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Love it.

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We believe he does.

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He has that he possesses attributes we believe God

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Himself something Allah has qualities do you understand qualities

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is qualities apart on the part of him he saw himself in the hand you

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you believe you want to be in Yeah.

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You didn't want to be. So we were going to abandon that topic. You're running away. He's running.

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We abandon the

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one uncreated being.

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We believe in Allah was uncreated. Anything else. Okay, he's word of Allah created or created. DEVOTEE speak.

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The Word of Allah is his knowledge, it is uncreated. Also it is the word of Allah. If you understand the word, Allah's words come from his knowledge, does it exist and his knowledge is uncreated. Did you understand that? And it's not a separate being. word Allah is Allah says, it's not a pitch himself. It is one of his attributes. And he

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says, what is it?

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Allah when he speaks, He speaks

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to himself, is it he said,

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by himself? What do you mean? Do you understand English? I mean, that's what I mean. He's He's born God as

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God says word. The word does not become a separate entity. Yeah, I know.

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The word God or

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noise this word is not God. No.

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is unclear to me.

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Again, it's good again. Yeah. You told me God did you understand? acknowledges and

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we just did you understand that? Yes. And the manifestation of His knowledge and to finish he's upset that you've answered it now watch what

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you told me that only Allah is uncredited yet.

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Honestly, he said, he said

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I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm so scared. I'm trying to avoid your question. Wait on the internet, Allah

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all His attributes, Allah with all his great work. We believe he does. Okay, he has them he possesses attributes we believe God Allah has some things to himself something Allah has qualities do you understand qualities? He's himself his qualities are part of a part of him he himself is behind you

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Yes, I'm talking

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about him is that me? So it's no

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let him be clever. He is going to take is going to take his own data

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topic let's see. Let's see Let's see

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No, no

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no, no. So you're telling me Allah

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Allah that is part of him but he's taking says yeah, did you understand what I said? First of all,

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let me

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just repeat repeating because you're desperate now you have nothing else that you know you're gonna come up with any rubbish any BS, you're gonna make your point. So the point is, you will Allah exists. Eternity sMk had his attributes, its characteristics His qualities are also eternal. And they're not separate beings, separate entities. They are His qualities but he so for example, Allah is Powerful is power a separate entity know Allah has his power and exists in Allah with Allah. Okay. Wait, wait, no

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no, I English

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J Smith to give him a better

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look forward again.

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I don't want to push you back.

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When most of you know, I want to tell me that if he doesn't make it doesn't make sense to you. Nothing. Yeah, well.

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Listen, now listen, listen. I love exist. Yes. He's uncreated right. Nothing else is uncredited except him. Yes, you understand and he exists. He exists.

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Let me finish

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alone nothing gets no one else is uncrating oh one let me finish right. Nothing good is no one else. Only Allah is uncreated. Yeah.

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Now there is something inside this god what yes as you said part of him that is not him What Is that him he's talking about? From him okay? If something is that you

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when you say him wait wait wait wait calm down when you say him What do you mean by him the being of him being being being what? Whether he's being what is

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what is a necessary prerequisite for being a personality is being aware but what's the big deal what he exits what's the being the what he is exhibited in

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something living

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personality, personality

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oh I will have his own to the personality of Allah exist yeah

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try not to be clever they don't understand you

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can't be clever here

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you've already shown us your primary now you're telling me

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I'm telling you Allah Allah Allah

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is a person

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you can believe that God is a God I don't hear you can you see him killing me no problem what's the point of what you're talking about? Okay, so listen carefully. God we believe is a person is a being his knowledge is power is wisdom is anger is Love is not a being and a person you understand exist Yeah, it exists is not a person at all. It's astonishing quantities do not have a will. So if you understand this

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you don't want to understand something exists without saying

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something. So what is the existence of the love of Allah? Okay, do you love

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Austin? Austin question right now.

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How angry are you angry right? Do you have a

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pain patients

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say I'm angry look at

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all of his anger go through looks at everything you separate dumping

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stupid you know you're being stupid and stupid. Okay. I'll come down to you're never gonna have to come to anger hazy under there you look at it Look

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Look, look, how's it gonna look at your anger is separate. You were 100 separate.

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You love me separate? Yes. And you're you're

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