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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The "arthing of the sun" concept is discussed, with emphasis on the difficulty of determining when the sun reaches a certain angle and the importance of understanding the "monster" concept to avoid scams and evil behavior. The speakers emphasize the need to keep the "monarch" concept in mind and avoid using it to avoid harm. The "monarch" concept is discussed as a conditionally connected movement that can create scams and evil behavior.
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Narration just as a point, because now I think it's becoming more obvious. So if your phone goes off a few minutes after a shot goes off here is because a Shah, similarly to

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So when it comes to figuring out the time for prayers are prayers that have very objective measurements for it. So like, Well hold on. And also, it's an issue of the, the shape of the shade of something, the shadow of something, the length of it. So it's very objective, it's not very difficult to actually do that calculation.

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It's the moment the rise in the sun dips under right, very simple. Russia and fudging a little bit different and showing inflation are based on a beam of light in the horizon. It's based on a beam of light, right the color of it. So aside from the fact that that on its own is a little bit subjective, because assessing a beam of light in the horizon is a little bit is not fully objective, but also how you look at that, where you looked at the light from, I mean, what angle are you looking at the horizon from, as you know, unless you're a flat earther,

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the Earth is a is a globe, that when you look at the horizon, there are different angles to look at the horizon from. And based on which angle you choose, you may see the light earlier versus a little bit later. So we use the 13.5 angle, which is the angle, which is an acceptable angle that is used by large Islamic institutes around across this country and other countries as well. But other institutions may use a different angle, so they may have a few minutes later. So when it comes to federal and Azure, it is theirs, there is that permissibility of there being a little bit of difference of when the starting times does when it comes for two to summer, I use the the angle, I

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stretched to the angle that allows a shot to be as early as possible, or use the earliest possible angle that's that's there, like, what is the one that 90 was the earliest we can do it that's not going outside of what is accepted by jurists within this region, region. And because it is not my Yani, my forte, it's not something I've spent too much time thinking about whatever the scholars of this country are happy with. I'm happy with what's the earliest I took that

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angle and that's what we're doing it based on so if your phone is going off a few minutes later, no big deal. The only thing I'll ask of you is that just silence If you're praying with us so that doesn't go off in the middle of Salah aside from Dinesh shouldn't be a problem we shall have data and the goal is that we finished trying to finish little bit early even now means 1030 People want to go to sleep in the school work in the morning like all of us so we try not to you know, try to make the then they pay sooner than do your karma again in other countries you are if you were living there at least where I shot is reasonably earlier like an hour or so. You can do maybe 1015 minutes

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between autonomy time I think it's reasonable but for the purposes of kind of life here I think I think this is a better approach well low dollar Harlem that's my opinion on it. Okay, within the theme of understanding Iman I'm still this is what I've been covering for the last number of weeks Yahweh Imam Al Bukhari, you will email Muslim Quran fee so he and Abby Harada are the Allahu Anhu by according to the use of Allah Allah He always like to sell them anything black because collection of both Imam Bukhari and Muslim Rachel's by Barrera where he says are useless and this I didn't memorize in grade one or two or if you went to JK or SK in a Muslim country or if you're to keep

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your parents read your basic Islamic book, you know this hadith like the back of your hand.

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Again, what I want you to do is to look at it through the lens of iman don't look at it from the lens of behaviors, look at it from the lens of understanding what Eman means and see if it kind of challenges your your comprehension or your understanding of the term like because I think we have to kind of re re understand it again just kind of maybe take another look at it so it's when he says I'll use him again to help me to Milla he will you Min 3d Failla the Jarrah Americana yo Mirabella he will do me laughing He fell you cream wafer? Oh my god, I happen to believe he will your kidney failure on her urine. Oh, Leo's mood,

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is what he's saying. Those who believe in Allah and the hereafter, if they truly believe that's what mankind means. The Arabic is a conditional sentence that doesn't start with it, which is if it starts with those who, but it's a conditional sentence. So what the way you translate into English is those who believe in Allah and thereafter, if they truly do, then may they do 123 That's how this translates into English. So this way says three times I saw some those who believe that in Alana hereafter, if they truly do, then may they not harm their neighbors. May they be generous and hospitable towards their guests. And May they say something that is good, helpful or beneficial? Or

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be quiet? Hold their tongue.

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These are the three things he said we know them. But do you ever think about the fact that they are conditionally connected to Iman? Not anything else. They're conditionally connected and associated with email. He's saying, Do you are you movement? And if you say yes, then this is what you're going to be doing. And if you don't do this, then there's there's a question mark around

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And around that piece understand that that's what a condition is. That's what that's what a conditional sentence means. There's no other way to understand this I'm suffering. There's just no way for us to play around this this concept. If these things aren't occurring, then there's a question mark regarding the first piece of the sentence, if someone is not any one is harmful towards their neighbor, or someone who does not show hospitality or someone's commonly will say hurtful things to others, or say things that are not beneficial, that are harmful. That leaves people with scars or trauma, or say things that they shouldn't say and it causes others pain and

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agony and suffering. Then there's a question mark around that first piece mankind middle belay William, because if you truly believed in Allah and hereafter that this would be the result. Again, saying again, that belief or Eman is cannot is you can't afford to understand Eman as an abstract belief in something. Because our belief is so late in this in English, isn't it? I believe, like the flow floating I believe that Islam is Iman is not that like it isn't a man is you internalize that you internalize a principle and it and you mirrored it through your behavior. That's that's that's profound. Yes, yes, that's deep. It's very, very

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Prince supplies, principled and internalized this idea of it's just a thought, think of something known. So he says, he's not I don't make this up is what he said Allah, He says, mankind are human. If you truly believe you never harm a neighbor, if you truly believe and you'll always be hospitable to a guest.

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Or guests in your house, that guests in the house of Allah that guests wherever the guest is, someone who enters your territory is a guest. If this is your space, and they enter it, they're your guest. Wherever that space may be at work. Wherever this is, you're comfortable here, they're not your your guest.

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You come here all the time, they don't. They're your guest. That's what the guest is.

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The word you Boffa. By if you love all the same route you bought for you add something, something's been added. Life is an additional person, someone who wasn't there before someone doesn't belong there as a guest.

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Treat them well. If you truly believe in Allah, the hereafter, then then you'll never see you'll say hi, it only this tongue will only say hi and say something to be helpful. If it can't think of something good, then it'll hold his tongue. And may I share this with my sisters for a moment. Just hear me out here for a second when your husband stopped speaking.

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That's probably why

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I think this is a very, very important distinction between how the psychology of men and women function, I think, I don't know, I'm not. I'm only a guy. I don't know how women, but I'm telling you how men, when men hold their tongue and don't say anything anymore. It's not because they're not wanting to engage. It's not because they're not listening to you not because they just stopped caring about you. It's because at that moment, all they can think of

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is something hurtful. Now you can you can analyze that and get upset or you can say at least holding his tongue is doesn't want to say something hurtful, and he's waiting until he's able to process through all the garbage, remove fate line, come up with something nice and then say it again, I think that's an important piece. And to add it to my brother's here who are here, it's important that you make that process as quick as humanly possible. All right. So kind of go through the garbage as quickly as possible, remove it to get through it, recycle it, throw it away. So you have something nice to say. It shouldn't take a week or a month to do that. But I think it's important to

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keep that in mind. Because Because words hurt. words and words will never ever go away. Words are never forgotten. You cannot erase them. You cannot delete them. Once you say them. They're there. And try and say something hurtful to your wife in your life and see what if if you're not married, learn this from me learn this from me. Don't ever open your mouth or something. She will never forget about it. And she has every right to because words hurt.

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Jawahar to sin Ernie LT irmo the wounds of a sword will heal. While

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Jarrah had to listen and it will never heal the wounds of words.

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Yahweh will hurt you almost Muslim couldn't be so hey, you're gonna be hereditarily Allahu Anhu parle Khurana be your son Hola. Hola, yo, yo Salamanca Anna you know Villa he will yo theory fella DGR woman can we rely heavily on will earth and he fell you cream boy Eva mechanical Minami la he will yo man Earth any failure Paul Hi Ron. Oh Leo smooth product Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sounds like 100 You know Allah, Allah. Allah just told him to bring some of us in

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