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A Great story of a former Born again Christian who accepted Islam.


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Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you we got brother Phil born and get big born again Christian he was contemplating purpose of life realize I'm gonna die one day so he became a born again Christian he went through the whole party scene became a born again Christian. And he left that for this what is this we're going to be talking about it this way of life that was brought and taught by Jesus Moses, Abraham. And the last fundamental problem peace be upon him the way of like this from the Create tour not organized religion organized by men or men. The way of light that brings you peace, prosperity success in this life and paradise in the next we're going to hear his wonderful story is

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French Muslim here on the deen show.

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Salam aleikum.

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How do you see what I need to do to show I was like, you know, French, you know, never had a French brother on the show. bulevar francais which Bahasa

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so how do you how do you say how you doing in front of French? If you want to be polite as a commodity, we'll call it Mashallah flowing Allah. Is there a lot of French Muslims? That's where they got the niqab? ban, right? Yes. That's the job ban. Francis, it's it's in Europe. In Canada. It's a Hamdulillah, lots of rock and lots of Algerians that came down. Yes. It was the predominant religion in France. I would say it's Christianity. Yeah. So you were born again? Christian? Yes. What does that mean? Born Again, Christian, like you were dead. And now you become born. As you found I found the life of Jesus Christ. If it Yeah,

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I had lost my religion at one point. And then I did something terrible. And I want to, you know, go back to what I knew my source was my roots. And I decided to pick the Bible. Read it from A to Z. You read the whole Bible, read the whole Bible. Yeah. And I reemerged myself in Christianity. Did you read the original Bible? And we both know it. And I didn't read the original Bible. There's no original. There's absolutely no Is there a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of anything original, the translation in a version? There's nothing there's no, nothing close to original? Not today. So you read today, what we have today? Well, we have to do what's claimed to be the Bible today. Yes.

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And I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The whole thing about the Trinity and the Son of God. So you had the G I call it the JC gold card, you put all the sins on JC

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get out of jail free card as well. Yeah. And before that, what were you doing with your life? Before then, if a lie existed, oh, he didn't exist. Just be a good person. It doesn't matter. No. But you figure out that, you know, man has to have a purpose. If you were to take away mosquitoes from the planet, within a few months, everything dies and just took away what the mosquito effect, right? That's a fact mosquitoes mosquitoes. But if you take away mankind, nothing happens. So this whole ecosystem, this whole wheel, this whole cycle, does it need you? So why are you here? You have to have a specific purpose. And you were thinking purpose? Well, of course, I mean, we know why a pen

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is made or why it's created. It's the right but mankind which is obviously way, way more complex than the pan, what's his purpose in life? You know, so at one point you put all your eggs in one basket and Christianity so we wait so now you're thinking purpose what's the purpose of life where your parents practicing Christians?

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They believe in God. They believe I've seen Jesus the Son of God the whole nine we think we think French I'm sorry, we think you know what, France is like, Canada or Canada when we think French we think like wine people on the beach. I mean, like, you know, this whole like, of course, that's

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like really empanadas, different cultures. Okay, we're really two different calls. So now you're in Canada and you're not obviously following the way of your parents you just having a good time. And then now you start you did you go through all of the good times and now you're thinking purpose? of course what what drew you to think about it because it's a it's an odd topic for a lot of people because they're wrapped up with music. Absolutely. You know, partying so hard. They're locked up in this illusion of fun and pleasure and so that's what I want to know how did you because we want to get people unlocked from that. How did you get unlocked to even get to being a born again Christian,

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the thing is, you are going to die. I am going to die. We are all going to die.

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So when I did this terrible act, and so paralytic What am I doing? What am I Why do I feel so bad? when really it shouldn't matter? Why is this ingrained into my being so it's part of fitness

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Why is this? Why am I like this? So I went back to the book went to the Bible. So that's when you're living according to your desires, of course. So you're you're feeling something missing. There's something missing. Yeah, for sure there's something missing. We can't we have this culture, this pop culture, like we make kids believe that they will live forever. They will live forever, but it's not the case. Will you? Are you really into music, of course, nightclubs. nightclub I was I was 16 when I first became when I became Muslim. 1516 years old. how young I was young. hamdulillah I was young. Yeah. But nightclubs, not yet you know, illegal, but parties, for sure. I did the whole nine, you

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know, back in the day.

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And it's just, I snapped out of it snapped out of it. Because if someone did someone did you have like a life altering situation where you almost died? Or, you know, No, it's nothing like this. It's just that I did something bad. But why is it by what we feel so bad about it? Why what do we fear death all of a sudden? someone's like, what did he do? Of course, like what I do, like, but what was it? Was there something specific said between me and then the creator for now? Yeah, yeah. But it just went back to the book became a born again. And I thought this was the key. I was preaching on street corners. Do you have some friends who were born again Christians that were like doing Dawa to

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you? They were inviting you to this? It was it was the opposite. I went to them be like, Guys, we need to pray during lunch hour. Now. What are we doing? You know, and then in the hallways, were talking to this, and we were talking about this bad stuff. We need to go pray. And we were sitting in a circle and we were praying the whole night. That's what we believe Jesus was one a trinity of course I for your sins, died. Clear sense. clear cut belief. If you don't believe this, that's it, and everyone else is going to help everybody else's unless you believe that Jesus died unless you believe that Jesus died. teaching this. This was the fundamental message. I would ask people do you

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believe in God? Yeah, I believe in God. Do you believe in Jesus? No. And it would break my heart? Because I thought that was the only key. Give us an example. Okay, you see someone out there, and you go up to them to give them some what would you call it? Like to? Like, preach? I was preaching, you know, preach the word, even a good word. Yeah. That's what you tell them.

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JOHN 316, For God so loved the world. Would you just go up to someone and say, Look, man, you'd never met the guy. How would it go? It was

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just come up to you. Hi, my name is Phil. Yes. You know, God so loved the world. Exactly. So sometimes you would have pamphlets, you know, he talked to people into believing what do you think happens after when you die? You know, is there is there a light at the end of the tunnel? What happens? Those are good points. Those are very good points. Even Muslims today can use what happens after death. But I would always clean it back to the original sin. Let's say my claim is a sinner so you cannot ever be forgiven here. You have to believe in the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And it will just entwine that that belief and with reality, and just be like this, all you have to

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believe Did you ever speak in tongues? No, no, it was a Did you see people speaking in tongues? I've seen on YouTube, but never live. You ever go to those conferences to conventions where they got the guys and they're like, and Canada? They're not too big. They don't i don't i haven't really seen it. They do happen. They do have people talk about it. But there's a lot of theater involved. I believe there's a lot of big money, isn't it? Oh, lots of money. If you buy this soap and washes away your sins, you know, like, they tell us more tell us more.

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So in Christianity, then afterwards, I met a very special brother, we sat down, it was in grade 10 grade 11

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where I

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sat down with a Muslim. I've been most Muslims with all my life very multicultural back home in Canada. And no one ever spoke to me by Islam. We worship by you guys worship Allah.

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It's just a different language and accept worship God and you wish you use I would say go and fetch it doesn't matter.

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So he sat down with me and asked me is Jesus the Son of God? Well, of course, is the son like, What are you talking about? You know, you know this.

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And it just started from there. And for the next four months, it was transition after transition until I accepted Islam. All my life never once did I understood No. What was it about Islam that appealed to you? What was it that now you were born again, Christian, you were hardcore, john six, three, all the way. All the way my not Islam. Now, Islam. The thing is, people today's panel in the conference, we talk about Islam, it sounds foreign. It comes from I believe in Jesus, you know, the letter J. Jesus never said that the letter J never mentioned that. It's a phonetic that he never heard. Never heard.

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Yeah, never heard it. So Mohammed, it sounds foreign. Sounds like that guy cooking up the show aroma, you know, so, but when you really understand it, and you see that Jesus alayhis salaam, his report, did the same. behave the same way that the Prophet sounded, you realize that you're not changing shirts, you're just retailer in your suit. It's not a different belief. It just adding a few tweaking it a little bit. And that's what really drew me in it says hello. There's something here.

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There's something here

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and smile after four months of going back and forth. One on One, you know, pure monotheism, pure monotheism, who is Mohammed, the Messenger of God. So the law it was seldom who was Jesus and the identity of Jesus, and you actually take the time to read the Bible specific verses that Jesus prayed with his head, his face hit the ground, and he prayed. So he didn't eat pork, he behaved a very specific way. He pushed people to do good deeds, believe and then do good deeds. He told people to not descend, stay away from sinister ISIS, take it and cast it away. Better to be in this world with absolutely no fire and the prophet SAW Sam says, avoid Hellfire by half a date. They're

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preaching the same thing, same message, the same message. And this whole idea of like he copied from Jesus. That means Jesus copied from Moses and Moses copied from Iran. Now they come from the same light. And it really drew me to this to Islam, Islam through through back and forth conversation

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and not handle it today. I can say I'm a Muslim, because because of this one specific brother, Allah made him the tool that guided me to Islam. We are we have a lot more questions to ask you signaling that we got to go to break. And we're gonna continue with your short story is that okay? That sounds like a plan. You speak a little French for us.

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All right. All right back here on the D show with brother Phil.

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is simple to understand. Islam means submission, look at the word submission, not to yourself, not to desires, not to anyone or anything, because at the end of the day, you get something you always want more, you get some weed, you want more, you get some drugs, you want harder drugs, you get a girl, you want a nicer girl, you get a car, you want a nicer car, you get a house with a nicer house, so many pressures.

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By enslaving yourself, worshipping God loving God with submission to the one who created you. And by worshiping God and seeking His pleasure, you get pleased, and you enter

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This is my family.

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But he was always been stubborn.

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He started having problems getting activity fights, one night policemen Call me

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at his father, come on getting in from the station. He's locked up.

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One fight here and other fight there is physical being was great for his ego, but it left him empty. If someone who Eddie and his youth they would predict that he'd be dead.

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On the outside people looking in today, this is the man everybody knew at any given moment, you could have 17 women that are running around the club looking at why

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I have to get out of this total.

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right near the end there were there was just a boy, it was a constant struggle. There. his inner soul was broken at that moment. There was an emptiness in his eyes. It was a bigger emptiness that i think i've ever really seen in his eyes.

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I'm running here running there. Mainly I'm running that.

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It was Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. And he was struggling with it. But the effort was there. There was a conscious effort to make that switch. started talking to her back Look at him. He's trying to be a good guy.

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This was the reality was that

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discredited anonymous. People didn't know who I was. So what why are we doing this? I wanted to take you serious. You're living a dream to people are just stubbornly resistant. And I started looking at you like you're from outer space.

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I had to be out there trying to convince people to be on the show of that

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show. aired. I think that's when you saw the full formation comments to help. disguise change what's going on the machine to see someone change to see their character changes to see positive changes in their life. It's a sign of God.

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Revenue revenue Welcome back. Welcome back. I felt like all right. Shawn, tell us brother Phil. Yes, this is a really serious topic. Because this is something that really scared me to the reality of death. Oh, yeah. people dying every day, everything. And you know, when you're wrapped up and your mind is just cluttered with all this nonsense. That's a waste of time, you know? And then when you start thinking serious, and you ask serious questions, and you really find out what the true purpose of life is worth, you're happy you're content. Obviously I've struggled in light light is a technology. paradise isn't a next slide. Not in this life. So tell us what happens now. Okay, you

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become a Muslim. What's the final breaking point you said?

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going back and forth debates dialogues you know, the final breaking point was when I accepted that God is unique. Nothing with symbols allows Magento completely unique and all his attributes and his adjectives. They're not yet Muslims out there. Yeah, you know, they're, they're hearing a law. So there you go, Allah is actually like two words put together. This is one the beauty of the Arabic language.

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It means

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the one worthy of worship, it is neither male nor female. And it is singular, it cannot be put in plural form. So Allah is unique one, no male nor female. When I say God, I could also say God is what I choose to say, God, I'm adding a meal, sort of like finger to this, this being that's beyond this world. And that's it. That's a problem. So when I say along very comfortable, because I know exactly this actually what it means. So now they know continue on from here perfect.

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When I've realized that Allah azza wa jal is unique, and that Mohammed Salah Hydras and peace be upon him is his final prophet after him, there shall be no more. He shall, there shall be no more.

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I tomasino I believe, you know, like, so if I believe it's good enough. But, again, take a step back. The reality of death is still there. I can party have fun for 60 7080 100 years. But where will I go afterwards? It is eternal. You don't come back in it wherever you go. You stay there. So if you you cannot compare 100 years to eternity. 100 years is nothing. It's not even a split second, it doesn't exist compared to eternity. So you just got to put all your eggs in the right basket. So on my way to school, I was alone when I took my Shahada. Sure, I should have been in front of people I've witnessed, but I was alone. I say, You know what? I'm going to die. So it could be walking

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home, walking back from home school. We don't know. So I testify that God is unique. I testified that Allah is the true God. No. And Mohammed Salah lie, same as as Prophet and Messenger, and that they became a Muslim. And I sort of knew how to pray because through the form of discussion, I sort of knew, and we were just starting Ramadan, hallelujah, just about to begin that on that funny story is prior to that to my Shahada, I did it on the previous year to see just to get an experience out of it, because Jesus fasted for 40 days. But today, you don't eat chocolate for 40 days during life, but it's supposed to be a fast but anywho

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so I walk into school and I remember death again and so Pinilla my purpose is to be a Muslim, my the purpose of mankind is to submit to Allah azza wa jal, back to the story of the mosquito. If you take away mosquitoes from Planet Earth, everything dies, but mankind things improve, or we don't add balance to this world. So what is your purpose and the logic clearly states it

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will not collect the gender balance in the area except for worship we're not here to to complete the cycle of plants and then the bees and colonization and we have nothing to do with this. Of course, we have an impact, but that chain doesn't need us. Our purpose is different. How How can people be convinced as you are 100% because when you get into I'm sure to Trinity God because the Christian creed is God His Father, Son, Holy Ghost course but one there one. Now we try to figure this out, you know, it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make it doesn't make sense. So then a person say, look, it's a mystery. You just gotta have faith of rice. Of course, Islam, it's not like that. There's

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reason there's reason. I knowledge base course I'm not a bear, I'm not as strong as a bear. I'm not as fast as the cheetah, Allah azza wa jal made us with the brain with knowledge. In the Quran, Allah describes great Adam and Adam the names, with with brain power, that's what we have. And if the Creator of all things creates you with this blessing, and your belief in him is contradictory to what your blessing allows you to know to think, or to compute doesn't make sense. It was illogical. It is illogical if you went to a million people I mean, this is just you know, you don't have to be a rocket scientist. They never heard about Islam or Christianity, and you presented them with the

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uniqueness of God that will just worship God or you try to explain this whole concept of God the Father, Son, Holy Ghost three, one who died, who did he pray to? What happened 100% when he died, who ran the universe, it doesn't make sense cannot add up those million people who had a clear view they would accept the worship of only one guy, isn't it? Hopefully, we got a lot of work to have a lot of work to do. Tell us now tell us now tell us look so how can people be convinced now we said his knowledge base? Of course we provide evidence and this is really for a lot of people that's like, hey, far fetched. We what evidence are you talking about? Give us something that people can

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do. They can look into Islam and know that, you know, Islam is definitely not man made but it's from the creator and Islam simply means submission to the will of God and to the will of God.

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Where do I

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give us something

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That one yeah. You can talk about you have to be sincere, yes. sincere in finding the truth if there is a law and he wants you to be a Muslim, and if you're sincere about it, there's no inshallah you will not become a Muslim. If you are truly sincere, you will find the truth. How many stories do we know of people they go through Buddhism Hinduism knew this and it find a Sam Wow. sutra. This is perfect the nature of the nature of mankind. And this is it goes it's aligned with your your grain in order to get the human wavelength. I don't know. It just it's so it's made for mankind. Number two, the best the biggest miracle of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Quran. It is the

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Quran is a living miracle. It is the living miracle that we will have until the last day.

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Never, never, never in the history of mankind, has someone been able to copy it to mimic it to write another verse like this one. And this is a proof of the Quran. I believe it's

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let me recap. This is proof of the Quran. And it is the only book that gives a shot if people mimic me. If you mimic it, you don't have to believe it. It is the only book that causes us to be able to do to go through a challenge. Until this day, no one has ever been able to come close to come close. It is a linguistic miracle. I myself who I'm French Canadian. I took Arabic studies for two years in the university back home.

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You cannot come close to the Arabic of the Quran. It is Untouchable, untouchable linguistic miracle and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was unlettered, he did not know how to read and write. So this is beyond comprehension. And number three, the science, the math and then the miracles in the Quran. Just one example, I believe in select the room where Allah describes the Bible, the battle between the Romans and the Byzantine army, they will fight where and then the lowest part on the planet. And today with geology, the whole nine is actually the lowest part on this globe, the lowest below sea level. How could anybody know this back in the day, this is just one one piece that's

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1000s of miracles with couldn't

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go back to the Quran. And number four.

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Read on who is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Who is this man, he was a man like you and I he died. He was born. He normal human being but he received revelation from Allah azza wa jal

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before revelation afterwards, the stuff that he's accomplished, no regular human being could have just done this without the help of allies, which is a clear message to humanity. And as well till this day, the Quran has never been changed, never been changed. And like like the first part, there are many different Bibles many different books like this different version, the Quran, Allah had promised my time, I will protect this book, I will protect this book. And that for me is a wake up call, you know, read up on Islam, really figure out research what it is that Muslims believe, what is it that we are pushed to do how to behave o'clock?

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The good deeds? There's no way you can say no to this. If you are sincere, sincere. If you're sincere, yes, if you're sincere, there's no way you can evidence is overwhelming. It is overwhelming. It is overwhelming. Eliza if I would if I was to build a door. If I was to build a door, there is no way that the door was assembled me. I do not look like the door. In my mind. I have skin This is made of wood or metal, and allows us that created the universe. And he is beyond this universe way more complex than this universe.

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You can even imagine and

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to say that he created man in His image, I make lots of mistakes. quick to say that he became man and died.

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You can't allow yourself to believe this. You cannot allow yourself to believe this. We believe in Jesus and his legacy have been Maryam, the Messiah born of Mary, many miracles.

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If you are sincere, you will accept Islam. I can't I can't say it enough. If I had to one on one. If I had a one on one conversation with a Christian, many times in the past, it ends with complete silence and pure contemplation. Have you had those? Have you had some Christians accepted? by Gods? Yes.

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We might ask you but we're gonna take a break. And we'll be right back with more here on the deep show with brother Phil. It's like when did you think that you had no purpose?

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Are you worth

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the value comes from purpose.

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Your purpose in life is to worship the Creator, not worship you design yourself, not worship, social pressure, the celebrity culture, but worship the thing that's much higher and transcendent above and beyond.

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By worshiping God and seeking His pleasure, you get pleased. So you have double pleasure.

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What if I told you that Islam is rooted in the word peace? What if I told you you've been deceived and what a practicing Muslim actually believes? What if I told you that Islam explains this life's meaning was made for loads pleasing, made for all from the blind to the sea, and from the old to the teething for all human beings. Let go of your fake with fabricated beliefs that are totally obsolete, held in the western in some of our Muslim countries in the east. It's time to be loud and proud about a testimonial vow, I testify that God is unique and Mohammed is Prophet, and to the reason why we constantly bow Alona with the crowd. How ironic, the religion of peace and mercy is

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accused of controversy. Here are just a few of its ruins in a pure tension. They're worthy to kill an innocent life is as though you've killed Oh, looks humanity. Back here on the D show. We have our brother, who is French, French, Canadian, French Canadian. And you were born again? Christian? Yes, you went through the whole, you know, void in your heart, not knowing what the purpose of life is to realizing that there's a purpose in life. And you thought that Christianity was the way and then you met a Muslim and he provided you with the evidences and prove to you that Islam, which means submission to the will of God, did Jesus do Islam? Absolutely. The Moses, Abraham.

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Did Islam is that real question? Is that so much that How is that? The thing is, Islam is to submit, like you just said, if someone obeys the commandments of the Creator, he's under the fold of Islam. Now the jurisprudence the 50, part of different prophets in the whole night. Sure, it changed throughout the throughout the time, different periods in mankind. But La ilaha illAllah, to obey Allah alone, and to submit to Him, every prophet that this every prophet did. So you're still you're doing what Jesus did. you're submitting to the Creator, not his creation. Absolutely. So now you still I mean, people don't understand will go to hell will go to hell if we don't believe in Jesus.

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Is that right? If you don't believe that he was a mighty messenger of your soul, throw him out and say, Look, I'll just take Moses and Abraham Mohammed but leave out Jesus, you can't do that. If you know that you have to accept him, you know that you have to accept him you have reject, you can't reject because we know the Quran is directly from Allah azza wa jal Lera Fie.

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There is no doubt in it. Yeah, if you're gonna doubt it, then you left the fold if you don't believe in the revelation and you know, it's so little time we're almost out of time. Give us a just short glimpse of a conversation you had with another born again Christian or Christian. And they How did they come to Islam? So Pinilla? Few Ramadan's ago, a brother came in and he had the Christian quit No, no Muslim, Muslim, but he brought a Christian friend, yeah. And then all the Muslim colorway, and then make that I didn't put that away. But I was just with the brother the whole time, we were going back and forth, back and forth. What Muslim has to do, when giving the hour is to not be on

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the passenger side. Take control, you have Huck, you have the truth. So don't be on the passenger side. Obviously, don't be me or don't be impolite. And at the same time, you don't break someone's house and then invite them to your house. You don't try to make my house try to do renovations here and there. So the whole idea of giving dour

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is to invite to invite to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad little salon as a means I testify there is no deity but God. That is the only one you need and that you can worship and that Mohammed is his final prophet. Isn't that the same statement you would make if you were living during the time of Jesus, that there's no deity where they worship? Absolutely. In Jesus at that time, and at that time, if someone did this, you'd be a Muslim. Yeah. And and then so on and so forth. The final messenger, absolutely. There is no other pilgrimage on Earth, that you can go to and see Filipino Muslims, Mexican Muslims, Canadian Muslims, Arab Muslims, African Muslims, and with Allahu Akbar, we all do

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the same movements. This is a clear sign that the prophets of Allah is a peace be upon was sent to all of mankind, not to one nation, not to one nation. And in the Bible. The disciples of Jesus are like, Listen, some lady is coming in, she wants you to heal her daughter or something. And he replies tell her that the master does not give food to the dog, because she was a ninja. She was a gentle she was a non Jew. And he clearly in a clear, open statement statement. He says, I was not sent unto the Lost Children of the tribe and that was his immediate mission clear statements. Is this what you're telling the guy now all of this and then what happens is of course, then I talk

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

about the statement, which is Elisa Lam says, I must hasten the promise go for the comfort of Shannon.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

not come for them this is the Holy Spirit but it cannot be the Holy Spirit just with the the other images that he sent and replies he will not come until I leave. But throughout the Bible the Holy Spirit is mentioned in many things happen. So it cannot be the Holy Spirit and He shall abide with you forever. We have the Quran, we have had the most documented manner the world's history is the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon and we have an his final miracle. His teachings are still here, if you are everything from the way he walked from the way he spoke from the way he he put on his shoes from though he spoke to people from the way he combed his hair. It's narrated how many gray beards

00:30:37--> 00:31:04

he hasn't. I'm going to give you everything so paronella Everything is there. He's He's, his miracle is still here. And last year, I promised that it will will stay with us forever for the French person out there that he heard French and he don't speak too much English. Just real quick. Can you say something infringe worship the Creator, not as Christian something I'll stick with him in Dallas in France in French? Absolutely. It's a pleasure chosen on duardo helicopter. So we get to Kay

00:31:06--> 00:31:12

senate Senate President de la Coronavirus on that continent fidra suki natural Punahou

00:31:14--> 00:31:34

owner perplexity on a couple accetti India kg a mama simplify KaRappa juice wasabi sobre la jolla send them just by Fatima COVID lecture so this lamp caseless lamp the poly music max song, Flan Flan and biphoo. Again these are the map kiski

00:31:35--> 00:31:43

and gadelha context systematic fedwatch lectureship ki Tam Ahmed sobre la jolla Sam calepa elaborates on the Eliza just for Sony

00:31:44--> 00:32:20

we are out of time work of people if they want to get a hold of you you know if they've been born again Christian now he's like you know it just makes sense. I've been struggling with this whole you know Trinity and that and this guy was that he was a born again Christian I want to talk to him How can I get countries finding me on slash Dr. Phil on my YouTube channel that will fill you can email me Tao [email protected] please I want to get the word out. Obviously this is an amount is a big trust on us to spread this message and look at my videos my my portraits that I've done

00:32:22--> 00:32:30

let's get together online and then we'll see what we can do. inshallah, thank you very much for being with us a very incredible story I wish we had more time My pleasure.

00:32:32--> 00:33:10

And there you have it, the message delivered to you in French worship the creator not as creation think about the purpose of life where you going. Islam makes a simple Allah says in the Quran. If you choose other anyone who chooses another way of life other than submission to the will of God, Islam, never will it be accepted of him. Nowhere did Jesus Christ peace be upon him who we love. No Muslim is a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus that he was one of the mightiest messengers. Nowhere Did he ever explicitly call people to worship him or his mother, nor did any messenger of God they all call people to worship God, not themselves. And this is the same message all the messengers,

00:33:10--> 00:33:40

including the last and final messenger, Muhammad peace be upon them. So when you realize death is a reality, the dead judgement is a reality. Hellfire is true and is eternal. You go there forever. Paradise is real, is eternal. And all you have to do is ask God to guide you, as God to guide you repent to him, call upon him, worship the Creator, not his creation. All of that is explained in Islam. One 806 six to Islam to learn more, and we'll see you next time peace be unto you.