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Lessons from the Rwanda Genocide

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Adnan Rashid

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Salam Alaikum everyone. I am currently in Rwanda visiting Genocide Memorial

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in 1994. Within 100 days, over a million people were killed in Rwanda. This is one of the bloodiest war. This was one of the bloodiest genocides in the 20th century.

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And within 100 days,

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hundreds of 1000s of people in the city of Kigali, the Capitol alone were slayed killed, hacked to death, and killed in many, many different brutal ways. And the reason why I'm making this video is to remind everyone about the danger of dehumanization, how demonization can cause people to lose their minds, and commit acts that cannot make any rational sense. You can look at these bones behind me, these are remains of similar victims.

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These are the skulls.

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And these are some of the bones. And these are original skulls of the victims who had died

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in the genocide. So this is a history reminder of all of us that hate dehumanization.

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Or demonization of any people, for any reason, at any place, at any time is not acceptable, because this is what it does. This is what it produces. This is exactly what the outcome would be. What's happening around the world today in many different places where people are being demonized or demonized.

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This is the eventual outcome.

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Whether it's India or whether it's Burma, Rohingya people, whether it's China, wherever it may be, okay, where people are being demonized in the Western world, where Islamophobia is normal, where newspapers, news reports, TV channels can easily report on people and dehumanize them. So this is what it does. This is the outcome of such dehumanization and regret. I want to show you some of the faces of the people who were killed in this genocide. This is a memorial where

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some of the profiles of the people can be found. And I'm going to share some of the pictures.

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Right? You can see

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some of these so these people are real people, they live their lives.

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Women, men, old young children, boys, girls, all sorts of people.

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They suffered as a result of dehumanization

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based upon

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racism and a sense of ethnic

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discrimination or superiority.

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So the bottom line is demonization of any type hatred, or dividing people along religious and racial lines can often cause this to happen. This is why all humans have to come together and discourage this kind of behavior. And stop it where it begins. Thank you