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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of acceptance and acceptance submission in life, which is defined by the law and recognized as a core part of one's life. They explain that there are two types of cancer patients, denying and at peace, and that the journey of acceptance is a journey that is enjoyable and rewarding. The speaker also mentions a person named billing a woman named Bill Israel Medina and a woman named Bagla who is a woman named Bill Israel Medina.
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did a lot for us. So always a treat to hear what he narrated and this hadith, obviously was within the theme of understanding email and we have maybe

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two more. After this one, two more, and then we'll be done. Sunday all finished show London, Monday we'll start something new. I still think it's something that I could probably go on for a couple of weeks. And I really do think it's a concept that's worthy of your contemplation, reflection and thought process because because there's nothing more important with the whole item than comprehending what Eman actually is, what it actually is what it was to the profit out of his thought was, what Allah meant by the word when he used it in the Quran and what we're supposed to be doing with it instead of maybe what we inherited. And sometimes we inherit concepts that are much

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more much less detailed or much, much less meaningful or profound than what they actually are which I hope I was able to convey to you through these Hadith about Iman, because when he says some Allah hottie Cybersyn beautiful he's Kala, the barmal IMANI Mirabilia Villa Hiraga for Bill Islami, Dean Bobby mohammedia, Rosu

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Teresa Rania souls, the PA ml Iman, the one who performs what's coming next, or the or this person

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actually can taste the sweet nectar of iman.

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Who is it is the person who we talked about love before this one a little bit different. This is the real law below which is full acceptance, wholehearted recognition and acceptance submission just no problem. You've accepted something in to yourself, you've accepted it, you don't fight it, you don't have any problems with it, you don't have any doubt in it you're not struggling with it is just something that you welcomed into your heart and you have full acceptance of it. A beautiful thing to have, honestly, in many aspects of life sometimes it was actually a really important concept altogether like to talk about it otherwise needs its own little kind of segue to explain what it

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means. But anything that you come to the conclusion of in your life anything, you you deal with it better you live with it you're you're just you're in Pete, you're at peace with it. I know what I'm talking about, because I get to deal with this every day. There are two types may Allah subhanaw taala protect you and show and all that you love, say I mean, immediately when I say something like that, I mean business.

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There are two types of cancer patients. There are those who are in denial. And there are those who are at peace. They function very differently. Their outcomes are very different. Their experience is very everything about them is so different we know walking in as oncologists we know what type of patient we're walking to speak to people who are at peace with it to be accepted. This is what the big whether they believe in God or not. It's a pilot, just acceptance just real law allows them to deal with this way better. And someone who continues to deny it or continues to fight or struggle with it or doesn't accept that this happened.

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If you truly want to enjoy Eema love it, taste it as if it's something that you can, you can you can reach with your senses because it's not really but if you want to come to a point where you're almost sensing it with you're able to taste it, then have full acceptance. We have complete peace with your Lord being Allah subhanaw taala with your deen being Islam and with your Prophet and role model being humble. So Aloha, I'm humbled. And if you're if you completely accepted that into your heart, then then you'll enjoy this. And this journey will be fun and enjoyable. You'll love it and love every moment of it. You won't. It won't bother you no matter what happens to you in life you'll

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be fine because you've accepted it You are my Lord and this is my dean and he is mine Mohamed Salah al salam, I am good. Whatever you dish for me is fine because I that's what I've accepted to my life and accepting that has allowed me to move for instance, it's a beautiful concept and I think and he didn't speech he didn't say a lot la busca de la vie. Nobody did he didn't give us this one this gentleman I think it's worthy of our contemplation. You got to email Muslim and FIFA he and I Bersih when you add in mortality below the Allahu Anhu called Barnaby your Salah Allah Allah Who early he was the Carmelina and Maratea Billa Bill Israel Medina Wahby Mohamed El Vasu, the sort of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Bagla behind these stones will go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Kalanidhi. Remember how many recipes means like more locally and about a colloquium said I want to come