you don't know Arabic, you can read a translation that is the most authentic book that the book of Allah subhanaw taala then after that, you can read sound Hadith, that's all. I don't understand why you go to all the diversity files and prayers and do all

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supplication that, you know, made by the people who have no revelation, they don't know anything. And that themselves when they problem, they go to the special they go to doctors, they go to anybody else. All these peers appear those garage doors, they don't rely on door. They do everything else in their life. So I will never advise people to do any of these books. You know, see what Quran says. See what the Hadith of the prophets Allah authentic are these are the processes I said and then follow that

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Okay shall ledges

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Okay, let's have a look and see if we can get a question from Facebook.

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Okay, Mohammed has a question. During Salah great ideas come to one's mind. Some of these ideas are related to getting closer to Allah, can we follow them? Or are such thoughts inherently from Shere Khan and will do and will doomed to fail?

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Nothing good in the prayer, you have to push yourself hard to think what you're doing. You know that yes, there comes a period, they could be good, they could be wrong, but they have shutdown because shutdown won't distract you, too. Even if good things distract you from your prayer is not good. Maybe after the prayer, you think that they're helpful to you.

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When the prayer focus on the prayer that time, you know, there are many, many good things in the world, but they should be on that time to father when the time for the prayer comes. It is prayer. You know, like for nap when the prayer comes to your mind? Well, I must have memorized the Quran. It's a very good idea. But you know, for this, you can make a thinking after the prayer, you know, but within the prayer, you know, push it away, just just focus on the prayer. So in the prayer can be ideas, good ideas, bad ideas, but all of them are bad because they're, they're basically interrupting your prayer disturbing you. So when you have finished your prayer, then find out what

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are good ideas and bad ideas, consult the people and follow them. Why is it not good that in the prayer people start thinking about what all these ideas that was attended? Sometimes shaitan describes you by bad things, and sometimes he distracts you by good things.

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Okay, so following on from this topic, Chef, if someone has finished paying us Allah and they know that they were distracted, would they like, is it okay for us to just read redo our Salah because we're assuming this this salami wasn't accepted.

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You know, you don't need the Salah, just ask Allah to forgive you repent to Him. And next time, you know, force yourself to focus more and more, because you know, if people start reading the Salah, then it will be a problem. But then nobody will know really, whether the prayer is good or not. Even if you do, then again, you will not know the third time fourth time fifth time, if you do not like there are people like that they're never satisfied. So the best thing to do want to pray. And if you're not focused properly, repent to Allah subhanaw taala and then next prayer, make more effort. But there are no reason to read unless you have missed any further by the by the never read the

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prayer if you start like that it will be new busyness around the companions or problem whenever they read the present day One day, one prayer one day.

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Okay, that makes sense. Exactly.

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Let's have a look. Okay, this next question is quite interesting, because I can assume many people find themselves in this situation Cheban is asking if a person claims benefits whilst working is this Islamically whilst sorry, whilst I think this person means whilst not white working is this Islamically wrong? If they are able to work but choose not to as social benefits for the family is greater than what they would earn if they are working is this Halon

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you know, any earning wish does it because of the cheating or lying, it never can be lawful. Anyway, Islam never allows people to cheat or lie. So just yourself think really, that in Allah subhanaw taala has given given people you know, in all the strength and you know, abilities to do things deadness should do you know, not really that you know, you compare what is good enough, the hard working, you can get benefits. I love my lesson Allah has given me given you you know, full strength, you should work hard, and get your earning and pay the taxes. So lying or cheating, they never bring any Baraka that occurs in the family people have so many problems. One of the reason is

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because they don't think for the pure income and pure income is very, very important. So I never advise anybody to lie or cheat and don't make a line and cheating Islamic cheating Islam that's very dangerous in Kufa.

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Okay, let's move on to Habiba Romans question is the congregational die is congregational dialogue, better should one join with the imam in some mosques when they make dying congregation after the fourth salah.

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Thing is after Imam Hassan Salam then the Jamaat has finished if people want to make dua they can do on their own they want to do because they can do they want to pray soon after time for so now you can play soon. The Quran they can come home they do whatever like really, after the Sunnah, there's no Gemma. Gemma, Gemma is charged Allahu Akbar and finish it with a salam ala. Then after that anybody does whatever individual congregation of prayers have no proof in that universe. Do you have something

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Everybody says Amin, so there could be two after the prayer, but on their own, but not in JAMA that I prefer really, people should leave after Salah in the place and then they sit somewhere else or do the prayer, but not in congregation, but that had no proof and isn't that a problem? Because then people are sitting after the salam as part of Jama and people are going to expect it that you know people should join the Imam that was that big mistake and nothing should be added to the prayer.

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Okay, just

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30 highs are asking

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how can someone understand the essence of the hazard? Is it an extra burden as Allah says nephila? As Allah says no filler? Or is it actually the best time to pray and ask Allah for anything? Basically, we can make dua anytime sincerely but there's two test tahajjud make dua to Allah more special.

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I don't think any contradiction between all these things, enough Allah to traditional, but also one of the best time to make a dog and people should make those that time to in addition operator, not minutes, not a good time it is really very tough. But the reason I did not make father because very difficult for the people to wake up late at night. So he made a sharp prayer and fajr prayer. If people do Shanna phising Gemma, they get the reward of praying whole night for certainly those who make effort and they get up.

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Late Night do tahajjud duplicate more reward, live very, very near to them. So enough additional prayer, but at the same time, it is really sign of the pious people. Professor Latham used to do all the time to those over who can do they should do and they will get so much reward and closeness to Allah subhanaw taala

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Okay, Inshallah, um, the next question shift is, I won't be able to put on the screen because one, it's too long and too It wasn't asked on any of these platforms. So if you just give me one moment, I'll read it out. Inshallah. The question is,

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can you please clarify the below, I wanted to know if non Muslims are eligible to receive zakat or the benefits of zakat. I'm working on other Khazaria project projects in the disease name, where I would like to set up a cancer outpatient department in a hospital in a third world country. Invariably some of these beneficiaries may be non Muslim and just and so I just wanted to know if the GED is allowed to be donated for this cause, ie non Muslims can receive treatment and medicines from the clinic or money from the charity to buy their medicines.

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You know, if you give the car to non Muslims, with the intention that the

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euro to salaam, or they become friendly to Muslims, you know, and you remove the hatred from their heart, you know, that is a good idea that actually you can relate with the Arabia, kratovil Allah.

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So, the proper intention

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to make the hearts of the unbeliever softer for Islam and Muslims. So that's fine. You know, it helps. Because you know, when you give money to someone, they love you, they like you. If that intention, then certainly you can't do this. But if that's not the intention, and you know, it is like you run into like a secular hospital or something like that, when people don't know it is run by Muslims or non Muslims, anything, then I'd advise you that you raise some money, other charities other than the cat, because the path only can be given to Muslims, or to those non Muslims who want to reconcile. Asada can come to anybody. So then you combine which ones are the ones that are bought

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to sell the cargoes to non Muslims, and the cost goes to Muslim, but if your intention is to make them to become nearer to Islam and Muslims, then you guys are caught can be given to them.

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Okay, just I can if I share.

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Let's have a look and see if we can take a question from Facebook. Okay, let's take Pfizer's question.

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There are so many people who also money outside the masjid on Friday, which includes physically handicapped,

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children, women and elderly. So whom should we give priority to while giving money?

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Ya know, this is a case in all over the Muslim world in a bit sick thing really the Muslim should find out who are needy and giving money to them in to crowd around the masjid for a different purpose is not right for Muslims. And also some people become you know, professional beggars. We never know really, who is really who is not needy.

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So this is a big problem outside of either religion. We should not encourage the building of the Muslim society all the time. Find out the people who are needy, and give them the cart and ask them

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If they have some problem, or write down to the most people, and then that think about them and pay them some money, but don't encourage people to be crowd over outside the mosque, because it is really disturbing people, and I know showing very bad picture for Islam and Muslims

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okay, just okay. Hi, Chef.

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Okay, Aram has a question. It's quite long, so I don't know if it will fit on the screen and it might cut off half of chef's face. So I will just read it out. Inshallah. Aram is asking, we are told that actions are judged by intentions, if we started an action for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. But on the way we got slightly distracted, and our intentions became mixed.

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Can we just keep renewing our intentions? Or will it still be accepted? Or will some rule be lost? So essentially, if we set out for a good deed, and our intention was good from the beginning, but maybe later the intention changed and became bad? How are we rewarded in that sense?

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That's our daily you know, all the Alibaba dot, the possibility of, you know, mistakes and error or maybe since I developed shaitan interferes, is still we have to keep doing. So one of the problem is showing off, you know, something you prey on you your attention that people think you are pious, you give money or intention that people call you generous, or you teach an annual intention that people call you, you know, great London mine or something like that, that these are bad intentions, people don't get reward for that. But whenever you do, I bother shaitaan comes and puts all the wrong intentions your mind. So though not to leave the Alibaba No, keep doing. But make all with effort,

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you know, push away those, I think the one Delta Swatara will give you full sincerity. But you have to work very, very hard and the refund after that. And think really what made you to show off or something like that, then avoid those things. So there are many, many ways you can become more more sincere. But don't leave that act of the Alibaba because they're very, very important.

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And you do them in the public when you need it. Otherwise doing I don't know can have further prayer you do in the masjid, but nothing soon do at home, nobody can see. Similarly charity in a further one, give to the pub, you know, kill really openly, but you know, the others are the cause you can make a you know, in secret, even accuse a cat you can give a secret. So you can there are many ways you can do your Ibadah nobody knows. Too bad intention never can come. But even if people know still you have to fight hard and keep doing it I bother and making dua and repenting to Allah one day inshallah you will get sincerity.

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Inshallah. Perfect. Let's see, I think we have a question from Sen.

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And his question is, is it true, factually speaking, that the husband does not need the consent from his first wife if he wants to marry a second wife, and that she can only prevent this via documenting it in the neck.

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You know, there's no doubt really, that people pan man can marry you know, up to four wives. And nobody can stop him. But it was the condition very, very important to understand that you know, whether people have two wives or three wives or four wives, and they should treat all of them equally justly, to each one deserves an independent accommodation, where nobody from his family and nobody from her family can leave each independent mutation each one deserves for our expenses in the food and the clothing in whatever they need. All the news should be covered equally and properly. And all of them should be legally meaning when you die, they inherit your property. So if you made

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one nickel and secret, she can't inherit you, nobody knows. She's your wife. So what will I say to you don't make any marine secret? Or if it is secret marriage, like don't do marriage secret. It should be open clear to everybody don't need to consult anybody but you need to make public over the married marriage and Xena different Xena is a secret marriage open make all it clear revealed to the people everybody knows rights should be known properly provide each one of them independent accommodation or the expensive equally, and you give it time to all of them equally. If you can manage that, then you are allowed. If you don't have money, then don't do it because then haram you

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

getting sick. You know and many, many people actually they're doing mixing you know people in

00:25:00--> 00:25:18

America and Europe and England, there are many, many immigrant orama they have secret marriages, and there's so many problems really and the lie and all those things, and they never provide into it to their wives. So this is not right a secret a marriage is not allowed. If people want to do do properly, otherwise don't do it.

00:25:20--> 00:25:39

So technically speaking, then, if the husband is able to fulfill all the rights of however many wives he wants, is his first wife. And the only thing stopping the only thing that would be in the way is his first his first wife doesn't want him to get married. Technically, he's still allowed to write

00:25:41--> 00:26:18

it first of all, I will be happy, you know, thing really easy. Who is in this world who can make all this stuff properly? Justice? If you can do then why should we help you? Okay? You know, my husband is such a nice person. He is looking after another woman provided her a proper right and does not make any profit for me, you know, she'll be happy, and that you have more time to do your own things. But generally, people don't do this thing. What people do real easy, the real secret that's never never allowed people to publicly properly. It is greatness. It's nobility, that really, you know, God, there's so many women not married. There's some people can do like that. That'd be great.

00:26:18--> 00:26:21

But people don't do this thing. What they do is is Iran.

00:26:24--> 00:26:36

Okay, just gonna question. I do feel like this topic maybe could go on for a long time. And many people have a lot of questions regarding its okay, let's see. I'm

00:26:37--> 00:26:40

trying to find a question from YouTube.

00:26:43--> 00:26:47

Okay, does civil divorce count as Islamic divorce?

00:26:48--> 00:27:29

Yeah, you know, any marriage is annulled by the court. It is eternal, it is faster and faster. It means conciliation, like a divorce. So when the court decide that you know, you are no more husband or wife separates both of them. It is called First First Minister cancellation of the marriage to eat if done by animals in court, but the court or the country where you live to legally you're not allowed to be together to that cancellation of the marriage. The court cannot divorce but Corker canceled the marriage and cancellation of marriage in Islam is like a divorce. So then the husband the wife has to make a waiting period either, you know from after that a court decision. And then as

00:27:29--> 00:27:34

she's free to marry whoever he was, and he marry whoever you want, both are free after the waiting period.

00:27:37--> 00:28:01

Okay, Inshallah, let's see if we can take on one more question. I'm thinking to take minor dents question. So I can share in their Bengali community, it is a strict tradition that all expenses related to the Nikka function is the responsibility of the bride's family. Is this an Islamic teaching? And even if not, is this permissible?

00:28:02--> 00:28:17

The thing really is in this alarm, there is a no but no financial burden on the women under family nothing. If it is something like that, in any tradition, there's wrong in all the responsibilities all the expenses are on the men

00:28:18--> 00:29:02

aren't the bride or groom they had to spend all the money you know, accommodation expenses, Mahara, they have to give dowry walima is also their duty, every single thing. If the family wants to do something on their own, some feast or something to them, they can do it many people do, but the notification obligation only under men, no distributor clearly, that no single obligation financial obligation on the women are not under women are not under family. So, the man has to provide accommodation, absolute is his duty, nothing to do with a woman man had to do all expensive, man has to give more a dowry, man has to give Alima, the feast and all the clothing everything that belongs

00:29:02--> 00:29:29

to the bride, it all should be given by the men. That how Islamically it is if the God of the family want to do their something on their own, they are allowed but they are not obliged to do this. And if people think like that, they do machine, it is really sinful thing. If people do voluntarily, that's fine. If they do because out of pressure, then the girl or the boy sembly on boy will be sinful because they're forcing the women to do something which is not obligatory upon them.

00:29:31--> 00:30:00

Nature this obligation financial obligation on the groom is this could we say this is to a certain extent because I think the standard that now let's just speak from the South Asian community, the standard for how big they hold their weddings and how much money like 10s of 1000s on on just the Williamette alone. And you're you're still standing by the fact that this financial obligation is on the on the groom, despite how much money

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

is expected to spend?

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Yeah, if the bride and the money thing, then it up to them why they're spending so much money. If the variety Masya, then she is not right. But I only continue on her right she can demand the dowry Mar Murray con to the other women of her own age. And she can demand a house independent of a couple of other people in the family, and her expenses and all those things. But how big walima be how much money is going to spend in the feast and celebration? The girls should not do much if the husband asked her to give it she can but she should not force to if he did on his own, he will be sinful, irresponsible with a woman not irresponsible that women should not force their husbands for a big

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celebration, or they should certainly, you know make very clear, you know, the mar the dowry, that's important. That should be made clear, 5000 pounds of whatever 6000 7000. They make clear. And that accommodation should be from very beginning. She's not going to live in the Lord's house, she's going to have her own independent house, and all the expensive food and bills of the house, all this TLB duty of the husband. But celebration, the marriage, how big it is so nice to have a fist, but how much it is a kind to the standard of the Oh, a capacity of the mind Nautica to the women's. So up to the men, whatever, if you want to advise of the woman you can ask, but the women are not

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allowed to force people for a big celebration.

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Okay, just because yeah, I wasn't actually aware of the obligation to that extent. And she's under the pressure for your time, and always giving us his time every week. And again, just love her and everyone else for joining us every week. I know we always have this. There's always familiar names have been joining us for I don't know, however long we've started doing these. So thank you for your questions. I'm always learning something new. And just a quick reminder, for anyone who is interested in joining our graduation ceremony. We will be holding our graduation ceremony online on the third of March. This is a Thursday. Oh, actually, this is the exact time of the q&a will be

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held. So you're in for a treat. You just have us for 30 minutes you have us for a good few hours. Thursday, the third of March 6pm GMT if anyone who's interested, I will put the URL on the screen as salon.ac.uk forward slash grad 22. So anyone who's interested in SLM Institute anyone who's interested in what we hold the kind of teachers we have the kind of courses we do our students you can just celebrate have an evening just spend some time celebrating knowledge celebrating our graduates have spent

00:32:47--> 00:33:01

so many years dedicated to seeking sacred knowledge. So inshallah I do hope we'll see you all there. Again, I'll put the URL and the URL on the screen. Anyone is welcome to join us it will be held in zoom you just have to register.

00:33:03--> 00:33:27

And again, for anyone who isn't aware she is the principal of SLM Institute's we were founded by his daughter Andrea Akram. So this Institute's been going on for a long time since 2006. We've got 2006 and we've grown a lot hamdulillah we'd love you to kind of be part of this special ceremony inshallah. So please do join us do register and we will see you next week, same time, same day inshallah. Assalamu alaikum.