Hijab vs Wood – New York Trinity Debate – Dont Miss It!!

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I keep Salaam to my people in Bangladesh Salaam to the people of Marrakech Somalia

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welcome here and we're here in New York. New York City Union Square Park Union Square Park we're usually in Hyde Park so basically guys I wanted to invite you guys people that are here in New York or in their surrounding areas that can make it here quickly

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look what the debate was good on. Wednesday the seventh and Wednesday the seventh of November

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from six to nine until nine o'clock Okay, it's gonna be so explosive that we might even go past night. It's gonna be free entry, isn't it? Yes free entry free parking inshallah. Tonight here, six to nine for us and a performing Performing Arts Center in your college in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Come and listen to Trinity. Mr. Rohit. See you guys there.