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The speakers discuss the "Art of Islam" program designed to encourage new Muslims to take their message to every house in the world. They also address the challenges faced by Muslims in financial and political roles, including finding the right people to give Dawa to and finding the right people to support their families. The speakers emphasize the importance of providing support and finding the right people to work with, as well as reading the Quran and making their minds up to support their faith. They emphasize the need for a culture of strength and confidence to ensure success in their lives.

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah say Eden rosary, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh May the peace blessings and mercy of Allah be upon your own. Welcome back to our program Dean at the calling people to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala it is the mission of the MBA learn yeah the Allahu Bacara Jhulan wa hidden highroller Kameena dunya why mafia earwire min hombre Nam the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if Allah azza wa jal uses you for the guidance of one single person, it is better for you than all what can see the sun better than the whole world better than all the ornaments of life. Subhanallah and so we every

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Muslim is required and encouraged to give Dawa to Allah subhanaw taala because either you give Dawa or that was going to be given to you. Either you knock on the doors of people or people are going to be knocking on your own door. Either you effect or you're going to be affected Alhamdulillah we have in our midst one of the dua to Allah subhanaw taala and he's a representative of a great organization that our organization is giving Dawa all over the world and they are based in in United Kingdom brother Adnan Rashid, the head of African Dawa at a Euro organization let's welcome Salam aleikum. Philomel is Aquila halen for joining us and and coming to South Africa and specifically

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Cape Town, it is my honor. We are so happy to have you here in this program. We Allah Subhana Allah accept all your efforts, may Allah open for you and may Allah subhanaw taala open the hearts of people to your Dow alarm and

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then in the beginning and he tell us about the purpose of this visit and and give us some information about your organization as well. Okay, mother him, thank you for inviting me to be with you today. The purpose of this visit is to actually highlight the work of IRA in Africa. We are currently in 11 countries.

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We have nearly 300 full time door personnel working in these 11 countries and Alhamdulillah in the last year alone, we had 50,000 People accept Islam. Out of this 50,000 39,000 people received new Muslim training program, what we call it the retention program. So our focus is basically to retain the new Muslims. What happens in Africa, a lot of people accept Islam in hundreds of 1000s. But there is no follow up. They're not supported. They're not taught anything about Islam, and they're just left to fend for themselves. What Ira specializes, is to reach out to these new Muslims first give Dawa and when they accept Islam, stay with them, we stay with them for at least a month to

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teach them the basics of Islam. And then we have a second stage whereby we appoint Imams and teachers for these new Muslim villages or villagers to continue to Tao or continue teaching them and then the third stage is to build an institution for them like a mature like a mother so he children can continue to learn the Quran. So this is our work in a nutshell and have hamdulillah so far, so good. We are very happy that Allah subhanaw taala has honored us privileged as with this opportunity, and we plan to launch teams in every single sub Saharan country our vision is to take the message of Islam to every single house of Sub Saharan Africa as as is the vision of the province

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of the largest slum, that Islam will enter every home on the planet, whether that home is made of mud, hair or leather. So the purpose is to fulfill that particular vision which is a global vision my basically remit is Africa, within the organization mashallah, mashallah, as the whole world is thirsty for Islam and Africa specifically here is 30 for Islam, masha Allah and you find that the innate nature of people is not polluted they accept the doubt when you give them doubt Allah subhanaw taala properly and define follow up, they accept the deen of Allah azza wa jal tell us I believe you have some programs here maybe you can shed some light on these programs when we can

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people can meet with you inshallah. Inshallah. We started with Johannesburg and we did $1 course then we did a dinner with the local Muslim community in Pretoria. And we then move to Durban, we did a program there for the local Muslim community there and then we move to p which is Port Elizabeth, and we had few talks and lectures and massages there as well in Cape Town Alhamdulillah. Today, we are going to be doing a talk at Maghrib. Time and tomorrow. We have a debate. I have a debate on Saturday.

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The date

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is the 26th 26th of august of August 2022. I will be debating a Christian pastor. His name is Rudolph Busch off and it is going to be a friendly dialogue

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debate sometimes give this impression that you're going to be throwing slurs and insults at each other. No, that's not polite. We will be debating in a friendly setting. And the purpose of this debate is to basically highlight the position of Islam as to why it is

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an option for many people to consider. May Allah subhanaw taala give you success in all of that? I mean, you're a banana. I mean, talking about your visit to Africa, and you already went to many countries in Africa, what are the challenges in your opinion, that faces Darwin, Africa, we have many challenges we have.

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Firstly, we very we find it very difficult to find the right people to give Dawa because the Quran states very clearly that Allah sent prophets to call people to Allah, in their own language or from from within the people. So we believe that we have to work with our local brothers here in Africa, who are native to Africa, to call their own people. So it's very difficult to find good, you know, brothers who are learned enough to

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give down to the masses here, there is a real deficit of highly qualified brothers who are mashallah able to do that. So that's one of the challenges to find the right people for this purpose. But there are many beautiful, great, intelligent, very, very dedicated, sincere brothers we are working with, who are giving dower in their respective countries by their local brothers, they are Africans. And we have seen the results that when African brothers are giving Dawa in Africa, it bears amazing fruit. So hamdulillah that's one of our challenges, to find the right people for the job. Okay. The other challenge we have is basically,

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sometimes, it's not easy to travel to remote areas and to stay in villages. So are the hot are brothers, they have to stay in villages, because when people accept Islam, they don't leave, they start the new Muslim classes the next day. So that teach them how to read Fatiha. They help them memorize Fatiha, they help them memorize shortsword of the Quran, they teach them how to pray Salah to make voodoo and this takes a while Okay, for that they have to stay in the villages for the sometimes they they living in tents, sometimes they are hiding small spaces or renting small spaces to live in. And they have to remain in these villages. So that's one of the challenges our brothers

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face. Okay, other than that Hamdulillah you know, if there are no challenges, there's no fun as they say, right? So challenges make you stronger. You know, one of the German philosophers Nietzsche, he said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right? So we have challenges, but Alhamdulillah we try our best to overcome them. And we are getting stronger and stronger. We're going from strength to strength. How about the finance as a challenge? Finance is absolutely a challenge. No doubt, we need more and more Muslims supporting this work. This is one of the reasons we came to South Africa as well to get the local South African Muslim community to support the work of IRA as

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an organization. Because we are working in Africa, we are actually working in South Africa, too. We have a team in South Africa, which is going to expand and our focus will be giving power to the native of South Africa, mostly the Zulu people and the chorus of people, we want to reach out to them with compassion with love, to share the message of Islam with them. And it's a big challenge finances, the more we have, the more we can

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basically hire an employee full time to add,

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you cannot pay for the hour, you cannot pay someone for the hour, okay? The reason why we need finances is to

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take care of the daily needs of these brothers who are giving the life to the cause. So imagine if a man spends his entire month in the village who's going to take care of his family, he his wife, his children. So what we do is we give them a stipend, okay to take care of the family right foot so that they can continue work full time, the example of Abu Bakr on the lawn when he was chosen to be the calyx and he was found selling and buying in the market by Alia and Omar. Both of them are the Allah one OMA and they said, What are you doing? What are you doing in the market? He said, I have a family to feed and the Khalifa of the believers. No doubt I'm the leader of the believers, but I

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have a family to feed. So they asked him how much do you need? He said half a goat. He had a big family the half ago, they said we will give you one goat not half ago, we will give you one complete goat, go and do the job of the Muslims instead of buying and selling in the market because this is not what you're supposed to be doing. You're you're supposed to be taking care of the physical muscles based upon that logic and that example we can go and do your work in the villages, do the our take care of new Muslims, your families will be taken care of by the Muslim community. So this is what finance actually is one of the biggest challenges

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give a metric because because you see, you see what happens in the mentality of our people is that they think okay if this person is at the eye to Allah or scholar, he shouldn't be taking any money or anything. And that's why you see, for example, imams or mushiya for to Atala surgeon, they take in the least any, however, they are the people who are who are actually planting the seeds in. Absolutely. And these are the people as long as they're sincere and dedicated to the work. They are the ones who need to be supported. Okay? Because these are the torch bearers of Islam. These are the frontline preachers of Islam. Okay, if you don't take care of them, how are you going to take Islam

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to the non Muslim worship? It's very simple. It's very, very simple calculation. Most people fail to make, right you can't expect someone to, to you know, go and do the work. And then Allah was sent down man and Salawat that it doesn't work like that Allah has sent to Muslims, for this purpose. The blessings are already there. We're not just using we're not using them. The wealth the Muslims have, is it? Yeah, it is a blessing as use it for the right reason. This reminds us of Sahaba, such as a nice man and our friends in the back rows of the St. Abdul Rahman have always great companions, who had the wealth and user support that hour. And you see, amazingly Allah subhanaw taala bless them

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with Jana, on the tongue of the Messenger of Allah. So because of the charity of Marbella found on the lawn, he was promised Jana multiple times. First, when he bought a well bear Roma, for the Muslims, the city of Medina, because they ran out of water. So the provinces have said, Who will buy this well, and I will promise him Jana, and he knows this man has the money, but he's not putting off man for the loan.

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You know, on the spot, he's basically waiting for him to respond and have man responded. Likewise, at the time of the book, we have examples. So the purpose is to use your wealth for a noble cause like this, right. And when we take care of these brothers, we're doing our to do it with strength with confidence. They don't have to worry about the wife and the children. So this is why we, as an organization, of course, we are humbled a lot of Muslims around the world support this work. They want this work to continue. But in comparison to other faiths, for example, other faith groups without mentioning any specific faith groups, in comparison to other faith groups, Muslims or

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miskeen. We are very, very limited, financially speaking as Tao organizations, if you look at other faith groups, and they dour organizations, right, they are, you know, unbelievably dedicated amount the amount they spend on their preaching and their propagation. The propagation of the fates is unbelievable in comparison, we're not even doing you know, we're not doing much we're not doing much financially, I agree 100% And that's why we remind our viewers of the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu ala min Jahaz of ASEAN for Cordova if you support someone who's in the path of Allah, it is as if you yourself is in the path of Allah subhanaw taala so I grabbed this opportunity I invite everyone

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who's watching us right now to keep the diet of AR inshallah keep the two adults are giving Dawa to Allah subhanaw taala support them and help them with every possible way in every possible way inshallah and not only that other era but any Islamic institutes any Islamic library in Islamic mess in the masjid modalities we have to support these Islamic Institute's in our midst in order for it to flourish and to grow and to protect the DEA and to spread the deen of Allah azza wa jal I always say this in the program, and may Allah subhanaw taala bless all those who are donating and carry this worry for the deen we don't want to carry we don't want to come on judgment day and then so

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find our neighbors holding our Nick says he was my neighbor for so many years. He didn't do anything to even invite me to Islam, but you can invite indirectly by supporting the organizations who are giving doubt Allah subhanaw taala coming back to you, Brother Adnan Yanni I message, I'm requesting a message from you to our non Muslim audience, our human brothers out there who are seeking the truth and want to know, what do you advise them? I advise them to seriously think about Islam. Islam is a very straightforward way of life. It is the best way of life because it's true. Okay, it is from a light just from the Creator. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala sent prophets to bring His message to

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the people on planet Earth, in different places at different times, for different reasons. Here, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Solons came to the Arabs in seventh century and he preached this message which was not a new message. The message was already sent. What was the message there is only one God worthy of worship.

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and that God is Allah. This is the message of Abraham. This is the message of Moses. This is the message of Jesus. All of them said, Here, O Israel, the LORD our God is one Lord. And this is exactly what Islam is La Ilaha illa Allah, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and the Quran is the final message for him for humanity. And the Quran is unchanged, it is exactly as the Prophet SAW Allah and the Prophet Muhammad taught to his companions, and we receive the text in its original form. In the original language, there are no corruptions made into it, nothing was taken out of it. The Quran came directly from ALLAH SubhanA bada via Gibreel to Prophet Muhammad salallahu

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Salam, and he reached us in exactly the same form. So this is the only scripture in the world that claims to be exactly how it came down. Okay. There is no other scripture in human history that can claim that kind of purity. Because even the proponents of those fates, they will tell you that the scriptures are not as pure as they were meant to be. So Islam for that reason is is a way of life. That makes perfect sense. It makes you a better person. It makes your life better. It brings you happiness, most importantly, the beautiful the most beautiful thing about Islam is it takes away your spiritual challenges, your psychological challenges and makes you a happier person. Allah tells

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us in the Quran, Allah biddick Rila Takamine mahalo is it not in the remembrance of Allah in the remembrance of your Lord, your Creator, your God, that hearts find peace, and Wallahi by Allah, those people who become Muslims who accept Islam, their hearts become peaceful, they find peace in pray, they find peace in dedication to the Creator. So my message to our non Muslim friends or non Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity is to seriously contemplate contemplate about this faith. It is not a joke, life is not a joke. Life is not a game, right? Life is very serious. We only have this chance to to make or break our hereafter. Okay? So if you really want to be on the right side

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of history, as they say on the right side of God, then think about Islam very, very seriously. Because you can see the fruits of Islam, look at the Muslims around the world, okay, we still have a very family values, we still have our children with us. We still have our strong family bonds, we still have our communal bonds, bonds, we help each other okay, we see another Muslim as a brother, right? And this is what we what we have been told by our Prophet sallallahu Sallam Prophet Muhammad. So there are so many beautiful things about Islam that I can go on and on and on and this particular issue, what's so good about Islam? Why should people even consider it as an option? Okay, this

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in itself is just a huge topic that cannot be addressed in a short setting like this. But do contemplate about Islam do take it very seriously read the Quran, read the Quran and make your own minds up, read the Quran with an empty mind. Let the Quran speak to you and you decide whether it can come from a human mind. Amazing mashallah, I used to this reminded me actually when I was young, and I was deceiving myself, I was an Arab, originally Arab sizes, redefine Arabic and say, How can a sane person read this book objectively and doesn't believe the Quran makes absolute sense is appealing to the mind appealing to the soul? You just read it for yourself? It's approved so Allah

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barnacle avec shahada May Allah Subhana Allah bless you for this short interview, may Allah accept from you and may Allah make it a success. Inshallah, during the coming, the coming interviews and also the webinar that you're going to be holding in sha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala except for my era and all the organizers is Akula halal for joining us this morning from my arm of E coli taxable income. Alright, so we came to the end of the segment of our program, just akmola Heylen for watching Subhanak Allah Morbihan digna shadow Layla Hill and Christopher Kona Tobu lake a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah