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Adnan Rashid
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Ustadh Adnan Rashid is active in dawah and has visited over 30 countries for this purpose. Adnan Rashid has attained a number of ijazas in hadith from reputable hadith authorities. His chains of hadith go back to the Prophet (sllallahu alaihy wa salaam)… via Shah Waliullah Dehlawi as well as Imam Shawkaani. He attained his BA with honors in history from Birkbeck College, University of London. He is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in history at the same university. He has appeared on major Islamic channels such as Iqra Tv and Islam Channel. The Ustadh has taught seerah, tafseer and hadith to hundreds of students through tv and other platforms. He is currently teaching Umdatul Ahkaam in London and intends to finish the tafseer of al-Quran in the coming years.

Ustadh Adnan has worked with internationally renowned dawah organisations such as Mercy Mission, iERA and Convivencia. He has lead a number of dawah missions to Africa. He served as Senior Researcher as well as lecturer while working with iERA. He is currently serving as Khateeb in a number of West London mosques, where he regularly delivers Friday khutbahs. The Ustadh takes a keen interest in comparative religion and has debated a number of high profile figures such as Dr James White (Alpha and Omega Ministeries) and Dr Ed Buckner (American Atheists).

Ustadh Adnan Rashid is an Islamic numismatician (coins specialist) as well as a bibliophile (book collector). He has inherited a vast library of historical manuscripts from his ancestors and is himself a deeply interested researcher into Islamic heritage. He has been collecting historical manuscripts from the Indian subcontinent on hadith, tafseer, history and poetry. The Ustadh also takes keen interest in literature and is an occasional poet himself. He has authored a short book (Islam’s War on Terror) on the history of Islam and is currently working on the expanded second edition. In this book the Ustadh argues that the advent of Islam in the seventh century was one of the best things that happened to mankind.

The Ustadh has lectured and conducted debates in internationally renowned universities such as the American University of Beirut (Lebanon); the University of Warsaw (Poland); the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland); the NUST University (Pakistan) etc. In Britain, the Ustadh has lectured in most major universities in the country for dawah purposes.

Ustadh Adnan Rashid loves museums and travelling. He has visited some the most wonderful historical sites in the world on his travels. Some of the sites he has visited are Nabatean remains in Petra (Jordan), Ottoman monuments in Turkey, Mughal architecture in Pakistan, Greek/Roman remains in Greece. He loves horses and hawks. His favourite sports are boxing and football. He takes a keen interest in good food and his favourite cuisine is South Asian. The Ustadh has also participated in a number of humanitarian causes. He currently resides in London with his family.

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